Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Load of Dynamics

Star Date: 28 August, 2013

Dragon*Con Bound! I'm just about finished packing for Dragon*Con! We're working on a head weapon for you if you're able to make it (and we'll make a version available to those who can't, too. Did I tell you that already? I forget... ) In other news, I've got twitter working on my phone now, so watch for tweets about #MechQuest and other Artix Entertainment game news from Atlanta this week! (follow @MaegwynAe on twitter - that's me!)

<bzzt> beep beep boop boop

Ooh a transmission from Practel! It's for YOU! I'll talk with you more later! =Mae

Hello players!
I'm here to deliver you an update on the Practel vs. Korin War! A lot of progress has been made on it, and the hardest part (dynamically loading certain things pertaining to the war; I'll explain more in a minute) has been completed.

The main objective of this war is to explore the craziness and insanity between two brothers, Korin and Practel. A few players really want a serious progression to the story (or at least one building up to why the war is occurring), and I want to explain that the reset technically has not occurred yet. So, following the timeline of the story, the war takes place before the finale in terms of lore and story. The way that it should be viewed is as follows: the player has to maintain a very serious situation and needs to be focused, while Practel and Korin are absolutely not taking anything seriously (to the point where they start to cause issues for the people of Loreon!) If you haven't already, talk to Practel in-game at Soluna City for an awesome cutscene. 

One of the awesome things that I haven't seen used a lot in the MechQuest is dynamically loading certain objects and scenery into the game. For instance, if you beat the finale in-game, a party is dynamically loaded into the game at Tek's Mechs. Normally, if you haven't beaten the finale it wouldn't show up for you. 

In essence, it means that we can make players who support Practel see certain things Korin supporters can't and vice versa. The plan right now is to have the players (you guys) choose a side at the start of the war to support, and can't go switching easily. If time permits, there may be a betrayal quest that allows you to switch sides. 

Now, with all that random and annoying technical stuff out of the way I give you the first room of MANY in the war hub for Practel and Korin.

And finally, we have 2 of 4 practel and korin war NPCs:

Phew. That was a lot. Hasta la vista, baby!