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July 18, 2014


>_> Ash has words. They may be read with brains. Enjoy your weekend!

Greetings! It's been a while since I've been able to get a few messages out through the DN's, but that's because I've been busy! How busy have I been? Well you could say I've been surrounded by...Chaos! <.< >.> My jokes don't get any better. Sorry.

First up we have tonight's release. I found a nice mecha to Chaorrupt, just like the energy blades, to continue the AQW crossover for the Chaos Lord event that's going on. The Katana mech has been chaorrupted and now has all new specials! I even broke out my handy dandy animation pants and made full on animations for the head and body attacks since it didn't have any before! (I'm not great at it like the real artists...but I made things that go *WHOOSH* and fade all over the place)

This is a mech that's focused on Buffing you and Nerfing your opponent. It really shows in the BD attack but the Arms and Shoulders really match up well to push the nerfs home.

Chaos Crusher

CD = 3
Random damage boost between 10-20%
Stacking Boost nerf. Each use lowers enemy Bonus by ( -8 / -9 / -10 ) and caps at -35

CD = 3
Random damage boost between 10-25%
Stacking Bonus nerf. Each use lowers enemy Bonus by  ( -8 / -9  / -10 ) and caps at -30

CD = 4
+20/25/30% Bonus for 3 turns 
+25/30/35% Boost for 3 turns.
Attempts to stun for 1 turn.

CD = 4

Hit 1: 50% damage
Randomly picks 1 of the following to buff you.

( +20 / +25 / +30 ) Crit for 2 turns
( +25 / +30 / +35 ) Boost for 2 turns
( +35 / +40 / +45 ) Bonus for 2 turns
( +40 / +45 / +50 ) ImmoRes for 2 turns
( +15 / +20 / +25 ) Bonus for 2 turns

Hit 2: 50% damage
Randomly picks 1 of the following to affect the enemy.

Attempts a 2 turn stun at enemy current ImmoRes
( -30 / -35 / -40 ) Boost nerf for 2 turns
( -35 / -40 / -35 ) Bonus nerf for 2 turns
( -80 / -90 / -100 ) ImmoRes nerf for 2 turns
( -15 / -20 / -25 ) Bonus nerf for 2 turns

Hope you enjoy it!

Now for some other news!

I've been quiet because I've been working on a LOT of stuff behind the scenes. I'm learning more and more about quest building so that we can keep going with story lines like Liath, the Gears Games, and the ALL NEW, TOTALLY TOP SECRET story line that will show what's happening after the events of "The End", and where you as the hero of the game will go. (Was I supposed to talk about it yet? Uh oh...) 

I'm also talking with Blues and Vivi about a few things. We're working hard to bring you some really cool new functionality that will change an entire part of the game. We're also looking into the stat's that need a bit of an adjustment, like Efficiency. 

On TOP of that, all of the staff are working on all kinds of new features for the game. I can't go to far into it but they are incredible! 

You'll be seeing all sorts of new content and features and just plain cool stuff coming out. I hope you all are looking forward to it because we are. And it'll be AWESOME!

Have fun with the new mech, make sure to play the quest from last week while I design and work on the one for next week, and, as always, enjoy the game!


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June 27, 2014

Colosseum Chaos

Star Date: 27 June, 3014

Happy Birthday, Korin! To celebrate, pick up a Ketchup Cannon in the birthday shop in Soluna City Main. It's also the perfect date for this week's main release, which

> Incoming transmission: Ash

Oh ha. Well I'll just let him do the talking!

Greetings! This week we have a somewhat larger release, at least it feels that way to me. Hah!

Last week I was talking to Mae about what we could do to give you all something larger than normal. I came up with the idea to do something for our players who have done everything in the storyline already and wanted something extra. This turned into something larger than I had planned and it pushed me farther than I've gone in a while.

Tonight we have an addition to Planet 51. It's a series of fights that you can access after you've beaten the current 51, finished Yokai, AND finished Necryptos. Once you've done all that you can use the button that shows up on Korin's list.

This has several fights, most chosen by players when I asked, as well as one final fight that I came up with myself. It will take a little thought and strategy to beat a couple of them, but if you can it'll be worth it.

I also did some updates to the old Planet 51 rewards that you'll find in the Arm reward shop once you win. There's also some new stuff too that I came up with just for this. Some of the rewards are hints about something I'm cooking up personally and something in particular gives a hint at where the storyline is going next. You might have to talk to someone once you win to find out what that is though.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm very thankful to Mae for letting me go all crazy and do this. Make sure to let me know on the forums what you think of the fights and the rewards!

I'm quite thankful to Ash for all the hard work he put into this!

Here's a screenshot for you

Speaking of hard work, Minar is hard at work in his free time in between summer classes, creating art and animating because we are putting together an ALL-NEW mecha for you! It's slated for release on the 4th of July.

Also in the works: some serious chaos is coming your way next week. So have a great weekend, enjoy this week's new content, and get ready for more!

L8r, m8s!


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May 16, 2014

Cookies and Bugs. What's not to like?

And now, a word from Ash.



Greetings! This week Maegwyn was on vacation and left Vivi and I in charge. I was able to get to the T.V. remote, recliner, lemonade, and garage door opener first, so Vivi had to watch what I wanted to! Muahaha! I also totally didn't break anything huge while she was gone. Make sure to stay away from the Beta Quadrant when you're out exploring space though...I *might* have broken part of reality over there. No worries though, it'll be alright since I put a giant sticker over the hole. Just don't tell her.

Anyway! I worked on a few more small bugs that were reported. I got them taken care of and will keep working on some of the larger and more stubborn ones. Make sure to keep reporting any bugs that you find. 

As a reminder, PLEASE put your Character ID AND your Character Name in the "Username" field of the bug report. That helps me to be able to check things about your character. Putting only your character name is helpful if it's the only one of that name. Since there are lots of names that aren't unique, having the Character ID lets me check and see what the issue is with that specific character. 

Also, please give as much information as you can. Putting, "THIS MECH DOESN'T WORK!!!" tells me the mech doesn't work, but not much else. What about the mech is broken? Did you try it in a different quest? Are you using all the default weapons or are you using some other equips? This isn't only for Mech bugs either. Any bugs that you find, put every bit of info you can in the description so we know what to test and possibly what else might be causing the bug if it's not the mech. It might be the quest or it might be one equip you didn't think was an issue. If it takes a paragraph to really explain it, I have lots of time to read, so feel free to write it all out.

Now for this weeks item. Everyone likes cookies right? Who wouldn't? There are all kinds and some are even extra-dimensional in origin. Well, I decided to use one of those extra-dimensional cookies, found by Plasma Charge, to make a weapon. They are REALLY random, but if you're lucky enough you'll get a nice buff and inflict a nice nerf on the enemy.
(Yes this is a fun release and shouldn't be used to confirm the evidence of a "Cookieverse". I need to have fun occasionally too.)

Hope you all enjoy and I also hope you're in the mood for games. Yep, it's getting close to that time of year so make sure to pick a house if you haven't. Have a fun weekend!


bip bip pongggggg


Thanks, Ash! Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

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October 08, 2013

Practel vs Korin War update

Practel has taken time away from his essay, "The True Swag of Abraham Lincoln's Beard" to issue you an update to the Practel vs Korin war.

Howdy, players.

Today I am the bearer of both good and bad news. First up, the bad news.

As of right now, the Practel vs. Korin war is delayed. While most of the art assets are created, a lot of the programming, quest creation, monster creation, etc... still need to happen. Since this was a project intended for me to learn and increase my knowledge with, I didn't want to hand it off to another team member to finish. I'm a firm believer of letting you guys know why it's not ready, and the truth is, I just got slammed with school. Unfortunatly, school is requiring almost all of my time everday. So, development is still going - just at a slower, more comfortable rate. I would wager that you can expect the war in around a month, month and a half's time.

However, onto the good news! Since the war is delayed, it will allow myself and the artists to do a lot more things that we initially couldn't with the time constraints. I really want to make this war ridiculously fun, and over the top. So, while it may be delayed, what you will get in the end is going to be amazing.

Anyways, it's time to get back to the grind. See you starside.


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August 18, 2013


Star Date: 18 August, 3013 transmission incoming

Hello, pilots!
Today I have some exciting news! Over the past few weeks the MechQuest staff and I have been developing a new WAR coming to MechQuest! This war has been really fun to plan, and we are excited to announce it today. Keep in mind that while it was announced today, it is not going to be released for a few weeks. There is a lot of work to do and I can't promise a date quite yet.
Without further ado, I give you... The Practel vs. Korin War!
I'm excited to show you guys more in the upcoming weeks!
Practel out.

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July 26, 2013

A Bittersweet Post-Mortem of Sorts

Spoilers be in this post!

It's finally arrived. The bittersweet finale of the main storyline in MQ. While it's not the end of the game itself, nor the end of the MQ universe, it's certainly the end of an era. I figured I would share a few things that I've experienced over the 5 years that I've worked on MQ. I was actually hired to animate for MQ during the week that it was released to everyone which I believe was the last week of October in 2007. Since then I've animated several mechs and weapons which enabled me to learn basic Actionscript 2, initially to help make Warlic's job easier because I felt bad handing all these mechs and weapons to him to code. Eventually it got more complicated and I started coding towns and quests. Eventually it was decided that I would be a good fit to become game lead because I was able to dabble in a little bit of everything that was required to run MQ. That wasn't completely t rue but luckilly I had Maegwyn to step in and really help me in the areas I was weakest. Anywho, that's how I got here. I figure I'm going to post some observations I've made about the game which are in no way intended to be negative if they sound that way. It's just how I saw things and hopefully it helps fill you guys in on a lot of things. I'll take this moment to say I don't regret a thing and I absolutely loved working on this game with all of these great and talented people along the way.

What went right: The team. I think there was only a brief time where the team was essentially Maegwyn and myself along with a few people who would pitch in if they could. That was a stressful time but before and after that, our team was epic and very dedicated to the game. Yergen came in and added a huge amount of style to the MQ animations. Then Arklen came in and continued that trend. He animated almost all of the finale cutscenes that you saw tonight and I think he nailed it. Vivi has become a huge force to be reckoned with when it comes to programming things. I don't even have to touch the mech or weapon files anymore and he's doing things I never would've attempted. So the staff has always been largely dedicated to the game and I think it showed. MQ has a certain level of quality in one way. My next point will highlight where I think the quality suffered.

What went wrong: The lack of a clear story arc.  When I first started, I remember that it was essentially announced that the ending of MechQuest would be the Great Reset. That always kind of bothered me because I felt like we gave away the ending. Wile developing the game, we kind of wandered from story to story, not worrying too much about the Reset. When I took over, I think I started running a little too liberally with that and ended up trying to add all of these different plots that would eventually come back together somehow. We ended up with a muddled rush to tie as many plot points together in this finale and also pull in random elements just to match up with the DF beginnings. We always knew the ending of MQ and at least I always believed I needed to throw more random stories in the mix or else it would be too predictable. So we had the beginning of MQ and the ending planned but absolutely nothing inbetween. We were winging a lot of things. In one sense, I loved that. In the other, I think it hurt the overall storyline of the game. My bad.

What went right: The art quality. I always felt the MQ had an art quality that was much higher than the other games. The mech designs by Thyton as well as a few guests here and there only got more and more complicated as time went on. Thyton at some point around year 2 was really striving to push the bar and I remember being like "Yo. We may need to start pulling punches, here. It's getting insane." He declined and said everything we make needs to be better than the last thing we make. The mechs certainly reflect that because they only got more complex and more flashy. It was beautiful. It also really pushed me to get better at animating. Back then I was always trying to catch up to J6 until I got caught up in the programming. Jemini has made some really beautiful backgrounds. Even Char pitched in for a little bit. Lately it's been Minar, Plasma Charge, Arklen, and a couple newcomers whom I don't recall their game names at the moment. I'm a terrible person and I apologize. Count that as something that just went wrong. D:

What went wrong: Not enough time to fully flesh out some features!! My main gripe has always been  the swordfighting. It's such a key feature but it's sooooooooooooo basic! I've always wanted to liven it up and I really tried with the Ninja class from Yokai. I tried to take it a bit further but I lacked any database experience to set up the back-end for it and we couldn't spare the resources for someone else to do it. So I think that was the biggest issue. There were also a few optimization issues that occured. Someof them, I addressed and helped give the quest and town builders more control. I remember redoing the star map. It used to be 3 separate maps in 3 separate files. If you updated one, you had to update the others separately. When I redid the menu system, I made a unified map. Update it once, and it all updates the same. Alas, it was too little too late, I'm afraid. I really wish we had more time to really flesh those out more.

What went right: Minigames! Kind of. I thought we made some really fun minigames. The problem I would have with them is that they were unskippable at the time. We've put a lot of effort into adding options that let the player skip it after so many failed attempts. I think with that addition, the minigames are perfect. We have lots of fun games from a shoot-em-up game with Galactimecha to a cool card game with Tek's Decks (I still wish we'd sell those at HeroMart). I always like little minigames in RPGs because they break up the small bouts of monotony in doing the same actions over and over. It makes your brain change gears. At some points we may have over-used them but I think overall, they came out really cool considering what we had to work with.

I think I'll leave it there for now in regards to the post-mortem. Hopefully that helps you get a good idea on the behind-the-scenes of MQ. I want to give a big hearty thanks to everyone that's worked on MQ with me. I'd like to give a special thanks to Maegwyn because I guarantee without her, the releases would've been abysmal (if it released at all). She's been a huge help to me ever since she started helping me and I appreciate every bit of it. You all should thank her, too. She cares extremely passionately for MQ and she'll practically be game lead from here-on-out. I hope to continue to assist as I can but I can't guarantee my availability all the time for big projects. MQ is heading into new territory as we begin switching gears. The game will still receive updates but they might not be nearly as regular and they may not be as large. It's definitely a passion-project. In the mean-time, the resources that are being moved to other AE projects where we can learn new technologies and make some really cool new projects. We'll definitely be revisiting MQ's universe in the future in new games so don't fret. I can't wait.

Thank you so much for playing and supporting the game.

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July 02, 2013

Bad Guys and Good Battles Contest

That's right folks. Apparently we're holding a contest! My head is currently shoved deep inside my bag figuring things out for the finale but luckilly, I don't need to have all the information because you can easily find it here! 

Go, go , go!

Back to the grind. 

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June 28, 2013

March of the Shadowscythe Heralds End of Universe

Star Date: 28 June, 3013:

Beginning of the End! The homepage countdown has hit 00:00:00 - launching The March of the Shadowscythe! The End of the Universe??!!?? Queenadent Odessa has TWO brand-new missions for you at the War Camp - complete with NEW music, NEW enemies, and NEW cutscenes!

GEAR UP! Check out the Head and Shoulder shops in the War Camp & Soluna City for a new Exclusive Limited-Time Set. Valoth's Epic Destruction Head & Shoulder work together to create combos vs. those nasty Shadowscythe enemies!

Happy birthday, Korin!

Cover your enemies with ketchup with this new seasonal rare front shoulder weapon by Plasma Charge! Screenshot courtesy of Blade.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting news ahead - and Battle on!

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May 21, 2013

Here is a Sneak Peek

Star Date 21 May 3013:

Work continues: Our mission to deliver a Gremlin-free quest marches onward - here's a sneak peek at a battle that is working exactly as intended - set against a beautiful background from J6. admire or destroy 2.jpg

Korin & I are working on sorting out a fix for the teenytiny player in cutscenes - can't give you a screenie of that, though, since it'd be a HUGE spoiler.

Ok, gotta go. Sorry I can't chat more!

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March 01, 2013


Greetings. Things are not as grim as my title suggests. Unfortunately Maegwyn has been having power issues which has caused us to fall behind on this week's release! Obviously this is very unfortunate and certainly not something we're happy about but until I gain phenomenal cosmic powers, there's nothing I can do about it. :(

What I can do about it is give an extra EXP and Credit weekend. So I did. Right now you can get 50% extra credits and EXP. Technically you get 75% if you're SC. So it should be pretty sweet. It's largely untested for balance so it may be giving out too much. I have no idea but I figure if it does, then it's a database error in your favor(pass go).

So please bare with us as we conquer these technical issues and get back on track. Chances are the releases will resume next week. The boost will end Monday at the soonest, Friday at the latest. So get in there while you can if you're just starting up!

Once again, I apologize(have I apologized yet? If not, I should have which I apologize for that) for the inconvenience and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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January 06, 2012

Liath Rewards and more

Zeke has made good on his promise! Visit him now if you've helped him and he has a pile of brand new weapons for you. While we credit Zeke on these, we should also credit Minar for their designs and animations and Blues for the specials and Vivi for programming them!

So what's next!? Well, Liath technically isn't done but it's next part won't come until a little bit later. This is intentional so no worries. Meanwhile, we'll start on the next planet. We've had it planned for awhile. Now it's just gathering assets and trying to make it manageable. Lyris has a nice big script laid out and it looks good for the most part. This will be something to look forward to but I don't want to give out many more details than that.

Of course we're also wondering what to do about GEARS Games and the final GEARS Class as well as the next House mechas which have a few things to tweak before we really go full steam into them.

Look forward to more and I hope everyone's new year began with a bang.

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December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, almost. Soon it will be a new year and to celebrate, we tossed up the fireworks again. Our main focus this week was Planet Liath which has received it's update. It will have loads of reward weapons next week while we start planning out the next planet that will be a part of the main storyline again which should be a doozy.

The reason we don't have Liath rewards this week is because there's just too much! We've got the gifts getting pumped out and primed for unwrapping and we have the calendar mecha getting prepped for its big switch. So if you haven't gotten your gift yet or you haven't ordered your calendar yet, better do it quick! Well I guess the calendar can wait a little since there's shipping involved but the gifts are happening now!

This year MQ went through a lot of changes and a lot of people have stepped up to help out. Everyone on the team right now is putting a lot into this and I think it's showing. Lyris has made some amazing cutscenes, Minar has made some amazing weapons and backgrounds, Arklen has been going crazy with these animations and you'll see that first-hand when you get a look at the new house mechas. They're coming soon. Blues comes up with some crazy special ideas that test Vivi's knowledge of actionscript which leads into how much Maegwyn and Vivi have stepped up. They've designed their own quests and towns before, and have even run a whole release on their own. They're a power team and MechQuest is lucky to have them.

So here's to next year. Thanks for playing everyone. And a big thanks to the staff for helping make this game awesome. Because it is awesome, right?

Happy New Year!

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November 08, 2011

Post-Mogloween and Upcoming Stuff!

That's right. Mogloween is coming to a close. We haven't forgotten about a starship item to let you return to Mortis though! We'll be releasing it on Friday, likely in the shop panel. We haven't decided yet if we're going to axe Mogloween Friday or Monday so we'll see where things go but you will be well-informed.

The other thing is that you may have learned that we're building the next planet now! This planet is void of color. The reasons for that aren't anything evil.  It's coming along so you'll get to see it soon! As for a fun little teaser for you guys, the conclusion has something to do with something in Soluna City. As for the story, think of old black and white monster movies. The pre-requisites will be finishing the museum quests and being able to fly to other planets. Artix's DNs may be implying that the official launch is this week. Chances are it'll be next week. We've started production on it but we've also added things to make it grander that require a little more time.

We're also working on getting some daily bonuses setup but I need to speak with Rolith when he gets back to confirm we're ready for them. And I haven't forgotten about adding an option to increase your chances of finding a certain weapon type in the salvage field but it might not be added until next week.

Art museum will be finally getting its update.

Also, the House Mechas have been animated! There're still a few little things that need to be tweaked and tested but it shouldn't be long now. I actually would prefer to do the next GEARS Class before the next planet after the black and white planet. We would also release the new House Mechas at that time.

So as you can see, a lot is happening. This week we should have functionality for daily bonuses, a new Mortis starship item to let you return to this year's Mogloween whenever you want, the art museum is getting an update, and we're building lots and lots of content.

Last but not least, looky what's now available at HeroMart!


That's right! And guess what!? It's a late addition (doesn't even say so on the site) but we've decided to make a Chrono-Corrupter mecha that can be redeemed on January 1st. Basically you enter the code and you'll get a token that can be exchanged on January 1st for the finished mech. Thyton will be drawing it soon and we'll be plowing through it. It will be based on the AQW class so it's going to look awesome. We'll definitely post previews as we get them.

We'll update more through the week.

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September 16, 2011

TLAPD 2011!!

That's right, folks. It's time for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Well almost. It's certainly close enough for us to have a nice weekend event about it. We have a 15% bonus for Star Captains in effect right now and a 10% bonus in experience and credits for non-Star Captains so start farming! I'm only planning on having the boost available the end of Monday. The event shops will remain until Friday. Plenty of time to get some cool stuff from yesteryears and this year.

Next week I want to get the salvage quest working which may require a few more happy new weapons and meanwhile, I'd like to get Maegwyn and company to start working on the next story content since we haven't had a chance to start yet.

Also, I heard your complaints and Tek's shop no longer removes items from the shops below your level. It only hides weapons that are above your level + 3 so as you level up, you'll be seeing cool new stuff pop in. I say "you" but I basically mean new players. I'm sure you understand.

So things are coming along. I hope you all talk like pirates. I'm terrible at pirate-talking. Enjoy the fancy new weapons. Minar colored the Blundergat and the Flintlock and I did a hack job with the colors for the Cutlass. I'm terrible with colors D: I did design the tresure chest for the minigame though. I think that came out pretty.

Enjoy your weekends!

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September 08, 2011

DragonCon 2011 and Upcoming Releases News

DragonCon was awesome this year! You can read a detailed rundown on the AQWorlds site

Char took an amazing photo of MQ's intro to the MechQuest portion of the panel - we gave away hand-painted t-shirts and called all the recipients up to the front!  Korin's Minions en masse!Minions of Korin


There is a story behind the shirts, actually... They were having a sale at a craft store that isn't far from where I live , and when I saw the brown shirts I bought... all of them!  I believe the final count was 18, which accounts for the ones given away to Korin and Lyris plus I'm not sure who was too shy to come up to the front for the panel.  I made a few here at home, but was nowhere near done by the time I got on the plane for DragonCon.  The bus from the Secret Underground Lab arrived a couple of hours after I landed in Atlanta, so that gave me time to sit in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis and letter all of the shirt backs with in (theoretically) glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.  I got a few of the faces finished - but the bag outline is puffy paint, and takes a while to dry, so I saved that for later.  I was planning to recruit Charfade and Jemini and others - but everyone went to bed early, and Korin & I were the only ones awake!  So, we sat outside my hotel room up on the 32rd floor of the Marriott (so as not to awaken Geopetal) and drew Korin bagheads under some very hot lights.  Korin was wearing this awesome shirt that looked like a horse converted into a dragon - well, we had some visitors who saw us making the shirts & stopped to comment... turned out that one of them actually printed the shirt he was wearing!  What are the odds of THAT???

Minion of Korin Shirts totally hand painted

Minions all in a row!

Korin quietly handed the finished ones to me and I lined them up to dry on the floor of our room - I'm hoping the image I uploaded isn't too big to fit on DNs.  Anyway, again in theory, if you got a t-shirt we did some of the eyes in what they call glow-in-the-dark fabric paint so you might also have glowing eyes!

So what's up for this week & upcoming releases?  I just finished the newsletter which you should get soon, and then Korin said this on the forums, in case you missed it:

I'm working on another quest that should prove to be a good grind quest because it will give you the chance to get salvage weapons for nearly nothing. The idea is that you'll play on a map and every kill you get will have a drop chance. You can claim the drop but it won't be functional. Take it to a repairman and for a small fee, blam. Potentially powerful weapon. The weapons will display the level tier that they're in such as 11 meaning it's 11-20, 21 meaning 21-30, etc. It will also let you know what the equip slot the weapon is. So if you're grinding for a weapon, and you're finding weapons that aren't needed, you can just sell the junk without redeeming it. 

I'd love to get it out next week but if it doesn't look like it, we have other plans for that. I believe we were plotting for TLAPD. Thiw week we're trying to build up Tek's level 10+ shops for the new interface. This should help the teen players and we're also trying to dip into the suggestion weapons for it albeit we started a little late on that D: 

Meanwhile, Arklen has the other 2 house mech files and is currently working on them. Runehawk's animations were shown off at DragonCon and everyone was super impressed. 

Anyways, I have much to do in the background to make this new loot function work so I'll get back to it. This week will be Tek weapons (which I believe some are now getting specials) and next week will be TLAPD! And arrrr it'd be a shame if ye pirates didn't earn any extra booty for TLAPD weekend, wouldn't it?

Thanks, Korin!  Yes indeed, we are plotting for Talk Like A Pirate Day for next week's release, for the whole weekend!!  For this week we are buffing some of Tek's existing weapons - a couple of them are getting specials designed by blues, coded by Vivi (which I might also help with if I finish with the bugfixing to the Alamonia and Khaeldron files) and I will set up some for the "teen" levels to fill some of those gaps as we go along.  Minar - despite our late start for the week - is working on drawing a couple of the player suggestion weapons, and Korin will animate those - so if all goes well those will appear in Tek's with the Friday release too! (If not this week, next week.)

I'm going to be the "best man" in a wedding next week so I think I'll need to have all the TLAPD stuff completed by early Thursday.  (Bachelorette party is Thursday evening - I pick up my dress from the tailor Friday - yep, wearing a dress, not a tux - and there's a rehearsal dinner Friday & then the wedding is on Saturday.  So another hectic and short work-week on my end again, but I'll be back on the forums and facebook and twitter and all, as soon as things calm down a bit!)  Thanks for playing MQ!  

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August 31, 2011

Wed release of Susie quest in Soluna and DragonCon 2011

So this week's release is(was) (it has already rolled Live) tonight - Wednesday!  We heard you like a lot of experience and credits when you play, so there is a new permanent quest for you to have the chance to gain a LOT of both!  

Susie is standing to the left of Tek's Mechs in Soluna City.  It used to be that all she wanted to do was to duel you - but now she has a mission!  If you talk with her, she'll tell you about her Senior Project.  If you will go on patrol looking for the ultra-rare Berserker Shadowscythe Hound that sometimes attacks in an area of Loreon known as Sector Sixty-Seven - and if you find the rare Amanita Warp Disc* that powers this unstable monster, Susie will give you a massive reward - an astounding amount of experience and credits!  There is a Skip button so you don't have to click through a ton of dialogue - the common Shadowscythe enemies give normal rewards, and the quest brings you back to a point where you can replay it over and over in quick succession, hoping to encounter that Berserker.  

Why a Wednesday release and nothing on Friday?? Because we** are going to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia (USA)!  Come hang out with Korin, me (Maegwyn), and more members of the AE team including Artix himself, in the Artix Entertainment Suite at the top of the Marriott (Room 4724) on Thursday night from 8 - 10 PM for a super-casual all-ages pizza party!  Then come to the AE Panel on Friday at 2:30 pm at the Sheraton, Savannah room.  (If you have a costume, this is a good time to wear it.)  MechQuest is creating a special mod for your mecha as a souvenir if you are able to attend!***  

And ... wait for it .... there's MORE!  We also have a Fan Table in the Hyatt this year!  Stop by each day for a visit with different members of the AE team, and to get a special ribbon to hang on your DragonCon Badge, specially made by Jemini - a different dragon for each day!  (Come early - supplies are limited.) Bring your artwork for the drop-box, too!  Char, Korin, and I will be "manning" the table on Sunday, September 4th from 10 am to 12 noon!  

We're really excited and hope to see as many of you as possible!  Can't make it this year?  It's an annual event, so start planning for the future!  See ya!


*Can you guess why the component has that name?

** "We" includes more than just MechQuest's Korin and Maegwyn  - some but not all past and present members of the MQ team such as Char, Jemini, Thyton, Lyris, and even J6 - and lots of AE staff members representing all of our games!

***If all goes as planned, the MechQuest team just might have a special few-of-a-kind unique hand-painted t-shirts to give away - I made a prototype and got a couple more done in between working on releases and fixing bugs, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the fabric paint performance so we'll see what happens.  If nothing else, I can give someone the shirt off my back****... 

**** I will of course be wearing layers if it comes to that :]

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August 27, 2011

MechQuest's New Menu Bar!

That's right, folks. MechQuest has a brand new interface that is super smart, easy to update, and helps keep the players from getting totally lost! Not to mention it also allows for lots of screen space. It's a complete upgrade from the old version. It no longer needs a repair button since you're automatically repaired unless a quest doesn't want you to. There's a new story guide that will jump you to your point in the game and not only will tell you what you need to do, but it will also take you there! How awesome is that? We've also made the story much more linear to keep new players from getting lost. You may also save any planet as your hometown! Using the fancy new and pretty starmap, you can now travel to different planets from any menu screen!

Thats not all. One big awesome feature is the new Star Captain 25% bonus experience and credits. For every normal Mecha battle you win as a Star Captain, you will get 25% bonus to your earnings!

This is a complete overhaul of the town interface and it's really made things more understandable and streamlined for the player's convenience. So if you haven't played in a while or haven't started, now is the perfect time to play.

On that note, I will leave you with my official cosplay of myself, thanks to Charfade for making it, that I will be wearing to DragonCon next week! Enjoy!!

Korin Costume for DragonCon

And yes, you're not seeing things. It really is THAT awesome.

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August 08, 2011

Maegwyn's Birthday Bonus!

That's right everyone! Today is Maegwyn's birthday! And to celebrate her birthday, we dressed up the Knife and Spork with birthday stuffs! Go to the Knife and Spork to wish her a happy birthday and she'll tell you more about the bonus!

The Dharmahp's Level 38 scaling is fixed as well. Silly typos in the code always get in the way and easily go unnoticed D: I can confirm this since I've been shoulders-deep in the game engine.

First I was working on sword fighting again but that's been slightly put aside for work on making MQ a much more linear experience in the sense that a new player doesn't get lost easily. I'm making a new menu interface to make a lot of things accessible easily from everywhere and it'll be updatable via the DB and will automatically go live to every town that has it without us having to edit every single town file every single time we edit it. Also, it will feature an auto-heal since let's face it, the repair button is mostly useless D: That's right. I said it.

So I'm working on lots of engine stuff and a lot of things are up in the air. Meanwhile, Maegwyn and company has been hard at work on the upcoming Zargon Wormhole release and it's looking like it'll be awesome. I have no doubt you'll enjoy it and I want to point out that they've been doing a terrific job. MechQuest is only getting better from here.

So everyone wish Maegwyn happy birthday if you haven't already! Of course you can just wish her Happy Birthday again. No one's stopping you :P

Enjoy the week and look forward to Friday. You might even get to sample some of what I've been working on.

And Happy Birthday, Maegwyn!

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June 29, 2011

4th of July Korin Special Sale

4th of July 3011 - Korin Special Sale on Nova Gem Models!

Nova Gem Models: Note New Pricing

  • Level 5 -   Scales to L18  -   1000 Nova Gems 
  • Level 19 - Scales to L23  -   1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 26 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 33 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 40 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - Does NOT scale - 1000 Nova Gems

We read your comments about Nova Gem Pricing on the forums - and Korin, blues, Vivi, and I met this morning for a discussion.  One of the issues you noted is that a regularly-priced mecha model at Level 45 comes at a Nova Gem cost that is slightly more than the minimum package.  Korin came up with this amazing idea to have a special system for the 4th of July models this year!  Instead of basing the Nova Gem pricing on level, where the cost in the past has behaved like the credits versions, increasing as you level up - he's doing a special where a Nova Gem model costs you the same amount regardless of your level. The low-level models will be levels-with-you style to accommodate the change, and the higher-level models are more of a bargain the higher the level.  (See the previous Design Note for the old pricing.)

This Korin Special Sale works out to benefit you!  Don't forget - besides our Nova Gem packages available for purchase, also the referral system can earn you Nova Gems, and remember also that you can still view the Ballyhoo ads at Cinemech for a chance to get some, you can still redeem your Battleon Points, and you can still participate in AExtras offers to earn more Nova Gems.  

We really appreciate your support - Star Captains have gotten exclusive quests in the Traveler / Maria 5 saga lately, and we've got some more really amazing Phoenix-themed rewards coming along (not this week) for you.  Minar has been doing a fabulous job with these and really pushing some limits. Note that the Phoenix items synergize, and the set is not yet complete.  Also, the quest line will return each time the Traveler comes back to town so if you upgrade to Star Captain you will still be able to access this series of quests and rewards when he returns.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  See you on the forums - or catch us on Facebook, Formspring, and/or Twitter!

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June 27, 2011

Fourth of July Mecha Models

The 4th of July mecha models will go into the special Holiday shop on Friday, July 1st and stay there for a week - until Friday, July 8th.  Ideally, this should give you plenty of time to pick one up if you're away celebrating the American holiday or having a vacation for any reason.  Thyton is drawing these and I hear they are going to be very cool-looking!  Usually our Holiday Rares are priced a bit higher than the normal price for a non-rare model, but this year we are going with the regular pricing to keep things affordable.  Here's the run-down:

Non-Star Captain Models: 

  • Level 8 -      20000 credits
  • Level 16 - 160000 credits
  • Level 24 - 240000 credits
  • Level 32 - 320000 credits
  • Level 40 - 400000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Star Captain Models:

  • Level 7 -    17500 credits
  • Level 14 - 140000 credits
  • Level 21 - 210000 credits
  • Level 27 - 270000 credits
  • Level 35 - 350000 credits
  • Level 40 - 400000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Nova Gem Models: Note New Pricing

  • Level 5 -    Scales to L18 250 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 12 -  600 Nova Gems 
  • Level 19 -  Scales to L23 - 950 Nova Gems  1000 Nova Gems*
  • Level 26 - Does NOT scale 1300 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 33 - Does NOT scale 1650 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 40 - Does NOT scale 2000 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - Does NOT scale 2250 Nova Gems 1000 Nova Gems

Korin leveled up today but he still can't ketchup to me... Happy Birthday, Korin!  (There is already a birthday wishes thread on the forums in the MechQuest General Discussion area if you would like to add a post to it!)

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June 25, 2011


As you've probably heard, EpicDuel is releasing their huuuuge new update known as Delta. This is a huge deal for the tiny but sturdy ED team as they've come a long way in developing this. So everyone congratulate Titan, Nightwraith, and Charfade as well as the rest of the ED staff for a job well done because it sounds like it's going to be amazing and I can't wait to hop on with my heavily-bearded mercenary.

Cinderella has more detailed Design Notes about the massive update but what I can tell you here is that they're adding 3 COMPLETELY new class evolutions. So if you started out as a Mercenary, Tech Mage, or Bounty Hunter, you can officially upgrade to a Tactical Mercenary, Blood Mage, or Cyber-Hunter, respectively. That's definitely not all since they're also revamping Fortune City and adding other new characters to the world.

Are there any bosses that are too strong for you? Well with this new release you'll be able to team up with a friend and fight the same boss together. Play smart and precise with your friends to ensure that victory is your only outcome against the many terrifying NPCs of the EpicDuel universe. You can look forward(and you should definitely be looking forward) to the Delta update on June 29th, 2011. As is customary with our games, the exact time is wibbly wobbly but it will be out that day. I'm a personal fan of the game and I know I'll definitely be there. Maybe we'll battle and you can annihilate me since my build is weaksauce D:

Finally, EpicDuel is introducing the unique and powerful new Delta Destroyer Sword for players that support the movement by purchasing an Epic Varium package on or after the 29th!  Plus, everyone who plays during the Delta phase will be have the opportunity to pick up the exclusive Delta Knight achievement for FREE from any achievement vendor.

So I hope you're as excited for this as I am. Like I said, I'm personally a big fan of EpicDuel. I like the PVP aspect a lot and I look forward to trying out new skills to destroy people with. I say destroy but I'm sure I'll lose the most D:... Unless of course you're nice enough to lose for me... :]....

Don't miss out on this Epic event!  Join us June 29, 2011 for the evolution!

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May 27, 2011

Thursday DNs, now on Friday!

Hello all! It's been awhile but I've been super busy and super focussed on the upcoming Gameshow planet which by the time you read this, will either be out later today or has already come out (6PM...ish... server time). It's a lot of stuff in one and I figured I might go into some details about it.

First, it features the voice talent of George Lowe. Feel free to freak out as much as I have. I've always loved George Lowe back in the old days and when Artix told me he'd be doing voice work for us forever ago, I was super excited and now I've had the chance to work with him. Granted are script is more serious than outlandishly goofy but the storyline itself has grown darker in the past so it fits nicely and I tried my hardest to make sure he doesn't come across as a gimmick and rather an actual character in the MQ universe and I think we did a great job with that. You can decide for yourself when Gameshow planet releases.

I know it's been a long time in the making but there are a few contributing factors to this. The 1st being that a lot of it is custom content. This is actually going to be the last minigame-heavy release for a long time since I know I've gone a bit wild with them. So this final hurrah of minigames (for now at least) is a pretty big hurrah. First I made the obstacle course which took a long time while I was also doing things for the weekly releases. It's easy to lose you train of thought on a project when you have to take a break for a few days to work on a completely different release. Once I got the obstacle course working, I felt it just wasn't enough. So I decided to come up with a trivia game which the back end of that only took a day to create while the questions took much longer and ate away a lot of time in the last couple weeks which is when I gave up and asked you all for help haha. Then there was the word puzzle, very similar to Wheel of Fortune but legally different. That one took a little longer to make but I'm super happy about that one. I think I'll be adding a big challenge mode for that one where I have harder words and maybe offer something special but that would come later and not tomorrow/today. Either way, all 3 minigames are an option. Trivia being the easiest, the word puzzle being medium, and the obstacle course is like the hard mode. You can do all 3 and you can switch between them at any time so it's super friendly in that respect. Then it ends in a big finale with lots of interesting tidbits to feast your minds.

The other issue that made this planet take so long was the GEARS Games. I spent a lot of time using the GEARS Games to train Maegwyn which also trained Vivi to make quests and I did a lot of testing for them and helping out. Then they made their first 100% quests with the help of Minar for weapons and such and Lyris doing cutscenes (which have been consistently awesome and she even helped me with Gameshow planet to do some really awesome stuff) as well as some enemy things for Friday the 13th. I think Friday the 13th was a big successful release for us. I was really proud that they did so well and this tells me that in the future, we'll all definitely be able to rely on each other to pump out some really awesome content and hopefully get these guys upgraded from volunteer staff.

Meanwhile, Arklen has been animating the new SC mech which has been finished and we'll be trying to get that setup next week while he animates weapons for gameshow planet which will be added next week. I'll likely get him started right away on the next SC mech (that's right. It's like we're almost on schedule) as well as probably some mechs and monsters for upcoming content once we solidify what we're doing.

Which becomes really the next big question. Artix really wants to try this streamlined version of MQ which I'll be sure that swordfighting gets the update before we do it. I also want some DB additions to make a few things easier and nicer to keep track of, such as the impending possibility of becoming a Shadowscythe or storing whether or not you've worn an outfit before. If we do go with the streamlined version right away, we'll end up having one big quest in normal MQ that basically leads into the new one. Then while we're working on the newer version, we'll still trickle things back into the current MQ story and we'll basically be filling some gaps. It probably sounds confusing but it's not even in stone yet. There are lots of neat possibilities on the horizon and with Mae and vivi learning quest building, things will only get better.

So with this, I say get ready. I still have a few things to do. Sound cues, a cutscene, lots of testing, and I need to figure out something that Korin should do if you find him D:

Anywho, I'll post another update when it's live and let you know what's exploding. For now, to bed!!

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May 06, 2011

Friday the 13th, Gameshow Planet, and Epic Duel Poster

Alright! This week's release is kind of a lead-in to next week's Frida y the 13th event. I WAS going to release the cursed tape again as well but I think I'll just save that until next week as well. So for now, if you go to the New Release panel in Soluna City, you'll find a Pipe weapon in the Holiday shop that has to do with next week's release. It's a pilot weapon and in ANY survival horror game, the rusty pipe is ALWAYS your best friend.

Then there's Gameshow Planet. Holy cow, things are coming together. I've got the town files all setup, I'm working my way through all the obstacle course stages and you players are helping me greatly with trivia questions for the Gameshow planet, and I need lots. So be sure to add lots of questions. If one of your questions gets used in the game, a character ID of your choice will get 100NGs. It couldn't be simpler! But seriously, the Gameshow planet is really coming up and I think the realistic deadline will be the week after Friday the 13th. I think it's a very realistic goal thanks to Maegwyn leading the Friday the 13th project with Vivi, Lyris, and Minar. I sent the next SC mech to Arklen to be vectorized, shaded, colored, and animated. That's right. A star captain mech is ALREADY in production. Seriously it's like we're severely getting on track here. It's almost scary.

In other news, EpicDuel has released a new poster in HeroMart! You can pick yours up at and you can also go the extra mile and get a copy that was signed by the EpicDuel team(Titan, Nightwraith, and Charfade)

EpicDuel Poster now at HeroMart!

As for Friday the 13th, from what I've seen and heard, it sounds like it's going to be another great year! I saw the intro cutscene and it cracked me up. I'm excited to see the final quest next week when Mae and team finishes it. After Gameshow planet we can start working towards this new workflow of MQ which will include one more big hurrah for how we do things now before we can make things fuller and more streamlined, and hopefully as hinted, allow you to play as a Shadowscythe.

I'll leave you with that for now. Lots of things to look out for in the very near future. Have a great weekend and talk to you later!

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April 23, 2011

Easter and Earth Day!

As you know, yesterday was Earth Day! To celebrate, we released the Solar Panels from last year and made higher level versions of them! I also went to see the movie African Cats in theaters which I highly recommend. It was beautiful and surprisingly very emotional.

This is also Easter weekend! So we brought back everything from yesteryears and we've added 2 new weapons to the reward shop of the Monster Egg battle so pummel that egg!

As for GEARS Games, we've realized we've gone long enough so I'm thinking of maybe sticking Wolfblade at like, 98%, and the other houses 9% lower at 89%. This shoul at least inspire Wolfblade to rush like crazy to the finish but Runehawk and Mystraven don't technically have far to go either. We were going to do it Friday but we didn't want to risk the war rewards, including some valor badge items, to be unfinished! So Monday is likely the date that this will happen.

As for Gameshow, I have no idea why it's taking so long. It's seeming quite complicated to tie everything together but it seems like for now it's mainly an issue of me needing more puzzles for 2 of the games, which one won't be hard but the other requires lots of research. Then it's cutscenes which I've begun storyboarding out so I can get the details out to other people this week. Ultimately things ARE coming together it just feels like everything is still overwelmingly unfinished.

Another note is that we're going to try and change up the format of MQ after Gameshow Planet. The overall storyline will still continue but once the Gameshow planet happens, let's just say some stuff is going to go down. There's also good news with this since we may be able to get the support to finish certain key features like, oh I don't know, swordfighting? I'm not talking my hack job of coding but probably someone like Zhoom to really help patch it up. We also MIGHT.... and I stress might because I haven't confirmed if it's even possible yet, but we MIGHT make it to where in this new section, you can officially become a Shadowscythe and fight to prevent the Loreon victory! So the format will be changing. This is what we're hoping to apply to the changes. Nothing is in stone yet, I'll be sure to update when I have more information but myself and the team are actually pretty excited for the change since it should be the easiest way to get more and more content out to you all. Another note would be that it raises the level cap like crazy. I would also like to point out that this has been brought on by Artix who would hate to see MQ do poorly so he's actually bringing a lot of input to the table and that's why we should hopefully be getting some features that seem unfinished to be polished and pretty. It sounds like big news, and it may even sound like bad news, but trust me when I say it's better and good news.

Anywho, I'm sure specials will be posted sometime if they haven't already been posted in the forums. I am off to relax over the weekend. It's a holiday weekend so you should be relaxing too. Really, it's the weekend so you should be relaxing regardless. So enjoy it! Later.

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April 18, 2011

Earth Day and Easter! Card Game!?

Liek Whoa! Artix Entertainment has finally done it! They have finally created an epic card game of win! You can be part of the epicness if you go to your local Toys R Us if you're in the US however if you're an international customer, head on over to HeroMart to grab yours! As a bonus, players can also get a super awesome class in AQW called the CardClasher!

It's also a really fun card game so really there's no losing.

As for MQ, I'll be boosting the war meters with a goal of finishing it up this week. Basically for each house, whatever % you gain from day to day, I'll double it. I started with a generic 3% so there's the start. Also, just saying, Runehawk and Mystraven need less victories. Just throwing that out there. Kind of disappointing that I keep lowering Mystraven and Runehawk. It's looking like Wolfblade just might be the best house after all D: Or is it?

As for our release, We've got 2 new weapons that will be in the reward shop for the Monster Egg Easter quest that will be returning on Friday as well as all the previous Easter stuff. Maybe a few other things will get higher levels but we'll see.

Also, the Solar Panels are back for Earth Day, now with higher level versions! I wouldn't miss out on those.

So it's a pretty holiday-filled release but it's all good stuff. Friendly reminder that the Maypril Fools 1 day only mech is coming up on Sunday May 1st from midnight to midnight Eastern Standard Time. So don't forget!

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