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Level: 50
Credits: 61988
Created: 5/7/2008
Last Played: 6/9/2019

Account Type: Star Captain
(From: 3/17/2011 8:13:00 PM)

Special Title: Master Dragonguard

Mecha Models

Frankenmecha OC45
Infuriated Skelapunk
Staunch Vanguard
Runehawk GEARS Edition v41
Shadowhawk DX41
Insatiable Imbiber
Shadowscythe Trog SCT3
Revivified Bunzilla SC41
Grade 4-A Egg
Riderpulous Derpmachine
Jameson Avenger XI
Lethal Mechatron
Deflagrator SC45
Dharmahp Dominator
Gold Nubertron SE
Golden Katana C-45
Rockin' Werewolf 45
Void Hover
HoverScythe Chassis
Flavescent Chrono
Avalanche Harvester SC43
Droxtal Mecha
Milziiga Sniegapika -41NG Complete
Most Wrathful Bunzilla
Loki N41
Spectacular Lightshow
Wrapped Nubertron SC-45
Wrapped Nubertron SC-5
SDF Elite Star General
141dB Nova TerriFi
Mystraven GEARS Edition v41
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v41
Sepulchure of Doom
Valoth's Epic Image G50
Primo Jameson
Vintage Newbatron AnniVY3010-43
Anni-Volt Ferre
Birthday Newbatron V1337-BN41
Flavescent Skullcrusher
Golden Steampunk Model A-S3
Golden Wrapped Nubertron SC-50
Golden GLaDERP Security A-45
Golden Valkyrie Prime C-44
Frenzied LepreScythe LNG-50
Lucky Nova Hawk
Lucky Elite RuneHawk
Paint Job
4pri1 Acrobat 50
Doom Cell
Hunter Phantasm
Madcap F001 50
CW5 Aerial Assault Mech
2LT Tactical Land Assault Mech
ENS Naval Assault Mech
Agile Haliaeetus
Chaos Crusher
Platinum Chef V
Draconic Warden V
Draconic Blazeblade I
Doom Rider X50
Shelley's Regret SC-50
Jameson Amore XV
Lucky Carrotron G-50
Void Infused Drakel Armor
Ace Automorph-P
Crowned Clown 50
Vibranium Ultra-Tron Z50
True Eagle V
Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel
Reaper SCP-48
Dark Rider X50
Wise Turkinator TNG-50
Frost Viking

Mecha Parts Inventory

Ice Crystal Storm
Vision of Con-Flagration
Blazing Yule Helm
Pinecone Barrage
Crystalite Helm 12 12 12
Korin's Baffling Bag
Metal Head v.0.0
Cap'n Boneyface
Reaper's Lens -45
Salvaged Repulsive Skull
Admiral Boneyface 3013
Courageous Beardface
Valoth's Epic Vengeance of Doom
Valoth's Epic Destruction H-5
Crystal Explosion
Blazing Yule Blade
Pinecone Bomber
Turbo Toaster SC100
Arthurian NovaShield Bash
Salvaged BallDrop Mace N42
Runehawk Cloverblade Mc44
Reaper's Rune -45C
Generic Cloverblade O'45
Charged Battle Staff S47
Shadowy Katar S47
Elite Gold Star Trophy '12
EbilCorp Brand Dad's Tie G50
O'Cloverblade 50
Valoth's Crushing Blade
BallDrop Mace N50
Blade of Impending Doom Mk. VIII
Doom Chaingun Mk. VIII
Sniega Lielgabals -50 NK 3015
Canon de perle de fete 50
Void Enhanced Blade OC x2
Nightmare Glove SLX
Valoth's Epic Shredder of Doom F5
Go.Oogly Jubiloso
Valoth's Epic Cannon of Doom F5
Fowl Arm G-50
Snow Day Launcher O.ops
Bi-Polar Vortex 50 knots
Rose Shooter
Crystal Explosion
Yule Shield
Pinecone Launcher
Blazing Yule Shield
Brand Name Jack in the Box
Super Venter
Shadow of Doubt DLX
Scythe of the Reaper -45NG
Clover Shot O.ops
Clover Shot G-50
Arch Cookiemancer
Block Launcher 50
Valoth's Epic Cannon of Doom B5
Valoth's Epic Shredder of Doom B5
Stellar Blundergat
Brickity Brack 50
Egginator G50
Pinecone Seed Striker
Blazing Yule Cannon
EbilCorp Nova Zorbo
Chibi Dragonoid
Snowman Nova Zorbo
Ugly Sweater Nova Zorbo
Bacon-Wrapped Zorbo
Santa Zorbo SC
Crystal Laser
Screaming Eagle
Wicked Pumpkin
Lucky Pot o' Gold
Bit Bitty Star Chickencow
Reaper's Hourglass NK45
Valoth's Epic Grapple (NGF)
Close Shave
Pinecone Seed Striker
Blazing Yule Cannon
Crystal Laser
Shocking Strike
N2 Rixty Bazook
My Very Own Master Chef
Mana Piercer B45
Shining Baz-O.Ops
Mana Piercer B45
Reaper's Timeglass -45NG
Earth Day Solar Panels NG46
Rubber Ducky Launcher C-7
Wayward Pumpkin
Stranger in the Dark G50
Valoth's Epic Grapple (NGB)
Sales Cannon v.50
Valoth's Epic Destruction S-5
Star BladeMaster Katana
Ebil Star Blade
Ultra OmniKnight E-Blade
Gleaming Pan
The Thirteenth Star Blade
Dimensionally Shifted Blade
Star Spoiled Turkeyblade
GG's Little Ankle Biter
Global Selfie: Star Version
Clover Cutter Star Poleaxe
Dark Vander's Dual Blade
Green Starflash Blade
Nova Morbia
Elemental Ember
Piece of Eight
Valor Badge
X-Boost: Unlimited
Cursed Tape
Star of Prowess
Vizalain Shard
Vizalain Shard
Doom Modulator Z06
Rainbow in a Jar
Rainbow in a Jar
Advanced Mana Star-Drive 50
Symbol of Ability
Symbol of Ability
Emblem of The Horseman
Emblem of The Horseman
Purple Vulkhar Feather
Purple Vulkhar Feather
Perfect 4-Leaf Clover
Insignia of Honor

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