Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MQ Screenshot Contest Winners

Congratulations and thank you to the winners of the screenshot contest! Listed in alphabetical order with the link to the winning screenshot - and yes, I awarded everyone's prize of 100 Nova Gems (you might need to log out and back in to see that change if you are currently playing).  This was a really tough contest to judge - so many great screenshots and we only had room for 21.  




crazy penguin 





Lord Crepe 











Wizard Man


When the new Web page is set up and Live with all your amazing screenies we will let you know in the Design Notes!

So, I always have good intentions of writing really frequent DNs and then I get involved in all sorts of things and suddenly a week or more goes by.  And then 2 more days, and so on... Well, last Monday was a US holiday and then I took Friday off to go away overnight with my husband but somehow we managed to do 5 days worth of work in 3 days and released the new SCMM, the Mechatron series. (Well Korin and Vivi worked on Friday to wrap things up, but somehow I got the design and database stuff set and we even fixed some bugs.) I set up the main specials design for it since bluesy is on vacation, and Vivi helped fill in the gaps where my mind went blank (and he coded up the mecha to spec).  Vivi & I have been following the discussion in the Game Balance Discussion Forum and looking at some potential tweaks to buff up the power a bit.  I actually was hoping to get those done sooner, but having a theme with increased critical hits gets tricky when you start adding raw power.  Once damage gets to stacking, it's pretty easy to end up with something that's dealing the damage of 20 (or so) levels above its level.  Anyway Korin got the color-customizing to work with the lit-up parts and this is a really cool model.  Even if the balance still is getting tweaked.

This overnight trip with my husband was actually in keeping with a lot of what I do in MechQuest's development.  He has been restoring a 1954 VW Bug, and we drove it to a Volkswagen festival! I guess you probably know what kind of car is my dream car... if you know old, ugly American cars you will guess in a second... but since I don't have one of those, a Bug is pretty fitting, wouldn't you say? If you follow me on Twitter you've seen the bug as my wallpaper.  I'm not a super-regular Tweeter - I mainly watch our forums - I also answer questions on Formspring when I have time, and you might find me on Facebook - but I'm getting way off the subject, aren't I? 

What... was the subject again?  Well anyway, Korin's been working on some stuff that's looking promising, and I should get back to working with Vivi & Lyris on something that'll be coming along in just a few weeks.  And something coming out Friday, too.  SO VAGUE, right?  Well, as always, thanks for playing MechQuest and I'll see you on the forums (or those other places I linked)!

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