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December 15, 2010

Previews and Frostval stuff!

Helloski. First off, I think this is something everyone will be excited about. First part of this first item is that the new Zorbo will be in a Santa outfit. Original Zorbo owners will have the original version. The naked version (as I call it) is permanently rare. And besides price, that's all we're changing. That's right. Un-nerfed. And now you're thinking "OMG BUT IT'S PROBABLY CRAZY EXPENSIVE NG ONLY!!" and you'd be wrong. There is an NG option which will cost 594 NGs. However, for you Star Captain players, it will only cost you a mere 10,000 credits. There is no difference between the 2 versions. One is NG so that NSC players can buy it and there is a credits version which isn't even that expensive, that SC players get easily. The Zorbo will be 100% in it's original condition besides being in a Santa suit. This also makes it accessible for players that want both! This is our big way of saying thanks for playing the game. We think the NG is well below level 45 NG weapons to make all players happy (since this Zorbo and the original Zorbo will scale to level 45 starting Friday) so there's no way you're not getting another great deal like you did last year.


Moving on, there is now snow in Soluna City! Hopefully nothing's broken because we had to upgrade a lot of items from last year's snow version but it's all there. Also, int he New Releases panel, Star Captains will get access to their Frostval gifts! These gifts will unwrap themselves in the near future (Frostval right? That's when we usually unwrap them? I mean it makes sense but last year was a blur. Maegwyn feel free to confirm haha). So grab them while you can, Star Captains!

And finally, a little preview of what's going on next week.

This is one of the 3 minigames that will be the highlight of the Frostval release this year. This is on Xtreme mode. It doesn't look too chaotic there but trust me, it'll beat you up. This particular minigame is for SC only. NSC will be using a small starship for this and won't be as capable of destroying the enemy ships that are after you and your cargo.

However, NSCs WILL get to play as Galactimecha this year in a boss fight unlike any you have played against so far. All of your enemies in Galactimecha have been huge. Now you get to fight an enemy that moves and unleashes bullets of blazing punishment. I don't have this minigame in-game yet (tomorrow morning) but when I do I will try and get another screenshot in. This boss fight is awesome and a lot of fun and more impossible in Xtreme mode than the previous anything of MQ.

This Friday we'll be releasing last year's Frostval as if the wars were already finished. You will have access to the new Ticklish Zorbos on Friday with the standards stated above and I repeat that the original is gone forever so hopefully you'll enjoy the Santa outfit version.

Hope I didn't miss anything...

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