Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chronomech Specials

Incoming transmission from Vivi:

Normally I would only give you guys the quick-and-dirty details of a new weapon or mecha, but with how awesome Chrono is I decided that a more extensive write-up would be worth the time. So here is what Chrono is capable of. 

First off is the Front Arm - Chrono-Meter. This weapon's effect changes depending on how long you've gone without using it or the body attack, so be sure to plan your timing with this weapon to get the best effect possible! 
-1 round (body was used last turn): 125% damage 
-2 rounds: 130% damage, boost increased by 15 for 3 turns 
-3 rounds: 140% damage, boost increased by 20 for 4 turns 
-4 or more rounds: 150% damage, boost increased by 15 per turn for 4 turns 

Next is the Back Arm - Chrono-Cannon. This attack deals 125% damage and also inflicts your enemy with a Nerf Over Time that will decrease their bonus by 12 points each round. A simple weapon on its own, but it plays well to Chrono's strength as a long-term battler and has great synergy with Chrono's head and body attacks. 

Now for the shoulders - Timestopper. These shoulders work together to keep your opponent immobile while you set up your buffs and nerfs, ensuring that you won't ever be left vulnerable at the start of a battle or after effects begin wearing off. The first time you use either Timestopper shoulder, it will attempt to stun the enemy mecha. If it fails then your next Timestopper use (whether it's the same shoulder or the opposite shoulder) will lower their immobility resistance before making its attempt. On top of all this, the one turn stun will occasionally turn into a two turn stun, buying you even more time to do what you want! Quite a duo indeed. 

Next up is the Head, Chrono-Graph, which is a very important weapon for Chrono. It deals increased damage, and by itself also inflicts a 1.5x EP DoT. However, if you've activated one of Chrono's over-time buffs or nerfs (such as the ones on the arms), the effect changes! This weapon is capable of moving the clock back and increasing the duration of an over-time buff that you've applied to yourself by 1 turn, OR moving the clock forward and causing an over-time nerf on your enemy to skip a weaker nerf for a more powerful one! With all of the over-time effects that Chrono has access to this weapon is sure to play a big role in any of your strategies. 

Last but not least, Chrono's body: Time Warp! The body attack will buff your bonus and defense by 10 points each turns for 5 turns while nerfing your opponent's boost and defense by the same amount. Once per battle, it can also restore some lost HP and EP. Normally it will restore 1 attack's worth of EP and give back the HP you lost from the last enemy attack that did damage, but occasionally it will restore ALL of the HP and EP you've lost in the entire battle. When does this once-per-battle effect kick in? You decide! By clicking the center of Chrono's body during your turn you can toggle this effect on or off! This feature has NEVER BEEN SEEN in MechQuest and is definitely one of the coolest things Chrono has to offer.

Thanks, Vivi!

It was really fun working together on this - now that we have a working button mechanism set up, this opens up all sorts of possibilities.  Exciting!  

Well, have a great weekend!