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War Ram
1800 NovaGems

WarRamMecha inspired by the hardy mountain rams in Arthuria's majestic mountain ranges.

Level 30
Hitpoints 530
Energy Points 400
Energy Regeneration 15


1350 NovaGems

DecimatorA heavy class Shadowscythe hovering model. This mecha is unequippable and features the devastating "Decimation" attack!

Level 30
Hitpoints 515
Energy Points 420
Energy Regeneration 15


400 NovaGems

KurosawaA mecha styled after an ancient order of powerful warriors.

Level 5
Hitpoints 140
Energy Points 90
Energy Regeneration 9

Privateer Navigator
1350 NovaGems

Privateer NavigatorPut your navigational tools to creative use with this versatile mecha model. Designed for efficient navigation through battles.

Level 27
Hitpoints 493
Energy Points 387
Energy Regeneration 14


550 NovaGems

Veloci-MechaA powerful and ancient mecha prototype that is outdated, but has high attack power!

Level 11
Hitpoints 280
Energy Points 90
Energy Regeneration 8


Double Barrel
200 NovaGems

Double BarrelSimple, yet effective, shoulder-mounted boomstick for Wolfblade Members!

Level 12
Damage 33-43 Ballistic
Cooldown 4


Energy Reaper
200 NovaGems

Energy ReaperEnergy blade with a replica of an antique hilt design.

Level 8
Damage 2-32 Energy Blade



Perfect Ghost Trap
200 NovaGems

Perfect Ghost TrapThis ghost trap has 100% chance to capture weakened ghosts.

Level 3
Damage 12-16 Laser
Cooldown 1

*Required to capture ghosts.

Phantasm Scimitar
150 NovaGems

Phantasm ScimitarDouble-Bladed Scimitar of great power!

Level 1
Damage 8-24 Energy Blade



Purity Blade
325 NovaGems

Purity BladeThe untainted version of Sys-Zero's Symbolic Blade. Has a chance to deliver a Purifying Strike.

Level 20
Damage 45-55
Cooldown 4

Robotic Rifle
50 NovaGems

Robotic RifleRetractable shoulder weapon that has a 5% chance to perform an energy conversion on strike.

Level 4
Damage 21-25 Ballistic
Cooldown 3

Rock N Roll Skull Mask
150 NovaGems

Rock N Roll Skull MaskSuper-scary skull mask that is used for pyrotechnics shows at rock concerts! +3 to crit.

Level 1
Damage 5-7 Explosive
Crit +3
Cooldown 1


Soul Sapper
300 NovaGems

Soul SapperAn energy blade that is rumored to draw energy from supernatural forces.

Level 12
Damage 10-30 Energy Blade



Stonecrusher Axe
200 NovaGems

Stonecrusher AxeA antique energy axe that is held together by a magnetron-pulse core. Has a chance to disrupt enemies.

Level 15
Damage 35-50 Melee
Cooldown 5

Mocha Cola NovaBoost
100 NovaGems

Mocha Cola NovaBoostThis special mocha cola formula increases hitpoints and energy by 10% for one Week when used in your mecha!

Level 1
Hitpoints +10%
Energy Points +10


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