Friday, July 15, 2011

Char Opens a Wormhole

You'll need to go see Dean Warlic via the button on the main Soluna City menu on the right side of your screen - if you played the quest already, just one more time! There are lots of Skip buttons for that Prequel so it won't take you long.  And that button will take you to the NEW installment of this Wormhole - which is Part One and will be continued in the upcoming weeks.

Lyris put together some more great cutscenes, Vivi connected them to the awesome quest he "reskinned" and added some features - I set up the town file and worked with Vivi on the quest a bit, worked with Lyris on dialogue ... too much to list.  

Minar, who had a birthday July 10th (Happy Birthday!) drew and animated some really great weapons to reward you for Part 1 of the saga.  He also colored and made some tweaks to the new enemy you'll face here in the quest. blues designed specials and Vivi coded these - I did some preliminary coding on the monster file and set everything up in the database.  Korin checked in while on vacation and offered to help - I told him he could name the weapons... somehow right after he saw how many there were, he suddenly had to go... hahahaha!  It didn't take me that long to do once Minar helped come up with the names - but that's because I'm used to it.  There really are a lot of weapons!  (And I'm just teasing Korin... )

We've got big plans for the next installment of this Wormhole chapter of the Dragonoid Saga, and we're already working on it.  So that'll be in the next week or two.  I'm not sure whether I'll receive the elements for the SCMM while Korin is away or if that will have to wait but we're prepared to release it for you if it does come down the pike this week.  I know a lot of you have been waiting for it.

Then I mentioned that Minar is working on a Sekrit Projekt and some of you began to speculate really big things - I really wanted it to be a surprise so I don't want to say what it is, but everyone on the forums who has guessed so far has not been anywhere NEAR close.  But actually people on the forums did mention it in another context.  It's something for Star Captains, it's not a new game feature, and it's really cool!

I need to write to you guys more frequently on the Design Notes!  For now, I have to dash.  Whatever happened to all those questions you were all asking?  Did I answer yours?  Well thanks for playing MechQuest - please tell your friends, use your referral link, and stuff.  And I'll talk with you again soon!  Time to go for a ride in the VW Bug!