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April 18, 2014

The Spring Holidays Are Here

Star Date: 18 April, 3014

Happy birthday, Lyris! The Birthday Shop in Soluna City Main has been updated with a new E-Blade to honor Lyris on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth. Thank you for the art, Clarion! But that's not all the spring holiday news...

<bzzzincoming transmissionzzt> It's Ash!

Greetings! As you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter or visit the forums (you should visit them!) I asked what planet you all wanted a revamp of. The answer was a resounding, "LAGOS!"* So, being the nice guy that I am, I went to work revamping some of the stuff from there.
The planet has a bunch of stuff so I had to split the work up between adding stuff for the Easter re-release and getting the Earth Day items ready. Right now if you visit the Hideout you'll find some new levels of the mechs in the Anchorman and Wolf shops as well as more levels of items in the weapons shop. I haven't forgotten about the Build A Mech models or the Pirate weapons and all that good stuff. That will all come next week!**
I'll be doing other planets and other places in the future as well so be on the lookout for my next poll of what people want!
Enjoy these and the Easter Release! Have fun!

I give you ... ... ... ...LANCEBUNNY! ...

*I possibly lost hearing from the amount of yelling for Lagos.

** I don't revamp things early or late. I revamp them exactly when they should be done.

Wow Ash! Thanks!

Next Tuesday, the Earth Day shop will open in Soluna City, and the weapons will be available for the higher levels this year. Be sure to log in - and as an extra bonus we will extend the DOUBLE REWARDS while the Earth Day shop is open! It will stay open for nine days, closing on May First. May f- ... Maypril!

Maypril is coming! The f001 mecha really doesn't want you to use a body attack, so we've been in a long wrestling match with him. Ash & blues have worked out some specials to make this model worth the wait. Will it be ready on Maypril (May the 1st)? Or will we release it without the body attack and fix it later? Who will win? We are very dogged and determined, so you should not be disappointed, whatever happens. And wait - there's more... Part Two of the April Fool mission will finally open for you!

We're also working out the details of several projects that are still under wraps, so keep your ears to twitter and your eyes on the forums! Thanks so much for playing and have a wonderful weekend!

Tags: Maegwyn Lyris Ash specials spring Earth Day Maypril Fools MQ

April 02, 2014

Notes on April Fool

Star Date: 2 April, 3014

<*incoming transmission from Ash*>

As the whole MQ team is now aware it's dangerous to let me write stuff for releases. I volunteered to work on this release and wrote a script. All of us had a bunch of ideas and I tried to put as many of them into this. It had a LOT of stuff in it, like a LOT of new art stuff that had to be made and bunches of dialog. Lyris did an amazing job on the new backgrounds and some of the assets and Plasma worked on something cool for the second part. Mae also deserves major props for spending a LOT of time making the rest of the backgrounds and art assets and especially for building the whole quest and making it work. (Thanks again Mae!) 
Part 1 is live now and Part 2 will be out as soon as it's ready. 

Also the 4pri1 mech has been revived!

It's got all new specials that Blues came up with.


Head: CD=5
- BtH NoT, -7 (8,10) per turn- damage BoT, +5 (6,7) per turn- immores decrease 50 (60,70) for 5 turns---> tries to stun every turn, roll 30 (40,50) every turn

BA: CD=3
- 1x (1.5x, 2x) HP DoT
FA: CD=3
- damage NoT, -7 (8,10)per turn- damages also EP with 25% of damage done
BS: CD=0
- damage buff (weapon only) +10 (15,25%), caps at 200%
FS: CD=3
- 1x (1.5x, 2x) EP DoT- heals EP with 50% of damage done
Body: CD=5
- immores buff +100- defense BoT + 7(8,10) per turn- buffs DoT by +15(25,40%) per turn til end of fight, caps at 200% 
It's available from the opening of the new quest so go check it out!
There were a few bugs when it initially came out but Vivi came in and helped squash the body bugs for me and I was able to fix most of the restof them this morning.
Some of you remember that other mech that came out at the same time as the 4pril.Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about it. It will be out...soon.
Hope you all enjoy part 1 and part 2 when it's complete!

Tags: April Fool Ash specials Maegwyn Mecha

March 23, 2014

LepreScythe Specials

Star Date: 23 March, 3014:

We hope you're enjoying your Lucky Weekend! Special Happy Birthday to Gibby! We've brought back the Giblet Skewer in the Birthday Shop to commemorate the happy occasion. Have you gone up the Rainbow Road to check out the new mission? See Braddock Steele in Soluna City. Be sure to gather clovers to rank up to Ultimate Commander so that you can unlock all the reward shops. 

Features of the release include:

  • New Clover Cutter Poleaxe E-Blades in the Clover and NG Clover reward shops. (They might be a bit hard to spot in the mass of weapons) 
  • Advanced House Lucky mech merges that scale to 49
  • NG Advanced House Lucky Mech versions that scale to 49
  • level 50 Lucky versions of the Elite House Mechs, and 
  • an all-new mission, Pot O'Gold which will bring you...
  • the special bonus all-new LepreScythe mecha (beat the new quest to unlock this shop!). 
  • Also, increased chance to encounter Richy the Rich Guy in Soluna City East - all weekend!

The new mission has ... not just one, not two, but three beautiful new backgrounds from Minar, along with some shiny buttons. Ash and blues worked together on the specials for the new mecha model, which Ash coded onto it - and Ash even broke out his mad animation skills to create a walk cycle for it! We're having fun learning new skills. Clarion provided art for the Clover Cutter Poleaxe.

bzzt crackle pop bzzzzt

Incoming Transmission from Ash

LepreScythe Mech
This mech cannot equip any items. BUT to make up for that they have been "equipped" with Luck and Accuracy stats. The NG version even gets a bit of Power. Now you can't be "disarmed" by enemies and lose your ability to attack with the NSC/SC models!
NSC and SC versions have a Body attack. This button chooses randomly between the two attacks.NG versions are able to pick which attack they want.

Attack 1 (Claw Slash)1 Hit
Inflicts 1x HP DoT that lasts for the entire battle. Dot increases per use and caps at x3.
Inflicts 1x EP DoT that lasts for the entire battle. Dot increases per use and caps at x3.
Nerfs enemy Defense by -20. Increases by -20 per attack and caps at -70. (-80/-90 for SC/NG)
Nerfs enemy bonus by -40 for the entire battle.

Attack 2 (Lazer beam!)1 Hit
Buffs Boost by 25. Lasts for the entire battle. Increases by 25 per attack and caps at 50 (60/70 for SC/NG).
Nerfs enemy Boost by 25. Lasts for the entire battle. Increases by 25 per attack and caps at -40. (-45/-50 for SC/NG)
Buffs Bonus by 10. Lasts for the entire battle. Increases by 10 per attack and caps at 40 (50/60 for SC/NG).
Inflicts 1x HP DoT that lasts for the entire battle. Dot increases per use and caps at x2.
Chance for a 1 turn stun.

Thanks, Ash!

I don't want to spoil anything but I want you to know that Lyris is working on some amazing stuff that we'll be revealing in due time. We have one word to reveal at this time: BLASTERS! We've got a TON of new stuff in various stages of readiness for you - this is going to be an exciting season for MechQuest! Thank you so much, as always, for your continued support.

One more note: On Gremlins - Bug Reporting: The links on the MechQuest pages will change so you can get to the new bug zapper with one easy click. The old Gremlins forums have been retired, and the new one-size-fits-all Bug Tracker site is live.

Gianna Glow is the 'chief tracker' for MQ, and she's got a few tips on how to tailor your reports for MechQuest:

A general form pops up, with fields to fill in.

Username: put character ID and character name here
Server: put location of bug here in a "planet"-"city" format

"That alone would be a HUGE help," she says.

Before submitting your report, it would be wonderful if you would: restart browser, clear cache and history, and try to duplicate the bug you're reporting. If you can describe the steps to take to make the bug happen, it will help us figure out how to fix it!

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend! 



Tags: Maegwyn Ash specials Leprescythe

March 03, 2014

Dage Birthday and More

Star Date 3 March, 3014:

Happy Birthday, Dage! In honor of Dage's birthday, I converted his Blademaster Katana (which he created for AQWorlds) to an MQ-styled energy blade. I also added a magic animation that unlocks if you wear the Ninja costume (found on Planet Yokai).  Get yours in the Birthday Shop button on Soluna City's Main Street!

whoops - not sure what went wrong with the image I meant to insert. Here's a screenshot link instead

Ash, who has been learning to code and is now helping me with database work, has been working on updating some of our older weapons with higher level versions and a few new specials! This week we had updates to the House shops at G.E.A.R.S, and here's Ash to tell you about them:

House Shop Updates

  • Wolfblade- New levels of the WM series arm weapons.- New levels of the WR series shoulder weapons.- New levels and specials on the Spit Fire series! If the attack hits it nerfs the stun resistance of your  enemy by 15/30/45 (NSC/SC/NG) and attempts to stun it for 1 turn.- New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods!  NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50!
  • Runehawk- New levels of the RC series arm weapons.- New levels of the RS series shoulder weapons.- New levels and specials on the Psychic Blast series! If the attack hits it buffs your Bonus by 15/25/35 (NSC/SC/NG)for 2 turns.- New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods!  NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50!
  • Mystraven- New levels of the RG series arm weapons.- New levels of the RB series shoulder weapnos.- New levels and specials on the Flak Bomb series! If the attack hits it causes a HP DoT based on the item  level and item type for 3 turns.  It deals 1.5/2/2.5 (NSC/SC/NG) times damage. - New NSC/SC/NG permanent mods! NSC up to level 48 and SC and NG versions that reach level 50! 

Tek's basic weapon shop updates
Chain pole series updated! New levels and special. If the last hit connects it causes an HP DoT  based on the item level for 3 turns.  DoT deals normal (1.5x) damage.

Next week, more items from all of Tek's Shops! Same MQ time, same MQ channel!

Thanks, Ash!

And now here's blues with the "revived" Cubot specials. You can find them via Braddock Steele in the Heroes' Hearts Replay of 3009


DoT´s stay til end of fight
CD to 1- starts with 150% damage- adds +25% damage per use (Shoulders only), caps at 250%- works also alternating with other shoulder- EP DoT, adds +25% damage per use, works also alternating with other shoulder 


CD to 1:- starts with 100% damage- adds +25% damage per use (shoulders only), caps at 250%- works also alternating with other shoulder- HP DoT,  adds +25% damage per use, works also alternating with other shoulder- decreases enemy immo res - tries to stun

both shoulders increase their own damage and also alternating the damage of the other shoulder when both are equipped, same with the DoT damages.So best is to buy both :)

Thanks, blues!

We've got a lot more on the way for you in the weeks ahead. Not just shop updates but also - finally - new missions! Ran into a few technical difficulties that had been causing some delays & Gremlins, but we should be on track again now.

Speaking of Gremlins... A new bug reporting system is being perfected, and we'd like you to check it out. (They're now called "bugs," but they'll always be "Gremlins" to me!)
From the menu, choose Mechquest - and remember when you submit a report, details are everything!


Thank you all so much for playing MechQuest! Please tell your friends!

Tags: Maegwyn Dage Birthday Blues specials

December 06, 2013

Cyber Someday and The Junk

Star Date: 6 December, 3013

Cyber Someday! Who knows what day it is in these crazy times? Log in now to take advantage of Cyber Someday! All-new energy blades by Blade and Plasma Charge, plus a new back shoulder weapon courtesy of blues, Plasma Charge, and Vivi.

The Nova Gem blade, called the "Blue Light Special," works with the Ninja uniforms to unlock its magic attack. There actually used to be a REAL "Blue Light Special" back in the Darker Ages...

The Green Starflash blade and the Blue Light Special are both Blade's artwork. Plasma Charge did the Cyber Slasher and also spent some time teaching Blade (and me) how the special magic attack is set up for e-blades. It pulls a completely separate file for the magic attack animation and uses very specific coding to make it all work together. So it's more time-consuming than a standard blade (but less complicated than a mecha weapon) - now that more of us have some familiarity with the inner workings, we'd like to start bringing you new magic attacks.

You're probably interested in the new shoulder specials. These are set up with Star Captain damage-per-turn (DPT) numbers, and if you are a Star Captain you unlock bonus specials. Specials designed by blues and coded by Vivi, so let's hear from blues:

Here´s the specials: All last til end of fight, everything caps at 50


Hit 1: +5 BtH, +2 def, HP DoT (stacking, caps at 3 times)
Hit 2: +7 BtH, +3 def, heals EP with damage done
Hit 3: +9 BtH, +4 def, EP DoT (stacking, caps at 3 times)

SC only: Hit 1 reduces immo res by 80, Hit 2 damages also EP with damage done and Hit 3 tries to stun.

Thanks, blues! Also a special thanks to Gianna Glow for helping test.

The Junk: 89.7 GJNK is now on the air at last! See Parma John to get a little bit of further reveal. There's still more to the story coming - and ACW0 (who you may know from the forums, twitter, or in AQWorlds) has been writing cutscene script with us, so you have a lot more to look forward to! Did you know that this story idea initially came from Blade, who has also worked up a soon-to-be-seen NPC along with some... modified NPCs...

Yeah, the team is having fun with this! I know it's taking longer than I feel like it really should, but we will probably pick up more speed as our momentum gets underway & we hit a new stride.

behind-the-scenes: Getting the radio to work... it works just fine as a Starship Item, but getting it to work as a clickable radio in a town or quest file was super-problematic. Either it became unclickable, or resulted in an endless 0% loading, and even the mostly-workable solution using the standard music loading procedure still breaks the on-off toggle switch. It must just be inherently Evil somehow!

Also I just realized that after spending many, many hours fixing the replay of Turkageddons past, I did not set them up as playable for you. Better late than never, so that'll come later with more of the Winter Holiday stuff! Mogloween will leave next week, and Tek's Birthday Party will also end for the year. We've still got Flavescent Friday coming soon as well!

Oh! before I forget: Galanoth reminded me to mention this:

Holiday Special - Ends January 5, 2014: Get 10% more Artix Points when you purchase using credit cards or Paypal on

Thank you all so much for playing MechQuest! Have a great weekend!

Tags: Maegwyn specials Turkageddon Weapons

June 21, 2013

Epic Arm Weapons and More

Star Date: 21 June, 3013

New Valoth's Epic Weapons! The Limited-time Epic Heads are back for just a few weeks so that you can pick up all the commemorative items to equip for the upcoming March of the Shadowscythe battles! Today the "Of Doom" colored versions of last week's Cannon hit the Arm shop, along with all-new "Valoth's Epic Cannon" arms (and some with the "Of Doom" variant). You can find them in Soluna City Main or in the War Camp.

Dealing out some Epic Damage OF DOOM!

Here is a transmission from blues with the specials:

Shs cannon , 2 hits, as always NSC (SC, NG), CD=3 

Hit 1: 
- extra damage against SHS 20%(30,40) 
- Chance to reduce enemy HP to 50% of actual value. This means when actual HP is 760 it gets reduced to 380. When its 430 it goes To 215 etc. Also SHS only!!! 

Hit 2: 
- extra damage against SHS 30%(50,70) 
- same as above with EP values 

This thing is quite good when used very early. The EP/HP reduction is unique thats why i didnt give it specials against "normal" enemies.


Mod Shop With Valor Badge Merges! Queenadent Odessa's shop buttons in the War Camp now include the Mod Shop section. Pick up a Battle Mod to merge with the Valor Badges you earn, or use your Nova Gems to purchase powerful War Mods.

I have a lot more news for you so keep checking the Design Notes!  Have a great weekend & thanks for playing MechQuest!

Tags: Maegwyn specials March of the Shadowscythe

June 14, 2013

A Behind the Scenes on Testing in MechQuest

Star Date: 14 June, 3013

Incoming transmission from Practel!

Hiya Questers!
Today I figured I would walk you down the road of testing a weapon in MechQuest. Something awesome about MechQuest weapons is that each weapon is unique in its own way. Every weapon has a different special, different art, and different effect! Since each weapon is so unique, every weapon must be tested individually to make sure that everything is working. You can't just equip the weapon, say "This weapon looks good" and then release it because there are a LOT of bugs that come up!

For instance, I just finished a weapon this morning that is releasing later today. I would say I have 9-15 different versions of this weapon, each with little buggies. For this weapon, there are 17 different things that the team and I had to test. The beautiful thing about testing is that you can locate and pinpoint the bug, and then attempt to fix it. In the list of things the team and I had to test, we went down the list one by one, checking off the things that worked and noting the things that didn't. What happened a lot during this process was finding one bug, fixing it, doing a miniature celebration, then find another bug. Rinse and repeat.

Last night when I was working on the weapon a rather annoying bug occured. I have since dubbed it the name "Bug of Staying up Late!". Last night, with only one thing to test, a bug that literally defied the logic of math worked its way into the weapon. The bug was: 5 * -7 = 40. Which is false. 5 * -7 SHOULD equal -35. Why was this happening? I reviewed the code with Maegwyn and Vivi about 5-10 times over, and we still couldn't figure out why it was occuring. We decided to call it a night and tackle it in the morning.

Boom, 10:30AM and the bug was never a bug. The enemy had an inherent -5 boost, and the -35 was just being added to that. So in all, the code was right, and it's just I never realized the enemy had -5 to begin with. It's safe to say the game trolled me.

Well, that's it from me this week. I hope you enjoy the weapon coming tonight! It's called the "Valoth's Epic Shredder" series.

The specials are attached below :)

(FA and BA)
5 hits
CD = 3
As always NSC (SC,NG)
  • Reduces enemy BtH by 6 (8/10) PER SUCCESSFUL HIT, AND duration is 3 turns
  • Hit 5: NSC & SC good chance for a crit / NG guaranteed crit
  • Vs. ShS Enemies: reduces damage by -6 (7/8) per hit
  • SC Only: -- Hit 1 reduces immo resist by 70 -- Hit 2 tries to stun
  • NG only - scales - 10 (to 19) 20 (to 29) 30 (to 39) 40 (to 49) 50 (to 59)
  • Commemorative only: General damage boost of +20(25,30%) and BtH boost of +50(60,70) against Shadowscythe and Ebilcorp enemies.

Tags: Maegwyn specials Limited TIme Shop Practel

June 11, 2013

Automorph P Specials and Other News

Star Date: 11 June, 3013

I'm actually transmitting to you from the Secret Underground Lab, which I can tell you is a far drive from my Undisclosed Location. I battled the elements to get here - Water and Lightning were especially strong, and Darkness turned out to be a factor in the end. Mission Accomplished - I'm sitting across the desk from Korin!

Specials: Here are the specials for the Automorph-P series mecha models that are now in the Star Captain Club mecha shop on the 2nd floor (Artillery Level):

Front Arm:
- 1.25 times damage
- -30 enemy defense

Back Arm:
- 1.25 times damage
- Roll for an additional hit
- Hit 1 and 3 get additional a roll for -10 enemy defense

- Roll for an additional hit
- Hit 2 and 4 get a roll for +20 BtH each, stacking

- each hit gets a roll for +10 BtH , stacking
- Hit 1,3 and 5 get a roll for a critical hit

- Hit 1: +10% general damage
- Hit 2: +15% general damage
- Hit 3: +20% general damage ---> no rolls, stacks up to 45% general damage bonus

Hits 1 and 3 get a roll for a critical hit

Thanks to blues for the specials, and to Vivi for doing the coding!

SC Club "SCEM" for Levels 43 and up! With last week's Automorph-P release, many of you asked for it and other models to be released for the higher-level players. I'm going to show Practel how to add the scaling code and I'll make the new database entries for this Friday's release. Automorph-P, Dharmahp-P, and Falcon-P will the the models getting the higher levels this week!

Tweet #MechQuest: Send out a tweet using the #MechQuest hashtag with your wishlist of non-rare weapons and mecha models you'd like to see at higher levels. The weapons are the very fastest for me to put together so if you get me a list I should be able to add a TON of them!

Magitech Scythe Recolor: Plasma Charge did a nice recolor to the arm that is a huge improvement upon my original. This is the promo weapon that comes with the Artix Entertainment Artist Sketchbook, which you can get from HeroMart

Isn't that beautiful?!!? Nice work, Plasma Charge!

And finally... some big news - Diozz is working on a couple of projects for MechQuest! That's right - @AQWDiozz is doing some guest art for us! I can reveal to you that the first project in progress is ... going to be an amazing...



MechQuest Poster!

Stay tuned for more details!

Tags: Maegwyn Star Captains specials HeroMart Diozz

May 05, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo Maypril Weapon

Star Date 5 May, 3013:

The Cinco de Mayo Weapon Shop is Live! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Pick up a Limited-Time Front Arm weapon - the Go.Oogly. Celebrate the spirit of Maypril Foolery when you attack. (Hint: Turn up the sound!)

Weapon Specials:

3 hits
CD = 3

NSC Special Effects:
*Good Chance for a critical hit
Damage Increasing Over Time!, Increases Boost by +10 per turn for 3 turns.
+13 Bonus for every successful hit x 3 turns.

SC Special Effects:
*Good Chance for a critical hit
Damage Increasing Over Time!, Increases Boost by +12 per turn for 3 turns.
+16 Bonus for every successful hit x 3 turns

NG Special Effects:
*Good Chance for a critical hit
Damage Increasing Over Time!, Increases Boost by ( was +10 every turn for 5 turns) +18 per turn for 3 turns.
+18 bonus for every successful hit x 3 turns.

Enjoy the holiday! I left the Clover O.ops shop open because I read on the forums that at least a couple of people are still farming credits for it. So, have fun, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and, as the saying goes....

Battle On!

Tags: Maegwyn Maypril Fools MQ specials Cinco De Mayo 2013

October 19, 2012

Operation Gameocide Thwarted Thanks to You

Star Date 19 October, 3012

EbilCorp's "Operation Gameocide" has been thwarted! The loyal players of the Artix Entertainment games banded together to defeat Chairman P, Mr. Z, and the legions of EbilCorp warriors who were attempting a hostile takeover of the entire AE network.

A huge thank you from me to all of you for making sure that we're continuing under the umbrella of AE - I hope you know that I will never work for EbilCorp willingly! While we occasionally have had good reasons to work with Mr. Z, I prefer not to have anything more to do with Chairman P...

I'm also grateful for your loyalty & dedication - all of you - our players who are coming back to MechQuest from a hiatus, players of our other games trying MQ for the first time, and brand-new players who have come to AE games via MechQuest all joining our long-time loyal G.E.A.R.S. students in bringing down the Chairman and his forces.  You fought valiantly and tirelessly - thank you for your support of the MechQuest team!

Incoming transmission from Plasma Charge!

A message to all Mecha Pilots!

Victory! Congratulations! On Thursday, 18 October 3012 at 7:04 EST you amazing pilots managed to crush EBILCorp! It was really inspiring to watch you all battle to save the game and I salute the forumites that joined the discussion on the forums. You can join the fleet here.

It was a pleasure to fight beside all of you!  When the war meter reached 100%, the reward shops were set to unlock (and are now unlocked) - and to thank you, Odessa is offering SDF mechas to all you warriors!

Here’s a lowdown of the mecha specials:

FA - melee one hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- tries to stun- normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 

BA - 2 hits - gunshot- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damageHit 1: normal (1.5 time, double) EP DoT for 3 turnsHit 2: BtH NoT -7 (9, 10) per turn for 3 turns 

Shoulders - 1 Hit CD= 1- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- each shoulder nerfs enemy damage by 3(4,5%) per turn on hit, caps at -35% damage- chance for a crit 

BD - 1 hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- decreases enemy immo res by 60 (70,80) for 5 turns- BtH BoT 4 (5,6) per turn for 5 turns 

HD - 5 hits- Hit 1: 20% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 2: 30% damage, chance for a crit, general damage boost of +4 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns- Hit 3: 40% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 4: 50% damage, chance for a crit, decreases enemy def by - 5 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns, stays til end of fight, adds up, caps at 75- Hit 5: 75% damage, chance for a crit NG-only special:

When Mecha is equipped with all standard weapons, each weapon activation gives additional +5 BtH, adds up, caps at 75. Hit 3 of the Head heals EP with damage done, hit 5 HP with damage done.
Thanks to Blues for the specials!

This week we have a new starblade for all players available in the war camp, and Star Captains can pick up three new action figures for their starships, and of course you guys still have time to get Valor Badges to merge the war mods! Good luck with the VBs, watch out for Gremlins, and I hope you all have an excellent weekend!Also stay tuned because Mogloween will be coming soon.*Transmission closed*


If you haven't linked your Star Captain's Character ID for Trick or Treat visits at Mogloween please do so on the forums here!


I'm in the Secret Underground Lab today (yes for a visit!) working with the intern Aerylen, (who has been working with Epic Duel and Dragonfable), looking at MQ's interface design with me - and tomorrow he will be playing MechQuest (and other games) streaming LIVE for charity! 

Support Aerylen's team, the Warriors of Light, here - play games, heal kids via Extra Life (click the link to learn all about this charity event)!

Ok thanks again for supporting MechQuest and congrats on defeating Chairman P! Have a great weekend! I must run for now!

Tags: Maegwyn specials Plasma Charge EbilCorp Anniversary

September 28, 2012

Char and Wormhole Tech

It's Friday, and we had an early release today! Now, for some notes to you! We'll start off with a note from Plasma Charge:

Star Date: 28 September 2012

A transmission to all active mecha pilots!

Char has requested your presence in Dean Warlic’s office to speak to you about wormhole technology and to offer you an experimental new weapon to aid you in the battle against the Shadowscythe. The new weapon is available for all players who have completed Lagos and all previous missions.

Here’s Blues with the literally head spinning specials of the new weapon:

Numbers are NSC/SC/NG

Starts with 110/115/120% damage


- Gains + 5/8/10% damage per use, caps at 250%

- decreases enemy defense by 5/8/10 per hit, caps at -75

- decreases enemy BtH by 3/5/8 per hit, caps at -50

- decreases enemy damage by 2/4/6 per hit, caps at -40

Thank you Blues! =D

Also be sure to check in with Tek on Monday because we’re having a party! This Monday MechQuest will be turning 5 years old, and to thank all you players who help support the game Tek has commissioned a special anniversary mecha, as well as some sweet Starship loot designed by the ever-amazing Minar!

The annual Soluna bounty hunt has final come to an end which means Captain Rhubarb has returned to Lagos and took all his booty with him, also Tek is reporting that her stock of Imitation DragonConquest Blades is running low and will run out on Monday! So if you plan on getting this ferocious blade you have until Monday when it becomes RARE for a year - until Dragon*Con season 2013!

In Gremlins news:  Vivi managed to squish the gremlins in both Ghosthunter damage and the Seppy front arm crit blade. (Sepulchure Ultimate and Sepulchure of Doom)

Enjoy your Shaking of Dimensions, watch out for Gremlins, I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Plasma Charge

*transmission ended*

Char says that the wormhole tech may have unseen consequences. The weapons have been thoroughly tested and they appear to be working as intended, so doesn't it make you wonder what she could be talking about? Find out as the Dragonoid Saga progresses later this fall!

bzzt transmission incoming from Nightwraith at Epic Duel!

The Chairman Has Landed!

The nefarious Chairman has landed in EpicDuel and he's come to claim Delta V for his own! To lull the populace into compliance Chairman Platinum is selling powerful Ebilcorp armors of his own deisgn. These armors have a special skill, Chairman's Fury, a one-time use, selectable skill that can be used to unleash a powerful unblockable uppercut attack that steals 25% of your opponent's rage for yourself.'s%20Pride.jpg

As if that weren't enough "ebil" at once, Dage the Evil himself has stumbled upon Delta V to share is wares with those he deems worthy. Do you have what it takes to wield one of his monstrous creations?'s%20Shotguns%20DNs.jpg

=ED= Spooky Head Design Contest

EpicDuel is also hosting a new art contest in the AE forums:  They styles will be used for EpicDuel, but everyone is welcome to enter!  All you need is an EpicDuel character name and a cool design to enter!
*transmission ended*

Hmmmm. Chairman Platinum landing in Epic Duel ... could Mr. Z have something up his sleeve here in MechQuest? This is alarming news indeed! We must not let EbilCorp get its claws into MQ. Mr. Z and Maria13 are expert at security so as of yet we've been unable to crack into their communications network.  We'll definitely need to be on high alert!

Anyhow, I've got a big party to set up - cakes to bake for Scrap's Delight and so on.  Happy 5-year anniversary - thanks for your support! Five years! Sweet!

See you at the party in Tek's Basement on Monday! (I love it when the Floorivator is working!)


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September 21, 2012

Eidolon Revival Specials

Star Date: 21st September 3012

Phantasmal DOOM, Eidolon mecha revival!

Once again doom strikes Soluna City... the Hunter Eidolon mecha series has been by far one of the most interesting series in the game.

 So I was really excited to see these new buffs designed by Blues, they increase the efficiency of the mecha against both ghost and normal enemies! Here’s Vivi with the new specials:           

Deals 150% damage 
+30% damage on ghosts 
Applies an effect that drains EP (they lose, you gain) equal to Level/2 rounded down that lasts 4 turns 
Chance for a 1.5x EP DOT 

Deals 150% damage 
+10% damage on ghosts 
Captures weakened ghosts 
If the enemy is not captured, chance to lower bonus by 40 for 3 turns and the enemy loses 15% of their max EP 

Deals 150% damage 
First use of the shoulders gives the enemy the Psionic Link effect (which does nothing). The second use replaces Psionic Link with an Energy Drain effect. Each turn the enemy loses 75% of their EP Regen and you gain it. 

Deals 150% damage 
High crit chance on ghosts 
Against ghosts, gives +40 boost for 5 turns 

Deals 150% damage 
If you have any ghosts captured, consumes 1 ghost and heals 40% of your max HP and 20% of your max EP 

Thanks Vivi, not only have these new specials been added but also the mecha is now color customizable!

Hope you guys enjoy the release, watch out for scurvy gremlins, and I leave you with doom pirates!


Thanks, Plasma Charge! Maegwyn here.  I just wanted to add a quick thing:

Happy Birthday, Warlic!

From all of us on the MechQuest team!

Thank you to all of you for playing MechQuest! We're working on a lot more exciting new content for the upcoming weeks. I just got off the phone with Arklen a few minutes ago & he says hi as well! Have a most-excellent weekend, and please remember to tell all your friends about MQ! =Mae

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January 20, 2012

Knife and Spork Challenges Update and More

K&S! The long-awaited Knife & Spork Challenge Updates have begun! If you have completed the first set of ten Grand Opening Challenges, click the new "More" button above the Contest button to access the second set of challenges, called the Advanced Contest.   Challenges 11 and 12 are playable now, with more in the works.  

Challenge 11 is a special feature, incorporating the winning designs from a forums contest to Build Your Own Mecha, held 'way back in 2010!  Maverik, Vadriel, Bling bla, and Lyris (who entered that contest before she joined the MQ team) finally got their designs in game! It is recommended that you be Level 28 when facing these enemies.  Defeating them all opens up a shop with a higher-level Pan arm and also unlocks Challenge 12.

Challenge 12 gives you a series of L30 opponents - one from each House with some customization and stats trained, and a couple of students with Anniversary models and trained stats.  

We had a blast pretesting this.  One of the Contestants was a little crazy at first - he equipped mini-mechas to his mecha! (That's a byproduct of the intended weapon being the default to a different chassis rather than a standalone weapon.)  So Vivi grabbed the screenshot and after we laughed our heads off for a while, I changed things up a bit - we still used the general theme of Bling bla's winning entry as inspiration.  

Updating the K&S has been promised for ages but now that I'm able to set them up myself, I'll keep adding new challenges for everyone - and keep your eyes on the forums because I'm going to be looking for more of your setups for new Challengers!

Wrangler Buff! And now from Vivi, the Wrangler mecha buff details:

Specials are listed as NSC (SC, NG) 
FA, 3 Hits: ---> CD= 2 
- Hit 1: +30 (40,50%) damage 
- Hit 2: +55 (65,75% damage 
- Hit 3: High (Guaranteed, Guaranteed) chance for a crit 

There's a chance the gun will jam - when it does, no damage is done but there's a good (guaranteed, guaranteed) chance for a stun and your bonus increases by 10 (15, 20) for the rest of the fight 

BA, 2 Hits: ---> CD= 2 
- Hit 1: lowers immo resist by 50 ( 80, 120) 
- Hit 2: Good (guaranteed, guaranteed) chance for a crit, tries to stun 

Shoulders, 5 Hits:---> CD=2 
- in creasing damage by +5 (10,+15%) for every Hit 
- Good (high, guaranteed) chance for an extra Hit, extra Hit crits ( same base damage of Hit 5) 

Head, 2 Hits: ---> CD = 5 
- Hit 1: blinding NoT, - 5 (8,10) BtH per turn for 5 turns 
- Hit 2: normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 5 turns 
SC / NG only: 
- additional Hit 1: general damage BoT, +8 (10) damage per turn for 5 turns 
NG only: 
- additional Hit 2: 1.5 time EP DoT for 5 turns

Thanks for the details & for coding them, Vivi!! And thanks to blues for designing them!

Persistence Bonuses! Korin went through a TON of early quests and added persistence bonuses, so doing the jobs will go faster.  I think after we rolled I updated a total of 15 quest names - the Museum quests, the Police quests, and the Hospital quests were all on the list.  Thank you, Korin! We have plans to improve the Ghosthunting quests by changing how soon you earn the rewards - and long-term ideas about making that Ghosthunting training pay off.

New Planet Coming Soon! Lyris and Minar and Arklen have all been working on assets for the upcoming new planet - for which Lyris designed the concept & storyline. I've been working with Lyris on some of the script details while she does cutscenes - Minar has some backgrounds in the works and Arklen & Korin are working on vectorizing & animating some NEW enemies drawn especially for MQ by Thyton!  

Thanks for playing MQ - don't forget to send your referral links to your friends and family so you can earn bonuses when they play - and have a great weekend!

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December 24, 2011

Frostval 3011

The War Is Over! Rewards are all unlocked already!

You can still play through it so don't worry - it's just all unlocked and here is how it went down.  Freddy Yeti was trying to send you tech as a Frostval present, and Mr. Z sent EC units to intercept the shipment and get hold of it for EbilCorp.  There was a war - and you won it in what just might be record time!  You went out on Thoh to find the parts that went missing when the starship crashed, and you had to fight mini-bosses to get each piece of the mecha.  (You can still do this.) You are able to collect them for a build-a-mech style or just to use as weapons as you go along - and if you can defeat Mr. Z you open shops with a chassis (NSC, SC, and NG versions) and a fully-decked-out mecha model (for Nova Gems only).  

Happy Frostval to All! You really pulled together and fought valiantly - great job!! This release was a lot of fun to put together. It was kind of crazy and a lot to do - and with it being a short week & people on the team having limited time with school committments, travel, computer issues I have to say I'm amazed & proud of us for getting this release out to you! Also even knowing that, for some reason I decided I should make a bazillion levels of everything so everyone would be able to have nice rewards so I gave myself a ton of extra work - but it all came together in the end! I like to try to fill you in on who did what, and I'm hoping I don't forget anyone's contribution... Lyris did the opening cutscene and Korin set up the mecha & did the war questing.  When Korin finished vectorizing and animating, Minar shaded & colored the mecha.  I learned how to break off the weapons to make into standalones and also how to make an empty chassis.  Vivi's laptop is having serious issues so I asked blues for relatively simple specials design & then I coded the weapons with Vivi's help when he could get online on his family PC, and then when Korin finished the quests & came back from a bit of Christmas shopping, I turned the chassis (body attack) and fully-equipped mecha over to Korin to code so I could do some Christmas shopping.  Vivi & Korin are really good teachers and Warlic laid a good foundation in helping me understand the basics - not that I was writing new code or anything, but you have to know what to modify and where it belongs in order to get things working as intended. The worst thing that happened (that I know of so far anyway) wasn't a coding issue - I made some kind of weird error when setting everything up in the database and for a few hours the weapons were unsellable and un-destroyable. That's fixed now, though.  I'm hoping there aren't any major bugs with any of the specials!! If you find one, please let us know on the Gremlins forum.

A facebook friend of mine, David Lark (a.k.a. davids8765 if you play AQWorlds), helped me with names for the rewards - huge thanks!! The language of Latvia is featured - and it's my fault if anything is misspelled! Also a forum member, Master Merlin, mentioned on the forums that he had suggested pricing the Build-a-Mecha chassis the same as a standalone weapon - I used that concept (& it may be that others have suggested the same but his came to my attention) with a bit of tweaking from Vivi to keep it affordable and in line with our 1000-NG pricing of a completely-built model.   


  • FA  Sniega Lielgabals SC only ---> CD=0- starts with extra damage- adds +20% damage per use (only the weapon), caps at 300%- adds +10 BtH per use (only the weapon), caps at 100 BtH
  • BA  Ledus Bumba (NSC, SC, NG) ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- normal (NSC) /1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns- SC and NG only: 20 roll for stopping enemy EP regen for 3 turns- NG only: 40 roll for a crit
  • FS Laasteka Shot (NSC Only) ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- Chance for a 1.5 time EP DoT for 3 turns- chance for a critical strike
  • BS Laasteka Shard (NSC, SC, NG)  ---> CD=3- starts with extra damage- Chance (NG guaranteed) for a normal (NSC) / 1.5 time (SC) / double (NG) HP DoT for 3 turns- SC and NG only: chance for a crit- NG only: chance for stopping enemy EP regen for 3 turns
  • HD Sniegapika Volley (NG only) ---> CD=5- starts with 1.5 times damage- general damage boost of +12 per turn over 5 turns- general BtH boost of +15 per turn for 5 turns- defense BoT of +10 per turn for 5 turns
  • Chassis Milziiga Sniegapika (NSC, SC, NG) ---> CD=5- Uses 0 EP- gives the mecha higher EP reserves. - starts with extra damage- NSC & SC have a chance and NG guarantee for damaging also EP with half of damage done to HP- SC and NG only: double HP DoT for 5 turns- NG only: chance for a critical strike.

  • If you have the fully-equipped Nova Gem model, in addition to the NG specials described above, the weapons which don't sell as standalones for NGs have the following:
    FA: - starts with extra damage- adds +25% damage per use (only the weapon), caps at 300%- adds +15 BtH per use (only the weapon), caps at 100 BtH
    FS: starts with extra damage- double EP DoT for 3 turns- chance for a crit- additional chance for damaging EP with half of damage done to HP

Ok I think that should cover it all!  Oh - also if you are a Star Captain be sure to grab the gift boxes - they will open on gift-giving day which is traditionally New Year's Day so I'm shooting for that as our deadline for having them all ready but if we have to be a little later this time it'll still be early January - and the wrapped gifts are fun to play with before they open, anyway!

Have a very happy Frostval! Thanks for playing MechQuest!

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August 05, 2011

Traveler Shop and Screenshot Page Update

There is a NEW Star Captain Back Shoulder weapon in the Traveler shop!

The Grapnel ALB series is a powerful grappling hook styled weapon that has 0 cooldown, increases in power with every use, and has a good chance to deal an HP and EP Damage over Time attack that also increases over time.

You will also find a new shipment of the TNSEWP series including a NEW Level 45 version - and in the Nova Gem shop, the Serious Gatling series has returned!

Screenshot Contest Winners now on the Screenshot Page! Check them out here 

Congratulations again and thanks again to the winners:

crazy penguin
Lord Crepe
Sudz16 WAR,
Wizard Man 

(note that the screenshots don't appear on the page in this order)

As you might have guessed, we are working on the Finale of the Zargon Wormhole for next week! This release features intense cutscenes, a new challenging boss battle, and lots of excitement.  I know, we've left you in suspense over what will happen with Zargon... no spoilers coming from me!

We've got a lot more plans for MechQuest coming along after this Wormhole wraps up, too.  I'm really bursting with excitement about everything - I can hardly wait for next week and beyond! Huge thanks to everyone on the team making all of this happen - but most of all, thanks to all of you playing MechQuest!  Hope you're having a great summer - or winter, if you're in Australia for example - and enjoy your weekend!

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July 29, 2011

SCMM and NEW Wormhole Quest

NEW Wormhole Quest (access it via the Dean Warlic button in Soluna City): It's a race against time - can you get to Starstorm before Boltavolt does? (Cliffhanger...)  The cutscenes in the Wormhole this week are the simple style, rather than the animated, to give Lyris some breathing room.  The backgrounds - specially destroyed by Minar - have some animated fire effects.  Note that this can cause a bit of lag in the quest, but shouldn't affect your ability to complete it.  

Here's Vivi with the specials he programmed into the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha, the Dharmahp, according to blues' specs:

Mecha Triggers - Additional Damage Against: 
Shadowscythe: +25% damage 
EbilCorp Units: +20% damage 
Equippable Enemies: +15% damage 

BA - 2 Hits --> CD=2 
Both hits do increased damage 
First hit lowers immobility resistance by 100 for 3 turns 
Second hit attempts a stun 

FA - 2 Hits 
All hits do increased damage 
First hit lowers enemy bonus by 30 for 3 turns 
Second hit lowers enemy defense by 50 for 3 turns 
Chance for a third hit 

Shoulders - 2 Hits ---> CD=1 
Alternating damage buff. Start with 125% damage and add +15% every turn, caps at 250% 

Head - 3 Hits 
Increasing damage per hit 
Hit 1: Chance for a Bonus BoT, starts with +10, adds +10 every turn, lasts 5 turns 
Hit 2: Chance for a double HP DoT for 5 turns 
Hit 3: Chance for HP drain of damage done 
Damage BoT, starts with +10%, adds +10 every turn, lasts 5 turns (not tied to any hit, activates at the end of the attack) 

Body - 2 hits 
Both hits do increased damage 
Critical BOT. Starts with 5% and adds 5% crit chance every turn, caps at 75% (not tied to any hit, activates at the end of the attack)

Thanks for putting that together!

We had lots of time for testing and tweaking, so we hope you won't find any Gremlins - if you do, please report them via the Gremlins forum

Have a great weekend - stay cool if you're in a hot climate, and keep warm if it's your winter! Thanks for playing MechQuest! 

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July 22, 2011

Secrets in the Lair

When Char opened the wormhole and it led to... Zargon, in the VERY recent past, this created the possiblity of averting catastrophe. But, the Queenadent wants you and Sys-Zero to avoid getting involved with events because Chronal Paradoxes are unpredictable and dangerous...  You will be faced with a choice: what risks are you willing to take?

With more amazing animated cutscenes by Lyris, rewards drawn & animated by Minar, coding by Vivi and me, Maegwyn (quest by Vivi incorporating an idea of Minar's, arm coding by Vivi, specials designed by blues // enemies coded, stat setup, and re-color, & town file setup & coding by Maegwyn) this was a fun collaboration!  I really enjoyed coordinating everything and pushing my limits a bit, too.  We miss Korin & hope he's having a nice vacation!

As you explore the Lair, you have the chance to pick up a key card each time you battle one of the Guard Drones.  After you complete the quest and return to Sys-Zero, you'll see that he has a new shop - if you don't want to spend time questing for a key card, you may purchase one for Nova Gems! 

This quest has three new swordfighting enemies - if you are not a Star Captain, this will be your first encounter with an opponent who can actually pause to regenerate mana points!  There is an A, a B, and a C - one of the three is quite dangerous, especially if you are not prepared!  (Hint: if you think you encountered the most dangerous one, you may or may not be right.)  

Note that there is a Gremlin (a bug) at the engine level - if you have a temporary sword equipped, such as the Yokai Blade, and you find the key, the shop unequips your Energy Blade.  So if you are a non-Star Captain, you will want to use one of your strong blades such as the Ultraviolet from Necryptos... 

If you can find the hidden shop, the rewards are a hand-to-hand Energy Blade and a mecha-equippable Front Arm, both drawn & animated by Minar!

The hand-to-hand energy blades may seem similar to the ones you can buy on Necryptos at first glance.  There is one for Star Captains and one for NSC players.  There are two differences: the Volt Spike and Bolt Spike are compatible with the Yokai Ninja Uniform's Magic attack, and they also give you a little buff to your Power Stat when equipped!

Let's go to Vivi for the run-down on the specials on the mecha-equippable Volt Strike series that he coded from blues' specs!

This sword is available to all players, and has SC-powered specials even for NSCs! 

Against Equippable enemies: 
125% damage 
Chance to disable a weapon each use on hit. Order is FA/BA/FS/BS. 
Star Captains ONLY: Starts with the head instead, and you get a guaranteed stun when disabling it. 
Every other use of the weapon attempts a resistable stun with immobility resistance lowered by 50. 

Against Unequippable enemies: 
125% Damage 
Chance to inflict an HP and EP DoT. These DoTs grow more powerful each time you inflict them.

Thanks, Vivi!

So it looks like, unless everything breaks unexpectedly, we'll actually have an early release so we can head over & check out the Arc Attack special event in AQWorlds! I am a huge fan of Arc Attack - I saw them at DragonCon one year with Artix & a few other people from AE! (Have you been watching the behind-the-scenes happenings on the Play by Play at that link?) So maybe we'll catch you online in AQWorlds a bit later, or on the forums as usual! 

Thanks so much for playing MechQuest!  Talk to you again soon - have a great weekend!

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July 08, 2011

Traveler Weapons and More

The Traveler Gets a New Shipment!  A Star Captain Head complements the Ring shoulder series, and a Nova Gem and a non-Star Captain shoulder also arrive!

The Star Captain Macabre Circlet series: Each of the 4 hits has a chance for a critical hit. Can nerf enemy damage by -10% for 5 turns.  Can reduce enemy Bonus to Hit by -10% for 5 turns.  Has the potential to do HP and/or EP Damage Over Time for 5 turns.

The Nova Gem Poison Cannon series: May add +30 to your Bonus to Hit for 3 turns.  Good chance to do critical damage. May merge purge all Bonus to Hit nerfs affecting you; can also merge purge all Damage nerfs affecting you.

The non-Star Captain Flamethrower series: Does extra damage.  Good chance for an HP DoT - decent chance for an EP DoT as well.  Also has the potential to blind the enemy with a Bonus to Hit Nerf over Time (-10 per turn for 3 turns).

The 4th of July Mecha Models stay in the shop over this weekend! NG and SC get a buff! A lively discussion of the power level of the Deflagrator models is underway on the Balance Discussion Forums.  After some mid-week Staff discussion of your comments, we decided to buff the Star Captain and Nova Gem models a bit - the Star Captain models now have a chance to get what was previously the Nova Gem exclusive special, and the Nova Gem models have a greatly-increased chance of that special.  So we are keeping the shop open this weekend for you to pick up a Deflagrator.  

Char is working on opening the wormhole... but... 


This is a sneak-peek from one of the upcoming cutscenes in the newest Wormhole chapter of the Dragonoid saga!  Lyris has been putting together some epic scenes and we are working on quests, enemies, and ... rewards!  Thyton is drawing up something amazing, and as this unfolds over the next few weeks we think you will be on the edge of your seat!  

Minar, meanwhile, is working on an exciting top-secret project in his spare time, while keeping busy designing and animating weapons!  Awesome art, as always!

I guess that's it from me for now - I feel like I'm forgetting something I meant to tell you, other than to thank you - and I'll see you on the forums (and facebook, and formspring, and twitter...)

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June 20, 2011

Just Another Buggy Monday

Gremlins Fixed: A huge shout-out goes to NaturallyMaria on the forums for helping confirm and isolate these Gremlins from Yokai!  Thanks to Vivi for the fixes!  (I helped. Just saying so's you don't think I do nothing. Ha!).

Snake Master Arms: 
The damage boost and crit boost should be working now 
The NG special is functioning properly 

Tengu Wings: 
NG version now has correct specials (was using SC numbers before) 
BTH buff and debuff effects respect the stat cap 

Tiger FA: 
Respects the stat cap 
Does not reset itself to 0 when you reuse it 

Tiger BA: 
Now increases your boost properly

Also here are the weapon specials from Friday:

Phoenix (1 hit, SC) Quest Reward - Traveler
- 1.25 times damage 
- Chance for 1.5 time HP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for 1.5 time EP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for an HP Heal Over Time over 5 turns 
- Chance for an EP Heal Over Time over 5 turns 

Lightning (1 hit, SC) 
- 1.25 times damage 
- Chance for blinding effect, BtH NoT of -10 per turn for 5 turns 
- Chance for BtH BoT, +10 per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for damage NoT, -10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for damage BoT, +10% per turn over 5 turns 

Beam (2 hit, NG) 
- 1.5 times damage 
Hit 1: 
- Chance for a damage BoT of +10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT over 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.5 time EP DoT over 5 turns 
Hit 2: 
- Chance for a damage NoT, -10% per turn over 5 turns 
- Chance for a BtH buff of +50 for 5 turns 
- Chance for a BtH nerf of -30 for 5 turns 

Rift (2 hit, NSC) 

- Chance for 1.25 times damage 
First hit 
- Chance for a BtH buff of +20 for 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.25 time HP DoT for 5 turns 
Second hit 
- Chance for a damage Buff of +15% for 5 turns 
- Chance for a 1.25 time EP DoT for 5 turns 

Thanks to blues for designing those, and to Vivi for coding them (and writing them up!) Also - Plasma Charge is the person I wanted to thank for reminding me about the MechQuest facebook page updates.   

Hope you all had a glorious weekend!  I went to a nice party and had ice cream and worked in the garden - and I'm still at war with the ants... having fun now working with the team to bring you something new!  See you on the forums!

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June 10, 2011

Gameshow Planet Head Weapons and SCMM Buff

So today's release brings new Head weapons to the Gameshow planet and buffs the Mechatron SCMM model.

Here's Vivi with a rundown of the SCMM changes: 

Switched the BA so that the specials are more aligned with the rest of the mecha 
BA is more damaging 
Head is clickable, toggles whether you'll turn shifting on or off when you attack with it 
Head gives +30 defense or boost depending on your current toggle 
Shifted body keeps some crit damage and reduces bonus by 10 per crit instead of 7 
Shoulders deal a bit more damage, effects are slightly stronger 
FA Crits on second hit whether or not you are shifted

Also the default weapons have +2 to crit, and the body has +10 to crit.  That's a database-based tweak, suggested by golden1231 on the forums. Besjbo created the discussion, and notable participants were EinhanderX01, glaisaurus_x, NaturallyMaria, Selutu, Street Halo, TostiTostelli, $$$$ (and maybe more but those were the constructive posts that stood out for me - if I missed your post, it was nothing personal - please PM me on the forums please with a link!) - thanks as always for your valuable input!  

Then back to Vivi again:

NG Head: 
150% damage 
Even odds of either +40 boost to yourself for 5 turns, -40 boost to opponent for 5 turns, or both ("even odds" meaning 1/3 chance of each) 
If you're in the Mechatron, this will also trigger or disable the data shift the same way its default head does 

SC Head: 
First hit gives -20 defense 
Second hit deals 150% damage and either stuns the enemy or heals you equal to damage dealt (50/50 chance of either) 

NSC Head: 
120% damage 
Chance to inflict a 1.5x HP DoT on hit

Thanks again, Vivi!

We worked hard on getting this together for you, and we really hope you like the new Heads!  Also, in theory the buff to the SCMM should set it up to power standards.  We tested it and it definitely plays better - if you have something more tweak-needing to discuss, please use the Mechatron thread in the Game Balance Discussion forum.

If you're in the area, you should check out PariahCon this weekend!  Korin & Charfade were instrumental in setting this up, and ArtixEntertainment has a booth so you really should go if you can! And on that note - thanks for playing MechQuest - please don't forget to tell your friends - and have a fantabulous weekend!

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April 21, 2011

Rescue Quest Gets Longer and Imbiber Gets Stronger

Rescue Quest: Though this was put through the wringer of extensive testing, even still when you reached the 75% mark and unlocked it, it became clear that I should have made the timer longer to accommodate some of the lengthier animations of various mecha models and equipment setups. I've made the timer longer now, but hopefully still enough of a challenge to be fun.

Imbiber Bugfix and Buff: Part of the issues with the underwhelming performance of the Imbiber was the result of a bug. Korin made an engine change and Vivi made the code play nice. Also, blues and Vivi and I discussed the buff and looked over your notes in the Game Balance Discussion section of the forums, and here is Vivi with a run-down of the buff details:

Buffed Stats for the Imbiber:
DOT Shield is the same as before


  • 125% damage
  • If you have enough EP to not go below 0 with this effect, 50% crit chance. If the attack is a critical hit, takes additional EP from you equal to WeaponCost at your level
  • 50% of damage is also inflicted to EP


  • Each hit rolls between 0 and 50% bonus damage
  • First hit heals HP equal to the damage done
  • Second hit heals EP equal to the damage done

Front Arm:
Inflicts a 2x EP DoT, lasts three turns

Back Arm:
Inflicts a 2x HP DoT, lasts three turns

Front Shoulder:
Inflicts a 1.5x EP DoT and heals your EP each turn by some amount based on your mecha level (this amount has increased from before)

Back Shoulder:
Inflicts a 1.5x HP DoT and heals your HP each turn by some amount based on your mecha level (this amount has increased from before)

The fix and buffs should bring the Imbiber up to expectations. Thanks for your feedback on the forums!

I also put the Ice Harvester and Shadowed Arthurian Lion mecha models on a diet so that they can now be used for the timed quest and other walkaround maps. Thanks to everyone for your reports in the Gremlins forum! Now that I've got the hang of fixing that Gremlin I'll be a lot faster at that (and ideally we will catch those now before they roll Live...)

You haven't heard from me on the Design Notes much lately - I'm happy to say that I'm working from home now instead of on the coffee shop circuit! I'm about five times as busy as normal at this stage - working with Vivi and Lyris on an upcoming release, which I can't remember whether Korin has mentioned so I won't say too much for now - along with working ahead on putting together another quest - and then more current things like the usual testing, fixing your House Affiliation Gremlins, doing all the database entries for the upcoming rewards to give you some examples of what I might be up to on a given day. I'll try to be more talkative!

See you on the forums!

Tags: Maegwyn SCMM Xaria Gremlin Bugfix specials

February 04, 2011

Selectable Ammo and New Diner Quest

Selectable Ammo!    People have mentioned liking to hear who did what for a release, so here is a little breakdown of this part. Vivi updated the code for the Crow's Cannon weapons with the long-hoped-for Selectable Ammo feature!  Hooray for Vivi getting this function to work!  I set up higher-level versions of these in the database, and also now they display the DPT and EP costs and have updated descriptions (database work).   Blues provided the buffs to the ammo specials, which Vivi coded up.  You will need to travel to Crow's Nook on Lagos to get the Crow's Cannon series weapons - ammo is available also at Tek's Mechs for convenience.

Vivi provides the details:

General Info: 
-NSC cannons scale from 20 to 30 and 31 to 40. 
-SC and NG cannons scale from 25 to 35 and 36 to 45. 
-The NSC cannon does 110% damage, the SC cannon does 120% damage, and the NG cannon does 125% damage 
-Clicking the cannon will allow you to rotate through the ammo in your inventory. 

If you run out of one type of ammo while you have another in your inventory, the cannon should automatically switch to an ammo you do have without being clicked. 
If you run out of ammo completely or if you don't buy any at all, the weapon should become unusable (CD set to 999999). 

The weapon special is determined by the type of ammo loaded. The NG cannon has slightly improved specials. 

(NSC) Burning Cannonball: 
---> Chance for an 1.5 time HP DoT, lasts 3 turns 

(SC) Cast Iron Cannonball: 
---> 70% (80% on NG) chance for a critical hit 

(SC) Flash Cannonball: 
---> Chance for -30 (-35 on NG), Bonus, lasts 3 turns

Thanks, Vivi!!

New Quest at the Knife & Spork!  Talk to Marza Pan, who is standing behind the cash register, to access the new quest.  This is available for all players, whether you have completed Maegwyn's Grand Opening Challenges or not.  It is actually an introduction to the long-promised new challenges that will be coming to the Diner later this year.  This quest will not go rare.  You may play it as many times as you like - choose to heal in between, or try it without healing.  It does not open up a shop - just another place to get experience and credits with a little bit of storyline attached.  As for who did what for this ... all art was re-used, but I did mess around with the boxes and the backgrounds and the scaling of your mecha as you are in the Walk sequences.  I wrote the storyline and the dialogue, and set up the quest and the addition to the town file.  I chose the enemy list and did the coding for the stuff that needed it - enemies do not have new code.  Korin's lessons over the past 2 weeks really paid off - while I did manage to break the quest a couple of times, I also didn't have to ask him a single question about setting it up or about fixing what I broke!  (I have discovered that while I'm also very good at breaking things, the experiences with chasing Gremlins and learning what makes them tick and how to fix them have helped make me pretty good at figuring out why something has gone flibberty and fixing it back up again.)  Also Azami was here to help with final testing! 

MQ Team Notes:  There has been a lot of concern about MQ's team, so here's a little peek at some of the things we're all doing. Korin is working on really awesome stuff for the upcoming planet and providing moral support & direction leading this whole project along. Jemini is providing some backgrounds (the art that sets the scenes so everything is not just gunmetal blue) for at least one of our upcoming releases.  Minar is working on at least one weapon that I know of for sure and possibly more than one (design, art, animation).  Lyris has been doing some things for upcoming releases.  I should ask Korin what Thyton and Arklen are up to, and here he is now!  Ok, Korin tell me that Thyton has drawn some bzzts for the new planet and Arklen just finished animating one of them. I've probably forgotten someone - not being at the Secret Underground Lab, sometimes I overlook what other people are doing for MechQuest.  So if I forgot anyone it doesn't mean they're not crucial members.  I know that Warlic is available especially for any music needs MQ may have, and always answers questions and is willing to lend a hand when needed.  Also I left some things & people out because of what is...

Coming Next Week:  While Korin works with Dumoose and Llussion on the game challenge thing next week, he is letting me steal the MQ release again!  blues and Vivi are plotting the SC challenge - we've been working on this for a while now.  Vivi will code what blues designs for the enemies attacks, Minar is designing & drawing & animating the reward - I will be setting up the quest, putting the code on the buttons and so forth, and doing the database work.  (Each enemy or monster needs an entry - each reward needs entries with DPT and EP costs, names, descriptions.) 

I hope that gives you a nice window into things MQ - and I hope you enjoy  this week's release! Have a great weekend!

Tags: Maegwyn specials

January 30, 2011

Traveler Weapon Specials

Dear players, long time no see but I´m back with the specials of the new Weapons.

First we have a nice Head for some NG´s.
It gives 1.25 times damage and you have a good chance to get only 50% damage every turn for 5 turns.
Second a BA for our NSC and SC players.
(= SC numbers)
1.1 (1.2) times damage
Chance for a 1.5 time (double) HP FoT for 3 turns
Chance for +20 (+30) BtH for 3 turns
And third...a fabulous FA for our SC players only.
Disabling Weapons was never easier!
Equippable enemies:
Second hit disables a Weapon. Disabling order is FA-BA-FS-BS.
(If one or more of these are not present, simply skips it and moves on to the next) 

Unequippable enemies:
150% damage
Chance for a normal EP DoT
Chance for +15 BtH for 3 turns 

I hope you like the new Weapons!

Maeg told me you have tons of questions so I will try to answer some of them during the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and as always:

Have Fun!

Tags: Blues specials

November 13, 2010

Chronomech Specials

Incoming transmission from Vivi:

Normally I would only give you guys the quick-and-dirty details of a new weapon or mecha, but with how awesome Chrono is I decided that a more extensive write-up would be worth the time. So here is what Chrono is capable of. 

First off is the Front Arm - Chrono-Meter. This weapon's effect changes depending on how long you've gone without using it or the body attack, so be sure to plan your timing with this weapon to get the best effect possible! 
-1 round (body was used last turn): 125% damage 
-2 rounds: 130% damage, boost increased by 15 for 3 turns 
-3 rounds: 140% damage, boost increased by 20 for 4 turns 
-4 or more rounds: 150% damage, boost increased by 15 per turn for 4 turns 

Next is the Back Arm - Chrono-Cannon. This attack deals 125% damage and also inflicts your enemy with a Nerf Over Time that will decrease their bonus by 12 points each round. A simple weapon on its own, but it plays well to Chrono's strength as a long-term battler and has great synergy with Chrono's head and body attacks. 

Now for the shoulders - Timestopper. These shoulders work together to keep your opponent immobile while you set up your buffs and nerfs, ensuring that you won't ever be left vulnerable at the start of a battle or after effects begin wearing off. The first time you use either Timestopper shoulder, it will attempt to stun the enemy mecha. If it fails then your next Timestopper use (whether it's the same shoulder or the opposite shoulder) will lower their immobility resistance before making its attempt. On top of all this, the one turn stun will occasionally turn into a two turn stun, buying you even more time to do what you want! Quite a duo indeed. 

Next up is the Head, Chrono-Graph, which is a very important weapon for Chrono. It deals increased damage, and by itself also inflicts a 1.5x EP DoT. However, if you've activated one of Chrono's over-time buffs or nerfs (such as the ones on the arms), the effect changes! This weapon is capable of moving the clock back and increasing the duration of an over-time buff that you've applied to yourself by 1 turn, OR moving the clock forward and causing an over-time nerf on your enemy to skip a weaker nerf for a more powerful one! With all of the over-time effects that Chrono has access to this weapon is sure to play a big role in any of your strategies. 

Last but not least, Chrono's body: Time Warp! The body attack will buff your bonus and defense by 10 points each turns for 5 turns while nerfing your opponent's boost and defense by the same amount. Once per battle, it can also restore some lost HP and EP. Normally it will restore 1 attack's worth of EP and give back the HP you lost from the last enemy attack that did damage, but occasionally it will restore ALL of the HP and EP you've lost in the entire battle. When does this once-per-battle effect kick in? You decide! By clicking the center of Chrono's body during your turn you can toggle this effect on or off! This feature has NEVER BEEN SEEN in MechQuest and is definitely one of the coolest things Chrono has to offer.

Thanks, Vivi!

It was really fun working together on this - now that we have a working button mechanism set up, this opens up all sorts of possibilities.  Exciting!  

Well, have a great weekend!

Tags: Maegwyn Chrono mecha Calendar specials

November 13, 2010

Encore War Mogloween etc

Thanks for being patient & waiting for the more-detailed Design Notes!  Yesterday I did a terrible haphazard job of vacuuming but I had a lovely time at the corner store and spent some time out with my cousins and brother-in-law plus some friends.  Later, my cousin came over and played guitar with my husband - I played a little trumpet, but that is a loud instrument for late-night jam sessions in a quiet neighborhood...

Anyway, I was a little surprised that the Encore War wasn't going very quickly - until Terosin asked whether there was a reward... it does help to know that you're fighting for something, doesn't it!?  There is a brief mention in the newsletter also, but here's the scoop. Jack has some new mods for your mechas, but you'll have to get through the groupies and have a facedown with Evil Jim himself before those shops will unlock.  Azami and I worked together on these - even though they're holiday rares, the idea is to create some that fill an empty niche.  So you won't already have something with the same stat boosting values.  There are NSC, SC,  and NG mods waiting for you in the shops, and Korin made a really cool cutscene... I think I'll wait until you get to 100% and have a chance to see Evil Jim in action before I talk more about Mogloween-related stuff - so Battle ON!  

So if you've battled the character IDs in PvP from yesterday's DNs - 8367666 and/or 304236 - you've gotten a little sneak peek at the Chronomech's capabilities.  When you have one of your very own, which you can get by ordering the AE Calendar at HeroMart (right now these are just pre-orders and they have not begun shipping yet- so there will be a wait before you can get your calendar with your code) you will be able to click an area of the body during battle.  This is a new thing for MechQuest - with this button you can choose between two specials on the body attack.  The regular special - that happens if you don't toggle the button - triggers the Time Warp Drive that wears down your enemy's weapons and armor (Nerfs Over Time) while increasing your own speed (Buffs Over Time).  By toggling the button, you can choose during battle when you want your next body attack to do its healing special.  This is available once per battle, and has a VERY rare chance of restoring your HP and EP back to where they were at the beginning of the combat.  So this is something that is impossible to see in Assault Mecha, and just one of the cool innovations - Vivi and I will post all the specials for you in much more detail.  They are very interactive specials so the PvP AI can't display the real power and potential for you.  Also we'll get a picture up.

Real life calls again for now - I need to do a better job of vacuuming (haha) and also help my husband, who is trying to figure out some issues with our plumbing... I know some of you are awaiting answers to your PMs on the forums too, so I'll get to those later also.  See you on the forums when I have my household tasks done!

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