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February 14, 2011


The game challenges are over and I can finally get back to the gameshow planet. I think I can get the final quest done for it today. Not including the boss fight but that's simple. Then it's just cutscenes and getting George's voice recording assuming that's still an option. Not 100% about what the plan is this week yet as I'll be speaking to Maegwyn soon.

Reflecting on game week, I just wish we had more time to finish our game. We're still planning on playing with Unity in our spare time. So maybe we'll have more playable things in the future with Unity. One issue is that a lot of people blatantly didn't install Unity because their virus scanning software claimed it was a virus but that's because the companies that run the virus scanning software never did any research on Unity so it falls into the generic"must be a virus" category. Time was our big issue though. We didn't know enough of Unity yet. We planned to have another enemy in the game but most of it was going to be just mindlessly destroying moglins. I'm intending to continue a little mech game that will be in the same style of the old arcade game Police Trainer but it'll be Mech Trainer. Hopefully that'll be cool though realistically it'll take forever to finish, if ever.

As for the other games, I think Organism was the most original/neatest concept. I was surprised how often the random bounces would resemble a beat.

Soothe had a great visual style and I was surprised how many bullets and moving objects were on screen at once. Certainly proves Minimals coding guru status.

Fat Pandas has an awesome look though the game style has been done before. Earliest (yet not as detailed) version I can remember is a minigame from the old Lion King game on Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo. Still, the visual style and music sounded nice and it was certainly amusing.

The Isonian was pretty and had a hilarious soundtrack though it suffered a few gameplay issues such as not being able to hit anyone. Still cool though.

Ninja Shadow Assault was too difficult for me to play. Not hard difficult but for some reason I would often not be able to attack and I had a hard time punching the enemy's fists with my face. I liked the style though.

Battle Fruit was a cool start. It's too bad they only got the one level in with very little testing. Hopefully they can add more in the future.

I didn't play Gnome Man's land much. I've played a lot of games in that style and it seemed up to par with them. Not saying it's bad or boring though. I just literally didn't play much of it.

And Stick Quest. Lots of people seemed to enjoy it and while it's visual style is pretty, it felt more like an animation. There was no threat of dying but the attacks looked awesome. I didn't get through all of the attacks before moving on but I think I may have just been expecting something different.

Overall it was a fun week last week. I just really wish we had more time. I feel like I really need to prove more with the 3D stuff. We'll see. For now it's on to the work week. Probably going to release last year's Valentine's Day with some new items. Not sure about a new Braddock quest yet though. I don't know the details of the side-scrolling engine so I doubt I'll be doing any extra side-scrolling Braddock missions. I would like to do another quest to continue the story between him and whatsherface. If we don't do a new quest about her this week, we will write her in as part of the main story sometime in the future so don't worry, she's not forgotten.

I'm sure we'll have more info throughout the week. So for now, enjoy and talk to you later.

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