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July 19, 2013

New Shipment of Energy Blades Today and Epic Conclusion Next Friday

Today: Are you a Black Belt in the Energy Blades 101 Class? Go to Light's Sabers shop in Soluna City East to see the new shipment!

Blade and Zoshi, our two new apprentice artists, have begun putting together an awesome new series of Energy Blades! These are permanent in-game items for the students who have achieved Black Belt ranking, and we've got plans to add more designs & themes as time goes on.

March of the Shadowscythe WAR! Hurry back to the War Camp to catch up if you are not yet up to date with the latest events of the war, and prepare yourself for the epic conclusion of this massive conflict. Be sure to check back this upcoming Friday for the spectacular climax!

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for playin-- 

bzzzt bip blip beepio boop bip

Transmission Incoming!

A plan for the future... or is it the past? Or some kind of wild alternate timeline?
Heya everyone, Plasma Charge here! As you all know the final battle between the Allies and the Shadowscythe is almost here, and from looking on the forums there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to the state of the game after the finale of the main storyline. As such to put your minds to rest I'm happy to announce the location of the next planned saga of MechQuest; The next saga will take place on the planet Gark focusing on the Westian settlement! The basic bones of this saga have been in my mind for over a year now, and with the help of Maegwyn and other team members (past and present) it will be solidifying over **the next few weeks!

Hope you're all well, and best of luck in the battle ahead!
Plasma Charge out!

**We'll be busy polishing & refining, and will bring it to you Live when it's ready!

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November 30, 2012

Flavescent Friday

Star Date 30 November, 3012:

Incoming transmission from Plasma Charge!

Flavescent Friday! It’s Friday - this week we released a fresh new Flavescent Friday shop with some fantastic gear! This year’s shop includes rares from the legendary Arthurian Vs Pirate war, Friday the 13th, and past springtime rares by the ever-awesome Charfade! The shop also contains an assortment of permanent content at a deep discount, which should be fun to fight with! The sale will be on until Monday at 5pm EST, so be sure to snatch these bargains while you can.

G.E.A.R.S. Games coming… soon?

As the year draws to its end we are all working overtime to bring you an awesome set of releases, so here’s a little preview of a new weapon coming for the Games! Well that’s about all from me for this week. Have a good weekend and welcome to December!"

Thanks, Plasma Charge!

It is a little later than tradition would have it, as US Thanksgiving was last week, but I would still like to take a moment now to thank all of you all over the world who play MechQuest! We are very committed to bringing you high-quality content. Your dedication and support is awesome, and we love creating releases for you!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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October 19, 2012

Operation Gameocide Thwarted Thanks to You

Star Date 19 October, 3012

EbilCorp's "Operation Gameocide" has been thwarted! The loyal players of the Artix Entertainment games banded together to defeat Chairman P, Mr. Z, and the legions of EbilCorp warriors who were attempting a hostile takeover of the entire AE network.

A huge thank you from me to all of you for making sure that we're continuing under the umbrella of AE - I hope you know that I will never work for EbilCorp willingly! While we occasionally have had good reasons to work with Mr. Z, I prefer not to have anything more to do with Chairman P...

I'm also grateful for your loyalty & dedication - all of you - our players who are coming back to MechQuest from a hiatus, players of our other games trying MQ for the first time, and brand-new players who have come to AE games via MechQuest all joining our long-time loyal G.E.A.R.S. students in bringing down the Chairman and his forces.  You fought valiantly and tirelessly - thank you for your support of the MechQuest team!

Incoming transmission from Plasma Charge!

A message to all Mecha Pilots!

Victory! Congratulations! On Thursday, 18 October 3012 at 7:04 EST you amazing pilots managed to crush EBILCorp! It was really inspiring to watch you all battle to save the game and I salute the forumites that joined the discussion on the forums. You can join the fleet here.

It was a pleasure to fight beside all of you!  When the war meter reached 100%, the reward shops were set to unlock (and are now unlocked) - and to thank you, Odessa is offering SDF mechas to all you warriors!

Here’s a lowdown of the mecha specials:

FA - melee one hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- tries to stun- normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 

BA - 2 hits - gunshot- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damageHit 1: normal (1.5 time, double) EP DoT for 3 turnsHit 2: BtH NoT -7 (9, 10) per turn for 3 turns 

Shoulders - 1 Hit CD= 1- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- each shoulder nerfs enemy damage by 3(4,5%) per turn on hit, caps at -35% damage- chance for a crit 

BD - 1 hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- decreases enemy immo res by 60 (70,80) for 5 turns- BtH BoT 4 (5,6) per turn for 5 turns 

HD - 5 hits- Hit 1: 20% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 2: 30% damage, chance for a crit, general damage boost of +4 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns- Hit 3: 40% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 4: 50% damage, chance for a crit, decreases enemy def by - 5 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns, stays til end of fight, adds up, caps at 75- Hit 5: 75% damage, chance for a crit NG-only special:

When Mecha is equipped with all standard weapons, each weapon activation gives additional +5 BtH, adds up, caps at 75. Hit 3 of the Head heals EP with damage done, hit 5 HP with damage done.
Thanks to Blues for the specials!

This week we have a new starblade for all players available in the war camp, and Star Captains can pick up three new action figures for their starships, and of course you guys still have time to get Valor Badges to merge the war mods! Good luck with the VBs, watch out for Gremlins, and I hope you all have an excellent weekend!Also stay tuned because Mogloween will be coming soon.*Transmission closed*


If you haven't linked your Star Captain's Character ID for Trick or Treat visits at Mogloween please do so on the forums here!


I'm in the Secret Underground Lab today (yes for a visit!) working with the intern Aerylen, (who has been working with Epic Duel and Dragonfable), looking at MQ's interface design with me - and tomorrow he will be playing MechQuest (and other games) streaming LIVE for charity! 

Support Aerylen's team, the Warriors of Light, here - play games, heal kids via Extra Life (click the link to learn all about this charity event)!

Ok thanks again for supporting MechQuest and congrats on defeating Chairman P! Have a great weekend! I must run for now!

Tags: Maegwyn specials Plasma Charge EbilCorp Anniversary

September 28, 2012

Char and Wormhole Tech

It's Friday, and we had an early release today! Now, for some notes to you! We'll start off with a note from Plasma Charge:

Star Date: 28 September 2012

A transmission to all active mecha pilots!

Char has requested your presence in Dean Warlic’s office to speak to you about wormhole technology and to offer you an experimental new weapon to aid you in the battle against the Shadowscythe. The new weapon is available for all players who have completed Lagos and all previous missions.

Here’s Blues with the literally head spinning specials of the new weapon:

Numbers are NSC/SC/NG

Starts with 110/115/120% damage


- Gains + 5/8/10% damage per use, caps at 250%

- decreases enemy defense by 5/8/10 per hit, caps at -75

- decreases enemy BtH by 3/5/8 per hit, caps at -50

- decreases enemy damage by 2/4/6 per hit, caps at -40

Thank you Blues! =D

Also be sure to check in with Tek on Monday because we’re having a party! This Monday MechQuest will be turning 5 years old, and to thank all you players who help support the game Tek has commissioned a special anniversary mecha, as well as some sweet Starship loot designed by the ever-amazing Minar!

The annual Soluna bounty hunt has final come to an end which means Captain Rhubarb has returned to Lagos and took all his booty with him, also Tek is reporting that her stock of Imitation DragonConquest Blades is running low and will run out on Monday! So if you plan on getting this ferocious blade you have until Monday when it becomes RARE for a year - until Dragon*Con season 2013!

In Gremlins news:  Vivi managed to squish the gremlins in both Ghosthunter damage and the Seppy front arm crit blade. (Sepulchure Ultimate and Sepulchure of Doom)

Enjoy your Shaking of Dimensions, watch out for Gremlins, I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Plasma Charge

*transmission ended*

Char says that the wormhole tech may have unseen consequences. The weapons have been thoroughly tested and they appear to be working as intended, so doesn't it make you wonder what she could be talking about? Find out as the Dragonoid Saga progresses later this fall!

bzzt transmission incoming from Nightwraith at Epic Duel!

The Chairman Has Landed!

The nefarious Chairman has landed in EpicDuel and he's come to claim Delta V for his own! To lull the populace into compliance Chairman Platinum is selling powerful Ebilcorp armors of his own deisgn. These armors have a special skill, Chairman's Fury, a one-time use, selectable skill that can be used to unleash a powerful unblockable uppercut attack that steals 25% of your opponent's rage for yourself.'s%20Pride.jpg

As if that weren't enough "ebil" at once, Dage the Evil himself has stumbled upon Delta V to share is wares with those he deems worthy. Do you have what it takes to wield one of his monstrous creations?'s%20Shotguns%20DNs.jpg

=ED= Spooky Head Design Contest

EpicDuel is also hosting a new art contest in the AE forums:  They styles will be used for EpicDuel, but everyone is welcome to enter!  All you need is an EpicDuel character name and a cool design to enter!
*transmission ended*

Hmmmm. Chairman Platinum landing in Epic Duel ... could Mr. Z have something up his sleeve here in MechQuest? This is alarming news indeed! We must not let EbilCorp get its claws into MQ. Mr. Z and Maria13 are expert at security so as of yet we've been unable to crack into their communications network.  We'll definitely need to be on high alert!

Anyhow, I've got a big party to set up - cakes to bake for Scrap's Delight and so on.  Happy 5-year anniversary - thanks for your support! Five years! Sweet!

See you at the party in Tek's Basement on Monday! (I love it when the Floorivator is working!)


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September 26, 2012

Ask Anything 1

Plasma Charge has some replies to your questions! 

Happy Wednesday everyone, we’re half way to Friday already! =D

As I have the day off school I figured I’d take time to answer questions!

So without further ado, lets begin!

Hijinks asked:

Hey Plasma Charge and Practel how did you come up with your usernames?
What is your favorite mecha?
Will you guys later be part of the NPCs later found in MQ like Korin, Warlic, etc.?
Is there anything awesome that you two are planning to do?
Are you guys ninjas?
Any other awesome updates that you guys might do? :O
I'm one of the few new players here, is there a mecha that I should try to get?

My username is based of a character I designed about ten years ago. My favorite mecha is probably the Geekatron at the moment. Because it would be silly if it was purple! No idea, we’ll have to wait and see! Perhaps there is, but that’s be secret. I don’t like Ninjas, except for Thyton who’s awesome! =D Yep but I’m afraid I can’t talk about it ;)  The anniversary mech coming out this week should be good

Forumlogin asked:

 How come I don't see you around in the MQGD as much anymore? :P What's the least powerful mecha in your opinion? Relatively to its level, of course, which cuts the Newbatron out.

I haven’t been around much lately because I unfortunately had quite a bad kidney infection recently and so I’ve mainly been sleeping through most of the day, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things so expect to see a lot more of me sooo.

As for the least powerful mech, in the current meta of mechquest where tough enemies are starting to have high dodge I would say the Dharmahp because all of it’s best effects activate on the enemy.

Eonaleth asked: 1. What got you two into MQ and what would you like to accomplish? 
2. What are you two's ID's on MQ so I can pvp you on Assault Mecha? 
3. How long have you two been playing MQ? 

1. Funnily it was the old AQ server cap that led me to discover MQ and then slowly I stopped playing AQ and MQ became my default game, what I’d like to accomplish is to help the game be awesome!

2. My main id 5000709, most of the mechs I’ll save will be just aesthetically pleasing rather than powerful. =)

3. My account was made four years ago, but I’d say I really started around the AvP war.

In Media Res asked:

It is a good idea or not, good milk, stir to blend, then add the milk? 
In addition, the weapon in the right? Rope. 
All tease them? 
The Brazilian people? 
Romney, the leader of the future as well? 
Honey, when you think about it? 
(D) is sugar cane grown?

15-20, please me/you know how to use the kitchen. Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola), Brazil enjoyed good food hot sale feared Romney honey. A member of the secret society, but they do not collapse.

SMGS asked:

What do you enjoy most in the game and why? 
What's the most interesting/memorable (bad or good) gremlins you've found in testing? 
What was the hardest bug ever to duplicate and why? 
I remember someone who ate bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What is your method of choice in getting rid of gremlins? Do you charge batteries? If not, what do you charge other than Plasma?

My favorite part of MQ would be the mecha desgins. The best Gremlin I can remember would have been the “my little Paladin” glitch from Romero, it’s in one of the past DNs if you’d like to see. The hardest bug to duplicate would probably be the Lagos war blackscreen that we fixed a while back. Favorite way to get rid of Gremlins would be squishing them into a pulp and then selling that to Mecharoini to be used as pizza bases! =D No I don’t charge batteries, my job is to power the clock in east Soluna as you can see I’m doing quite well!

Glaisaurus X asked: WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON...Dinosaurs (and/or Aliens)?

Aliens are ok, but Dinosaurs are awesome, especially robot dinosaurs!

Kim 346 asked: Do you guys enjoy listening to music? If so, why?

Yep, I find it’s great for relaxing and can also be good for long farming runs

Theifboy109 asked: So, what's both of your favorite colors? You can tell a lot by someone's favorite color believe it or not.

My favorite color would be blue! 

The Clan Master asked:

What was the first AE game you played?

What is your favorite MQ planet?

What Gears House did you join and why? 

AQ was the first AE game I played then I played DF and MQ. My favorite planet is Romero, I really enjoyed the transforming starship concept. I am in Runehawk house, and I’m currently on the house council. 

Selutu asked: Where have you gone? >.>

Like I told forumlogin I’m currently recovering from a bad Kidney infection, expect to see more of me from now on =)

(Dr.) blackshock asked:

If you could learn a foreign language that you currently do not know how to speak, what would it be and why?

In a previous life, who do you think you were?

What genre of music you like?

What's your favorite mecha anime?

What MQ house do you peeps belong to? 

I already speak English, Irish and French I think I’d like to learn Japanese next. A frog.

I don’t really have any favorite genre of music. Code Geass at the moment. As I said earlier I belong to Runehawk house.

Korin asked:

 - You have one meal you can eat every day for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

- What movie have you seen that made you cry?

- If you could steal any item from history, what would it be?

- What's your favorite celestial body?

-I would eat a twenty course meal! =P That or Pizza, because it’s Awesome!

-Toy Story 3 made me cry, the end’s so sad :’(

-I’d steal the last Rolo.

-The red super giant Beetlejuice would be my favorite.

REIGNZERO asked: How do I get even better at mechquest now that I have more time to play?

Welcom to the GD Reignzero! I’d say that the best was to improve would be to experiment with different builds against enemies difficult enemies such as the Vampire lords on Necroyptos.

If you’ve made it this far congrats! Feel free to ask me moar questions, watch out for gremlins, and I’ll see you guys on the forums! 


~Plasma Charge

Awesome - thanks a lot! Gibby wanted to add a few words as well:

It’s time again to check,

Inside your favourite mech,

Is planet Loreon today still at peace?

It’s time you might have guessed,

To visit your game Mechquest,

We’ll find out soon in this week’s release.

Ha, very cool! I hear that Practel is working on some answers as well, so stay tuned for that another time soon. If you have questions, just click the link above to get to the forum thread and ask away! =Mae

Tags: Maegwyn Ask Anything Plasma Charge Gibby

September 25, 2012

MQ Anniversary and Ask Anything

Star Date 25 September 3012:

Incoming transmission: Practel

Howdy doodley, MechQuesters!
October is a VERY exciting month for Artix Entertainment. Some of you may know this already, but October 1st will be MechQuest's 5th year anniversary - and AE's 10th year anniversary is also this October! This anniversary in MechQuest will bring the return of previous anniversary events, along with a very special re-coloring of an anniversary Mecha, thanks to Jemini! To top it all off with a cherry on top, Minar will be making a bunch of new Anniversary Starship items, so look forward to that too!
There may be a few other tricks in store for you guys, but we'll just have to wait and see!
For those of you who are long time players, you may remember when Korin did an "Ask Me Anything." Well, since Plasma Charge and I are relatively new to the community (we've been testers for several months, just new to the whole DN's thing) we decided to do one of those, except for that it will focus on US! All you have to do is register on the AE forums, and then post a question for either of us in this thread here:
When questions come in, we will make a bunch of Design Notes answering these questions!
Well, that's it for me this week, everybody! I can't believe it's been 5 years already - time really flies when you're having fun.

Thanks, Practel! Time really DOES fly when you're having fun. I can hardly believe this is our FIFTH Anniversary! It's been a ton of fun working on MQ for all these years. Huge thanks to all of you for playing - we appreciate all your input and on behalf of the entire MQ team I'd like to thank all of you for helping to make MechQuest what it is today! And now I'll get back to work. =Maegwyn

Tags: Maegwyn Practel Plasma Charge Anniversary

September 21, 2012

Eidolon Revival Specials

Star Date: 21st September 3012

Phantasmal DOOM, Eidolon mecha revival!

Once again doom strikes Soluna City... the Hunter Eidolon mecha series has been by far one of the most interesting series in the game.

 So I was really excited to see these new buffs designed by Blues, they increase the efficiency of the mecha against both ghost and normal enemies! Here’s Vivi with the new specials:           

Deals 150% damage 
+30% damage on ghosts 
Applies an effect that drains EP (they lose, you gain) equal to Level/2 rounded down that lasts 4 turns 
Chance for a 1.5x EP DOT 

Deals 150% damage 
+10% damage on ghosts 
Captures weakened ghosts 
If the enemy is not captured, chance to lower bonus by 40 for 3 turns and the enemy loses 15% of their max EP 

Deals 150% damage 
First use of the shoulders gives the enemy the Psionic Link effect (which does nothing). The second use replaces Psionic Link with an Energy Drain effect. Each turn the enemy loses 75% of their EP Regen and you gain it. 

Deals 150% damage 
High crit chance on ghosts 
Against ghosts, gives +40 boost for 5 turns 

Deals 150% damage 
If you have any ghosts captured, consumes 1 ghost and heals 40% of your max HP and 20% of your max EP 

Thanks Vivi, not only have these new specials been added but also the mecha is now color customizable!

Hope you guys enjoy the release, watch out for scurvy gremlins, and I leave you with doom pirates!


Thanks, Plasma Charge! Maegwyn here.  I just wanted to add a quick thing:

Happy Birthday, Warlic!

From all of us on the MechQuest team!

Thank you to all of you for playing MechQuest! We're working on a lot more exciting new content for the upcoming weeks. I just got off the phone with Arklen a few minutes ago & he says hi as well! Have a most-excellent weekend, and please remember to tell all your friends about MQ! =Mae

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September 19, 2012

TLaPD 3012

Arrrr, me mateys! I'll catch up with ye scurvy dogs (just kiddin' there hearties) on the forums and will try to get me poxy pate on twitter later! Bit busy a'countin' men on a dead man's chest ... Plasma Charge has a few words for ye meantime! 

Star Date:  19th o’ September 3012

TLaPD 3012 Boneyface and return of Swashbuckler! Ahoy me ‘arties! T’day Captain Rhubarb himself will land in Soluna City with a NEW limited-time haul o’Boneyface Heads! These heads were recolored by Jemini and then animated with a NEW attack by Korin. Maegwyn also added some new "trashtalkin'" to the dialogue. They’re offered in all flavours (NSC, SC ,NG) and will leave even the best captains jumping at a chance to get one.

This year you can replay the "Pieces of 8" quest in Soluna City! Captain Rhubarb, needin' to lie low after the “Arthurian” incident, needs YOU to help him in a quest for booty! Fend off hordes of pirates to find and unlock the chests holding legendary Pieces of Eight for access to amazing pirate plunderin' weapons!  After all: “Nothin' better than findin' treasure... 'less it's findin' new ways to keel-haul Shadowscythe scum!” an' these awesome reward-boostin' weapons do  both!

If you guys thought collecting 24 pieces of eight was fun... how about 48? If you manage to collect that many pieces of eight then the Cap’n will reward you with the choice to dress proper, and what more proper way to dress on TLaPD than as a swashbuckler! This is a challenge mission of sorts and I want to see how you guys do. Please feel free to post your feedback on the forums as usual - it's greatly appreciated! Armor_zpsb666a84b.png

 Hope you guys enjoy the release; watch out for scurvy Gremlins and Plunder On!

Tags: Maegwyn Plasma Charge TLAPD Weapons Event Rares

September 14, 2012

ED MQ Crossover and DOOM

This is quite the week for Design Notes! First, a word from Plasma Charge.

Star Date: September  14th, 3012

DOOOOOOOOM!!! Darkness and Light.

A message to all mecha pilots.

In Soluna city a dark cloud looms over the Mysterious Emporium, more and more citizens have been reporting sightings of a cloaked stranger near the shop, when a brave few attempted to talk to him they say he vanished into the shadows.  They also heard him say a name… your name.

This week to follow up on the Ghost hunter update we have brand new levels of Doom Cell merge ghost hunter mechs (sweet new specials thanks to Blues!), and an exclusive NG Sepulchure of DOOM mecha (which levels all the way to 100 with you!) both of which WILL BE available from the Mysterious Stranger on the East side of Soluna City. 

Update: The Sepulchure of Doom is available NOW! The Eidolon type has some issues and its release is being pushed back until next week when we can resolve them so you have a nicely-working model to pilot! =Mae & Korin Now back to Plasma Charge...

When you’re finished outfitting yourself with these awesome new items, head to the starport, because we’re heading back to Liath!  After meeting the stone curtain you’re going to have return to Soluna to retrieve the Liath artifact from Val, just be careful of the ever-aggressive Fauna of the monochrome planet.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Plasma Charge - along with Practel I help pre-test MQ! I began to play AE games back in June 2008 I started with Adventure Quest and then discovered Dragon Fable and more importantly Mech Quest, ironically my first memory of MQ was being owned by the portal Doom Knight! Currently I’m a tester for MQ and AQW and I also help Arch Knight in MQ pedia, Gremlins and HSGD of course if you’ve seen me on the forums you probably already know that! =P If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on the forums. 

Hope you guys all have a great weekend, watch out for Gremlins and thanks for playing MechQuest!

Thanks! There is also news from Titan of the MechQuest/Epic Duel Crossover!

The Dragonoid has come to [EpicDuel]!

Calling all MechQuest enthusiasts, an exciting crossover event is
taking place on the planet Delta V in [EpicDuel] right now!  Last week,
Dravax the Harbinger came seeking Char and brought with him a great
danger to the inhabitants of Delta V.  In the face of danger, you made
your voices loud and clear!   You chose to defend Charfade and Delta V
to the last!  While noble, your resistance has done little to
discourage Dravax and the planet-destroying Dragonoid!

Charfade is so pleased by your overwhelming support that she's
constructed a new series of items to offer in her Limited Quantity
Shop.  She's also reverse engineered Dravax's technology to produce
class-changing variants of the Harbinger Armor and a teleportation
device that might just allow you to reprogram the Dragonoid from
within.  There's also a 2.2% chance you'll be jettisoned into the
abyss of space, but it's worth a shot!

Will you help defend Charfade and Delta V from near certain doom?  The
final hour of judgment approaches in the Dragon's Reckoning event,
happening now in [EpicDuel]

Are you ready?

Thanks, Titan!

So after you catch up with tonight's MQ release, head on over to ED to check out the crossover! If you haven't caught up on the MQ storyline "Dragonoid Saga" chapters featuring the character we know as Char, taking some time to complete that will help fill you in on a bit of backstory regarding what's happening in Epic Duel.

Have a great weekend, all! 

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