Friday, May 20, 2011

5 20 is still more 13

It's a good weekend to play MechQuest!  Experience and credits boost weekend!!! You will earn 15% EXTRA experience and credits in battle - if you are a Star Captain you will earn 20% !!

Other Star Captain special aspects of this week's release include:

  • A new quest in the Friday the 13th camp!
  • A higher-level Jameson mecha (Jameson Avenger model) Level 42 scales to 49
  • Buffed specials for the Avenger series include '09 models!

What's going on for you if you haven't yet upgraded?  Oh, you get some new stuff too!

  • Everyone gets a version of the new Screamer Head (visit the Metal Shop in the Friday 13th camp)
  • Everyone can now choose to battle the Hard Mode in the Friday the 13th Quest (the first part)

We didn't forget about Nova Gem items!  

  • The higher-level version of the older Jameson mecha (the Vengeance series) Level 44 - scales to 49 
  • Buffed specials for the Vengeance series include '09 models!

This week's release also fixed a few bugs - the Nemesis *should* now be able to enter the 2nd part of the Friday the 13th quests, the sounds should respect the muter... 

So the Star Captain Exclusive quest gives you a reason to use that Pipe hand-to-hand combat weapon (or another powerful Energy Blade).  I was able to code something new and interesting into the enemy  so I hope you like it and figure out how to beat it... over and over again because it gives good rewards.  I hear that this fight isn't respecting the boost weekend, but it gives better experience than any other swordfight in game, and good credit reward as well.

I have also learned that if you lose the 3rd swordfight, you can't get back into the room... I should know exactly how to fix this since I  coded it, but I have become confused so if you get stuck, please use this workaround for now:

Use your Hometown button, then go back to the Friday the 13th camp via the button in Soluna.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the boost!