Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Meanderings

Hi! A few notes from me, mostly just to say hi and keep in touch to let you know what's up while we work on the upcoming releases.  

I just got an email from Arklen, who is working on an animated cutscene for Planet Romero. He had a couple of questions, so I hunted around for a file with a good example of one of the answers & sent that onward.  I missed blues when I was afk this morning - we generally meet on MSN on Wednesdays - but I'll be mailing him the basic plan for a weapon for which we'll be needing specials. Minar sent the art already, and Korin is deciding whether he will animate it as FA only or also make a BA version.  It's a really cool Minar-style take on an old Civil War surgical instrument I found when I was poking around looking for ideas for medical-themed weapons.  Minar also sent some more backgrounds for the upcoming quests. All that and in the middle of a busy school week for him!  I talked with Lyris briefly last night on MSN - she's almost to the end of the crunch at the day job and getting ready for the next real-life busy time. She had lots of compliments for the team & was glad to see that the reaction on the forums has been positive.  Vivi is also having a busy week so I figure we'll touch base tomorrow.  I'm writing up the concept for the St. Paddy's event to run past Korin for his approval - we've got the music already & I'll tell you more about that another time.  Other things I am working on include writing up some quests' story/dialogues for later. We also have some other things in process that aren't related to the holiday and have nothing to do with the new planet. We talked about some of it yesterday so the ball is rolling on those.  I guess I'll keep that vague and mysterious for now, since I don't know how soon it'll happen.

My slow PC is driving me crazy. I am so eager to get my laptop back with its fixed screen! Opening anything in Flash takes forever. In other news I guess I'll reset my twitter password so I can be in touch that way too. But that won't be tonight because we have some duties that will take me away from the computer. Speaking of ... I have to get ready to go & have emails to write before then - so - Later!

Tags: #Maegwyn