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April 15, 2016

BattleGems Founder Leaving Soon

Last Chance to unlock bonus rewards!

This is your very last chance to get Founder in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game. Considering that you had.. oh wow, nearly two years now, it is finally time to make BattleGems Founder go perma rare!


Rolith and his team have upgraded BattleGems to the newest version of Unity improving the game's speed and giving it 64 bit support. Along with this release, we will be removing the Founder package which basically gives you ulimited turns, unlimited keys, special in game armor set, special AQWorlds armor set, well... EVERYTHING for a single in-app purchase of $10. Founders will be pretty proud of that they got it, because after the new patch goes live, the armor will be perma rare and will have to pay double to get the upgrades and perks.

So if you have been wanting the DragonKnight armor from BattleGems in AQWorlds and BattleGems... this is your final chance to get it on the Apple iOS or Android versions of the mobile game!

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January 20, 2016

BioBeasts is LIVE


After many months of planning, development, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and coffee tears, BioBeasts is LIVE on Android and iOS! Download and start smashing some bots NOW:

BioBeasts_App_Store_Google  BB_App_Store_IOS

Artix Entertainment and the BioBeasts team needs your support at this moment more than we ever have before! If you download and like the game (and we hope you do!), please help us spread the word and give us a 5-star rating on the Google Play and Apple App stores.


What Comes Next?

BioBeasts is live, but there’s still more to come! There are several features we hope to add to BioBeasts post-launch, and our Beta testers have done a great job offering up fresh ideas everyday in the tester G+ community. Here are some ideas we've heard from the community that we're considering for future BioBeasts updates:

  • NEW Beasts

  • NEW Mutations

  • NEW Enemy Types

  • Beast Challenges

  • Beast Upgrades

  • Endless Mode

  • Social Leaderboards

Like BioBeasts? Want to know more?

Following our development blog for the latest BioBeasts news:

BioBeasts Website

Follow @BioBeasts on Twitter:

BioBeasts Twitter

Become a fan of BioBeasts on Facebook:

BioBeasts Facebook

Watch our latest development videos:

BioBeasts Youtube

Join us on Google+:

BioBeasts Google+


January 18, 2016

BioBeasts Launch Date

After several months of rigorous development, BioBeasts is finally ready to erupt from its containment cell at the Underground Lab and escape to the iOS and Android App stores! We’re extremely excited and proud to officially announce the launch date:



Woah! Woah! What is this Bye-Oh-Beasts? I’m glad you asked! If you don't want to read the whole FAQ, BioBeasts a challenging new free single-player action game for Android and iOS! You are a powerful mutant beast battling through a terrifying laboratory run by merciless mechanical guards. Defend yourself against endless hordes of robots, lab defenses, and hulking bosses as you claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom! Unlock new beasts with unique powers, and upgrade potent mutations to experiment with for endless variety!

Meet the Team


BioBeasts was created mainly by the EpicDuel Team, but nearly everyone at Artix Entertainment had a hand in the project, whether it was contributing artwork, Unity expertise, testing, or simply helping us spread awareness!

Why BioBeasts?


BioBeasts is nearly ready to launch, but we need your help for it to succeed! When we first started BioBeasts, we wanted a way to learn the ropes in Unity and mobile development while incorporating some familiar EpicDuel elements. We knew a huge multiplayer game was out of scope for such a project so we narrowed the focus of the project to an intense, challenging action game with surprising depth.


Our goal with BioBeasts was to create a game that was a counterpoint to the current trend in mobile games that harkens back to a time when games focused on skill and reflexes. BioBeasts captures that classic feel of intense, old-school arcade games that could be understood in seconds, but took days to master. With BioBeasts, there aren’t any timers or energy systems or social gimmicks to interrupt or limit your play that have become so common in the mobile gaming generation. You can play as much as you want, whenever you want!

Bring the THUNDER!


One of the biggest challenges new mobile games face is simply getting the word out! Fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal to extend our reach as far as possible. Did you know you can dedicate your own social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple and 100% FREE:

Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign on ThunderClap

Select which social platforms you want to dedicate to the BioBeasts launch:

When the game is ready, we'll smash the GO button and our message will reach tons of players!

Like BioBeasts? Want to know more?

Following our development blog for the latest BioBeasts news:

BioBeasts Website

Follow @BioBeasts on Twitter:

BioBeasts Twitter

Become a fan of BioBeasts on Facebook:

BioBeasts Facebook

Watch our latest development videos:

BioBeasts Youtube

Join us on Google+:

BioBeasts Google+

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January 13, 2016

Help Share BioBeasts!

Did you know you can dedicate your social media reach to support the BioBeasts game launch? It's super simple:

  • Check out the Help Share BioBeasts campaign on ThunderClap
  • Select which social platforms you want to dedicate to the BioBeasts launch:
  • When the game is ready, we'll smash the GO button and our message will reach tons of players!
  • Join our ThunderClap campaign now:

    BioBeasts? Is that a new game?

    You're absolutely right! BioBeasts is a new arcade-survival mobile game from the Epicduel team, coming soon to iOS and Android devices! Control, unlock, and mutate your beasts as you battle to break out of the robot-controlled laboratory. You can keep up to date with all the release news and previews on their website here!

    What is ThunderClap?

    Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that can help BioBeasts be discovered by thousands of people. For every person that dedicates their social reach to our campaign, when we press the GO button, ThunderClap will blast out a Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr post from all of us, at the same time, creating a massive wave of attention!

    Here's to an incredible 2016!


    December 24, 2015

    Happy Frostval!

    Tis’ the season for Frost Dragons, SLAY-bells, and ridiculously-named monsters wearing furry hats-- like Santa Clawg, his 9 rein-dragons, and the unstoppable hero-eating Frosty the Snow Golem. (...must have been some magic in that old helm they found. They told us he would be coming back one day!) 

    Our video game community is a big family, and are thinking warm thoughts about you. Surprisingly easy since it is so hot outside! Thankfully it is snowing in the town of Battleon. We have been celebrating Frostval together for 13 ice-monster filled years in our video games. Translating literally to “Frost Festival,” it is how we celebrate the season and bring everyone across the world together. We hope you enjoy the events we have created for you this year. Sincerely, thank you for being a part of it all.

    Words cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity to make these video games with you. We are now building something we never dreamed was possible. How crazy is it that you got us greenlit on Steam? AdventureQuest 3D IS GOING TO BE ON STEAM!!! Look how far we have come-- and it is all because of you. We will never forget that… we never do.

    Wherever you are, have a fun, warm, safe and happy time this holiday season. 

    Battle on!
    Artix & all of your friends at Artix Entertainment

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    December 16, 2015

    AQ3D Hits First THREE Stretch Goals

    The power of our community is OVER 9000!

    Thank you all so much for your support! We hit our first THREE stretch goals for the AdventureQuest 3D Kickstarter in the first 48 hours thanks to you guys. Let's keep this momentum going - together we're making AQ3D amazing!


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    December 08, 2015

    AQ3D's Kickstarter hits 75% of its goal!

    We are almost at 100% and full funding!

    The AQ3D Kickstarter campaign just broke $150,000 raised! That means we are 75% of the way to our goal, and only need $50K to go until the finish line. Thanks to every backer and everyone who cannot be a backer but is helping us spread the word and get this game the funding it needs!

    More Ways to Help Spread the Word about AQ3D

    Want to help ‪#‎AQ3D‬'s ‪#‎Kickstarter‬ become a staff pick? Email STORIES@KICKSTARTER.COM with your AE stories and why AQ3D is important to you!

    Becoming a staff pick would help AQ3D hit the goal before the deadline and become a reality, but they need to hear from YOU!

    Other ways to share:

    • Tweet or Facebook to your followers
    • Tell your friends. And your friends' friends. And your friends' friends' mothers.
    • Make videos of you playing in AQ3D and post them on Youtube
    • Decorate desserts with AQ3D characters and logos (like in the AE Frostval Cookie contest... happening now!)

    Check out Zach Storch's AQ3D Video!

    Zach Storch, long-time friend of Artix Entertainment, author of Za'nar (a wicked-cool young adult fantasy novel), Lore's own King of the Nerds, and all-around great guy and gamer is super-hyped about AQ3D and created a video to help spread the word. You can check it out by clicking here or on the image below!

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    October 24, 2015

    Undead Assault Climbing the Charts

    Thanks to you, Undead Assault Hit #18 on the Top New Free Games List

    Our gratitude to all of you who got and rated our new game, it is climbing its way up the charts! That simple action you took is making a real difference.

    If you haven't tried Undead Assault, our new infinite runner mobile game, you can get it now for Android and Apple devices at!

    See what other players are saying

    Absolutely love it! I downloaded this as soon as I woke up this morning and I haven't stopped playing it since. It’s addicting and can be quite challenging at times. I love it. 5 star rating from me :D - Justin Serina

    This game is awesome!!! It's about time we have a running game that also does other things instead of just running lol! - Julio Miranda 

    Good ol' Undead Slaying Fun! Explosions, Undead Dragons, and TONS of rad unlockables! I'm pretty confident that I'll be playing the heck out of this between classes. :')  - Z. Cantrall

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    October 21, 2015

    Undead Assaut is LIVE!

    Our New Infinite Runner Mobile Game Now Available!

    We just went LIVE on Android and iOS with our new undead-slaying infinite runner, Undead Assault! You are Artix the Paladin… the town people’s only hope against a horde of skeletal zombie warlords!

    Sure, you start this infinite runner wearing your underpants and swinging around a rusty sword… but a dozen brag worthy high scores later you can replace that useless hand of yours with a chainsaw. Undead slayers forever... “So slay we all!”

    Play Undead Assault NOW on Apple and iOS devices!

    Get Undead Assault on the Google Play App Store  and the Apple iOS store for free NOW and be the first to battle an unstoppable and crazy army of the undead!

    • 5 Paladin weapon & armor sets… each with a “special” attack O_O
    • “Battle on!” theme song by One-Eyed Doll 
    • Upgradable Power Ups!
    • Collect rare loot… no idea what it does, but it is collectible. So. Yeah. Collecting! 
    • “Legend of Artix” book… can you find the mysteriously missing pages?

    • An inspired re-make of the original viral hit flash game, Undead Assault
    • Yup, Daimyo, the Undead Slaying Pomeranian, is actually a real dog.
    • Truth, justice and righteousness are an excellent source of calcium when served with milk.

    AQWorlds players get a special perk for buying the 3X Multiplier

    Get the Daimyo Pet in Undead Assault and unlock the Artix's Golden Paladin armor, helm, and axe in AdventureQuest Worlds when you buy the 3X Multiplier. Head into AQWorlds and find the Undead Assault badge in your Book of Lore, then equip your gear and get to Undead-Slaying! 

    The AQW account linking is not live for Apple devices... YET but will be coming very soon (3-5 days, we hope. It will be up as soon as Apple publishes our update!) The linking is live on the Google Play Store right now!

    Your Objectives

    1.     Do not die.

    2.     Do NOT die.

    3.     Rescue Villagers

    4.     Kill them Undeadz (um… can you kill something that’s already dead??)

    5.     Level up

    6.     Equip new Loot

    7.     Kill more baddies

    8.     Unleash special attacks to dominate the battlefield (like summoning a giant dragon or an undead-slaying Pomeranian, because... WHY NOT?) 

    9.  Collect Gold and Experience

    10.  Get the high score!

    11.  Repeat steps 1 thru 11

    Recruit More UndeadSlayers

    Once you have downloaded the game and slain the undead, your mission is... Help this game go viral faster than a zombie outbreak!  Please Like and share Undead Assault on Facebook and Twitter to bring even MORE Undead Slayers to the Party!

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    October 16, 2015

    Don't Fear the Reaper


    Tonight the Reaper makes its spooky return! It's available now in the Star Captain Club! It has a bit of a different twist on what the Morehawk did. The more health your foe has the stronger its effects will be, but the less damage your attacks will do. The less health your foe has the weaker the effects will be, but the more damage your attacks will do.

    Terrifying Scythe
    FA - 1 hit
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 4
    Inflicts a 4 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Bonus Nerf.
    Inflicts a 4 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Hit Nerf.

    Ethereal Blade
    BA - 2 hits
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 3
    Inflicts a 3 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.018)x, HP DoT.
    Inflicts a 3 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.018)x, EP DoT.

    Mark for Death
    FS - 1 hit
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 2
    Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.4), Bonus Buff to you.
    Inflicts a 2 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.2), Defense Nerf.

    Wicked Chakram
    BS - 1 hit
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 2
    Inflicts a 2 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.45), Boost Nerf.

    Induce Terror
    HD - 4 hits
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 3
    Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.6), Boost Buff to you.
    Applies a 2 turn, ((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.5), Hit Buff to you.

    BD - 2 hits
    100-200% Damage (Depends on enemy health)
    CD 4
    Inflicts a 3 turn, -((EnemyHP*100 / EnemyMaxHP)*.6), ImmoRes Nerf.
    Second hit attempts to stun at current ImmoRes.

    As you can see the nerfs/buffs aren't super strong when your foe is full health, but the damage this mecha can do will let you swiftly take your foes down!

    Along with this, Mortis has returned! You can now catch up on anything you've missed in the previous years and get ready for this year's event. (It'll start next week!)

    For those of you wondering. The Ultra OmniBlade will transform, and the follow up quest to it will happen at the END of the month or when the AQW war is won. I need a bit more time to get the quest ready and the original plan was to make the stuff live when the AQW war was won, so that's what I'm sticking with!

    Hope you all enjoy!

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