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January 07, 2011

Small update of questions!

Just wanted to answer a couple questions before I get shoulders-deep into work.

rjy asks: I think it would be awesome if this actually got posted on the DNs;
Whatever happened to Warlic? Not that I'm badmouthing Korin or anything, but the releases seemed alot ALOT bigger when he was in charge. Also, has anyone noticed that whenever Korin goes on vacation or something like that a Warlic gets put in charge the release is the size it used to be with a Wednesday mini-release on top of that? Is Warlic just that much more capable, or does he get staff from other games to help him? If so, cheater XP. (Not Windows XP, tounge sticking out w/ eyes closed XP if you had to read this to get it.) I know Korin has alot on his hands and is the only reason MQ's alive, but I just want to ask, What happened to Warlic? I haven't even seen a DN post by Warlic since MQs birthday in October, and it was a small little thing.
Oh, and Korin? DARN YOU FOR HATING AVATAR!!!!1!!

First off, yes. Definitely not a fan of Avatar. I thougth it was boring. Some people argue that the 3D made it good but that only makes it a cool 3D experience. It doesn't make it a good movie. That's my opinion :P

As for the Warlic question, the simple answer is yes, he's much faster than me haha. I've only been learning programming since I've been on MQ team and that wasn't even until after my first year. He knows better shortcuts and knows what errors to look for. I'm getting better at it everyday but he's absolutely faster but he's had a lot more time to get used to it. He chose me when the decision was that he had to move to other projects because of my ability to quickly go from no programming to enough to at least mantain the game. What also helps is that he was there since the engine was built. He knows where to look for things in the actual game engine and he knows how to go about and do some crazy things which often take me a while to figure out. It's some pretty brutal stuff and beats the mind up. I can push out some pretty cool stuff myself but it honestly does take me more time. As for what happened to him, he's had to move on to work on other smaller games. Bladehaven was his first big project. He's working on a lot of other projects now at the same time.

But when it comes down to it, he's able to make bigger quests because he's just faster and knows what to do off the top of his head whereas I need to figure a lot of things out especially when trying something new or even when I'm trying to figure out how he handled an old quest. For awhile when he was more directly training me to be able to make quests and town files, we had even bigger quests. I would do his smaller more simple quests which would give him tons of time to make his more complicated quests. So when we had 2 people programming, it went great. When he left, I had to pick up a lot of slack as well as continue doing my old jobs of animating and weapon programming and that was a pretty hard and swift fall to the face since we went from huge quests to small quests. But that's about it. I hope that helps everyone to understand. Good question.

blackshock asks: What's yer favorite bands?
Fave genre of music?
Do any of you guys play instruments?

I personally enjoy Blink 182 and Sum-41 though their older stuff has been best. I like Pain, a band that did the awesome Jabberjaw song on Cartoon Network which you can look for on Youtube. The Cynic Project, BT, probably some others. I'm really picky with music. I like to find humor in my songs. I'm tired of hearing songs where people complain or whine about something. Not that those are bad bands or music but it just burns me out hearing the same lyrics in a different song about issues that don't apply to me.

I like punk/pop rock and trance/techno. An odd mix but I like the different sounds in trance and techno songs. I also love stutters which is why I like BT so much. I highly recommend everyone check out This Binary Universe.

I don't play anything. I would like to play guitar and drums. Maybe someday.

Tags: Korin

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