Monday, January 31, 2011

Buggy Monday on Monday

Gremlins Squashed: Korin seems to have the Graupel (snowmecha series) finally playing nice with levels-with-you weapons, so ideally that will be the last of the Gremlins in these.  While he was fixing that, Vivi took care of a bug with the Chronomech, and the Lectrocast series (SC Front Arm reward from last Friday).  Also Vivi had me make a slight change to the Chronomech's Chrono Cannon description in the database.  It fires globs of oil now, not globs of "goo."  I got a couple of reports via PM about issues with what happens after you beat the boss in the Crystal Asteroid - coincidentally I had just learned about this issue while building the walkaround section of the Traveler quest part two.  So I got that tweaked so I think people will stop getting stuck.  Vivi was also working on a color-customizing bug in the Bladestorm arms, but something has gone a little wonky so we're holding off on that one for now so I could go ahead & roll the other stuff.

Ice Storm: Here at my Undisclosed Location we are having a wild ice storm that is forecast to be followed by deep snow and high winds.  So we're hoping I don't lose power - it's cutting a wide swath across the American Midwest.  We might even get thundersnow - exciting in a way.  It's already very glittery which is beautiful but not at all good. 

I want to hurry up & get back to putting something together for Friday, to get as much done as possible in case I do lose power. I was going to answer some questions in my next DNs but I guess I'll put that off again (sorry).  Hasta lluego!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traveler Weapon Specials

Dear players, long time no see but I´m back with the specials of the new Weapons.

First we have a nice Head for some NG´s.
It gives 1.25 times damage and you have a good chance to get only 50% damage every turn for 5 turns.
Second a BA for our NSC and SC players.
(= SC numbers)
1.1 (1.2) times damage
Chance for a 1.5 time (double) HP FoT for 3 turns
Chance for +20 (+30) BtH for 3 turns
And third...a fabulous FA for our SC players only.
Disabling Weapons was never easier!
Equippable enemies:
Second hit disables a Weapon. Disabling order is FA-BA-FS-BS.
(If one or more of these are not present, simply skips it and moves on to the next) 

Unequippable enemies:
150% damage
Chance for a normal EP DoT
Chance for +15 BtH for 3 turns 

I hope you like the new Weapons!

Maeg told me you have tons of questions so I will try to answer some of them during the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and as always:

Have Fun!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Traveler Part Two

The Traveler has more weapons in his shops for all players!  Minar and Korin both had a hand in these designs, and Minar animated them.  Blues designed some cool specials and Vivi coded them. Also, if you are a Star Captain, The Traveler has a new quest for you.  He now has two Star-Captain-Exclusive quests that you may play whenever he is in town!  You'll need to complete the first one before you can go on the second one.  These Star Captain Exclusive quests will return when the Traveler comes back to Soluna.

I don't want to say too much about the quest because of potential spoilers so I'll try to keep things general.  Korin is teaching me to build quests and it's very interesting to see how everything relates along the timeline (within the Flash program) and how the programming bits make things happen when and how they are supposed to.  I really am amazed that this all came together and the release wasn't terribly late - and I got all the new weapons entered into the database and everything, besides getting the quest done.  During the rough draft phase of the quest, I had put in some silly placeholder dialogue where the NPCs said ridiculous things.  I will probably have nightmares about forgetting to change that... though it might be pretty funny to have an NPC tell you, "Now I should saysomethingelse and heal you before you go fight a spoiler..." for example...

I'm loving doing the quest stuff - for those who want a lot of storyline, I made this one more "talky" than I normally would - and I put in some Skip buttons in case you either just want to hurry up and go for the action & don't care about what they have to say, or you already did the dialogue part and don't want to read it every time you do the quest.  I have learned a lot about buttons lately!

Vivi made a harder boss than last week's, and there's a hint in the Lose screen if you have trouble with that battle.  All SCs should be able to defeat this boss on Normal but I'm not sure whether it's possible on Extreme.

Also in this release - Vivi made a fix to the Dimension Splitters. I forget what was broken now... but it's fixed.  There's some more stuff we want to fix - the Droxtal (etc.) mechas still have some bugs, for example... and next week I'm hoping/planning for a good Buggy Monday (or Tuesday).  And while Korin is putting together things for the next planet, we are planning some other really cool things - some that we've had on the S.O.O.N. List or just on a List!  

I should answer questions but I'm kind of exhausted right now.  So I'll try to get to some of those again soon.  Have a great weekend & I'll probably see you on the forums.  Thanks for playing MechQuest!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Questions I meant to answer yesterday

Xeru asks: 1) since this is a mecha game i'd think it would be pretty difficult to transport the mecha around. if you could would u make a transformer/robotech type mecha which could change forms on the whim of the pilot? 2) why did u decide your character would have a paper bag on his head. why not a plastic one? or a duffle bag? 3) could you forsee our character dying in the future of the storyline but being revived as a cyborg? 4) would AE ever make a program where they would "adopt-a-forumite" like they do in highschools, well atleast my highschool that i know of? 5) have you ever dreamed of flying in the air freely without the aid of a plane? 6) do you enjoy the game super smash bros. brawl?

1) If it were possible yeah but it would be a lot of extra work on top of bigger filesizes and probably lagging Flash more than it already is. 2) Well a plastic bag would suffocate him. If he were able to be suffocated at least. Duffle bag is too big. Paper bag, just right. Also easily and harmlessly imitatable. 3) I don't think I see that happening. 4) Not sure what that would entail. Not likely I guess? 5) Of course. Except I had to "swim" through the air like a frog to do it. I was very young and I swore I could do it in real life. My sister just kept laughing at me as I tried :[ 6) I love Brawl but I never play it :[ I have a different Wii now and I'm too lazy to get my game save off the old one so I have to go through the story to unlock Sonic again and it's more fun playing with 2 player but no one plays it with me :[

bugattiboy91 asks: 1.) When you said other staff members have "moved on to better things" what does that mean exactly? Did they find better jobs outside of AE or were they just moved to different games? 2.) How exactly do staff members work from home? Is it complicated? 3.) What do you think of the new game mode thats contained in Animus Update 2.0? 4.) You said you play FPSes, are you familiar with the Killzone games? 5.) Have you ever played any of the Killzone games? If so, what's your opinion on them?

1) They moved on to other projects within Artix. 2) We communicate online and everyone does their job like they would in office. Only downside is that we can't immediately look on their screen if they want an opinion on something or if you want to show them something. It can be complicated sometimes but not too bad. 3) I like it. It's a little uneven I think but the concept is cool. I think there's room for improvement on it but at the same time, it's AC's first multiplayer mode and for the most part, it's a success so some flaws are easy to overlook. I think I still prefer Manhunt though. 4) I know of them. Never played them. 5) They just don't look interesting to me. Battlefield has been the only military-style combat game that I've liked. Call of Duty got annoying quick. I played the Crysis 2 demo last night and even though I would get 2nd place, it just seemed too simple. There's not enough to the levels. It's too basic. I need my heavy vehicular combay with completely destructive environments. Bad Company 2 does that for me and trumps all other military games.

hendherse asks: 1) How far in advance (weeks and planets) do you usually have some plans for a release? 2) Are there any NPCs that are minor now, but might become more important later on? 3) Can we do sneak peeks in the DNs like in DragonFable? And for all of the staff, 4) When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be? 5) Magic or Science? 6) Favorite weapon in MQ? 7) Favorite outfit in MQ? 8) Best Halloween costume you have ever worn?

1) We have lots of plans for future planets but we don't have a specific release schedule in terms of when each item will come out. So some release weeks are planned on the spot while we continue to work on the next big release. 2) There may be a few. I can't remember any off the top of my head but I don't think I would mention their names if I did. 3) I'm trying to plan with that in mind. I would like to do more sneak peek stuff. I just want to wait until some things have more polish. 4) Animator. 5) Science. 6) My WHOAMG laser. 7) Probably the upcoming outfit drawn by Lyris. 8) I wear my Space Ghost costume a lot. Complete with muscle padding to hide my "super ab".

HSReka asks: 1. Have you got your own admin only items in mech quest? Like mecha, uniform, etc.
2. Where are you from?(country, except if you are from another planet.^^)
3. There is an mmorpg version of AQ. There will be a MQ mmorpg?
4. What browser based games you play?

1) I have a super strong laser weapon. Check it out. 304236. I kind of have a mech but it's not really for show. Pure testing. It's just ovals. 2) Been in florida my hole life. Family at some point came out of Scotland or Ireland. Can't remember which. 3) It's a happy thought. I know Warlic and I always had fun speculating but that's all it's been so far. I don't know if we'll ever do it though. 4) I really only play Epic Duel for browser games. I might try the newer free Battlefield browser(I think it's browser based... though I know you need to install the plugin to run it) game that's either coming out or is out. Not sure though.

Soldato J asks: Korin, if you were forced into combat with your spatiotemporal, supernatural, or any other type of special powers sealed away, what weapon (i.e. an object, mass, amalgamation of energy, etc. built, designed, and/or wielded with the intent to inflict harm (bodily, psychological, social, etc.) upon a being other than yourself) would you prefer to use, disregarding plausibility?
Were you to be wounded in such an encounter, what would come out?
On a related note, what is your blood-type (real and in-game)?
What size shoe do you wear?
What is your "favourite" number?
Are you right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous or other?
What material is your "bag" made of? Ultra-compressed SSS-Rank Cardboardium?
What one word would you use to best describe yourself?
Are my questions making you scratch your head?

1) A cat launcher. Some people aren't afraid of guns or swords but if you throw a cat at someone, they always freak out. 2) Ketchup and maybe residual Cherry Coke from when I used to live off of it. 3) I have no idea for both. I should probably figure that out. 4) 10.5. 5) I don't think I have a favorite number. -1? 6) Right-handed. I used to be okay drawing with my left hand when I broke my right wrist a long time ago but I doubt I kept much of that skill. 7) Weird. Or boring. Is there a word for both of those? Square maybe. 8) Honestly, I did scratch my forehead. I tend to scratch my head when I think.

Dinoboy Whisperwind asks: do you like Lord of the Rings?? And have you read the book?

I like it but there are a number of other things I would rather watch. Like Jingle All the Way. Those movies are too long for me. As for the books, those are also too long for me.

shadowbird1 asks: Did you know that when you named the Vanguard (Or did you say it was suggested?), that it was already the name of a game, a banking acount place, and a school? The game was made in 04 I beleive? Somewhere around there..

I knew it was popular and I remember a game being named it. I wasn't too concerned though.

kevin282819 asks: do you guys ever take a vacation? you know, like a month or so off in some tropical island, if not do you guys think you need one? (korin's latest DNs seemed reaaallly tired)

Not a month. Maybe a week here and there. Since I'm game lead though I tend to still be working on those though. I was only tired last night because I was lying in bed and getting ready to pass out when I remembered the unfinished Design Notes post.

Holiday Practel asks: Halo Reach or Assassins Creed. What time do you play it at? Who do you play with?

1) It's a little hard for me to decide. I was going to say Reach for single player but I think I like Creed's single player more. There's a lot to do and the attention to detail is always impressive. As for multiplayer, I'm liking Creed more because of how fresh and different it is. While Reach is a huge improvement to Halo 3's awful multiplayer, it's still not as enjoyable as Halo PC was (in which I was a monster and will happilly play against anyone here in Halo PC). 2) I usually play it at night when I get home and settled in. 3) Some weirdo. :P


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About this week

So we have a release plan this week. We'll be continuing the Traveler's story. We'll add a couple weapons to the shop and Maegwyn will be continuing her quest to understand quest-building. Meanwhile, I've gotten the minigame for the gameshow planet feature-complete so I'll probably start working on a rough script and then send that out to people on the team for refining. For right now though, I'll be checking in with Maegwyn and answering questions which means even though this post will look like one big nice post, you'll now know that after this paragraph, I started working.

Going smooth so far. Not quite ready to come back and continue typing a big note though. I'm sure this is weird though because I'm not even posting it as I finish the sections.  This is going to confuse a lot of people. Basically that top paragraph was typed 30 minutes ago from this one. Still haven't posted the DN though.

Well it's several hours later and I almost forgot to post it. My bad. I was going to answer questions too but now I'm a little tired. Figured I would at least post the DNs like I said I would. Mae started the quest file today. We'll see how it looks tomorrow. Minar is working on the weapons now. I'll probably be figuring out all the Gameshow planet dialogue tomrrow and getting opinions on them. Good times.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Update for the week ahead

So we're here at another week. I'm still working hard on the gameshow planet. I'm making a little obstacle course platformer. It's coming out well. It's almost feature-complete and then I should be able to make a ton of levels for both story and bonus levels.

So while I work on this, I need to figure out another easy release for this week. We have 3 enemies being animated. I'll need to make the cutscenes, and I need to get a script so I can hopefully get George Lowe in on this.

I'm sure we'll have a solid plan tomorrow. I'm pretty excited for the next planet though. I'm also figuring out the GEARS Games in my head AND realizing I need to do a Valentines Day release, most likely with Braddock and his not-so-secret admirer. Plus I want to do a small thing for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe an invasion into the Rainbow world.

So there's a lot of stuff on my mind. GEARS Games could potentially be awesome. At this rate it may not be out until late February but it's going to have a new gametype, basically.

We haven't forgotten about the Traveler storyline, either. That may be the release for this week, the next step. Like I said, not sure yet. Lots of things up in the air, lots of things keeping us busy, but ultimately, some fun, and story content is definitely ahead.

I guess I can answer a few questions though while I'm here.

DARK cal asks: 1) have you ever been to Berlin? 2) what is your favourite question on this forum so far? 3) do you like cake? 4) is there Any love left in the world who knows? 5) how do you spell because? 6) did you miss me? 7) can I be a mod? 8) do you watch family guy? 9) who is your favourite comidian? 7) do you like dancing? 8) what's your favourite movie? 9) were do you live? 10) do you walk drive or ride a bike to work? 11) I follow you on twitter. all of you. 12) do you watch much tv? 13) Do you know any English people? 14) do you have a brother or a sister? 15) is there any romance going on in the underground lab? 16) coffee or tea? 17) pizza or pie? 18) who is your favorite holy man?

1) Nope. Never left America. I would love to travel though. My wallet disagrees. 2) I know there was one about Warlic vs Me in terms of being a game lead that I liked to answer. I think that was an important question to answer sicne I think it ultimately showed I'm trying to be honest with you all. 3) LOVE cake. 4) It exists. It's just harder to find. There are a lot of distractions these days. 5) Because. 6) Have you been gone long? 7) BANX0RZED!!!!111!11!111one1!!!!1!1 8) Yeah. Not religiously but I'll watch it on Netflix or if it's on. 9) Not sure I have one. Katt Williams, Robin Williams, and Bert Kreischer. Not in that order. 7) Not a big fan. Mainly because I can't dance. 8) I don't have a favorite. Back to the Futures, How to Train your Dragon, Wall-E, Jurassic Park, Flight of the Navigator, all good movies. 9) In the general area of Tampa, FL. 10) Drive. 11) Right on. I'm trying to do more tweeting. 12) I used to. Not as much. My main TV lately is AFV, Wipeout, and The Middle. 13) A couple that I see at DragonCon mainly. 14) I have an older sister by 5 years and 1 week. 15) Apparently yes. 16) Probably tea. I can at least force myself to drink tea. Coffess grosses em out. 17) Pizza. 18) Eddie Murphy? HAR HAR HAR

I think I'm going to save the others for another time. It's time to go home! I'll post more news as it comes.


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Traveler Returns

The Traveler returns to Soluna City with new weapons (art & animation by Minar, specials designed by blues and coded by Vivi) - something in his shop for NSC, Star Captains, and Nova Gems.  If you are a Star Captain you may choose to go on an exclusive quest!  This quest will be available when The Traveler comes to town so if you upgrade to Star Captain in the interim, you will be able to access this quest when he comes back.

There is a new bossfight - Vivi designed and coded the AI.  I think it's genius!  Korin suggested a detail in this enemy's defeat animation that puts a pretty awesome finishing touch on this gem.  

The reward is sweeet - another work of brilliance brought to you by Minar-blues-Vivi!

I hope you like the quest - Korin is starting his grand plan of getting help more with quest building. He started by giving me a tutorial, using an existing quest as a sort of template (so you will recognize a lot of elements) and I used that to set up what I guess you'd call the 'bones' of the quest.  Things like how it decides which enemies you will fight, and when - choosing from a variety of things you might find if you don't find the thing you were looking for - basically how the quest is set up.  Then he took that and added it to The Traveler's menu choices - so that you can actually, y'know... access it...

I actually used real paper, colored pencils, and scissors to set one thing up.  Then I took photos of it and showed it to Korin so he could see exactly what I meant.  But it would be a spoiler if I were to explain exactly what. You'll just have to play the quest to find out... It was really fun to write and set up and I even got to do some coding without making too many mistakes!  I learned a lot from the little things.  

Korin also chose from your suggestions and we've given the first Verified Mecha its proper chassis and weapons names.  Thank you to everyone who participated - I don't have the list of names of everyone whose suggestion was chosen but I know astro999 came up with the part of the chassis name that shows which level it is. Congratulations and thank you!

And I know I had a lot more to say but I should probably take a break at some point here.  So thanks for playing, and have a great weekend! (I'll probably see you on the forums.)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

More questions to answer!

forumlogin asks: Do you guys like noodles? Have you guys changed homes before? TV style? Car brand? Which DF element is your favorite?

I do indeed like noodles. I love spaghetti at least.

I lived in my childhood house all my life. I have my own house now though. Happens to be right down the road from my parent's though but it was worth it for the entertainment room capabilities (not that I wanted to be far from my parents since they're cool peoples). My TV is actually a projector. The house I bought had the garage turned into a room and I mounted a projector  on the ceiling, setup surround sound, hooked up the HD Verizon box, the 360, and my IO-Box which lets me stream any video format from my PC without needing to transcode it which means it's pure quality every time. 100" screen for the win! Plus it was phenomenally cheaper than if I bought a 50" Plasma and it looks just as good. Projector is a Mitsubishi HC-1600.

I use Ford. Sure they break but the parts are cheap and they're easy to fix.

I don't think I know the DF elements.

HSReka asks: What is your favourite mecha in the game? Who are the members of MQ staff right now? If there was other ones, who left the game, why they left it? What language(s) do you speak?

I'll just say Sepulchure mech.

Paid staff is me, Maegwyn, Arklen, Desil, Jemini, and Thyton. Volunteer staff is Vivi, Minar, and Lyris along with Blues, Azami, Khelios sometimes. A lot of people used to work on MQ such as Warlic and J6. Those who left were moved on to newer projects. It wasn't really a choice thing, just business. It happens.

I speak English. I can do very very very little Spanish. Less Japanese. Do Actionscript and HTML count?

demonblast219 asks: Can I help MQ with ideas/plot/writing?

We're on a tight story schedule right now but we may open up suggestable story arcs further down the road. We're not sure yet.

theoriginalsirexice asks: 1)If you were ebil what would you change your char name to?. 2)Are you also having problems getting a match on assasins creed brotherhood?. 3)Do you think i have a really long name?.

1) Who said I'm good? :X I probably wouldn't. 2) I was. When I downloaded the free Animus Update 1.0 DLC, it seemed to find matches faster.  Still happens sometimes but not as much. Hopefully 2.0 will make more fixes. 3) I was worried I would type it wrong. I still might have.

Firescope asks: 1) Will MechQuest ever reach a complete state? If so do you have idea when that will be? 2) How many staff members work at the Secret Underground Lab? 3) There was a multiplayer feature mentioned a long time ago. Mechquest Armada was it? Are there any plans of eventually implementing this?

1) Story-complete, of course. Feature-complete, harder to tell. I know I'm not capable of applying all those crazy features. I'm not an Actionscript guru unfortunately. 2) More than 20. Maybe less than 30. Not really sure. 3) I think Armadas is gone unfortunately. The window to make that has passed unfortunately.

runer asks: Most of the ideas you guys come up with ; engine updates , new ways of adding skills ... basically engine/game making ways , if you had the idea back in the day (Say you came up with the idea in 2003) , would it be possible to apply something from todays technology back then ?

The technologies haven't really changed so technically we could've if we had come up with it or had the time to implement it in the beginning.

blueshareds asks: 1)I love animals in general but have to say in general I'd want a maine coon, what you think of them? 2) thoughts on furry community? curious since AE games have many non human characters 3) are there any thoughts on a more detailed system of panting mechs in the future? 4)whats you thoughts on the knightron series? 5) so anyone like stupid mario brothers on youtube? x3 6) Reeses peanut butter cups, I love them they are like a drug to me, do you or any the staff have a an addiction like love of them? 7) whats your fav, place to get pizza from? 8) anyone in the staff ever play cosmic break? 9) fav. parody song 10) to old and new staff on MQ an AE in general thanks for everything all these years I've been here I've enjoyed your work 11) >.> <.< *jumps through the screen into AE universe* whooooo! they have cookies!

1) They are large and fluffy, sure but it looks like they're almost capable of ripping your face off. 2) I'm not a fan of the furry movement. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with people enjoying it. The concept of being an unknown person in a mascot uniform is kind of cool but overall, it's too weird for me. 3) It would be cool but I don't think it would be feasible at this time. 4) Knightron is a little before my time of consciously understanding what's happening in MQ so I don't have much input on it. 5) Doesn't do anything for me. 6) If I had a neverending supply of Reeses cups, I would have diabetes in an hour. 7) It used to be Pizza Hut for it's stuffed crust pizza but age has taken it's toll on me. Giordano's pizza is super tasty though and doesn't hurt me so I say Giordano's. Pricey though :[ 8) I've never heard of it. Looks weird though. In a cool way. 9) Weird Al's Polka Power. 10) You're welcome. We all enjoy making it. 11) WHERE!?

Zeronius asks: 1. How has your life been lately? 2. What is your favorite flavor of milk? 3. What are your feelings about pie? 4. Will you ever make a Korin mecha?

1) Not bad. Few hiccups here and there but it's moving. 2) Chocolate? 3) I'm not a huge pie fan. 4) I'd rather not, personally. I think the bag item was enough but even that weapon needs more animations to it.

popinloopy asks: Can i be a MOD? That's right, i asked to be a mega orange daffodil. Can i? if so, when, where? if not, why noooot?

If by mod you mean WHOAMGBANX0RZED!!! then absolutely! :D

Knoodlesguy asks: whats your favorite action movie/series or anime? (which ever you watch :P)

I think I'll say FLCL. It's animation was beautiful and it had a lot of great dynamic action in it. Plus it was short and sweet. A really awesome series in my opinion.

Xeru asks: 1) what is your job in MQ. do you draw or are u just the person that makes decisions? never really knew. 2) what is your favorite song/band? 3) would it be possible to have a korin mecha? 4)POR QUE?!?!? 5) if you could spend the day with either ezio or sonic the hedgehog which would you prefer to hang wit?

1) I started as the animator. I basically took over for J6 when he moved on. Spent forever trying to get as good as him. Never really did but I at least got good.  Then I started learning to program quests while still animating and doing cutscenes by then. Then I started making decisions and doing quest building and doing cutscenes and sometimes still animating. So my job has become more and more with time. Stressful. 2) The song I always praised was Green Day's Basketcase. I can't really pinpoint a favorite band. Most of the bands have changed with time by a lot. Older Green Day, Older Blink 182, Older Sum-41, Tally Hall. Those are my favorites. 3) Technically yes. Probably won't happen though. 4) Speghetti! (old joke) 5) Sonic. Easy. Sonic is infinitely cooler than Ezio.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Time for more questions!

I'm still not sure what I'm releasing this week while I continue working on the next planet. Sooooo....


DARK cal asks: 1) what goes on at the underground lab 2) where do you get all of your ideas 3) do you work on the weekends 4) what do you do in the holidays 5) do you work nights 6) do you get paid much

1) We make lots of jokes. And we work. Sometimes yelling. Depends on how stressed everyone is. 2) We brainstorm a lot of them but we come up with the basic ideas by watching other successful movies just to get good ideas. Then we mix and match and come up with new twists. 3) If I need to, I work on the weekends. Basically if there are any bugs. Lately to avoid burning out, I've stopped working on weekends and late nights. It was getting to a point where I wasn't happy at all and I'm still worried that if I work much harder that I may slip into that slope again which I want to avoid because I like working for MQ but when you have big plans but not enough time to create them, it bugs you prertty good. 4) I try to rest as much as possible. I'll play a game to keep my mind off things and to try and find inspiration. 5) As above, I used to work nights all the time. Often up to 2 or 3 in the morning. It burns you out really bad. 6) I generally live paycheck to paycheck. I don't have a ton of bills. Mortgage, student loans, tv/internet bill, cell phones, electric, etc.

megakyle777 asks: 1) If you could make a TV SHow about any AE game, which would it be, why, and how would the plot go? 2) I'm not going to ask who would win in a fight between you and Cysero since you ansered that. But if you and Cysero met up in one of the games, do you think it would result in a fight? Or would something else happen and if so, what do you think would? 3) Do you ever plan to have a crossover ecent with one of the games while you are in charge? If so, do you think you make it a crossover between you and Cysero somwhow, or do you have a plan? And if you do have another plan, what is it? 4) Who would you preffer, Zorbak or Kabroz? And which do you think would win in a fight? I think Zorbak has more power, but Kabroz has more skill/ And will we ever see Kabroz in MQ, maybe as Mr.Z's Business rivel or associate? 5) Since this is at the bottem of a page, will you ever see or answer these questions?

1) I'm not really sure. Maybe just Bladehaven because I think it coudl be pretty epic. It would probably be a serious plot and just have cool action sequences. 2) I don't think there would be a fight. I'm not much of a fighter so we would likely join forces. I'm not 100% though since I don't really know for sure what Cysero is like in-game exactly. 3) I think it's too soon to tell. We're not really sure what's going to happen in that regard. 4) I don't think we'll see Kabroz in MQ. Zorbak is enough. 5) Yep.

Ultrapowerpie asks: 1) Can I poke your paper bag? 2) Can I steal your supah secret plans for creating the Death Star in MQ? (I know they exist) 3) Would it be possible for you to create a planet filled with living giant food?

1) I don't see why not. It might eat your hand. 2) I don't think it's stealing if I let you steal them. 3) Technically but I don't know when I would have time for it.

nami9876 asks: do you think the realeases will get better with time. will we ever get old staff members Back like j6 and warlic?

The releases should get better in time but they won't be consistently full weekly releases. Basically my goal is to have one awesome release a month and the rest be nice small items or small quests. I don't think we'll get J6 back and Warlic may only pop in for small stuff here and there.

jrobot2 asks: Dear Korin, when did you get hired into BoG?

I got hired at the end of October in 2007 as an animator under contract. January 2008 I became full time.

Rikyri asks: What does Char think of your pets?

Well the Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink is technically hers. I don't think she has a problem with any pets. She doesn't want me to get a wallaby or water dragon on account of their size and time required to keep them tame. Well, wallabies are easier. They're instantly tamed if you get them as babies but yeah. She likes lizards and snakes and cats.

LeoMart asks: If you guys had 1 billion dollars and you were told to spend it on you alone, what will you do with the money?

Pay off my mortgage, student loan, whatever other bills I have, and save the rest if I'm not able to give it away. I would only save a couple million for future issues but I have no need for anything more than that.

master mix asks: Which do you like more, iphone or android?

Absolutely Android. iPhone in my opinion is a large waste of money. You pay for this phone that does what Apple will allow you to do with it. It's really my main beef with Apple period. I like Android because I can make those phones do exactly what I want. There are also less hoops to jump through. Char has one and I'm jealous of it. If Verizon didn't make me pay for ANOTHER data plan for my own phone, I would have one too but I don't feel like getting ripped off.

coolboypai asks: do any of you ever call each other by your ingame names?
would you reply if someone did?

Yeah. We switch it up so we usually listen for both versions of our names. Mine's not far off from my real name so it's not hard.

blackshock asks: If you could keep any animal as a pet (fictional pets included), what would it be? What would you name it? Who's your favorite videogame character (not limited to one)? Pirates of Ninjas?

I would keep Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Easily. I would probably name it Toothless still. Favorite video game character is Sonic which is also an easy choice. Super fast hedgehog with a fun attitude. Love it. And as for Pirates or Ninjas, probably Ninjas. Pirates did a lot more bad things than Ninjas did.

lord valoth asks: 1) Do you think MechQuest is losing player due to other games like AQW? 2) Have you ever watched Dragon Ball Z? If so do you enjoy it? 3) Do you like you job? 4) Do you enjoy answering these questions I have put up for you to answer? 5) what happened to the lords of the galaxy saga thing? 6) Will we ever catch Mr. Z? 7) Will there ever be a double credit/ exp week/end? 8) what would you do for a million dollars?

1) That could be one factor. That's certainly what made the player-base drop like a rock at one point. That's to be expected though. 2) Yeah I watched all of it. I did enjoy it. Not so much for the action stuff though since I enjoyed the comedy in it too. It was fun for it's time. 3) I do. Besides a little burnout it's been mostly positive. It's a fun place to work for sure. 4) Yes I do. 5) I'm not even sure what that is! 6) We'll see. 7) Probably not double but St. Patrick's Day tends to be pretty lucky. 8) Can I do nothing for a million dollars? I would love to do that.

nami9876 asks: If all of ae games had a war who do you think would win also if you could own anything from mechquest what would it be?

I think it would take a lot of mana to deflect a heavy barrage of missiles and bullets. Perhaps, too much mana. As for own something from MQ, my paperbag that actually changes expressions.

DARK cal asks: 1) what color is your hair? 2) if you hade a time machine what time would you go to? 3) does anyone there have kids? 4) who thought of a game with giant metal robot?

1) Brown. 2) I would lunge into the future in hopes of finding an era similar to Futurama so I could get a cool robot friend named Bender. Plus I just want to see more of where we're going rather than where we were. 3) Warlic, Cysero, Yergen, Thyton. Not too sure about anyone else. I may be forgetting about someone though. 4) Not us. Giant robot games have been around for a long time.

keithpaulo asks: 1) What is your favorite animal? 2) Do you like ice cream? 3) Whats your favorite ice cream flavor? 4) Whats your new year resolution?

1) Eitherrrr, Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Komodo Dragon and maybe a couple others. I love lizards. 2) Absolutely! Got any!? 3) Cookie Dough Ice Cream.... *droooooool* 4) I don't have a personal one. I do want to make sure I get in more storyline quests though.

grilico asks: What mod tools do you have?Do you use them?

Technically none. I guess we have a few things in the game engine that staff can use to check different things but that's it. Nothing fancy.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lyris answers questions

Lyris (our volunteer who helps us craft storylines, develop uniforms, organize MQ, and lately making a cool cutscene that you'll see during GEARS) has answered some of your questions! Probably all of them. It's a big list. So here are Lyris's answers now!

Griffin asks

    What do you guys look like?
    Long brown curly hair, brown eyes, around 5'5".  Tend to live in t-shirts & jeans.  Could stand to lose a pound or three.

    What's it like to work for MQ?
    A bit strange mostly because just about everything I work on is discussed and dealt with online, unlike my day job which involves going into actual work place

    What's your personality like?
    Inquisitive, pretty creative, a bit sarcastic at times.  I tend to like a good (read:bad) pun now and then.  I have a few "loner" tendencies, but not too many.

    What do you do in your free time?
    I dabble in writing and digital art, I like video games, I read, I cook.  Trying to learn how to sew better for costuming purposes.

    What's your favorite food?

    What's your favorite drink?
    Probably ginger ale, though I have been enjoying a lot of grapefruit juice lately.

    Do you enjoy working for MQ?

    How come all the staff are noobs in MQ?
    Hey, my primary character is level 40.  :P  But I admit, since I startd working on the game, I don't get much time to just play.

    If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
    Well, if I could get away with it, one of those wishes would be for ultimate cosmic power WITHOUT the itty-bitty living space part. ;)  The other two... not so sure.  I would have to think of the wording really carefully, just so they don't backfire on me.  Wishes can get messy if you're not careful.

    What's your favorite holiday?

    What's your favorite color?
    Black, green, or blue depending on the context

    What's your favorite song?
    Tends to vary by mood.  Right now the bands getting the most rotation in my player are VNV Nation, KMFDM, Assemblage 13, Celldweller, Gravity Kills, Abney Park,  System Der Dinge, type001, Love Spit Love, Shirley Walker, Moby, Karl Orf, Cruxshadows, Mozart, Oingo Boingo, and Danny Elfman.

    What's your favorite movie?
    AGain varies by mood, but I'd say the list includes Empire Strikes Back, The Princess Bride, The Dark Knight, Singing In the Rain, Court Jester, The Incredibles, Army of Darkness, Young Frankenstein, and probably a bunch I forgot.

    What's your favorite game?
    Probably Mutants & Masterminds, but depends on who's running it.  Also a fan of the Disgaea and Virtua Fighter serieses and I love a good CRPG and/or dungeon crawl. 

    What's your least favorite food?
    Black licorice.  My dad used to love that stuff so I tried it and though it was vile.

    What's your least favorite drink?
    Coffee.  It gives me migraines,

    What's your least favorite holiday?
    National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  Seriously, your pet will HATE you.

    What's your least favorite color?
    Fuchsia, because no one can spell.

    What's your least favorite song?
    Anything performed by KidzBop.  Worst.  Covers. Ever.  (note: the original version is usually fine)

    What's your least favorite movie?
    Batman & Robin.  (Joel Schumacher has much to answer for)

    What's your least favorite game?
    I've forgotten most of the really bad ones, but I do remember Hexplore, a horrible little game I pulled out of a bargain bin many years ago.  It was made with Voxels of all things, and while it had a lot of problems in general (graphics, game mechanics...), the worst was your three companions' A.I. which was about the same intelligence as a turnip. Enemies would come up to them and they'd stand there and yell (in badly acted voices) "I'm being attacked!" over and over and OVER! And you HAD to keep them all alive because you needed them to get though certain areas. Bleah.


Skyvolt666 asks
    Have you completed Collage? What did you major in?
    At University of Miami (FL) I double majored in college: Graphic Design and Motion Picture Production.  I have a BA.

    Do you have another job that you work in besides AE? If so what is it?
    I'm one of the web designers in a local company.

    Do you work at the Underground Lab? If not have you ever visited or plan to visit it?
    I'd like to visit someday, but it's a few states distant, which makes it kinda hard. 


Knoodlesguy asked
    Wonder if any staff watches anime often?
    Not as much as I used to or I'd like.  I used to rent a DVD each weekend but had to stop due to both money and time.  Now I catch what I can.  A few that stand out in my head for various are FMA (both series), Cowboy BeeBop, Exel Saga, and Dragon Half, though given time I could probably name a ton more I've enjoyed.  My memory sometimes needs a bit of jogging.


ZamuelNow asked
    I'd add American cartoons as well since they can add influences to things.
    I'm a big fan of a lot of the DC:AU stuff in its many forms going back to B:TAS. I'm also a huge fan of Genndy Tartakovsky's stuff and the classic WB cartoon shorts.  Got too many I've loved over the years to list.       

    I also wonder what everyone's favorite character is both within MQ and in other AE games.
    In MQ, probably either Sys-Zero or Billy Boltavolt because both of them have a whole lot of story potential.  I'm afraid I don't play the other AE games enough to really select anyone else.  Sorry :(


blackshock asked
    What mecha anime do you guys usually watch? any favorites?
    Mech anime isn't on my regular schedule, but I do like Big O and Dual, and Gundam 00 wasn't bad.  Liked Code Geas for a while (nice mech designs) until it got too complicated and Xanatos Gambit-y for it's own good.  I'm not sure if it counts, but I kinda grew up on Voltron and it still holds a place in my memory (though it doesn't hold up as well on recent viewings).  And though it technically isn't anime, Megas XLR completely ROCKED. 


nami976 asked
    whats youre faviroute mech in game also do you have anything from heromart
    The Army of Darkness mech.  There are stronger ones, but...seriously, it's Ash!  :D  I'm also kinda partial to the AMR since that smokescreen got me through a lot of tight spots in the past, plus I like the design.
    Only thing I currently own from HeroMart is the MQ art book.


master mix asked
    If you could have a mech from the game in real life, what would you do with it?
    Probably one of the Valkyrie mechs since they're medical mechs, and see if I could do some aid relief.  As tempting as it would be to go out and stomp some stuff flat, helping out would probably mean I'd get to KEEP the mech for another day.


DinoboyWhisperwind asks
    Maegywn, do you (and all of the other staff members) like dinosaurs or any other prehistoric beasts?
    Saber tooth tiger is pretty cool.  As for the reptiles, I kinda like the pterodactyl.


.R.M. asks
    You know how every one is asking what their favorite video games, and stuff like that are... Well I just came up with an awesome question; What is your most favorite thing in the WORLD?
    Imagination.  It makes all those video games, and stuff like that possible.
    (And my cat.  She's such a sweetie :) )


Master Mix asks
    Mostly.  Transformers the toys were neat, I used to watch G1 after school, liked Beast Wars a lot... Didn't get to see Beast Machines, and I really didn't like Transformers Animated, but as for Transformers in general, you could say I like them.


kevin282819 asks
    do you guys actually look like your characters in real life?
    I look more like my message board avatar than my in-game character at present but even then there are some differences (like I have no tattoos for one thing)


ShadowDragonShadow asks
    What do yall like to do/go when on a vacation.
    Every year I burn some of my vacation time on DragonCon in Atlanta which I've been doing for more years than I care to admit.  ;)  Otherwise it tends to vary depending on how much money and time I have to spare.
    What planet would you go to if you lived in the MQ Universe.
    I'm thinking Zargon on the offchance I'd end up with a cool superpower.


Neonpanther asks
    What was your favorite thing that you put into MQ? Favorite Mech you helped make? Favorite Zone/Quest? Favorite Weapon?
    Probably my favorite personal contribution so far would be the Groupie uniform. I got to have a lot of fun with the design.


seventy two asks
    Question: What are your guys favorite in-game and out of game mechs?
    I mentioned favorite in-game mech earlier, but out of game, it's a tossup between Gundam Zero Custom, Nightmare Frame Lancelot, and Magus XLR


XxArchfiendChaosxX asks
    do any of you guys watch DBZ?(DragonBall Z)
    if so,whos your favorite character(s)?
    I've seen a few of the series, though I can't say it clicked with me.  Because of that, I don't really have a favorite character either.  Sorry.


Lord Kashmir asks
    Do staff members use thier game names when talking to each other?
    Online I call everybody by their handle and I think most of them know me better by mine than my real name.  Comes from working remotely and only talking to them online.
    What is your favorite thing you got for Christmas?   
    Favorite christmas item was a set of plushy giant microbe ornaments.  I can now say my Christmas tree had mono.  :D


    1)Do you guys have steam (Application)?
    2)If you do which games do you have on it?
    3)Favourite zombie game?
    4)Funniest thing that's happened to you?

    1-2) Don't have Steam yet.  Keep meaning to get it, but if I did, there goes all my spare cash and free time on new games.
    3) Haven't played many zombie games.  Off the top of my head, I can't think of any I've tried for any length of time.  Sorry.
    4) I fell flat on my face while wearing a ninja costume in front of several hundred people.  True story.


Dragonhunt asks
    What mecha would you own?
    BC-AOD, Ash FTW!  :D

    What weapons would you like to own?
    A pair of twin laser pistols and a laser shortblade of some kind in case someone actually got in close enough for that to be an issue.

    What would your occupation be?
    Between classes, I'd probably have a part time job at the Museum.

    What house would you be in?

    What planet would be your homeworld?
    Zargon if I could potentially get a superpower, otherwise, probably Arthuria.

    What species would you like to be?
    Human's pretty nice, but if I had to change, I'd be the same race as Casca.

    What would you do after you get A+++++ in all classes?
    (Wow, if I only did that good in real school  ;) ) Probably explore the galaxy looking for new life and new civilizations and other cool things.

    What would you do if Valoth attacked GEARS?
    Gear up, head out and try to send him and his forces packing.


PD asks
    What is the best Foreign Cuisine you've ever had?
    I was in France a long time ago and it didn't matter where we ate, the food was always wonderful.  In Périgord, we stayed in this small bed & breakfast that had the BEST tomato soup I've ever eaten.  I had never liked tomato soup before, or since.  Nothing else has measured up.


Skyvolt666 asks
    Do you play any sports?
    Not really.  Did a number on my knees back when I took ballet so gotta be careful.
    Did you every play D&D?
    If yes what was your Class/Race?
    Played it all through college and quite a while after.  I've played most classes and races, but my favorites are Rogue or Bard, and Human or Half Elf
    Have you ever played any Card Games?
    A little Munchkin, a little Battle of the Bands.  Used to play a lot of BS back when I was in marching band, it was kind of the band's unofficial card game.  Never got into the CCG thing because it was too expensive for my wallet.
    Is there a chance that Gambling at the Bar over in Westion will be re-allowed?
    Probably not, but I wouldn't mind if it was.
    What is a feature that hasn't been added to the game yet that you think would be cool to have ingame?
    Won't happen any time soon, but I'd love to see some handheld blaster combat. 


blackshock asks
    What's yer favorite bands?
    I like a lot of stuff as I mentioned earlier.  My favorite will change depending on my mood.  See the "Favorite Song" question earlier.
    Fave genre of music?
    I lean towards electronic, but not so much "Dance" electronic, and a little more industrial.  I also like a lot of classical.  Basically I like music with a bit of a spine, something that affects me viscerally.   
    Do any of you guys play instruments?
    Used to play clarinet back in high school.  Haven't touched it in a long time sadly.


fhiz asks
    what is your favorite musical/stage play?
    Singing in the Rain
    are any of you good cooks or chefs?
    I cook and can do pretty well without a recipe. 
    have you ever pet a kangaroo?
    No, but I have pet a manatee while snorkeling.  Will that do? 
    at what age did you decide you wanted to go into the game design feild?
    I started wanting to do games in college but hadn't considered it as a career option really.   
    who is your favorite actor?(mine is bruce campbel)
    Johnny Depp.  He's had an amazing array of roles, though Bruce Campbell is pretty rockin' awesome too.
    can you say the alphabet backwards? if so how fast?
    yes, about 20 seconds.
    what colour drapes are in your house?
    Sort of earthy tones, though the blinds are white. 
    have you ever been skiing? where?
    If you mean waterskiing, yes.  At summer camp when I was still in grade school.
    @female members of staff
    are you single?


icemasrer 77  asks
    1. Do you like Irish music to be honest?
    I do.  I've enjoyed a bit of Celtic music over the years.
    2. Do you like Ireland?
    I have never been there I'm sorry to say.  Looks nice though.
    3. What are you favourite Historical Movies?
    Apocalypse Now.       
    4. Do you like today's cartoon shows or the classic cartoon shows?
    A bit of both really.  The old WB shorts hold up amazingly well IMO and I have a certain affection for the old Tom & Jerrys as well as the old Fleischer Superman shorts.  There was a lot of good stuff that started coming out in the 90's as well, like the DCAU stuff, Animaniacs, Darkwing Duck, ExoSquad, etc.  Lately I've been enjoying among other thing Sym-Bionic Titan, Avatar:TLA (not to be confused with either movie), Clone Wars, etc.  As you can tell, I'm a bit of an animation fan.  Not everything from any era is pure gold, but usually there are things to be liked scattered throughout.


Dark Cal asks
    1) what goes on at the underground lab
    That is out of my zip code I'm afraid, but I hear they do unspeakable things, UNSPEAKABLE I TELL YOU!!!   
    Ahem, where was I?  Oh yes...
    2) where do you get all of your ideas
    Everywhere.  I'm a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book fanatic and a lot of it gets stored up in my head where it occasionally surfaces and starts to evolve into an idea.  You never know what might set it off.   
    3) do you work on the weekends
    Sometimes. Depends on what needs doing.   
    4) what do you do in the holidays
    Usually get caught up on things I've let slip, try to get with family and friends, and if there's time, maybe enjoy a little down-time.
    5) do you work nights
    Since I have a day job, most of my MQ work is night work.   
    6) do you get paid much
    Paid?  What is "paid"?
    I kid.  Actually I just volunteer at this stage.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally! SC mecha and Verified mecha!

That's right. They're finally here! The lastest defensive style SC mecha named by blackshock, the Vanguard is now available! Also, we have the FIRST Verified mecha now available at Tek's!! You might notice that the name is only "Verified". Kind of a boring name.  So whatever thread these DNs get posted in, make MORE suggestions for a name for this mech! The one that the players seem to like most can become the official name of the mech! Blues worked closely with Maegwyn and Vivi to make these specials awesome for both mechs so get ready.

We also have 2 new weapons available at Tek's as well. Minar drew and animated these. These weapons actually came from the suggestions forum! I know, right? We actually used it! Knoodlesguy conceptualized the Gravitron Enforcer, and Caotica White came up with the Telekinetic Orb.

I'm hoping that next week I will have an SC preview of the upcoming planet release at least in terms of functionality. If not, it'll be the week after for sure with a hopeful release being the week after THAT. It depends on how smooth things go but things are looking pretty cool so far. The only real thing in question is whether or not we can get a certain voice actor to do the voice for it but first we need to make the solid script. So I've been working hard on that and I've even had Jemini helping me with backgrounds. So the planet should be cool and instead of it being a random planet, it will actually be part of the main storyline. Not huge but it should be good.

I'll probably answer more questions over the weekend and I'm sure some other staff will have some questions answered too. So for now, I think that's it. Not 100% for what's going on next week so stay tuned. Might just make an easy SC quest. Maybe do something with Braddock. That would be nice. Depends on how much time I get.

Have a good weekend.

Before I forget (since I already did),

150 calendars
30 Twillies
10 sm chickencow
10 med chickencow
5 XL shirts
20 2XL shirts
20 3XL

Next week Epic Duel shirts come in, shirts will go on sale next weekend. Love it.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naming of the SCMM and More Answers

Korin chose the name for this SCMM from your suggestions on the forums.  This model's name, the Vanguard, was suggested by blackshock and was one of those that were quite popular with the naming thread participants.  I looked through the thread also, and discovered that people prefer having specific names for each level rather than just Vanguard V2, Vanguard V10 and so on.  Many of the adjectives were suggested by Clyde and Soldato J - and I added a couple.

  • V2 - Just plain ol' "Vanguard" 
  • V10 - Sturdy Vanguard 
  • V16 - Tough Vanguard 
  • V20 - Steadfast Vanguard
  • V24 - Tenacious Vanguard
  • V28 - Reinforced Vanguard
  • V33 - Fortified Vanguard
  • V38 - Resolute Vanguard
  • V43 - Staunch Vanguard

And now, some answers to your questions!  I am still going through for the ones specifically asked of me, for now.  Feel free to add to the questions thread - the link to it is here

LeoMart asks Hmmm Maegwyn... What'd be the first thing you'd do if you got kidnapped but you were able to run away?  

I'd run away!

Dinoboy Whisperwind wants to know: Maegywn, do you (and all of the other staff members) like dinosaurs or any other prehistoric beats?? ("I do," he added with a grin.)

First off - What a great name you have!  Now for the question... I was always fond of the Ankylosaurus - thought it was handy to have a mace for a tail!  The flying ones are interesting and though this is later Jurassic, the Archaeopteryx is probably my favorite flying one.  Seeing the huge dinosaur skeleton exhibits at the New York Museum of Natural History was truly awesome when I was small.  The later Great Mammals such as the Smilodons (Sabretooth Tigers) and Wooly Mammoths are also very cool.

Hellsoarer asks: What is your FAVORITE video game and what is your FAVORITE Godzilla character and what is your FAVORITE mecha in MechQuest and do you usually see Korin with or without his bag and what is your FAVORITE type of pasta and do you have a pet and if so what is their name, Maegwyn?

I am terrible at picking a FAVORITE anything really, but your questions might not be too hard...

My FAVORITE video game is going to still have to be the original Diablo.  There is just something about that dark, brooding atmosphere as you descend deeper into the catacombs... and how if you click on a shrine you have to be careful because it can actually do BAD, IRREVERSIBLE things (unless you go back to an earlier save-point... but what's the fun in that?)

My FAVORITE Godzilla character has to be Godzilla!  The really bad old Godzilla before anything was fancy at all, and it was all hokey and unreal!

My FAVORITE mecha in MechQuest right now is the Chronomech because I had such a good time working on it with Vivi, I'm proud of my contribution (made a working button that allows us to have a new feature in combat now) - and I love that Steampunk-style design - but I do have a lot of favorites for different reasons.  I might have answered a similar question earlier.

The first time I saw Korin in person was with his bag, actually!  He works in the Secret Underground Lab and I work in a (separate) Undisclosed Location, so we don't get to see each other in person too often.  When we do get to hang out, he's usually not "In the Bag" though.

My FAVORITE type of pasta is probably Vermicelli with White Clam Sauce.  Linguini is ok too, but I like the texture of the super-thin pasta.  I also like Asian Rice Vermicelli - does that count as pasta?  

I do have a pet!  He is a black cat and he has a few names, as all respectable cats should.  His formal name is Little Bear, because he looks like a little black bear and sometimes stands on two legs to reach up to me when he wants to be petted.  His short nickname, which is actually on his tag, is Peeps - because he doesn't usually meow... he "peeps" like a bird.  His long nickname is Mr. Peepers - a lot of people call him that, though I usually don't.

XxArchfiendChaosxX wants to know: do you watch/used to watch any popular animes?like dbz?naruto?bleach? 
if so,what are your favorite characters from those animes? 

Actually I haven't gotten into any animes at all.  That's probably really weird.  I think a lot of the artists are talented and the art style as a whole genre is cool, but I haven't really sat down and watched any.

Selutu asks: How is it like working with all the other MQ staff?

I absolutely love working with all the other MQ staff!  We are such a good team - so many talented people.  Since I'm not sitting in the same room with any of them, we communicate on MSN, IRC, the forums, via e-mail, or sometimes texting / phone calls.  That is interesting because it's a different style of communication - in a way I think it makes us very tightly-knit despite the physical distances between a lot of us.  And mainly it's fun - sure, it's a lot of work and sometimes I'm stressed - but I can have fun while being stressed, which is also very cool.

I think that's all I have time for tonight.  I have some more work to do in the database for the mecha models, some people to check in with/talk with, and other things I should be getting organized!  I'll see whether I can't get some more of our team to send along some answers for you, too!  


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moar Qweschuns

I figured I would answer some questions since I think one of them was meant to be silly yet I can honestly say that as of this past Sunday, I have indeed done what the question inquires. I'll be sure to announce which question it is when I get to it. I think it's in the first batch.

fhiz asks: what is your favorite musical/stage play? are any of you good cooks or chefs? have you ever pet a kangaroo? at what age did you decide you wanted to go into the game design feild? who is your favorite actor?(mine is bruce campbel) can you say the alphabet backwards? if so how fast? what colour drapes are in your house? have you ever been skiing? where? boxers, briefs or tighty whities

I haven't seen many but I absolutely loved The Lion King on Broadway. Beautiful and fun. ||| I wouldn't say I am. I can make spaghetti, tacos, burgers, chicken, steak, but nothing fancy about them. I can just heat them up to the point where they are edible. ||| This is the question I mentioned in the beginning. I actually went ahead and got year passes to Busch Gardens on New Years Eve and last weekend we realized that they added a kangaroo petting zoo. They also have wallabies. So not only have I pet a kangaroo and a wallaby, I've also fed them. They're awesome and I actually would love to get a wallaby as a pet since they stay small and can't kill you with kicks. ||| For the longest time it was just animation. Throughout college though I didn't get to learn as much animation as I initially planned because I had so much fun learning everything else too. I've certainly gotten better at animating albeit slower than some *cough J6 cough Ghost cough Miltonius cough Yergen* but I like to think that when I take that time, I can produce some impressive stuff. In the end I just ended up learning about more game stuff. I learned the Unreal Engine enough to be able to make my own maps and Elder Scrolls engine enough to make my own armor and weapons, some of the Source engine (Half-Life 2). Halo PC's engine was complicated. I always wanted to learn the Crytek engine but I never got a chance to play with it. Unity is awesome. I really want to make a Unity game but I would need the time to develop the 3D models and animations and program it. I have actually started modeling Galactimecha for fun so maybe I'll try a Galactimecha 3D Unity game in the future. Assuming I finish it. In the end, I was about 19 when I decided to go into gaming. Animation, I was very young and it stayed in my mind until it changed to games. I liked the idea of games because I could do animation that's basically interactive. ||| Maybe Jim Carrey or Zach Galifianakis. Very funny guys. ||| I can but I usually get slower when I get into the ghijk area. For some reason those letters are hard when going backwards. Less than 30 seconds though. ||| They're like peachish I guess. Some at least. Others are green. My projector room just has blankets for now. I need to get some super thick drapes to keep all light out. ||| Water skiing, yes. Snow, no. I've only seen snow once and it wasn't enough to ski on. Only enough to make an army of snowballs only to have my dad invade and use them against me. This was in Missouri. Water skiing was in Florida in an old lake called Lake Louisa in Clermont, Florida. The water looks just as gross from Google Maps as I remember it. ||| Boxers.

popinloopy asks: now that you know you are epic, what is the secret to your epicness? potato baths? eating salted shoes? or just your paper bag?

Probably just ketchup. Loooooots and lots of ketchup.

shadowbird1 asks: Well if you still need people to work in MQ, Im a good artist, and im good at colouring things. Best part; Ill work for free.

I might take you up on it. Feel free to send me any art samples to my PM.

icemaster 77 asks: 1. Do you like Irish music to be honest? 2. Do you like Ireland? 3. What are you favourite Historical Movies? 4. Do you like today's cartoon shows or the classic cartoon shows?

I don't think I know of any Irish music. At least not off the top of my head. No idea why I wouldn't like it. ||| I have no reason to hate Ireland. My family originated from the Ireland area. I always like the pictures I see there. I bet the air smells fantastic. One day I plan on visiting but I'm no rich guy. ||| I love Saving Private Ryan. Beautiful and very sad movie. Same goes for Schindler's List and Empire of the Sun. Can't forget Star Wars (Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!). ||| I think I like the older cartoons more. I think I officially lost interest in a lot of shows after Ed, Edd n Eddy though I do like Chowder and while I haven't seen Adventure Time, I REALLY REALLY want to because I think I'll love it. But I guess that's what I mean. Cartoons don't rope me in much these days like Cow & Chicken, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butt-Head, and of course Rocko's Modern Life (favorite). I still love cartoons and in fact still avidly watch those cartoons I listed so it's not like I disconnected. I just don't see as much interest in the newer ones. Though like I said, I really need to watch more Chowder and Adventure Time.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some questions! And stuff.

Zeonius asks: 1. What, if any, is your favorite type of cheese? 2. If I give you cheese, will I receive nothing in return? 3. What are your thoughts and postulates on the theories of spaghettification? 4. If I discombobulated both myself and yourself into atoms, allowed the atoms to co-exist, and them reformed us, would it be possible that I could have gained your powers of Molecular Manipulation?

1.Probably Colby. I can destroy a block of colby if I was allowed. Pretty sure my health would greatly decline if I did so I have never eaten a full block on my own in one sitting but I sure would love to. 2. Thoughts of my fat and happy belly? 3. What's there to debate? Physics say it works. 4. Probably not. Let's not find out.

shadowbird1 asks: My first question still stands. Is something going on with MQ? We've been seeing that the MQ team has been getting sent over to other AE games. But I guess you have been stepping up your game lately..
anyway. Different question, Do you guys have any pets? If so what kind?

This has been happening for 3 years now. The AQW needed a lot of design help. MQ was able to hold it's own until recently for the most part but all it meant was that we needed to change how we made our releases. So right now we're in the middle of that change. We're organizing out production pipeline so optimistically you'll see improvements. We're currently well on our way into making our next planet with Jemini doing backgrounds and Nicole has been vectorizing all the mechs we do and soon we might be ahead of schedule to where she can start helping to animate. Thinks are certainly looking better which is good because we have some fun stuff planned this year.

As for pets, I have a cat, 2 ball pythons and a red-eye crocodile skink. My next pet I want to get is a Frilled Dragon. I'm a reptile guy for sure.

Lots of meetings lately. I've been having to come up with some fun T-Shirt ideas. We'll be reviewing the ideas I came up with on Monday. Hopefully they'll be accepted and you can see them. Maybe even in the thread for these DNs you guys can come up with your own ideas for shirts and I'll see if I can't pull them out.

The SC mech and Verified mech are being setup now for programming. Things are looking good this week. Unfortunately this T-Shirt stuff has kept me from working on the new planet stuff D: so I need to be FOCUSED tomorrow. I'm excited about the next planet. Got some fun puns and stuff lined up. I'll show you more as we get closer to it.

Think I'm heading home for the night to try and relax for an optimistically productive day tomorrow. Later all.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Korin answers!

DARK cal asks: 1) what is your favorite animal? 2) if you had kids would you let them date people over there own age? 3) have you ever had any type of surgery? 4) what's your favorite tv show? 5) what size shoe are you? 6) have you ever seen the grand canyon? 7) have ever been to eygpt? 8) who is your favorite ae villain? 

1) Either Bearded Dragon, Komodo Dragon, Water Monitor, or Frilled Dragon. Water Monitor more than Komodo Dragon because the Water Monitor won't kill you. 2) If they're underage, 3 year difference max. Of legal age, whoever they want. 3) Wisdom teeth? 4) Sitcom? Scrubs. "Reality" show? Wipeout. Cartoon? Rocko's Modern Life probably. 5) 10.5 6) I have using Google Earth. Does that count? 7) Nope. I would probably die of heat stroke. 8) Evil Jim.

popinloopy asks: Why are you so epic?

This is news to me. I haven't got a clue.

DARK cal ALSO asks: 1) do you like cheese? 2) I saw on the DNs that you don't like avatar are you mad have you hit you head lately avatar is the best movie ever made? 3) there is no 3...

1) LOVE cheese.... Is there cheese? 2) I'm not mad. I will happily explain my reasoning which may or may not contain spoilers for anyone else reading. What the movie DOES have is gorgeous looking environments that resemble underwater reefs above water. What it also has is awful looking animals that seem to have something against fur so they look like blatantly CG blobs. The dragon designs look funny but the one big bad dragon looked like he was rendered really well. Other than that, nothing really to say. The mechs looked terrible. They never fit the scene. They barely did anything. It's like they were added to be part of the final battle against Captain Moron. The action scenes weren't bad when they happened but a lot of it was just boring and setting up things that you already predicted would be happening. But now for the plot. The plot made sense at first when this militia of mercenaries was forced to wait for a peaceful resolve of moving the Navi out of the tree area so they could get their unobtainium. Once the peaceful resolve was finished, they went on a very simple and tyranic rampage through the tree to try and run everyone out because the peaceful resolve was no longer necessary. Now, we're in a future with all sorts of fancy technology. You can't convince me that this militia of mercenaries couldn't have remained in orbit, out of the flight range of dragons and more importantly, out of spear range, and just rained artillery on the planet from a safe position in orbit. In fact, this one huge, HUGE plot hole is what makes the idea of a sequel ridiculous. The peaceful resolve is gone. The corporations that want the Unobtainium don't care. They never did.  It's game over for the Navi. It should've been game over. Oh, and it's a complete rehash story of several other existing movies (Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas), except for the futuristic setting which is where that type of movie doesn't fit easily.  I guess I can say it's certainly not abysmal but it's not at all the best movie ever. Maybe it had the best use of 3D glasses but that technology is still flawed to me. I still see ghost images and everything just looks blurry and all it does is remind me that I'm watching a 3D movie instead of immersing me like it's supposed to do. I get more immersed in 2D movies just because I have nothing between me and the film. I did not see Avatar in 3D so I got to see it for what the actual movie was. A rehash movie that wasn't THAT incredible. In a choice between watching Avatar or Jingle All the Way, I would rather watch Jingle All the Way. Granted I would say I would rather watch Jingle All the Way instead of Lord of the Rings and I think those are GOOD movies, just ridiculously long. /vent. 3) D:!

master mix asks: do any of you guys like dragons and that kind of stuff?

I like drawing dragons. Dragons are pretty cool stuff. Though I'm a little picky of the style of dragons that I like. I think that Reign of Fire movie, while bad, has awesome looking dragons.

jream asks: which mech do you believe describes you best?

The Guerilla Tree mech from Frostval a while back. It's goofy.


As for release this week, since I'm still building things for the next planet as well as figuring out what's going on in the future of MQ, this week's release will be the new SC mech. I would like to also release the Verified mech if we can get the SC mech squared away in time. It may offend a lot of you but I am planning on making the SC mech defensive. The last several mechs have been offensive and I think it's only fair to make a mech that pleases the other players.

We'll probably have a couple items for NSC players as well. Maybe something more if I can come up with something.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vivi Answers Your Questions

Vivi sends answers to your questions!  

From Griffin the awesome:
What do you guys look like? Well, I have two arms and two legs and a head. That's about as much as I'll say :P
What's it like to work for MQ? It's fun. I have a good time doing it, and get some great experience as well. 
What's your personality like? 
Calm and collected is probably a pretty accurate summary, I'm not riled or visibly excited very easily.

What do you do in your free time? I run, I play Racquetball, I watch funny videos on Youtube...the list goes on but I like to do a lot of things.
What's your favorite food? A good grilled burger.
What's your favorite drink? Milk, followed shortly by Mountain Dew.
Do you enjoy working for MQ? Yes, a lot.
How come all the staff are noobs in MQ? I like to believe I do a decent job of keeping up actually (I have a L45 character, a L41, and a L36, one in each house). Free time to play can be an issue though. Also I have a short attention span so "grinding" is not my forte.
If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? Heh, I'm not good at making wishes. The first wish would probably be spent figuring out what my next two wishes should be.
What's your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Fooooooooooood.
What's your favorite color? Probably somewhere between a blue and a green.
What's your favorite song? I bounce around a lot, I can't stick to one song :P Currently Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Mary Had a Little Lamb" probably.
What's your favorite movie? Fight Club maybe? The Hurt Locker was also really awesome. And Paton is a good classic.
What's your favorite game? Golden Sun (The original and The Lost Age - the new one is kinda bleh, but the standard for it to meet was awfully high admittedly).
What's your least favorite food? Can't say I really have one. I was raised to be a good eater so I like pretty much everything.
What's your least favorite drink? Diet sodas. Drinking as much Mountain Dew as I do, the diet ones taste so weird.
What's your least favorite holiday? Don't know of one that I don't like, though there are a lot that just don't affect me and I tend to kind of forget they're there. 
What's your least favorite color? Not a fan of Yellow.
What's your least favorite song? Hm. It's probably a country song but no specific name comes to mind. I just really don't like country (partially because my family *loves* it and it drives me up the walls hearing it playing on some stereo in the house all day long)
What's your least favorite movie? Avatar The Last Airbender, at least in recent times. I just couldn't find any reasons to like it no matter how hard I tried.
What's your least favorite game? Probably Final Fantasty Tactics Advance 2. I liked the first one a lot but the second just destroyed everything that was good about the first and replaced it with a lot of annoying new things that hindered the gameplay and the storyline.

From skyvolt666:
Have you completed Collage? What did you major in? Not done with college yet, I'm currently majoring as a Software Engineer.

Do you have another job that you work in besides AE? If so what is it?
 During the summer I work with a defense contracting firm that builds radars for the Navy. Cool stuff.

Do you work at the Underground Lab? If not have you ever visited or plan to visit it? I do not, and so far I haven't made any plans to. It might be fun to go down there one day though.

From Novaburst:
is it hard to get used to making sure you use your game name in the DN`s and in forum posts etc. It hasn't been for me, but I've also been on the forums for nearly 6 years now so I've had plenty of time to adjust to it.

From blackshock:
A question to the staff: What mecha anime do you guys usually watch? any favorites? The closest thing to a mecha anime I've ever watched more than a couple of episodes of is Megas XLR (which I did like a lot, looking back on it, it was so absurd but really funny).
From nami9876:
whats youre faviroute mech in game also do you have anything from heromart I think the War Ram is my favorite, aside from being my first rare mecha the design is simple but cool and it's got a nice balance of offense and defense. I do have some stuff from heromart, currently I have the novel (which was a great read) and the CD.

From master mix:
If you could have a mech from the game in real life, what would you do with it? This is a tough one... taking it out would probably be too hard without stepping on stuff and I wouldn't have the first idea of how to pilot it. Maybe turn it into a giant fortress of solitude and live there? Would be fun to have company over. (yes, I would have company over to my Fortress of Solitude)

From zeke50100:
Anyway, I'm wondering if Vivi is a fan of retro and classic games :3 Depends on how retro/classic I guess. If you have to read the instruction manual to understand the storyline it's a bit too classic for me I think (and the storyline is a big thing for me in the games that I play, there aren't many mindless entertainment games that I enjoy). The SNES and Nintendo 64 had some great games on them though.

From runer: 
How good was it working with the MQ team so far ? If you got to kidnap korin and hide him in the locker room , then kidnap mae , hide her in the locker room , and thus take full control of MQ , would you do it ? It's been awesome working with the MQ team and I love it. As far as taking over MQ...I would probably have to pass on that, because it would mean I'd be responsible for a lot more decisions and I'm rather indecisive at times.

From neonpanther:
What was your favorite thing that you put into MQ? Favorite Mech you helped make? Favorite Zone/Quest? Favorite Weapon? Favorite mecha would be Chrono (he was a huge achievement for me and building him with Maegwyn was a lot of fun), Quest would be the Capture Lupus quest from Mogloween (it's the only one I've written so far). Weapon would probably be one of the Frostval gifts that just opened (probably the head, mostly because of that cutscene animation - Korin ended up having to show me how that works, but before we had it working there were some funny accidents...maybe we can get a screenshot of something later). 

From Hellsoarer:
Are you a boy or a girl? And do you like Godzilla Unleashed? Boy, and I've never played it. Maybe I'll rent it over Gamefly some time.

From .R.M.:
What is your favorite minigame in MQ? The hardest battle that you've had in MQ? And; What is the ID for the hardest player that you've EVER battled in PvP. Favorite minigame is probably the Galactimecha game from this Frostval. It was definitely a break from "classic" galactimecha, fighting something so tiny. Updated Lupus on Extreme Mode is probably the toughest beatable battle I've ever been in (he regenerates 61 HP per turn at level 45...ouch!). I don't usually mess around in PvP much except to test bugs so I haven't had any particularly tough experiences there.

From XxArchfiendChaosxX :
do any of you guys watch DBZ?(DragonBall Z) if so,whos your favorite character(s)? I have watched DBZ. As far as favorite characters go, probably young Trunks. Don't know why, I just like him.

From Lord Kashmir:
Do staff members use thier game names when talking to each other? What is your favorite thing you got for Christmas? We do, yup. I got this really awesome hat for Christmas, with ear flaps (kinda like this, but no leather: ). Good for keeping warm in the New York winter.

If MQ was real and you were attending GEARS... 
What mecha would you own? Default newbatron, because all my money would go into ordering pizzas from Mecharoni. 
What weapons would you like to own? One of the orbital strikes probably. Calling in an attack from space would be awesome.
What would your occupation be? Explodium Engineer (the people who build your mechas...with explodium)
What house would you be in? Runehawk probably.
What planet would be your homeworld? Thoh most likely, to get away from the heat.
What species would you like to be? Human. Boring, I know, but I can't imagine being much else.
What would you do after you get A+++++ in all classes? My alarm clock would probably go off at that point and I would get up to start my day :P
What would you do if Valoth attacked GEARS? Ask him for his Hall Pass, then while he's confused toss some Amnesia Dust in his face and flee.

From forumlogin:
What do you usually eat? I eat a pretty large variety of food. I tend to default to grilled meats (burgers, steaks, etc) when fending for myself though.
Male or female? Male.
Do you plan on creating ingame chars (like how Korin is on Planet 51, Mae is in K&S) for yourselves anytime soon? Nope. Writing an NPC is hard XD
If you have one, what's your favorite battle style? 
RAWRKILL, more or less. I don't like to mess around, just cut to the chase.

Which enemy do you like the most? I think the Snake Master is pretty cool for some reason. Not sure what it is, but I like him.

From blackshock:
What's yer favorite bands? To name a few off my iTunes playlist...Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Who, .38 Special, Foreigner, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Helloween, Deep Purple, Guns N' Roses, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Airbourne.
Fave genre of music? I listen to a fairly wide sprectrum of rock (classic, southern, alternative, hard, punk) and metal.
Do any of you guys play instruments? I do not, though I've thought about learning guitar.

For other questions: There's also formspring ( ) where you can ask me anything, MQ-related or not.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Small update of questions!

Just wanted to answer a couple questions before I get shoulders-deep into work.

rjy asks: I think it would be awesome if this actually got posted on the DNs;
Whatever happened to Warlic? Not that I'm badmouthing Korin or anything, but the releases seemed alot ALOT bigger when he was in charge. Also, has anyone noticed that whenever Korin goes on vacation or something like that a Warlic gets put in charge the release is the size it used to be with a Wednesday mini-release on top of that? Is Warlic just that much more capable, or does he get staff from other games to help him? If so, cheater XP. (Not Windows XP, tounge sticking out w/ eyes closed XP if you had to read this to get it.) I know Korin has alot on his hands and is the only reason MQ's alive, but I just want to ask, What happened to Warlic? I haven't even seen a DN post by Warlic since MQs birthday in October, and it was a small little thing.
Oh, and Korin? DARN YOU FOR HATING AVATAR!!!!1!!

First off, yes. Definitely not a fan of Avatar. I thougth it was boring. Some people argue that the 3D made it good but that only makes it a cool 3D experience. It doesn't make it a good movie. That's my opinion :P

As for the Warlic question, the simple answer is yes, he's much faster than me haha. I've only been learning programming since I've been on MQ team and that wasn't even until after my first year. He knows better shortcuts and knows what errors to look for. I'm getting better at it everyday but he's absolutely faster but he's had a lot more time to get used to it. He chose me when the decision was that he had to move to other projects because of my ability to quickly go from no programming to enough to at least mantain the game. What also helps is that he was there since the engine was built. He knows where to look for things in the actual game engine and he knows how to go about and do some crazy things which often take me a while to figure out. It's some pretty brutal stuff and beats the mind up. I can push out some pretty cool stuff myself but it honestly does take me more time. As for what happened to him, he's had to move on to work on other smaller games. Bladehaven was his first big project. He's working on a lot of other projects now at the same time.

But when it comes down to it, he's able to make bigger quests because he's just faster and knows what to do off the top of his head whereas I need to figure a lot of things out especially when trying something new or even when I'm trying to figure out how he handled an old quest. For awhile when he was more directly training me to be able to make quests and town files, we had even bigger quests. I would do his smaller more simple quests which would give him tons of time to make his more complicated quests. So when we had 2 people programming, it went great. When he left, I had to pick up a lot of slack as well as continue doing my old jobs of animating and weapon programming and that was a pretty hard and swift fall to the face since we went from huge quests to small quests. But that's about it. I hope that helps everyone to understand. Good question.

blackshock asks: What's yer favorite bands?
Fave genre of music?
Do any of you guys play instruments?

I personally enjoy Blink 182 and Sum-41 though their older stuff has been best. I like Pain, a band that did the awesome Jabberjaw song on Cartoon Network which you can look for on Youtube. The Cynic Project, BT, probably some others. I'm really picky with music. I like to find humor in my songs. I'm tired of hearing songs where people complain or whine about something. Not that those are bad bands or music but it just burns me out hearing the same lyrics in a different song about issues that don't apply to me.

I like punk/pop rock and trance/techno. An odd mix but I like the different sounds in trance and techno songs. I also love stutters which is why I like BT so much. I highly recommend everyone check out This Binary Universe.

I don't play anything. I would like to play guitar and drums. Maybe someday.


Friday, January 7, 2011

7 January 3011 Release Notes and Some Answers

Release Notes for 7 January, 3011!

  • Art Museum - New Exhibit! Congratulations to this month's featured artists - check out the new exhibit and grab a souvenir Wall Art from Circe's shop for your Starship!  Featured Artists:
    • Rikyri
    • Zhark
    • neodiabolus 
    • SlayR
    • kaibinlore
    • Bomber of Justice 
    • pinata_BLASTA 
    • notagoodname
    • zozozoz 
    • Plasma Charge
  • Arcade Games! In Soluna City you will see a new Shop button on the right-hand side of your screen - Arcades: Galactimecha Games.  If you are a Star Captain, you can choose from a variety of new Arcade versions of the Frostval 3010 (or was that 2010?) minigames - for Nova Gems you may purchase the Galactimecha Battle and Journey to the Sun, as well as the Firework Command Arcade Machine.  For credits, you may choose the version of the Journey to the Sun where you pilot your starship, and also you may now get your very own Planetary Defender (from the Dropship) at this shop!
  • Starship Decorations: New Rugs! Visit Lisa on your Starship and look through the (credits) shop for new colors and styles for your Carpet slots!  Purple, Gold, Blue, Teal, and even Polka Dot and Pizza!  (I'm pretty proud of myself for having figured this out - didn't realize how relatively easy this kind of thing is.  +3 to Interior Decoration and Flash skills!)
  • More Inventory Slots!!! This comes with an engine change, so be sure to refresh your browser. Everyone now has ten more default weapons inventory slots!  Thanks to Rolith and Korin for working together on this - we almost thought it wouldn't be ready, but it is!  There was a little Gremlin that got in before the engine change, so if you have already bought the maximum amount of slots, make sure you refresh your browser!

And now, to answer some more of your questions!  Korin has been terrific about answering already - I think I will pick a few at random this time around.  Other members of the MQ team will be getting answers out for you as well, by the way...

blackshock asks: What's yer favorite bands? 
Fave genre of music? 
Do any of you guys play instruments?

I enjoy a wide array of music - if you were in my Undisclosed Location while I work, you might hear old punk bands like The Clash and the Jam, or some ska - possibly rap like Lupe Fiasco, probably a lot of gypsy/Spanish-influenced music such as Manu Chao (and his previous incarnation with Mano Negra) or Santana - or you might get a dose of old country/newer Americana (think Merle Haggard... Rodney Crowell... Steve Earle... the Cumberland Gap band for a dose of bluegrass and/or cowboy music).  I might play some classical.  I am a die-hard fan of Warlic's music, and I have become a fan of Voltaire and One Eyed Doll as well.  I've probably left a ton of favorite bands out, because I really love music.  As for instruments, I play trumpet, and this year I got a guitar for Christmas so I am busy learning chords and figuring out how to read tabs in my spare time.

Let's see - I think there were some questions addressed specifically to me...

Oh boy. HOW many pages are there now? eek. Checking back on page one....

runer asks me: a multiple-type question thing, so I'll use a little different format - the italics are my answers.

Didn't you release such thing on the DN's back with Blues few years ago ? I remember you made a "Promise" to do it again , but as most things in the MQ DN's , it never came to life . 
     Yeah and I am sorry that it didn't come to life again until now.  I got busy  and the plan fell by the wayside in favor of other things.  I don't know that I'd say that is true about "most things in the MQ DN's" though.

 Anyway , how about , what do you guys do for fun ? I mean in break time and free time ? 

     I like to rollerblade, garden, take photographs, cook, dance, listen to music, especially live music. I read a lot, do a bit of writing now and then, mess around with various types of art and craft things. I have great family and friends so when I'm not alone (which I enjoy) I like spending time with them.
Can we do something like Alina does on the DF DN's ? They usually add something little about their RL weird events , or things that happen down at the Underground Secret Lab . Well I don't know what happens at the Lab since I'm at an Undisclosed Location, but I might be able to tuck in some silly quotes from MSN or IRC chats, or the occasional anecdote from my life more often.  If you guys are really wanting that kind of thing. I'll look at how she does things but I can't promise to make what I do just like what she does.

Neonpanther says: The only question I have for the staff is for Maegwyn and I was wondering: What is your favorite location that you've ever visited or vacationed at? Multiple answers are of course wonderful so don't feel like you need to stress out over picking just one. 

Ah, you know me well, don't you - I'm terrible at picking my favorite anything!  Well I have been almost all over the US and a portion of Eastern Canada, but there are so many places I still want to visit all over the world.  I enjoyed Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard very much - in an alternate universe I'm pretty sure I'm a beach bum.  I was born in New York (born in Chelsea, moved to the West Village) and that is still at the top of my list of places to be.  Another is the Badlands - I've only been there once so far.  Then there's Southern Illinois where I like to vacation with a photographer friend.  I don't really do the camping thing - I enjoy walking around but please give me running water and an indoor bathroom that doesn't require a flashlight-lit hike!  I guess you can get the girl out of the city, but you can never get the city out of the girl...

pharaon atem says: Ummm... Maegwyn, I got a funny question lol 
What is that all about? xD 

That is all about funny!  There is almost nothing funnier than that!  Especially if you say that over and over.  That that that that that that that that.  Try it!  If it doesn't crack you up, try saying that in a different voice or two or six!

On that note I should stop for now and get these posted so we can get me out of the house for a bit. I love working at home, but sitting in the same place gets tiresome and makes my gluteus maximus numb!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moar Inventory!?

First, I figured I should mention what we have going on this week. Currently we're hard at work making content for the next mini-planet that I'm hoping will feature George Lowe. I've st olen Jemini to help design backgrounds for it while I'm trying to get a playable obstacle course with your game avatars, granted they'll be in a special suit. Should be fun but in the mean time, we need to slow down the main weekly releases but we're still going to be providing some awesomeness. Such as this week, we're releasing more item inventory slots to EVERYONE, 10 more to be exact. So that should be awesome. We're also making a few new items for your Starships, rugs specifically, and the art museum is getting it's new gallery. I'm also hoping to make the arcade versions of the Galactimecha stuff and the Planetary Defender game so look for that.

Next week I'm hoping to get the SC mech out as it sounds like Arklen is nearing completion. I haven't come up with a name yet but I will be checking your name suggestion thread more thoroughly soon. I do want to try and make this a defensive build since some of you have been hoping for that and since every other model has been MOAR POWAR! Anywho, a few questions!

Lord Kashmir asks: How did you get started at AE? Do you have any facial hair? If you could have your NPC do any one thing in MQ just to mess stuff up, what would it be? Do staff members use thier game names when talking to each other? What is your favorite thing you got for Christmas?

I saw an ad in Craigslist for a full time animator and I applied and became the MQ animator. ||| I DO have facial hair. I tend to fail at keeping up with my shaving but I try to have one of those fake jawlines. Not the paper thin ones but the thicker like, half-inch to an inch jawline. ||| Turn MQ into a sing-along. ||| We change it up from time to time. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. ||| Sonic Colors.

shadowdragonshadow asks: What do yall like to do/go when on a vacation? What planet would you go to if you lived in the MQ Universe?

I like going to Missouri and canoe down Jack's Fork River and the Upper Current River in the Ozarks. Beautiful place with nice clean and clear water. Also lots of turtles to catch. Especially tiny ones. They're adorable. ||| Zargon probably. Seems like it could be fun there.

Homecat52 asks: 1.) In a no-holds barred battle between you and Cysero who would win and why? 2.) What is your NPC's powers? (example: Artix has undead-killing powers, Walric is a powerful arch-mage, and J6 is a sharpshooter.)

Probably Cysero because I actually have no idea how powerful he is so I would probably under-estimate him and end up face down in the dirt. ||| Molecule manipulation I guess is the best way to put it.

DARK cal asks: 1) what is your most embarrassing moment? 2) if you where a food what food would you be? 3) where is your favorite place to go on holiday? 4) who is your favorite author?

I'm not sure. Whatever it is, it's probably not appropriate. It's hard for me to be embarrassed. ||| Probably a taco. I've eaten enough to become one. ||| Bunker Hill Ranch in Missouri. It's a little place deep on a mountain side by a river (Jack's Fork). Don't go there much anymore. ||| Dr. Seuss I guess.

LeoMart asks: Could you show us a picture of how you look without your bag? Also what car do you drive?

I probably can eventually but not at the moment. At least, my real face, Not so much my in-game face. ||| Blue 2000 Ford Mustang V6. 140,000+ miles on it. It's not happy lately.

Lord Kashmir ALSO asks: 1)Do you guys have steam (Application)? 2)If you do which games do you have on it? 3)Favourite zombie game? 4)Funniest thing that's happened to you?

Yes I do! But it's my personal username so I think I'll be keeping it secret. The username has nothing to do with Korin or AE so it's probably no good to try and guess it. I do love Steam though. ||| Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mirror's Edge, Left 4 Dead 2, GTA4, Audiosurf, OrangeBox, Red Faction Guerilla, Beyond Good & Evil, Half-Life 2, Far Cry 2, Dead Space, BioShock, STALKER and the Serious Sams. Bought a lot of those during their huge discounts they were having over Christmas Break. ||| Probably Left 4 Dead actually. Haven't played many zombie games but I'm having a lot of fun on the PC version. Moreso than the 360 version. ||| Too many to count.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Few more questions.

Hellsoarer asks:  When do you goto bed (EST time)?

Generally anywhere between midnight to 2AM.

Clever asks: Before Mechquest, did you work on any other games?
Are there any games you would like to work on eventually?

Only MechQuest. As for games I would love to work on, it would be awesome to work on a Sonic game. Another AE game? Not sure though. I'm happy with MQ really.

Holiday Practel asks: If given the chance to do anything in the world what would it be and why? Whats your favorite type of food?

Drop an anvil off the Empire State Building. It would look awesome. My favorite type of food is anything bad for me, unfortunately.

Master Merlin asks: What is your favorite flavor of tea?

I actually can't stand tea D:!

I have to go to dinner now but I will be sure to edit this post and add more later. I'm looking forward to some of these questions.


Update: And I'm back!

.R.M. asks: What is your favorite minigame in MQ? The hardest battle that you've had in MQ? And; What is the ID for the hardest player that you've EVER battled in PvP.

Galactimecha all the way. Especially the newest version against the Ice Harvester. Very proud of that one. As for PVP, technically J6 (ID 6). I've never played  anyone in PVP really.

popinloopy asks: What is your favorite explosive? do not say nuke bomb or dynomite.

Anything involving random ammunition crates to go off. I used to play Unreal Tournement with a mod that would make it so any ammo that got shot, would shoot whatever number of bullets it held in all different directions. So you might think you were going to pick up a ton of rocket ammo then blam! Rockets in the face.

forumlogin asks: Is it possible to go back to older releases and change up parts of it, like replacing quests with different quests?
And would you be willing to do so? :O

Technically yes. We do reskin some quests often but some of them tend to require too much new art which is what hurts us, not so much the programming aspect. But we do try to reuse quests when we can and I think you'll find us reusing more in the upcoming months.

nami9876 asks: whats your faviroute mech and do you have anything from heromart

I don't own anything yet. I plan on buying some calendars though. As for favorite mech, I really can't choose.

seventy two asks: What are your guys favorite in-game and out of game mechs?

In game, as above, hard to choose. Probably too hard to choose. As for out of game, I love the mechs from an old game called Virtual On. They have some of the greatest designs I've ever seen. I love the heads and the games themselves are fun. Well, Oratario Tangram is. I tried Marz lately on the PS2. Let's just say it didn't give me any respect for the PS2.

blackshock asks: What's the silliest face your paper bag has ever shown?
Fav. horror movie bad guy?
Final fantasy series or pokemon series?
What's the most epic thing you've ever built in your life? (RL objects)
Most akward moment?

I like the one where he looks scheming. ||| I don't really have a bad guy. Zombies get to me though. I get nightmares all the time but I love zombies for that fact that they scare me. I loved the Walking Dead show and now I've been reading the comics. ||| Final Fantasy I guess. Since 7 I've never really cared about another. 10 annoyed me. 11 was an MMO which I'm not a fan of. 12 frustrated me beyond belief. And now I've just given up. But I gave up on Pokemon after conquering Red and Blue. After that it was just too much more of the same. I did try Pearl and Diamond but eventually got bored. ||| I guess my "man cave". Bought a house a year and a half ago and it has one room that was perfect for a projector so I hooked it up, gave it surround sound, hooked up the TV, Wii, 360, and a device that lets me stream any video from my computer without transcoding it. It's pretty much my technological shining glory. ||| Probably relationship stuff. I don't feel awkward easily. I try and make other people feel awkward.

LeoMart asks: What's your real (American?) name?

You can probably Google it. I don't know if I'm allowed to say for sure.

bugattiboy91 asks: 1. What is your solider name in BFBC2? 2. Have you played all the Assassin's Creed games or just Brotherhood? Either way the games are epic. 3. Xbox 360 or PS3? 4. I saw that you have tried wearing a plastic bag. What made you want to try that? 5. You say you like anime, what are your thoughts on all things Dragonball and Yu-Gi-Oh? 6. What's Warlic do since he pretty much handed the game over to you?

1. You would have to guess it. I kind of don't want to just hand it out. I would rather people guess it so that I don't get a massive influx of friend requests. I will say that it's not "Korin" but I do use the soldier name as other usernames for public things I use. So really it's right under your nose. 2. All of them. They're great games and they just get better and better with each one. Can't wait for AC3. 3. Xbox. Sony bothers me too much as a company. Microsoft isn't much better though but Sony plays very dirty. I mean this with all aspects of how they market Blu-Ray and how they try to compete with our games in very shady ways. They're just bad people. 4. I didn't really. At least I don't think I did. I just thought it would be funny since wearing a plastic bag would likely kill you. So don't do it. 5. Don't care about Yu-Gi-Oh. Dragonball Z is funny and the movies are great. I think The Fusion Reborn movie pretty much contains everything I would want from anything DBZ. It was animated very well and is a funny movie as well. Who doesn't love seeing Hitler get annihilated by Gotenks? 6. He works on other big minigame projects. I wouldn't really call them minigames but they're not full scale games like AQ, DF, MQ, etc. Such as Bladehaven.

DARK cal asks: 1)are any of you real? 2)is there realy a underground lab or is it a shed or somthing? 3)what do you see in the future for mq? 4)will there ever be a end to Artix Entertainment? 5)if they are real are you friend with the other Artix Entertainment staff? 6)do your kids have paper bags

1. I'm a real person, yes. I don't have phenomenal cosmic powers though (as much as I wish I did). 2. It's just a normal office suite that you might see around strip malls. 3. MQ won't necessarily end but there are talks of different changes. All of which are complicated and not confirmed. 4. Potentially but hopefully not for a long time. 5. Yes. I'm friends with many of them. Not to say I'm not friends with anyone. I just don't really know everyone. 6. I don't have kids. Which also answers master mix's question.

XxArchfiendChaosxX asks: do any of you guys watch DBZ?(DragonBall Z)
if so,whos your favorite character(s)?

I have watched DBZ. Most of it at least. My favorite character has to be Goku. Though I must say I like him better in the Japanese version. I know his voice is really high pitch but I think it's to show how child-like and fun he really is while the American version tries to make him too serious. I like thinking of Goku as fun and playful despite being in terrible situations.