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August 13, 2010

Friday 13 August 3010 ( 2010 )

The Uber Jameson series (Turbo, Super, Hyper, Ultra, Mega, Giga, Uber ) is making a comeback with a tiny modification to the name (each is now 3010) and some buffs to the chassis. Specifically, each chassis now has an extra +15 HP, +10 EP, and +1 regeneration rate, to make an already-wowz0rz mecha even better.

Important: These chassis buffs apply also to last year's models, so there is no need to buy a 3010 model if you have one of the Uber Jamesons!

We hunted around and we're not sure these got the love they truly deserve - and we can't find an exact description of the specials - so Vivi with his Valorous Vigor has put together a run-down!  This thing is complex, to say the least, and really underrated!

FA: Tool Shed - CD 1 -

  • vs Equippable enemy / or unequippable monster

Machete: Damage boost between 50 and 70, and has a chance to dismember either the head or body  or inflict a 2x HP DoT 

Axe: Chance for critical hit; and has a chance to dismember one of the shoulders - if the enemy is equippable - or to inflict a double EP DoT if they are unequippable

Claws: Damage bonus between 50 and 70, and gives the enemy -33 bonus and boost

vs Equippable:
First hit has chance for a 1x HP DoT
Second hit has a chance to dismember one of the arms *

*note that in Assault Mecha, strange things happen and something else might get dismembered. A " feature!" yeah yeah that's what it is!
Chainsaw vs Unequippable:
First hit has a chance for a 2x HP DoT
Second hit is guaranteed to critical

BA: Megawatt Surge - CD 4 - Increasing damage per hit (starts at 20% and increases by 10% each), last hit halts EP Regen and applies a 1.5x EP DoT

FS: Armor Piercing Shot - CD 3 - Second hit does increased damage (total damage from the weapon is 150%), -20 defense

BS: Photon Machete - CD 3 - Chance for extra hit that is guaranteed to be critical

Head: Terror Cannon - CD 5 - chance to critical between 60 and 70%, and guaranteed stun on a critical hit

Body: Ultimate Devastation - CD 5

-First hit lowers defense by 30 for 5 turns
-Last hit lowers bonus by 30 for 5 turns
-Even-numbered hits except the last hit have a chance to do increased damage
-Odd-numbered hits except the first hit have a chance for a critical hit

Thanks, Vivi!

Korin decided to re-release the credits models as well - these are absolutely un-changed from previous years, so if you have one, you don't need a new one!

So what's NEW? Well, you could check out the Cursed Tape.  What makes it Cursed, though?  What could it mean....

Hint: Check out the video, then just battle either in the Camp Murky Lake button or wherever you please ... looks like the rewards are worth doing a bunch of battles this weekend, hm?

Hint 2: To lift the curse, log out and back in again, and don't watch the tape again this time!

Also new: new Chainsaws in the weapons shops at Camp Murky Lake!  More details on those later though - I should really eat breakfast now that it's 8:30 PM my time!

Have fun, have a great weekend, and thanks for playing!

Tags: Maegwyn specials Friday the 13th

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