Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MQ News and DragonCon

Dragon*Con 2012! We are going to be in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for Dragon*Con. 

Artix Entertainment ALL GAMES Panel:  Saturday @ 5:30pm at the Hilton in Grand Salon E

We will also have a fan table (I haven't been updated with the location of it yet, so if you're going to be there, it will be an adventure of discovery... ) 

Special MQ-Themed Presents! Lyris designed some really cool nametag badges and I ordered badge holders & magnet backings and printed them out & put them together to give you! Each design is in very limited supply - who knew that printing at the maximum DPI would suck the ink out of cartridges so quickly? ... and also I ended up hand-cutting them because the template for printing on the special perforated paper I ordered refused to play nicely with the actual paper.  So it turned into quite the hands-on project, but luckily I started early enough to get everything ready for you in time!  We'll have some at the fan table while supplies last, and I'll save a few to give away at the panel on Saturday.

Dragon*Con Front Arm Weapon! Practel asked if we were doing a weapon for the occasion, and presented us with the basic idea for the dragon-themed front arm energy blade for your mecha. Minar took the concept and brought it into its amazing final arted/animated form for you! blues came up with specials and Vivi coded them in.  Here is what Vivi had to say about it on the forums:

For those of you that make it to the convention, a unique prize lies in store. It's called the DragonConquest Blade. This was once the weapon of choice for an elite commando squad in the war between the Dragons and the Shadowscythe. In her exploration of the universe, Val has uncovered a small cache of them in some ancient ruins, and one of them can be yours! 

The superior craftsmanship of this weapon isn't the only reason to covet it. The blade was tempered in a dragon's fiery breath! This allows its sharp edge to pack some real heat in battle, burning your foes and melting through them. 

**If you want to own one for yourself, find Maegwyn during AE's panel at the convention. She will let you know how to get one. **

Can't make it to DragonCon? No worries! Tek will be commissioning some imitation blades to sell to you. However, imitating such a unique weapon is very difficult, so the price to have one made for you will be 500 Nova Gems. ***

**Actually you will be able to get the info at our fan table as well, but come talk to me at the panel anyway! Korin will be there, too, so you can also talk to him!  blues won't be able to make it this year but he says hi! Minar is hoping that next year he may be able to attend. Lyris may be coming again this year if things work out, and Vivi was planning to join us but something came up. Jemini will be there in various costumes that she's been creating! Practel, whom you may recognize from Epic Duel and who helps us with testing MQ, will be shooting some video footage. Other MQ team members who won't be there this year (as far as I know) are Arklen, Thyton, and Plasma Charge (who joins us from the HeroSmash team to help us with testing).  So come to see us at the fan table, leave a message for any of us you don't see, and visit with other AE staff members as well! 

***Tek has the replica weapon ready for delivery to a Nova Gem shop next week after the Con is over.

Liath Mission Live NOW! Were you wondering how you were able to leave Planet Liath before the new quest chain started? See Dan in Slate City for the NEW "Fix Your Ship" mission that fills in the missing bit of the story! (Note: when you see Dan, if you have a button called "Replay the Past," you will need to click that to see the new mission.)

Today's mission is located at Dan, and the button appears in the first series of missions when you are on Liath - it is a permanent mission that unlocks after you complete the Reclaim City mission for Zeke.  

This is MQ's release for this week - have a great weekend, and thanks for playing! If you love MechQuest, please tell your friends about the game.