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September 27, 2012

Ask Anything 2

Practel has some replies to your questions!

Woohoo! Here are my first round of questions! 

hijinks asks: Hey Plasma Charge and Practel how did you come up with your usernames? What is your favorite mecha? WHY IS THE WORLD BLUE!?! Will you guys later be part of the NPCs later found in MQ like Korin, Warlic, etc.? Kidding, is there anything awesome that you two are planning to do? Are you guys ninjas? Any other awesome updates that you guys might do? :O I'm one of the few new players here, is there a mecha that I should try to get? 
Wow, lots of questions! Here we go, in a speed round: I actually got my username from my Xbox Live username, when I misspelled Practical. Practel stuck ;). My favorite mecha is now the revamp of the Seppy one. I love the characters, animations, and just in general it rocks. The world is a bunch of colors, blue included. So I don't know why it's just blue. I think we'll become NPC's. (psst... spam Maegwyn's PM Box on the forums to let us get em!) I don't have anything too awesome planned for MQ, untill Korin and I meet up and decide to do something awesome for Maegwyn (and the rest of MQ). Am I a ninja? Hmm, let's go with yes. I know I'll continue to do MQ DN's (I really need a DN's picture, right?) but aside from that I think that's mostly that. I totally recommend getting one of the anniversery Mecha's coming soon! 
forumlogin asks: Who are you? XD What do you do? :O How do you do it? Does it take a lot of time and/or effort?
I'm Practel, generally silly, fun, and exciting person. I test 3 games, MQ, ED, and AQW. I'm also a forum archknight. Testing is interesting, actually. Many players assume testing is just a simple playing of releases. In fact, it is not. Sometimes we need to run a quest almost 50 times to try and fix it. One day I'll see if Maegwyn will let me write a Design Notes post of the daily testing. It defenitly takes a lot of time and effort. You need to be somewhat comitted to helping, so I invest probably a full 24-36 house in any AE activites a week.
Eonaleth asks: 1. What got you two into MQ and what would you like to accomplish? 2. What are you two's ID's on MQ so I can pvp you on Assault Mecha? 3. How long have you two been playing MQ?
Hmm, I got into MechQuest from my friend a while back. I remember playing around Christmas time with him for AGES, and personally what I want to accomplish is just being able to help Maegwyn and the other MQ devs as best as possible. I only have one main character, but that's a secret, sooooo I can't share it :3. This year will be my anniversary of playing the quest of Mech for 4 years! 
SMGS asks: What do you enjoy most in the game and why? What's the most interesting/memorable (bad or good) gremlins you've found in testing? What was the hardest bug ever to duplicate and why? I remember someone who ate bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is your method of choice in getting rid of gremlins? 
I LOVE robots, and think the aspect of having them (and being able to controll them) totally rocks. Hmm, I think the most memorable, and probably bad bug I've tried helping with in MQ was the black login screen. That is also the hardest thing to duplicate and fix haha. I generally recycle my bugs, then eat them. That wasn't supposed to make sense.
SMGS also asks: Who's Practel? Where and how did BlamePractel2012 begin? I thought everyday was a holiday, what happened? 
Practel is a brony, and generally silly person. He's also super cool. #BlamePractel2012 began on twitter as a small things going around with my friends and I, which eventually led to other games (ED, and MQ!). Everyday is a holiday, or that's at least how I treat it!
glaisaurus_x asks: WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON...Dinosaurs (and/or Aliens)?
They both eat you in the end. 
forumlogin asks: Did you use to have a different forum name? Or were you not a forumite before?
Yes, for a while I was "Holiday Practel" (since I joined the forums around holiday time)
kim346 asks: Do you guys enjoy listening to music? If so, why?
I do very much so enjoy listening to music. I feel there is a natural beuaty in song, and I enjoy listening to it while doing homework, playing sports, and just in general. I also like a lot of Techno, Dubstep, and Electronic. I also like anything that is really beautiful.
Thiefboy109 asks: What's both of your favorite colors? You can tell a lot by someone's favorite color believe it or not.
I really love green. I also like red and blue. 
the clan master asks: What was the first AE game you played? What is your favorite MQ planet? What Gears House did you join and why? 
The first AE game I played was DragonFable, and I actually don't think I have a favorite MQ planet! That needs to change. I joined RuneHawk at the time, and I was a little unawware of what was going on. As time expanded, I love what RuneHawk symbolized.
Selutu asks: Where did the name Practel actually come from? What's your favorite thing about MQ? 
The name Practel comes from the Xbox Live Word: "Practical" in a severe spelling mistake. It's stuck ever since! My favorite thing about MQ is defenitly the robots. KABLAM BOOM POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH BOOOOOSH!
blackshock asks: If you could learn a foreign language that you currently do not know how to speak, what would it be and why? In a previous life, who do you think you were? What genre of music you like? What's your favorite mecha anime? What MQ house do you peeps belong to?
I'd probably learn french. It's the love language, + it just sounds cool. In my previous life eh? I think I was probably a fun and successful guy. I like techno, dubstep, and electronic specificly, but I also love any music that sounds good. I actually don't like anime D:. I belong to RuneHawk.
Korin asks: - You have one meal you can eat every day for the rest of your life. What do you choose? 
- What movie have you seen that made you cry? 
- If you could steal any item from history, what would it be? 
- What's your favorite celestial body?
Coming from google definitions a meal is classified as any of the regular occasions in a day when a reasonably large amount of food is eaten. In that case, I would have something from all the food pyramids every day. I'll be honest, Marley and Me made me bawl my eyes out. If I could steal any item from history eh? The one that's been undiscovered, probably. Celestial body? Yeah.
REIGNZERO asks: I hope we can be friends on the mechquest forums? How do I get even better at mechquest now that I have more time to play?
Of course we can be friends! I look forward to seeing your posts and interacting with you more. Also, I think Plasma Charge gave a GREAT description! I’d say that the best was to improve would be to experiment with different builds against enemies difficult enemies such as the Vampire lords on Necroyptos.
Xiphroid asks: How exactly do you squish a gremlin? Hammer, mallet, anvil? Why BlamePractel? (BUT you have to make up the answer!) 
Hmm, I'm a fan of a traditional WAR HAMMER! I just smash that hammer on them bugs and they disperse. Why BlamePractel? Well, the simple solution is why not?
forumlogin asks: Why'd you decide to start working on MQ? 
I started to work on MechQuest because my real life great friend Maegwyn wanted some help, so I said Pracy shall help! And so it has become.
I think that's going to be it for me, everyone! I'll try to keep the next DN's shorter!

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