Friday, June 5, 2015

Dark Energy

Greetings! This week we have a quest on Zargon! The scientist's there are trying to find a way to return their powers. (You can only use those suits for so long before you miss your old abilities!) Something has gone wrong though and Selina has requested your help. If you can figure out what's wrong, two new Mecha based on The Increadible Bulk and Thunderhammer await you!

You can access this new quest from Soluna Main. It'll get moved to Zargon next week as I ran late trying to get the enemies and mecha's working. Tek's quest will also be moved out of Soluna Main and into her shop at that time. The rewards are un-equippable models but you have full control over which attacks to use so that should lessen the randomness and let you plan out use of the effects a bit more.

Enjoy the quest and let me know on the forums what you think!

Tags: #Ashendal