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February 04, 2011

Selectable Ammo and New Diner Quest

Selectable Ammo!    People have mentioned liking to hear who did what for a release, so here is a little breakdown of this part. Vivi updated the code for the Crow's Cannon weapons with the long-hoped-for Selectable Ammo feature!  Hooray for Vivi getting this function to work!  I set up higher-level versions of these in the database, and also now they display the DPT and EP costs and have updated descriptions (database work).   Blues provided the buffs to the ammo specials, which Vivi coded up.  You will need to travel to Crow's Nook on Lagos to get the Crow's Cannon series weapons - ammo is available also at Tek's Mechs for convenience.

Vivi provides the details:

General Info: 
-NSC cannons scale from 20 to 30 and 31 to 40. 
-SC and NG cannons scale from 25 to 35 and 36 to 45. 
-The NSC cannon does 110% damage, the SC cannon does 120% damage, and the NG cannon does 125% damage 
-Clicking the cannon will allow you to rotate through the ammo in your inventory. 

If you run out of one type of ammo while you have another in your inventory, the cannon should automatically switch to an ammo you do have without being clicked. 
If you run out of ammo completely or if you don't buy any at all, the weapon should become unusable (CD set to 999999). 

The weapon special is determined by the type of ammo loaded. The NG cannon has slightly improved specials. 

(NSC) Burning Cannonball: 
---> Chance for an 1.5 time HP DoT, lasts 3 turns 

(SC) Cast Iron Cannonball: 
---> 70% (80% on NG) chance for a critical hit 

(SC) Flash Cannonball: 
---> Chance for -30 (-35 on NG), Bonus, lasts 3 turns

Thanks, Vivi!!

New Quest at the Knife & Spork!  Talk to Marza Pan, who is standing behind the cash register, to access the new quest.  This is available for all players, whether you have completed Maegwyn's Grand Opening Challenges or not.  It is actually an introduction to the long-promised new challenges that will be coming to the Diner later this year.  This quest will not go rare.  You may play it as many times as you like - choose to heal in between, or try it without healing.  It does not open up a shop - just another place to get experience and credits with a little bit of storyline attached.  As for who did what for this ... all art was re-used, but I did mess around with the boxes and the backgrounds and the scaling of your mecha as you are in the Walk sequences.  I wrote the storyline and the dialogue, and set up the quest and the addition to the town file.  I chose the enemy list and did the coding for the stuff that needed it - enemies do not have new code.  Korin's lessons over the past 2 weeks really paid off - while I did manage to break the quest a couple of times, I also didn't have to ask him a single question about setting it up or about fixing what I broke!  (I have discovered that while I'm also very good at breaking things, the experiences with chasing Gremlins and learning what makes them tick and how to fix them have helped make me pretty good at figuring out why something has gone flibberty and fixing it back up again.)  Also Azami was here to help with final testing! 

MQ Team Notes:  There has been a lot of concern about MQ's team, so here's a little peek at some of the things we're all doing. Korin is working on really awesome stuff for the upcoming planet and providing moral support & direction leading this whole project along. Jemini is providing some backgrounds (the art that sets the scenes so everything is not just gunmetal blue) for at least one of our upcoming releases.  Minar is working on at least one weapon that I know of for sure and possibly more than one (design, art, animation).  Lyris has been doing some things for upcoming releases.  I should ask Korin what Thyton and Arklen are up to, and here he is now!  Ok, Korin tell me that Thyton has drawn some bzzts for the new planet and Arklen just finished animating one of them. I've probably forgotten someone - not being at the Secret Underground Lab, sometimes I overlook what other people are doing for MechQuest.  So if I forgot anyone it doesn't mean they're not crucial members.  I know that Warlic is available especially for any music needs MQ may have, and always answers questions and is willing to lend a hand when needed.  Also I left some things & people out because of what is...

Coming Next Week:  While Korin works with Dumoose and Llussion on the game challenge thing next week, he is letting me steal the MQ release again!  blues and Vivi are plotting the SC challenge - we've been working on this for a while now.  Vivi will code what blues designs for the enemies attacks, Minar is designing & drawing & animating the reward - I will be setting up the quest, putting the code on the buttons and so forth, and doing the database work.  (Each enemy or monster needs an entry - each reward needs entries with DPT and EP costs, names, descriptions.) 

I hope that gives you a nice window into things MQ - and I hope you enjoy  this week's release! Have a great weekend!

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