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Get OmniKnight

Star Date: 14 October 3014

How To Get The OmniKnight

The Ultimate Prize: the OmniKnight Blade!

Collecting the 13 artifacts and undoing the curse is a quest for the OmniKnights, our bravest players who play multiple AE games. This is not a quest for the faint of heart… but once complete, you will unlock the OmniKnight Blade in ALL 7 of our games! Read on to see what you'll need to do in each of our games to unlock the Blade!


The Cursed Tape Reappears... will you watch?

  • Work with River to secure the tape before EbilCorp gets their hands on it!
  • Complete the quest to unlock the Cursed Mod Tape!

(Find River by talking to Jack on Soluna City's Main Street)

AdventureQuest Worlds

Quest to recover 7 of the 13 cursed artifacts in AQWorlds:

  • Death’s Cursed Hourglass 
  • Cysero’s Doom Sock 
  • Unholy Wasabi 
  • Cursed Chickencow Claw 
  • Zorbak’s Haunted Skull 
  • Dragon Khan’s Corrupt Scepter 
  • Sir Ver’s Cursed Power Button

Once you have recovered all 7, talk to Artix to merge them into the Omni Artifact!

Epic Duel 

Battle through Delta V to recover Titan's Coffee Mug!

  • Battle opponents in 1v1 and 2v2 matches, then take on the boss to gather the shards of Titan's cosmic coffee mug!


Artix has been cursed, and is stalking the wilds with the ShadowFire Axe of Curses!

  • Use the Battle Monsters button to hunt for Artix and the ShadowFire Axe of Curses!
  • Defeat him to unlock a shop to get the Axe for yourself!


Capture Thok with the Cursed Phoenix Blade... if you DARE!

  • Battle, defeat, and possess Thok and his Cursed Phoenix Blade using the Battle Monsters button!


Enter the Wastelands to find a scrap of the Mysterious Necromancer's cloak!

  • Look in your Book of Lore to find directions to the Wasteland.
  • Complete the quest there to find the cloak!


The 12th anniversary event is heating up... and so is Hottica's zone!

  • Head to Hottica's zone and battle the Igneos, Rhyolite, Dacite, and Andesite monsters for a chance to find Hottica's Cursed Shield!

After you've recovered all the artifacts listed above:

Head to the Portal Site and log into your Master Account. 
Go to the Quests tab to check your event progress. You are looking for 7 green checkmarks. If a game is not checked off, you have not found the artifact in that game. 

If you DO have all 7 checkmarks, you'll see a box appear saying "Congratulations! You have found all the cursed artifacts!"

Click the link that says "Click here to get your prizes!" and you will go to your Achievements tab. You should see "Artix Entertainment 12th Birthday Event" achievement under "What's New?"

Click that to get your prize code, then go to the "Redeem Codes" page to unlock the OmniKnight Blade in each game! 


Friday, October 10, 2014


Star Date: 10 October 3014:

Happy 12th Anniversary to Artix Entertainment!

In honor of the 12th anniversary, players of all seven of the company's games have a joint mission: to find all 13 Cursed Artifacts. 

In MechQuest: Your mission is to meet up with River at 472 Limegreen Terrace.* She will fill you in on what's happened and what you need to do to help! Gather up the cursed artifact before it's too late...

Hint 1: To find River, you should go to Soluna City's Main Street and have a quick chat with Jack.

Hint 2: You really can't miss Jack standing next to Braddock Steele.

Hint 3: When a shop opens, you should be sure to take that item and keep it in your inventory because it's necessary for your collection!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday MechQuest

Star Date: 1 October, 3014:

No-score and seven years ago, our four-or-five-fathers brought forth a ... new Dropship, and planned for its (crash-) landing in Soluna City... and here we are today, still exploring the vast multiverses!

Happy 7th birthday to MechQuest!

Happy 7th Birthday MechQuest

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sneak Peek Birthday Mecha

Star Date: 18 October, 3013

I promised you a Sneak Peek! The birthday mecha is finally rolling down the production line! It will be a few days before it gets coded & tested, but here's what we've got so far

Mogloween: Soluna City is about to get some decorations - will it be spooky or festive? We'll definitely be setting up replays of years past, and we're also working on some hilarious new content. Things are getting kind of hairy

It's been a crazy few weeks & I'm looking forward to talking with you more. Have a great weekend! Thanks so much & we'll have some new stuff for you next week!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Sixth Birthday MQ

Star Date: 1 October, 3013

Happy 6th Birthday, MechQuest! Has another whole year gone by already since this time last year? It seems so long ago, while at the same time it feels like it went by in just a blink.  Log in now to go downstairs to the party & grab the limited-edition Mecha Models of Yore - and log in this weekend to pick up your commemorative Starship items and see what kind of Birthday Mecha we've cooked up for you!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Operation Gameocide Thwarted Thanks to You

Star Date 19 October, 3012

EbilCorp's "Operation Gameocide" has been thwarted! The loyal players of the Artix Entertainment games banded together to defeat Chairman P, Mr. Z, and the legions of EbilCorp warriors who were attempting a hostile takeover of the entire AE network.

A huge thank you from me to all of you for making sure that we're continuing under the umbrella of AE - I hope you know that I will never work for EbilCorp willingly! While we occasionally have had good reasons to work with Mr. Z, I prefer not to have anything more to do with Chairman P...

I'm also grateful for your loyalty & dedication - all of you - our players who are coming back to MechQuest from a hiatus, players of our other games trying MQ for the first time, and brand-new players who have come to AE games via MechQuest all joining our long-time loyal G.E.A.R.S. students in bringing down the Chairman and his forces.  You fought valiantly and tirelessly - thank you for your support of the MechQuest team!

Incoming transmission from Plasma Charge!

A message to all Mecha Pilots!

Victory! Congratulations! On Thursday, 18 October 3012 at 7:04 EST you amazing pilots managed to crush EBILCorp! It was really inspiring to watch you all battle to save the game and I salute the forumites that joined the discussion on the forums. You can join the fleet here.

It was a pleasure to fight beside all of you!  When the war meter reached 100%, the reward shops were set to unlock (and are now unlocked) - and to thank you, Odessa is offering SDF mechas to all you warriors!

Here’s a lowdown of the mecha specials:

FA - melee one hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- tries to stun- normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 

BA - 2 hits - gunshot- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damageHit 1: normal (1.5 time, double) EP DoT for 3 turnsHit 2: BtH NoT -7 (9, 10) per turn for 3 turns 

Shoulders - 1 Hit CD= 1- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- each shoulder nerfs enemy damage by 3(4,5%) per turn on hit, caps at -35% damage- chance for a crit 

BD - 1 hit- Starts with 110 (120,130%) damage- decreases enemy immo res by 60 (70,80) for 5 turns- BtH BoT 4 (5,6) per turn for 5 turns 

HD - 5 hits- Hit 1: 20% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 2: 30% damage, chance for a crit, general damage boost of +4 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns- Hit 3: 40% damage, chance for a crit- Hit 4: 50% damage, chance for a crit, decreases enemy def by - 5 (5,7) per turn for 5 turns, stays til end of fight, adds up, caps at 75- Hit 5: 75% damage, chance for a crit NG-only special:

When Mecha is equipped with all standard weapons, each weapon activation gives additional +5 BtH, adds up, caps at 75. Hit 3 of the Head heals EP with damage done, hit 5 HP with damage done.
Thanks to Blues for the specials!

This week we have a new starblade for all players available in the war camp, and Star Captains can pick up three new action figures for their starships, and of course you guys still have time to get Valor Badges to merge the war mods! Good luck with the VBs, watch out for Gremlins, and I hope you all have an excellent weekend!Also stay tuned because Mogloween will be coming soon.*Transmission closed*


If you haven't linked your Star Captain's Character ID for Trick or Treat visits at Mogloween please do so on the forums here!


I'm in the Secret Underground Lab today (yes for a visit!) working with the intern Aerylen, (who has been working with Epic Duel and Dragonfable), looking at MQ's interface design with me - and tomorrow he will be playing MechQuest (and other games) streaming LIVE for charity! 

Support Aerylen's team, the Warriors of Light, here - play games, heal kids via Extra Life (click the link to learn all about this charity event)!

Ok thanks again for supporting MechQuest and congrats on defeating Chairman P! Have a great weekend! I must run for now!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anniversary Notes from Maegwyn

Hi! I'm so excited about our Artix Entertainment 10th Anniversary ALL-GAMES Special Event! It will begin Friday at 6pm Server Time (EST) - which is tomorrow!  I've been busy hanging decorations and designing a couple of cool quests -- yep, MQ has more than one quest for you!  I know you really like quests so I've been working extra-hard for you - and of course the reason we are having a special event is because of YOU! Whether you came to Artix Entertainment 10 years ago, 10 days ago, or 10 seconds ago, we are so grateful for your support! Definitely check out MQ tomorrow and please tell your friends!

Before I get back to work I wanted to be sure to let you know that there's a new Zorbak t-shirt at HeroMart

I'd better hurry up & post this quickly - talk to you later! =Mae


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Artix Entertainment Anniversary Note

We've been really busy working on the humongous AE-Anniversary event - I'm busy doing some decorating at the moment but there's an incoming transmission from Practel so I'll just turn it over to him. Happy Wednesday! =Mae

Heyooo Questers!

This week is Artix Entertainment's 10th anniversary! We have, arguably, one of the best releases ever planned! The 10th anniversary event will be spread out through all of the 6 major games! Reflecting back, MechQuest's birthday was just last week, and it's been around for half as long as AE! 
I'll have some more Ask Practel Anything answers up sometime this week, but stay tuned!




Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Answers from Practel and Poetry From Gibby

Star Date 2 October 3012: 

Practel Answers More Questions!


Hiya guys! First off - it's like 10:30PM, and I'm pretty burnt out from lack of sleep, but the Design Notes must go on! So here's some questions!
CardClasher_99 asks: Why is human blood red? 
Why isn't it blue?
Sqwall asks: Does your nick name suggests that you are a practical person? (you know Practel/Practical kinda have the same ring to it) If the above statement is correct are you practically part of MQ or is MQ practically part of you? If you really are a practical person did you practice to be practical or were you born that way? If you guys could dance the Fusion Dance and fuse yourselves in a more powerful being(for the greater good of MQ of course) would you rather call yourself Plasma Practel or Practel Charge? 
Yep. I'm a pretty practical person. I hope I'm practically part of MQ... I wouldn't want MQ to literally be apart of my insides :P. Born that way. Also, totally Practel Charge. Flows with Plasma Charge imo.
AustinPanzer asks: Are there any mecha designs in MQ that you feel could be better or tweaked now that the game is nearing 5 years in age?
I honestly can't answer that. While I do test - I don't know every mecha in the game, but at the same time I think that the style and the way the mecha's are created is quite unique, and awesome as is.
Welp. I think that's going to be it for me tonight. Gibby has a poem which he wanted me to include - so here's his poem! 


Thanks, Practel! And now... I actually intended to post this yesterday:

Gibby Waxes Poetic!

It’s time again to check,

Inside your favourite mech,

Is planet Loreon today still at peace?

It’s time you might have guessed,

To visit your game Mechquest,

We’ll find out soon in this week’s release.

Buy a new mech before you start,

With colors that are slate of the art,

here you can take nothing for granite.

Make sure nothing goes wrong,

With your brand new nubertron,

If you want to have a space party, you have to planet.

If you are familiar with the writing style above, then you'll know that it's Gibby doing this week's DN's.  If you aren't famliar with this, it's still Gibby doing the notes.  As I live in the "land down under" I have to use fliptext to write this so you can read the words the right way around.  OK, so I made that up.  I'll be sewious now.  This week's Mechquest release brings you a Jemini redesigned Nubertron as well as some new starship items.  Happy Fifth Birthday Mechquest.  High Five!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Char and Wormhole Tech

It's Friday, and we had an early release today! Now, for some notes to you! We'll start off with a note from Plasma Charge:

Star Date: 28 September 2012

A transmission to all active mecha pilots!

Char has requested your presence in Dean Warlic’s office to speak to you about wormhole technology and to offer you an experimental new weapon to aid you in the battle against the Shadowscythe. The new weapon is available for all players who have completed Lagos and all previous missions.

Here’s Blues with the literally head spinning specials of the new weapon:

Numbers are NSC/SC/NG

Starts with 110/115/120% damage


- Gains + 5/8/10% damage per use, caps at 250%

- decreases enemy defense by 5/8/10 per hit, caps at -75

- decreases enemy BtH by 3/5/8 per hit, caps at -50

- decreases enemy damage by 2/4/6 per hit, caps at -40

Thank you Blues! =D

Also be sure to check in with Tek on Monday because we’re having a party! This Monday MechQuest will be turning 5 years old, and to thank all you players who help support the game Tek has commissioned a special anniversary mecha, as well as some sweet Starship loot designed by the ever-amazing Minar!

The annual Soluna bounty hunt has final come to an end which means Captain Rhubarb has returned to Lagos and took all his booty with him, also Tek is reporting that her stock of Imitation DragonConquest Blades is running low and will run out on Monday! So if you plan on getting this ferocious blade you have until Monday when it becomes RARE for a year - until Dragon*Con season 2013!

In Gremlins news:  Vivi managed to squish the gremlins in both Ghosthunter damage and the Seppy front arm crit blade. (Sepulchure Ultimate and Sepulchure of Doom)

Enjoy your Shaking of Dimensions, watch out for Gremlins, I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Plasma Charge

*transmission ended*

Char says that the wormhole tech may have unseen consequences. The weapons have been thoroughly tested and they appear to be working as intended, so doesn't it make you wonder what she could be talking about? Find out as the Dragonoid Saga progresses later this fall!

bzzt transmission incoming from Nightwraith at Epic Duel!

The Chairman Has Landed!

The nefarious Chairman has landed in EpicDuel and he's come to claim Delta V for his own! To lull the populace into compliance Chairman Platinum is selling powerful Ebilcorp armors of his own deisgn. These armors have a special skill, Chairman's Fury, a one-time use, selectable skill that can be used to unleash a powerful unblockable uppercut attack that steals 25% of your opponent's rage for yourself.'s%20Pride.jpg

As if that weren't enough "ebil" at once, Dage the Evil himself has stumbled upon Delta V to share is wares with those he deems worthy. Do you have what it takes to wield one of his monstrous creations?'s%20Shotguns%20DNs.jpg

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MQ Anniversary and Ask Anything

Star Date 25 September 3012:

Incoming transmission: Practel

Howdy doodley, MechQuesters! 
October is a VERY exciting month for Artix Entertainment. Some of you may know this already, but October 1st will be MechQuest's 5th year anniversary - and AE's 10th year anniversary is also this October! This anniversary in MechQuest will bring the return of previous anniversary events, along with a very special re-coloring of an anniversary Mecha, thanks to Jemini! To top it all off with a cherry on top, Minar will be making a bunch of new Anniversary Starship items, so look forward to that too!
There may be a few other tricks in store for you guys, but we'll just have to wait and see!
For those of you who are long time players, you may remember when Korin did an "Ask Me Anything." Well, since Plasma Charge and I are relatively new to the community (we've been testers for several months, just new to the whole DN's thing) we decided to do one of those, except for that it will focus on US! All you have to do is register on the AE forums, and then post a question for either of us in this thread here:
When questions come in, we will make a bunch of Design Notes answering these questions!
Well, that's it for me this week, everybody! I can't believe it's been 5 years already - time really flies when you're having fun.

Thanks, Practel! Time really DOES fly when you're having fun. I can hardly believe this is our FIFTH Anniversary! It's been a ton of fun working on MQ for all these years. Huge thanks to all of you for playing  - we appreciate all your input and on behalf of the entire MQ team I'd like to thank all of you for helping to make MechQuest what it is today! And now I'll get back to work. =Maegwyn


Friday, October 7, 2011

Take the Floorivator to the Party

The Floorivator is Working! Go to Tek's Mechs in Soluna City and use the Tour button to get down to the party! Play the Scrap's Delight minigame to earn Golden Tokens for the merge shop - this year's Anniversary mecha model is the Golden Katana series. This classic design has been revamped - Korin added new features including head and body attack animations. Vivi tweaked the game engine (be sure to refresh your browser so that you have Gamma 3_9_8) to implement a much-improved Dodge.  The Golden Katana series body weapons have a built-in addition to Dodge - note that we are easing in to introducing the improved function, so we kept the numbers conservative.  Non-Star Captains get +8, Star Captains get +10, and Nova Gem models have +12. Blues designed the specials for these Katana mecha models. I made a gazillion versions of them so you should all have something either to use now or to level up and use soon.  Speaking of leveling up - Korin showed me how to implement the Experience and Credit boost feature in the engine, so enjoy that added celebration bonus this week!


Our upgrade to Engine 3.9.8 has brought a new function to the Dodge and Hit stats. They don't affect attack accuracy anymore, but now they will protect you from your enemy's status effects or make it easier to inflict your own statuses! The rules for these stats are simple:

  1. They only work on statuses that would show up under "Resistances and Statuses" on your battle sheet. Things like Bonus Damage and Healing cannot be defended against.
  2. They only work against statuses inflicted by your enemy, so you don't have to worry about dodging your own buff effect.
  3. The chance a dodgeable status will be inflicted is [100-(Target's Dodge)+(Attacker's Hit)]%.

With Defense and Bonus fulfilling the same roles that Dodge and Hit used to, these stats have seen little use in MechQuest. After this change, expect to see them used a lot more!
If you think the Dodge bonus on the Golden Katanas is too small, don't worry just yet. While we're very excited to make use of our newly adjusted stats we're also making sure to ease ourselves into them to preserve balance as best as possible. Who knows what we might do with them in the future?

 Thank you, Vivi, for this fantastic update and for the added details explaining the Dodge feature's function!

Korin is working on brand-new weapons for the Salvage field, which we'll be updating again in the upcoming weeks.  He took the time to teach me the process of updating Soluna City to have the fireworks feature, That actually taught me a lot more than the one specific thing - it's always good to be able to do more.

Minar made us some new Starship items! Get a Confetti Cannon, Cake, Presents and Balloons while you're 'downstairs' on the Floorivator. I added the code to make the Confetti Cannon interactive (just run up to it and you'll see) and I also made this year's Yearbook (easy) and the Golden Katana Action Figure (amazed that I remembered all of Warlic's instructions since I couldn't find my notes).

Happy Anniversary! Party!!!11elevne


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday MechQuest

MechQuest is Four Years Old Today! The Gamma Launch of MQ was October 1st, 2007.  It's hard to believe it has been that long - I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! I am re-reading the Design Notes from the past anniversaries and also a wonderful birthday thread created by skyvolt666 on the forums. Follow the link to participate in the birthday discussion! What are some of your favorite moments from the past?

Let's Get The Party Started! (Soon!!) I had actually hoped to have a fireworks display in Soluna City last night, but there just wasn't time to add that to everything else we released yesterday.  We do absolutely plan to have a nice party when we get Tek's Floorivator running next week - complete with one of our classic Mecha models getting goldified and revamped for 2011's Golden Token merge shop. I will keep this short & sweet so that is all I'll say about the party plans for now.

On behalf of the entire MechQuest team I would like to thank you for believing in us - you are the reason we continue to bring out new releases and it is your support that keeps us going.  Thank you so much for playing MechQuest!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday MQ Week Two

Happy Birthday, MQ!  Week Two!

The celebration continues!  Now you can finally ride the Floorivator again!  There is a lot of partying to be revisited, and here's what is NEW this year:

In case you didn't see these already, the Newbatron AnniV3010 models are for sale in the Holiday Shop in Soluna City.  Did you get one yet?  NEW TODAY: a shipment of special Anniversary Mods for your mecha models!  Visit the Holiday Shop in Soluna City and grab yours now!

If you have a Starship, you will be glad to know that when you ride the Floorivator at Tek's Mechs, there is a series of special 3010 Starship items in the shops downstairs! 

Thanks to Minar, we have a 3-year Anniversary Cake!  Also I learned how to make a couple of things - Korin started me off, so I had a couple of simple things ready - and then with many thanks to Warlic (who happens to be an excellent real-life teacher as well as being the Dean in-game) we even have a couple of items in the Nova Gem section!  One of the things he told me how to do, and the other was extra code he added to something I made, to make it more betterer.  He also sent me what he did, so that I can know for next time.  So ... I've been to GEARS and learned things! 

Looking Ahead:

Looking ahead, and speaking of learning things, I have been working with Vivi who has coded up some very nice weapons updates - can't say too much about this just yet, but he is doing excellent work that you will see when the time comes!  Also behind the scenes Lyris has some things up her sleeve.  Korin has been doing insane things for upcoming weeks and everyone has been working hard & not saying much... yet.  I am sworn to secrecy, as is usually the case, but I can tell you that the MQ Team is extremely excited about this season!

HeroMart.... shhhhhh!

HeroMart, our bizarre online ... bazaar... featuring our first Music CD, The NPCs: Critical Hits, and the ChickenCow T-shirt - is being released to the General Public next Wednesday! If you are reading this, you are an insider!  Being a valued insider, you can secretly access the live, working*, store before anyone else! Just go to and click on the blue gem in Robina's necklace. (Artix says: "Shhhh. Secret.") There are even reports of some people being able to place an order successfully already!**


**If you encounter an error message, keep in mind that our testers have probably reported it already, and that the fix is probably in process - but please do keep notes for when we have an official place*** to report any errors, just in case they do persist!

***I will be sure to update the DNs to let you know what to do, as soon as we have an // I learn about // our official bug-reporting system!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Floorivator is Flibberty

Overheard at the Knife & Spork

GEARS Student: "Where is the Anniversary Party?"

Maegwyn: Well of course this is that time of year when the Floorivator actually works!  Usually!

GEARS Student: Well the Floorivator isn't working at Tek's

Maegwyn: It's gone flibberty...

GEARS Student: "Is there a party this year?"

Maegwyn: Party like it's 3009!  ...3008!  ...3007!

We are absolutely opening up the party for celebrations this month - we have a couple of starship items prepared, along with some other Anniversary trinkets.  It looks like we should have that sprocket by Friday to de-flibbert the Floorivator, and we're still on track with the Dropship revamp for this month as well.

I had intended to consult with blues and Vivi before posting the following, because of the arm cooldowns, which I'd left at 2 but perhaps they really ought to be at 3 - but anyway here is info on the SCMM and Birthday Newbatron specials!

Vivi says:

Wow, did we really forget descriptions...those will get added when someone who can do it has time (don't know if it can be done before Monday or not).

(Maegwyn says: oops... Right-o.  My fault... sorry!  I'll get on that!  And now back to Vivi!)

Anyway, quick rundown of the specials on Nemesis so that everyone knows what it does.

First off: The Front Shoulder and Back Arm ONLY work while all defaults are equipped. If you change anything their specials disappear (so when you customize it make sure to replace those two).

Front Arm (1 hit, CD = 2) <--intended at 3?
Damage starts at 125% and increases by 25% per use
-25 enemy defense for three turns

Back Arm (1 hit, CD = 2) <--intended at 3?
Damage starts at 125% and increases by 25% per use
-25 enemy bonus for three turns

Front Shoulder (3 hits, CD = 3)
Increasing damage per hit
Hit 1: -25 enemy defense for three turns, stacks with front arm
Hit 2: 1.5x HP DoT for three turns
Hit 3: 1.5x EP DoT for three turns

Back Shoulder (3 hits, CD = 3)
Increasing damage per hit
Hit 1: -15 enemy bonus for three turns, stacks with back arm
Hit 2: 1.5x HP DoT for three turns, stacks with front shoulder
Hit 3: 1.5x EP DoT for three turns, stacks with front shoulder

Head (4 hits, CD = 5)
Increasing Damage per Hit
Crit chance on each hit

Body (4 hits, CD = 5)
Increasing damage per hit
Hits 1 and 3 have a high crit chance
Hit 2 lowers immobility resist
Hit 4 attempts to stun


And while I'm on it, here are the specials for the Anniversary Newbatrons. The NG model has an additional 30 EP as an extra bonus.

Front Arm (2 hits, CD = 3)
Single EP DoT for three turns

Back Arm (2 hits, CD = 3)
Single EP DoT for three turns

Front Shoulder (1 hit, CD = 3)
Crit chance

Back Shoulder (1 hit, CD = 3)
Crit chance

Head (4 hits, CD = 4)
+25 boost and bonus for three turns

Body (1 hit, CD = 4)
Chance for any one of the following:
3007: Guaranteed Stun
3008: Extra hit
3009: 3 turn HP DoT (1x for NSC, 1.5x for SC, 2x for NG)
3010: Heal HP equal to the damage done

Floorivator: Which way is up?