Friday, March 22, 2013

Clover Shot and News

Star Date 22 March, 3013: The Rainbow Raid Mini-War is going rather slowly, likely because you are busy fighting the Shadowscythe at Odessa's War Camp.  Hurry up and head over to Braddock Steele in Soluna City (Main Street) to wrap up the Rainbow Raid and get your NEW "Clover Shot" Back Arm weapons! shot promo.png

The specials include credit-stealing, a Luck boost, chance for a critical hit, and "Cloverloaded" Damage Over Time. Thanks to Plasma Charge for the new animation & modifications (to an existing base weapon design) - also for the specials idea, which Vivi coded.

We also put together a promo Front Arm for the Artists of Artix Entertainment Sketchbook coming soon to HeroMart - Thyton's Magitech Scythe.  Weapon drawn by Thyton, colored by Dage, and I attached it to an arm designed by Minar which I recolored. Blues designed the specials and Vivi coded them up for us. 

Happy (slightly belated) birthday to Gibby! Give him a shout-out on twitter @GibbyAE 

Odessa's War Camp: I'm working on a mission which I planned to have done today but time got away from me and I'm still perfecting some of the graphical elements - the quest itself isn't that complicated, but I just want it to be more polished before you unlock it. So go after the Leprescythe & the Lucky Warriors over at the Rainbow Raid while you're waiting!

Have a great weekend and thanks for playing MechQuest!