Friday, November 5, 2010

Bladehaven releases and Mogloween part 2

First, Bladehaven is released! This has been an effort created by Warlic and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen entirely (I think). It's come out awesome and we're all happy to hear that it's finally available to the public! Here is a link so that you may begin playing immediately!


A couple things worth noting though. Since Warlic's laptop died, we've been playing the waiting game for a new Evil Jim song. He didn't get his audio stuff ready until yesterday or today I believe and he's been busy with Bladehaven. We may try for one next week but if not, we're just going to cut our losses and end this Mogloween event next week. We'll still keep the release available for a bit longer but we'll be working toward our next planet which should be fun if we're allowed to do everything we want to do. I wouldn't expect too much in terms of holiday releases. I'm thinking of abandoning most of that for the sake of getting into the storylines again. You guys are sick of leaving the storyline behind. I'm sick of pushing it aside. I think it's best if we focus more on the storyline and just do small simple things for holidays like a weapon or 2.

So this week's release is admittedly short. Next week's will probably be a little bigger but not much. I want to find time next week to start production on the next planet. We have 2 in line that need to get done then you can expect a few more small planets. But that's pretty far out.

Another shout out to Vivi and Maegwyn. They took a LOT off of my hands this week. Vivi's getting awesome and programming the specials. Mae's perfect at directing him and is also picking up some coding herself along with Vivi so it's working out great on that end.

We have a special book head promo item that comes with your purchase of the new novel called The Dragon's Secret. You can pick one up at Hero Mart today! http://heromart.com/

We also have a promo item for a 2011 calendar which isn't out yet unless you're at Shadocon in Tampa. However, the MQ promo item isn't quite done yet. It should turn out REALLY awesome when it's done but we have a few things to prepare it with. For those of you that do get the calendar, you can still get the mech in your inventory and even see it in your equip screen but you won't be able to equip it until we release the final version which will probably be around Monday. I think there's only 50 calendars available so I think it'll be okay.

Ever since Halloween, everyone has been bringing in candy. Must say, LOVING it. I'm certain to get diabetes in the next hour. :[ Gobstoppers for the win! You know it! I know it! Face!!

I've started signing art books with my bag head. Names are too simple in my opinion. Random fact, right? Enjoy it.

Anyway, across all the games, you have much to do! Go forth and eat up our bandwidth! We're okay with it.

And I'm going to go home now. Enjoy. Have great weekend byebye.

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