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January 02, 2011

Few more questions.

Hellsoarer asks:  When do you goto bed (EST time)?

Generally anywhere between midnight to 2AM.

Clever asks: Before Mechquest, did you work on any other games?
Are there any games you would like to work on eventually?

Only MechQuest. As for games I would love to work on, it would be awesome to work on a Sonic game. Another AE game? Not sure though. I'm happy with MQ really.

Holiday Practel asks: If given the chance to do anything in the world what would it be and why? Whats your favorite type of food?

Drop an anvil off the Empire State Building. It would look awesome. My favorite type of food is anything bad for me, unfortunately.

Master Merlin asks: What is your favorite flavor of tea?

I actually can't stand tea D:!

I have to go to dinner now but I will be sure to edit this post and add more later. I'm looking forward to some of these questions.


Update: And I'm back!

.R.M. asks: What is your favorite minigame in MQ? The hardest battle that you've had in MQ? And; What is the ID for the hardest player that you've EVER battled in PvP.

Galactimecha all the way. Especially the newest version against the Ice Harvester. Very proud of that one. As for PVP, technically J6 (ID 6). I've never played  anyone in PVP really.

popinloopy asks: What is your favorite explosive? do not say nuke bomb or dynomite.

Anything involving random ammunition crates to go off. I used to play Unreal Tournement with a mod that would make it so any ammo that got shot, would shoot whatever number of bullets it held in all different directions. So you might think you were going to pick up a ton of rocket ammo then blam! Rockets in the face.

forumlogin asks: Is it possible to go back to older releases and change up parts of it, like replacing quests with different quests?
And would you be willing to do so? :O

Technically yes. We do reskin some quests often but some of them tend to require too much new art which is what hurts us, not so much the programming aspect. But we do try to reuse quests when we can and I think you'll find us reusing more in the upcoming months.

nami9876 asks: whats your faviroute mech and do you have anything from heromart

I don't own anything yet. I plan on buying some calendars though. As for favorite mech, I really can't choose.

seventy two asks: What are your guys favorite in-game and out of game mechs?

In game, as above, hard to choose. Probably too hard to choose. As for out of game, I love the mechs from an old game called Virtual On. They have some of the greatest designs I've ever seen. I love the heads and the games themselves are fun. Well, Oratario Tangram is. I tried Marz lately on the PS2. Let's just say it didn't give me any respect for the PS2.

blackshock asks: What's the silliest face your paper bag has ever shown?
Fav. horror movie bad guy?
Final fantasy series or pokemon series?
What's the most epic thing you've ever built in your life? (RL objects)
Most akward moment?

I like the one where he looks scheming. ||| I don't really have a bad guy. Zombies get to me though. I get nightmares all the time but I love zombies for that fact that they scare me. I loved the Walking Dead show and now I've been reading the comics. ||| Final Fantasy I guess. Since 7 I've never really cared about another. 10 annoyed me. 11 was an MMO which I'm not a fan of. 12 frustrated me beyond belief. And now I've just given up. But I gave up on Pokemon after conquering Red and Blue. After that it was just too much more of the same. I did try Pearl and Diamond but eventually got bored. ||| I guess my "man cave". Bought a house a year and a half ago and it has one room that was perfect for a projector so I hooked it up, gave it surround sound, hooked up the TV, Wii, 360, and a device that lets me stream any video from my computer without transcoding it. It's pretty much my technological shining glory. ||| Probably relationship stuff. I don't feel awkward easily. I try and make other people feel awkward.

LeoMart asks: What's your real (American?) name?

You can probably Google it. I don't know if I'm allowed to say for sure.

bugattiboy91 asks: 1. What is your solider name in BFBC2? 2. Have you played all the Assassin's Creed games or just Brotherhood? Either way the games are epic. 3. Xbox 360 or PS3? 4. I saw that you have tried wearing a plastic bag. What made you want to try that? 5. You say you like anime, what are your thoughts on all things Dragonball and Yu-Gi-Oh? 6. What's Warlic do since he pretty much handed the game over to you?

1. You would have to guess it. I kind of don't want to just hand it out. I would rather people guess it so that I don't get a massive influx of friend requests. I will say that it's not "Korin" but I do use the soldier name as other usernames for public things I use. So really it's right under your nose. 2. All of them. They're great games and they just get better and better with each one. Can't wait for AC3. 3. Xbox. Sony bothers me too much as a company. Microsoft isn't much better though but Sony plays very dirty. I mean this with all aspects of how they market Blu-Ray and how they try to compete with our games in very shady ways. They're just bad people. 4. I didn't really. At least I don't think I did. I just thought it would be funny since wearing a plastic bag would likely kill you. So don't do it. 5. Don't care about Yu-Gi-Oh. Dragonball Z is funny and the movies are great. I think The Fusion Reborn movie pretty much contains everything I would want from anything DBZ. It was animated very well and is a funny movie as well. Who doesn't love seeing Hitler get annihilated by Gotenks? 6. He works on other big minigame projects. I wouldn't really call them minigames but they're not full scale games like AQ, DF, MQ, etc. Such as Bladehaven.

DARK cal asks: 1)are any of you real? 2)is there realy a underground lab or is it a shed or somthing? 3)what do you see in the future for mq? 4)will there ever be a end to Artix Entertainment? 5)if they are real are you friend with the other Artix Entertainment staff? 6)do your kids have paper bags

1. I'm a real person, yes. I don't have phenomenal cosmic powers though (as much as I wish I did). 2. It's just a normal office suite that you might see around strip malls. 3. MQ won't necessarily end but there are talks of different changes. All of which are complicated and not confirmed. 4. Potentially but hopefully not for a long time. 5. Yes. I'm friends with many of them. Not to say I'm not friends with anyone. I just don't really know everyone. 6. I don't have kids. Which also answers master mix's question.

XxArchfiendChaosxX asks: do any of you guys watch DBZ?(DragonBall Z)
if so,whos your favorite character(s)?

I have watched DBZ. Most of it at least. My favorite character has to be Goku. Though I must say I like him better in the Japanese version. I know his voice is really high pitch but I think it's to show how child-like and fun he really is while the American version tries to make him too serious. I like thinking of Goku as fun and playful despite being in terrible situations.

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