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January 09, 2011

Vivi Answers Your Questions

Vivi sends answers to your questions!  

From Griffin the awesome:
What do you guys look like? Well, I have two arms and two legs and a head. That's about as much as I'll say :P
What's it like to work for MQ? It's fun. I have a good time doing it, and get some great experience as well. 
What's your personality like? 
Calm and collected is probably a pretty accurate summary, I'm not riled or visibly excited very easily.

What do you do in your free time? I run, I play Racquetball, I watch funny videos on Youtube...the list goes on but I like to do a lot of things.
What's your favorite food? A good grilled burger.
What's your favorite drink? Milk, followed shortly by Mountain Dew.
Do you enjoy working for MQ? Yes, a lot.
How come all the staff are noobs in MQ? I like to believe I do a decent job of keeping up actually (I have a L45 character, a L41, and a L36, one in each house). Free time to play can be an issue though. Also I have a short attention span so "grinding" is not my forte.
If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? Heh, I'm not good at making wishes. The first wish would probably be spent figuring out what my next two wishes should be.
What's your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Fooooooooooood.
What's your favorite color? Probably somewhere between a blue and a green.
What's your favorite song? I bounce around a lot, I can't stick to one song :P Currently Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Mary Had a Little Lamb" probably.
What's your favorite movie? Fight Club maybe? The Hurt Locker was also really awesome. And Paton is a good classic.
What's your favorite game? Golden Sun (The original and The Lost Age - the new one is kinda bleh, but the standard for it to meet was awfully high admittedly).
What's your least favorite food? Can't say I really have one. I was raised to be a good eater so I like pretty much everything.
What's your least favorite drink? Diet sodas. Drinking as much Mountain Dew as I do, the diet ones taste so weird.
What's your least favorite holiday? Don't know of one that I don't like, though there are a lot that just don't affect me and I tend to kind of forget they're there. 
What's your least favorite color? Not a fan of Yellow.
What's your least favorite song? Hm. It's probably a country song but no specific name comes to mind. I just really don't like country (partially because my family *loves* it and it drives me up the walls hearing it playing on some stereo in the house all day long)
What's your least favorite movie? Avatar The Last Airbender, at least in recent times. I just couldn't find any reasons to like it no matter how hard I tried.
What's your least favorite game? Probably Final Fantasty Tactics Advance 2. I liked the first one a lot but the second just destroyed everything that was good about the first and replaced it with a lot of annoying new things that hindered the gameplay and the storyline.

From skyvolt666:
Have you completed Collage? What did you major in? Not done with college yet, I'm currently majoring as a Software Engineer.

Do you have another job that you work in besides AE? If so what is it?
 During the summer I work with a defense contracting firm that builds radars for the Navy. Cool stuff.

Do you work at the Underground Lab? If not have you ever visited or plan to visit it? I do not, and so far I haven't made any plans to. It might be fun to go down there one day though.

From Novaburst:
is it hard to get used to making sure you use your game name in the DN`s and in forum posts etc. It hasn't been for me, but I've also been on the forums for nearly 6 years now so I've had plenty of time to adjust to it.

From blackshock:
A question to the staff: What mecha anime do you guys usually watch? any favorites? The closest thing to a mecha anime I've ever watched more than a couple of episodes of is Megas XLR (which I did like a lot, looking back on it, it was so absurd but really funny).
From nami9876:
whats youre faviroute mech in game also do you have anything from heromart I think the War Ram is my favorite, aside from being my first rare mecha the design is simple but cool and it's got a nice balance of offense and defense. I do have some stuff from heromart, currently I have the novel (which was a great read) and the CD.

From master mix:
If you could have a mech from the game in real life, what would you do with it? This is a tough one... taking it out would probably be too hard without stepping on stuff and I wouldn't have the first idea of how to pilot it. Maybe turn it into a giant fortress of solitude and live there? Would be fun to have company over. (yes, I would have company over to my Fortress of Solitude)

From zeke50100:
Anyway, I'm wondering if Vivi is a fan of retro and classic games :3 Depends on how retro/classic I guess. If you have to read the instruction manual to understand the storyline it's a bit too classic for me I think (and the storyline is a big thing for me in the games that I play, there aren't many mindless entertainment games that I enjoy). The SNES and Nintendo 64 had some great games on them though.

From runer: 
How good was it working with the MQ team so far ? If you got to kidnap korin and hide him in the locker room , then kidnap mae , hide her in the locker room , and thus take full control of MQ , would you do it ? It's been awesome working with the MQ team and I love it. As far as taking over MQ...I would probably have to pass on that, because it would mean I'd be responsible for a lot more decisions and I'm rather indecisive at times.

From neonpanther:
What was your favorite thing that you put into MQ? Favorite Mech you helped make? Favorite Zone/Quest? Favorite Weapon? Favorite mecha would be Chrono (he was a huge achievement for me and building him with Maegwyn was a lot of fun), Quest would be the Capture Lupus quest from Mogloween (it's the only one I've written so far). Weapon would probably be one of the Frostval gifts that just opened (probably the head, mostly because of that cutscene animation - Korin ended up having to show me how that works, but before we had it working there were some funny accidents...maybe we can get a screenshot of something later). 

From Hellsoarer:
Are you a boy or a girl? And do you like Godzilla Unleashed? Boy, and I've never played it. Maybe I'll rent it over Gamefly some time.

From .R.M.:
What is your favorite minigame in MQ? The hardest battle that you've had in MQ? And; What is the ID for the hardest player that you've EVER battled in PvP. Favorite minigame is probably the Galactimecha game from this Frostval. It was definitely a break from "classic" galactimecha, fighting something so tiny. Updated Lupus on Extreme Mode is probably the toughest beatable battle I've ever been in (he regenerates 61 HP per turn at level 45...ouch!). I don't usually mess around in PvP much except to test bugs so I haven't had any particularly tough experiences there.

From XxArchfiendChaosxX :
do any of you guys watch DBZ?(DragonBall Z) if so,whos your favorite character(s)? I have watched DBZ. As far as favorite characters go, probably young Trunks. Don't know why, I just like him.

From Lord Kashmir:
Do staff members use thier game names when talking to each other? What is your favorite thing you got for Christmas? We do, yup. I got this really awesome hat for Christmas, with ear flaps (kinda like this, but no leather: ). Good for keeping warm in the New York winter.

If MQ was real and you were attending GEARS... 
What mecha would you own? Default newbatron, because all my money would go into ordering pizzas from Mecharoni. 
What weapons would you like to own? One of the orbital strikes probably. Calling in an attack from space would be awesome.
What would your occupation be? Explodium Engineer (the people who build your mechas...with explodium)
What house would you be in? Runehawk probably.
What planet would be your homeworld? Thoh most likely, to get away from the heat.
What species would you like to be? Human. Boring, I know, but I can't imagine being much else.
What would you do after you get A+++++ in all classes? My alarm clock would probably go off at that point and I would get up to start my day :P
What would you do if Valoth attacked GEARS? Ask him for his Hall Pass, then while he's confused toss some Amnesia Dust in his face and flee.

From forumlogin:
What do you usually eat? I eat a pretty large variety of food. I tend to default to grilled meats (burgers, steaks, etc) when fending for myself though.
Male or female? Male.
Do you plan on creating ingame chars (like how Korin is on Planet 51, Mae is in K&S) for yourselves anytime soon? Nope. Writing an NPC is hard XD
If you have one, what's your favorite battle style? 
RAWRKILL, more or less. I don't like to mess around, just cut to the chase.

Which enemy do you like the most? I think the Snake Master is pretty cool for some reason. Not sure what it is, but I like him.

From blackshock:
What's yer favorite bands? To name a few off my iTunes playlist...Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Who, .38 Special, Foreigner, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Helloween, Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Airbourne.
Fave genre of music? I listen to a fairly wide sprectrum of rock (classic, southern, alternative, hard, punk) and metal.
Do any of you guys play instruments? I do not, though I've thought about learning guitar.

For other questions: There's also formspring ( ) where you can ask me anything, MQ-related or not.

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