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January 01, 2011

Free time on New Years Day!

I have free time and I was going through the threads. I'm glad all of you are happy and yes, we are planning on making a lot more story-rich content!The releases may seem short and some may repeat but the payoff should be in the small cutscenes with good dialogue. That's my New Year's Resolution at least. First we have a side-planet we want to do which is short but fun and may hopefully feature George Lowe's voice talent.

I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start. Seems like mine is going well so far. Going to be taking Char off to Best Buy most likely so she can get a fancy camera. We just got back from there for getting a camera for my sister and Char liked the camera a lot so if the tests work out well, we'll be back at Best Buy. Huzzah!

Also, I saw more questions soooo..

Digital X asks: Korin, why the name "Korin" does if have a meaning to it, or some sort of backstory?

It's actually my real name in Japanese. I was too lame to come up with an awesome original game name like everyone else and I have a license plate that says Korin in Japanese writing on the front of my car (that I got from Chuck E Cheese on my 18th, yes, 18th birthday party) so I figured why not.

CleverUserName asks: many questions.

1. Where'd you get you paper bag?

I made it myself! :D Manipulated molecules to make them look like a paper bag. Sounds neat.

2. Does it really change expressions, or do you quickly switch bags when we blink?

It really changes expressions at the blink of an eye. It's hard to convey in flash but it's like the faces are drawn in marker on the bag and the drawings change making it appear to be a different expression.

3. Did you ever attempt wearing a plastic bag?

Of course.

3b. If so, did you stop because it was see-through?

Not quite. I stopped because the paramedics took it off when my brain suffered from lack of oxygen. Seriously don't put plastic bags on your head. It kills those "brain cells" which are apparently very important.

4. Have you considered using a reusable "green" bag instead, possibly for Earth Day?

Good point. Might have to. I guess I'm considering it now.

5. It's apparent you love anime. Do you prefer it over live-action television?

I wouldn't say "love". I like it. I'm not a fanatic. I like drawing it and I like some of the art that comes with it. A lot of anime is garbage these days in my opinion. I've always had a fascination with anime. It has some really pretty art syles in terms of visuals and story. However, I don't think it will ever replace my Scrubs, Wipeout, or the Middle.

6. On a scale of -3 to Ketchup, how well do you think a MQ anime mini-series would do

I think it could be pretty good if we took out a lot of the blatant puns. I think it would do better with a more serious overtone on the story rather than goofyness everywhere. Maybe Outlaw Star style.

6b. Have you ever considered one?

I think Warlic, Thyton and I have always joked about it but I don't think it was ever an actual option. It just costs a lot of money to make them. It would be fun though.

LeoMart asks: Korin how old are you? Will you allow your children to become great game animaters like you?

I am 25. I'll let my children become whatever they want as long as it's not something like drug dealer or professional prison visiter.

rephay asks: why do you post your design notes in orange when that's your least favorite color. And to all the staff members: what is your favorite animal?

My color was sort of chosen for me based on my ketchup obsession and I just rolled with it. As for my favorite animal, could be one of several. Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Komodo Dragon (though lethal which is why I would prefer the next giant lizard which is...), and the Water Monitor. I'm a lizard guy and I probably love Water Monitors the most because they're huge and capable of being tamed. And they don't kill you if they bite you. And they're cute :]

I think that's all I see for now. I should probably get going for testing the camera now. Hope you all enjoyed this look into my mad mind. Water Monitors for the win, and bumblebeetuna! Ace Ventura? Anyone? No? Alrighty then.


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