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June 08, 2012

Romero Finale and Valk Prime

Romero Finale: With what amounted to 4 new cutscenes, a new battle style, the first-ever Transforming Starship, AND the Valkyrie Prime mecha, this was a GINORMOUS release.

One for the Bloopers file - we had My Very Own Little Paladin following us around for a while during testing.... adorable lttle mini-starship. I did save a screenie of it but I feel it's a spoiler so I won't put it up here.

New Mecha: Valkyrie Prime! Models for everyone! Star Captain, non-Star Captain, and Nova Gem. It's a zombie-slayer with a Paladin-oriented Medic-styled healing theme.

--and here is Vivi with Valkyrie Prime Specials:

Against Zombies: Gets +15 (20, 25) Boost

FA: 3 Hits
- Hit 1: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 35(40,45%) damage
- Hit 2: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 40 (45,50%( damage
- Hit 3: -5 (7,9) BtH, +5 (7,9) defense for 3 turns, 45(50,55%) damage

BA: 1 Hit
- normal (1.5 time,double) EP DoT for 3 turns
- against zombies, deals a normal (1.5 times, double) HP DoT for 3 turns
- Good chance for a crit
- NG only: Cuts the Damage Reduction of a Zombie in half

Shoulders: 2 Hits
Both hits heal your HP for 66 (80, 100)% of the damage dealt. *1.5 healing against a zombie.

Body: 3 Hits
- Hit 1: High chance for a crit, 50 roll for a 1.5 time HP DoT, reduces immobility resistance by 30
- Hit 2: High chance for a crit, 50 roll for a 1.5 time EP DoT, reduces immobility resistance by 50 and tries to stun, chance to deal EP damage equal to (HP damage * 0.66).

Head: 5 Hits

- Hit 1: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 20% damage
- Hit 2: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 30% damage
- Hit 3: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 40% damage
- Hit 4: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 50% damage
- Hit 5: +5 (6,7) BtH, +5 (6,7%) damage for 5 turns, 60% damage, NG only: Good chance for a crit

Thank you so much, Vivi, for writing that up & programming it all on to the mecha! And thanks to blues for specials design before going on lovely vacation!

Speaking of vacations, wish Korin a blast on his! And bless his soul for coming in tonight - from his vacationing location - to help sort out the last of the Gremlins! Huzzah for the testers, and I'll probably bring you more news early next week. Have a grand weekend & thanks for playing!


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