Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th Design Notes Part 1

The weather report is ominous!  It's definitely time for a Murky Lake Reunion.  

I hardly know what to say tonight, I'm so exhilarated & exhausted!  Huge fun working with Vivi and Lyris putting together this event.  I like to try to say who did what - this was such a collaborative effort that it's hard to remember and sort out.  It was a bit scary managing the whole thing & while I could go to Korin with questions I actually didn't have too many.  I'm really proud of our team and I hope you like everything!

We originally had a tough Rusty Rat in by mistake (from the Advanced Combat Theory Class if I'm not mistaken) but now it's a normal one.  Now that that's fixed and I buffed the rest of the Uber Jamesons (at first it was only the 3010 ones) I really need to meet up with my husband & cousins.  I will write more later though!  I'm too hungry to write...