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September 26, 2012

Ask Anything 1

Plasma Charge has some replies to your questions! 

Happy Wednesday everyone, we’re half way to Friday already! =D

As I have the day off school I figured I’d take time to answer questions!

So without further ado, lets begin!

Hijinks asked:

Hey Plasma Charge and Practel how did you come up with your usernames?
What is your favorite mecha?
Will you guys later be part of the NPCs later found in MQ like Korin, Warlic, etc.?
Is there anything awesome that you two are planning to do?
Are you guys ninjas?
Any other awesome updates that you guys might do? :O
I'm one of the few new players here, is there a mecha that I should try to get?

My username is based of a character I designed about ten years ago. My favorite mecha is probably the Geekatron at the moment. Because it would be silly if it was purple! No idea, we’ll have to wait and see! Perhaps there is, but that’s be secret. I don’t like Ninjas, except for Thyton who’s awesome! =D Yep but I’m afraid I can’t talk about it ;)  The anniversary mech coming out this week should be good

Forumlogin asked:

 How come I don't see you around in the MQGD as much anymore? :P What's the least powerful mecha in your opinion? Relatively to its level, of course, which cuts the Newbatron out.

I haven’t been around much lately because I unfortunately had quite a bad kidney infection recently and so I’ve mainly been sleeping through most of the day, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things so expect to see a lot more of me sooo.

As for the least powerful mech, in the current meta of mechquest where tough enemies are starting to have high dodge I would say the Dharmahp because all of it’s best effects activate on the enemy.

Eonaleth asked: 1. What got you two into MQ and what would you like to accomplish? 
2. What are you two's ID's on MQ so I can pvp you on Assault Mecha? 
3. How long have you two been playing MQ? 

1. Funnily it was the old AQ server cap that led me to discover MQ and then slowly I stopped playing AQ and MQ became my default game, what I’d like to accomplish is to help the game be awesome!

2. My main id 5000709, most of the mechs I’ll save will be just aesthetically pleasing rather than powerful. =)

3. My account was made four years ago, but I’d say I really started around the AvP war.

In Media Res asked:

It is a good idea or not, good milk, stir to blend, then add the milk? 
In addition, the weapon in the right? Rope. 
All tease them? 
The Brazilian people? 
Romney, the leader of the future as well? 
Honey, when you think about it? 
(D) is sugar cane grown?

15-20, please me/you know how to use the kitchen. Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola), Brazil enjoyed good food hot sale feared Romney honey. A member of the secret society, but they do not collapse.

SMGS asked:

What do you enjoy most in the game and why? 
What's the most interesting/memorable (bad or good) gremlins you've found in testing? 
What was the hardest bug ever to duplicate and why? 
I remember someone who ate bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is your method of choice in getting rid of gremlins? Do you charge batteries? If not, what do you charge other than Plasma?

My favorite part of MQ would be the mecha desgins. The best Gremlin I can remember would have been the “my little Paladin” glitch from Romero, it’s in one of the past DNs if you’d like to see. The hardest bug to duplicate would probably be the Lagos war blackscreen that we fixed a while back. Favorite way to get rid of Gremlins would be squishing them into a pulp and then selling that to Mecharoini to be used as pizza bases! =D No I don’t charge batteries, my job is to power the clock in east Soluna as you can see I’m doing quite well!

Glaisaurus X asked: WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON...Dinosaurs (and/or Aliens)?

Aliens are ok, but Dinosaurs are awesome, especially robot dinosaurs!

Kim 346 asked: Do you guys enjoy listening to music? If so, why?

Yep, I find it’s great for relaxing and can also be good for long farming runs

Theifboy109 asked: So, what's both of your favorite colors? You can tell a lot by someone's favorite color believe it or not.

My favorite color would be blue! 

The Clan Master asked:

What was the first AE game you played?

What is your favorite MQ planet?

What Gears House did you join and why? 

AQ was the first AE game I played then I played DF and MQ. My favorite planet is Romero, I really enjoyed the transforming starship concept. I am in Runehawk house, and I’m currently on the house council. 

Selutu asked: Where have you gone? >.>

Like I told forumlogin I’m currently recovering from a bad Kidney infection, expect to see more of me from now on =)

(Dr.) blackshock asked:

If you could learn a foreign language that you currently do not know how to speak, what would it be and why?

In a previous life, who do you think you were?

What genre of music you like?

What's your favorite mecha anime?

What MQ house do you peeps belong to? 

I already speak English, Irish and French I think I’d like to learn Japanese next. A frog.

I don’t really have any favorite genre of music. Code Geass at the moment. As I said earlier I belong to Runehawk house.

Korin asked:

 - You have one meal you can eat every day for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

- What movie have you seen that made you cry?

- If you could steal any item from history, what would it be?

- What's your favorite celestial body?

-I would eat a twenty course meal! =P That or Pizza, because it’s Awesome!

-Toy Story 3 made me cry, the end’s so sad :’(

-I’d steal the last Rolo.

-The red super giant Beetlejuice would be my favorite.

REIGNZERO asked: How do I get even better at mechquest now that I have more time to play?

Welcom to the GD Reignzero! I’d say that the best was to improve would be to experiment with different builds against enemies difficult enemies such as the Vampire lords on Necroyptos.

If you’ve made it this far congrats! Feel free to ask me moar questions, watch out for gremlins, and I’ll see you guys on the forums! 


~Plasma Charge

Awesome - thanks a lot! Gibby wanted to add a few words as well:

It’s time again to check,

Inside your favourite mech,

Is planet Loreon today still at peace?

It’s time you might have guessed,

To visit your game Mechquest,

We’ll find out soon in this week’s release.

Ha, very cool! I hear that Practel is working on some answers as well, so stay tuned for that another time soon. If you have questions, just click the link above to get to the forum thread and ask away! =Mae

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