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February 03, 2011

Moar info

First off, this week we have a release planned. Maegwyn is working on an intro quest to the Knife and Spork part 2. She says that's going fabulously so far. I believe we'll be having the SC challenge for next week, if not we'll probably release the last year's Valentine's Day release like apparently everyone else is doing. For this game challenge thing, I'm on team "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" with Dumoose  and Llussion. We're hoping to do something with Unity so we'll see. Anywho, here's some questions. 
turtledude asks: How many people work on Mechquest overall? (The design, storyline, gremlins, balancing etc)
I see that MQ uses *Quality > Quantity*. It's nice, but sometimes I wonder if you go a little too far with it. Every flare of a flame is detailed so highly and sometimes the flares of light on screens are just.. just.. amazing. The trees on Planet Lagos are just.. just.. my mouth fell open when I saw how detailed the palms are.But don't you think you could go a little easier on the detail? I mean, EpicDuel has a pretty small staff-base and they still seem to be releasing a lot, why not try going a little easier on the details, like, in the Yokai storyline, I was a bit shocked that you guys were actually working doubletime for the quests and it's just a little bit.. cruel q_q. Or is it a *MUST!* on mecha?
1) 10ish. It's a very rough count. 2) The detail isn't a huge issue in the design process unless we're building an all-new area with all-new elements. And that's kind of the difference between us and EpicDuel is that they're design pipeline doesn't have them building whole new areas as often as we may have to in a week. That said, we've been steadily pushing the graphics and it would be hard to slow down on that. Especially for Thyton. He feels like once the bar has been raised, you should never be under it. Yokai was pretty harsh though. At the same time, I had a lot more weight on my shoulders then than I do now.
Xeru asks: 1) how long will the gameshow planet be? 2) will it be like planet 51 or whatever it was called? (the planet your npc was introduced) 3) will the game show be like a survivor type one or a wheel of fortune type game? 4) will the second verified mecha be like the riptide or will it actually be based of a combination of guardian and dragonlord. also could there be levels like the riptide but the second one actually scale?
1) It'll be all one release but it'll have 10 levels of minigames which each consist of 5 small stages that shouldn't take long to win unless you run out of time in each little stage. It will get difficult towards the end but you'll get a skip if you lose too many times ( I think I set it to 7 or 8 losses) but you won't get EXP or credits if you use the skip. At the end if a longer quest with fights against 2 new enemies. It'll be a maze. Then boss fight. It seems small but a lot had to be built from the ground up which shouldn't be the case for the next planets. A lot of time went into the minigame for this one. So basically after gameshow planet, you'll likely get faster planet releases which may go quick but at least they'll come around faster and have more story content. 2) Well I guess I answered this one. And no I didn't spoil any of the storyline because none of you really know what I'm talking about :P 3) I guess like neither? 4) We tend to stay away from scaling items and mechs unless they're promotional so it's not likely it'll scale. As for the style, it's undecided.
earth breather asks: 1:What is you're favourite mecha? 2:What is you're favourite animal? 3:If you could have you're characters head highlighted any colour, what would it be. 4:Will you're MQ char ever get married?1) I'm really not sure. I'll just say Sepulchure mech. 2) Water Monitor, Bearded Dragon, or... Something else. I forget what. I know I posted my favorite animals before. 3) Is rapidly changing colors an option? 4) Nope.
DARK cal asks: 1)do you know anyone from the uk? 2)whats your favorite shop? 3)what's your favorite website? 4)who is your idol? 5)what do you want to be when you grow up? 6) are you aware that the goverment has millions of safe ways to save the environment but they are hiding it somewhere to save money? 7) what do you think of number 6?
1) I know some people. Not very well but I know them. 2) In real life? Comp USA. I can lose a lot of money in there. 3) I don't think I have one. 4) George Lowe? 5) Astronaut. 6) To be fair, that stuff does tend to be super expensive. An expense that our country can't really afford at the moment. We do need to get off of oil as soon as possible and the oil companies are the bigger threat than the government. They don't want anyone making a gas-free engine. 7) Strange.
kevin282819 asks: do you guys actually sort through all the suggestions?
1) Not so much sort as look at. We do need to pull from the suggestions pool more often though. Overpowering is not a valid suggestion though.

Hoping i just fixed the black-on-black color issue. =Mae

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