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Level: 46
Credits: 2133440
Created: 2/23/2008
Last Played: 4/21/2018

Account Type: Star Captain
(From: 3/5/2008 9:21:00 AM)

Special Title: Master Dragonguard

Mecha Models

SDF Commander
Delta Star Leader
Equinox War Steed
Powermerged War Armor V7
Golden Star Newbatron V3008
Volt Lance
Fresh Frankenmecha
Midnight Rider
HoverScythe Chassis
Snow Mecha
Pirate Admiral
War Ram
Jameson VI
Psycho Clown
Wrathful Bunzilla
Strider Pro
Raging Bull
Warbear Pro
Stardust Striker
Assault Raider DLX
Adamantium Aegis
Grim Reaper
Resplendent Eagle SCm
Burning Steampunk Model A-S2
Mohawk SCX35
Gold Nubertron SE
Corrupted Drakel Armor L40
Dark Hunter SC39
Adamantium Falcon
Yeti Officer
Shadowhawk DX31
Runehawk GEARS Edition v31
Optimal Automorph
Psychic Wing ESP33
Lucky Bladestorm V38
AC-490 V38
Liberty NG40
Steve Skysplitter V38
Nemesis V43
Infuriated Skelapunk
Indignant Skelapunk
Rockin' Werewolf NG 45
Avalanche Harvester SC43
Skullcrusher 1000
Staunch Vanguard
Knightron AU
Super Mecha-Bunzilla
Lucky Advanced Hawk
Shadowhawk DX41
Dorky Derpmachine
Riderpulous Derpmachine
Runehawk Star Commander v3.9
GLaDERP Security B-45
GLaDERP Security A-45
GLaDERP Security B-10
Lethal Mechatron
Master Blaster V38
Cosmic Talon V38
Rockin' Werewolf 15
Deflagrator SC45
Deflagrator NSC24
Newbatron V1
Shadowscythe Trog NT2
Shadowscythe Trog NT1
ShS Trog Star NT3SCL
V-Trapper NSC34
Sepulchure Ultimate
Lucky Nubertron 23NGV
Lucky Nubertron 5NGV
Lucky Nubertron 14GV
Chrono Corruptor
Super Mecha-Bunzilla
Classic Bunzilla DLX
Rejuvenated Bunzilla NG41
Loki N41
Valkyrie Prime G-44
Valkyrie Prime C-44
Valkyrie Prime N-44
Astonishing Lightshow
Eye-Opening Lightshow
Impressive Lightshow
Spectacular Lightshow

Mecha Parts Inventory

SubZero Gaze
Beacon of Frost
New Year RoboFlash Ultra
Blazing Sugegasa
Face of Frostval Past DLX
Metal Head v.0.0
Ytterbium Laser 1045nm
Valoth's Epic Vengeance
Face of Frostval Past SLE
Flash Freeze Ray
Frostval Axe
Rx for Destruction
Inflatable Adelie Penguin
Epic Bigga Drill
Annihilator's Bug Spray
Runehawk Cloverblade Mc38
Deluxe Card Shooter
Massive Bronze Trophy 3010
DLX Snow Day Launcher
MayDay Leaf Blower
Shiny Maypole
Salvaged Shadowblade 44R
Gift Chill Ray
Captain SO.Oluna Shield
Snowman Automatic
Salvaged Quadmissile
Gift Freeze Ray
Corrupted Drakel P-WVC40B
Supreme Flamorah
Gift Chill Ray
Epic Blundergat
Lightning Mallet 45v
Ticklish Zorbo
Snowglobe Storm
Chibi Dragonoid
TLaPD 3010 CF7
Distracting T-Shirt Cannon
XTreme Rabot
Grand Crow's Nova Cannon
Injurious Turkey Cannon
Noxious Weed Killer
Awe Launcher Ultra 3010
Sparkler Rocket Ultra 3010
Salvaged Doublebarrel DTF43
Pop-Missiles X43
Ruinous Turkey Cannon
Salvaged Needler SSF-44
Vivi fs
Lucky Pot o' Gold
Doom Obliterator G-45
Gift Ball and Chain
Ice Ten
Turk-O Rockets N-13
Banana Bonanza G-29
Rhubarb's Cannon
Injurious Turkey Cannon
Salvaged Tankturret SS42
Salvaged Doublebarrel DTB43
Pop-Missiles X43
Ruinous Turkey Cannon
Salvaged Needler SSB-44
Void Flash C-45
Poison I.V. Ng-45 ml
Soul Sapper
Nova-Replica Amped EvilJ Axe
Gleaming Polished Pipe
Valor Badge
Elemental Ember
Ammo: Cast Iron Cannonball
X-Boost: Unlimited
The Arch Knight
T-Flan 8
Necryptos Bloodcrystal
Cap'n RhUbarb Nametag
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