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January 17, 2011

Time for more questions!

I'm still not sure what I'm releasing this week while I continue working on the next planet. Sooooo....


DARK cal asks: 1) what goes on at the underground lab 2) where do you get all of your ideas 3) do you work on the weekends 4) what do you do in the holidays 5) do you work nights 6) do you get paid much

1) We make lots of jokes. And we work. Sometimes yelling. Depends on how stressed everyone is. 2) We brainstorm a lot of them but we come up with the basic ideas by watching other successful movies just to get good ideas. Then we mix and match and come up with new twists. 3) If I need to, I work on the weekends. Basically if there are any bugs. Lately to avoid burning out, I've stopped working on weekends and late nights. It was getting to a point where I wasn't happy at all and I'm still worried that if I work much harder that I may slip into that slope again which I want to avoid because I like working for MQ but when you have big plans but not enough time to create them, it bugs you prertty good. 4) I try to rest as much as possible. I'll play a game to keep my mind off things and to try and find inspiration. 5) As above, I used to work nights all the time. Often up to 2 or 3 in the morning. It burns you out really bad. 6) I generally live paycheck to paycheck. I don't have a ton of bills. Mortgage, student loans, tv/internet bill, cell phones, electric, etc.

megakyle777 asks: 1) If you could make a TV SHow about any AE game, which would it be, why, and how would the plot go? 2) I'm not going to ask who would win in a fight between you and Cysero since you ansered that. But if you and Cysero met up in one of the games, do you think it would result in a fight? Or would something else happen and if so, what do you think would? 3) Do you ever plan to have a crossover ecent with one of the games while you are in charge? If so, do you think you make it a crossover between you and Cysero somwhow, or do you have a plan? And if you do have another plan, what is it? 4) Who would you preffer, Zorbak or Kabroz? And which do you think would win in a fight? I think Zorbak has more power, but Kabroz has more skill/ And will we ever see Kabroz in MQ, maybe as Mr.Z's Business rivel or associate? 5) Since this is at the bottem of a page, will you ever see or answer these questions?

1) I'm not really sure. Maybe just Bladehaven because I think it coudl be pretty epic. It would probably be a serious plot and just have cool action sequences. 2) I don't think there would be a fight. I'm not much of a fighter so we would likely join forces. I'm not 100% though since I don't really know for sure what Cysero is like in-game exactly. 3) I think it's too soon to tell. We're not really sure what's going to happen in that regard. 4) I don't think we'll see Kabroz in MQ. Zorbak is enough. 5) Yep.

Ultrapowerpie asks: 1) Can I poke your paper bag? 2) Can I steal your supah secret plans for creating the Death Star in MQ? (I know they exist) 3) Would it be possible for you to create a planet filled with living giant food?

1) I don't see why not. It might eat your hand. 2) I don't think it's stealing if I let you steal them. 3) Technically but I don't know when I would have time for it.

nami9876 asks: do you think the realeases will get better with time. will we ever get old staff members Back like j6 and warlic?

The releases should get better in time but they won't be consistently full weekly releases. Basically my goal is to have one awesome release a month and the rest be nice small items or small quests. I don't think we'll get J6 back and Warlic may only pop in for small stuff here and there.

jrobot2 asks: Dear Korin, when did you get hired into BoG?

I got hired at the end of October in 2007 as an animator under contract. January 2008 I became full time.

Rikyri asks: What does Char think of your pets?

Well the Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink is technically hers. I don't think she has a problem with any pets. She doesn't want me to get a wallaby or water dragon on account of their size and time required to keep them tame. Well, wallabies are easier. They're instantly tamed if you get them as babies but yeah. She likes lizards and snakes and cats.

LeoMart asks: If you guys had 1 billion dollars and you were told to spend it on you alone, what will you do with the money?

Pay off my mortgage, student loan, whatever other bills I have, and save the rest if I'm not able to give it away. I would only save a couple million for future issues but I have no need for anything more than that.

master mix asks: Which do you like more, iphone or android?

Absolutely Android. iPhone in my opinion is a large waste of money. You pay for this phone that does what Apple will allow you to do with it. It's really my main beef with Apple period. I like Android because I can make those phones do exactly what I want. There are also less hoops to jump through. Char has one and I'm jealous of it. If Verizon didn't make me pay for ANOTHER data plan for my own phone, I would have one too but I don't feel like getting ripped off.

coolboypai asks: do any of you ever call each other by your ingame names?
would you reply if someone did?

Yeah. We switch it up so we usually listen for both versions of our names. Mine's not far off from my real name so it's not hard.

blackshock asks: If you could keep any animal as a pet (fictional pets included), what would it be? What would you name it? Who's your favorite videogame character (not limited to one)? Pirates of Ninjas?

I would keep Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Easily. I would probably name it Toothless still. Favorite video game character is Sonic which is also an easy choice. Super fast hedgehog with a fun attitude. Love it. And as for Pirates or Ninjas, probably Ninjas. Pirates did a lot more bad things than Ninjas did.

lord valoth asks: 1) Do you think MechQuest is losing player due to other games like AQW? 2) Have you ever watched Dragon Ball Z? If so do you enjoy it? 3) Do you like you job? 4) Do you enjoy answering these questions I have put up for you to answer? 5) what happened to the lords of the galaxy saga thing? 6) Will we ever catch Mr. Z? 7) Will there ever be a double credit/ exp week/end? 8) what would you do for a million dollars?

1) That could be one factor. That's certainly what made the player-base drop like a rock at one point. That's to be expected though. 2) Yeah I watched all of it. I did enjoy it. Not so much for the action stuff though since I enjoyed the comedy in it too. It was fun for it's time. 3) I do. Besides a little burnout it's been mostly positive. It's a fun place to work for sure. 4) Yes I do. 5) I'm not even sure what that is! 6) We'll see. 7) Probably not double but St. Patrick's Day tends to be pretty lucky. 8) Can I do nothing for a million dollars? I would love to do that.

nami9876 asks: If all of ae games had a war who do you think would win also if you could own anything from mechquest what would it be?

I think it would take a lot of mana to deflect a heavy barrage of missiles and bullets. Perhaps, too much mana. As for own something from MQ, my paperbag that actually changes expressions.

DARK cal asks: 1) what color is your hair? 2) if you hade a time machine what time would you go to? 3) does anyone there have kids? 4) who thought of a game with giant metal robot?

1) Brown. 2) I would lunge into the future in hopes of finding an era similar to Futurama so I could get a cool robot friend named Bender. Plus I just want to see more of where we're going rather than where we were. 3) Warlic, Cysero, Yergen, Thyton. Not too sure about anyone else. I may be forgetting about someone though. 4) Not us. Giant robot games have been around for a long time.

keithpaulo asks: 1) What is your favorite animal? 2) Do you like ice cream? 3) Whats your favorite ice cream flavor? 4) Whats your new year resolution?

1) Eitherrrr, Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Komodo Dragon and maybe a couple others. I love lizards. 2) Absolutely! Got any!? 3) Cookie Dough Ice Cream.... *droooooool* 4) I don't have a personal one. I do want to make sure I get in more storyline quests though.

grilico asks: What mod tools do you have?Do you use them?

Technically none. I guess we have a few things in the game engine that staff can use to check different things but that's it. Nothing fancy.

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