Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th July Rare Mecha

Happy 4th of July! This week's release comes on Wednesday in celebration of the U.S. holiday.

The Fireworks Begin at Midnight!  The Holiday Shop will open at midnight server time July 4th and will be open until Monday at noon server time!  A lot of people are vacationing during this time, as it is summer and also a U.S. holiday, and we would like everyone to have the opportunity to grab one of these models before they go rare.  

Here's the pricing and scalability structure for this year's Rare Mecha Series:

For All Players: These models do not level with you.

  • Level 5  -   5000 credits
  • Level 15 - 150000 credits
  • Level 25 - 250000 credits
  • Level 35 - 350000 credits
  • Level 45 - 450000 credits

Star Captain Models:These models level with you.

  • Level 2  - (Levels with you to L5)  -    500 credits
  • Level 10 - (Levels with you to L15) -  25000 credits
  • Level 16 - (Levels with you to L19) - 160000 credits
  • Level 20 - (Levels with you to L23) - 200000 credits
  • Level 24 - (Levels with you to L27) - 240000 credits
  • Level 28 - (Levels with you to L32) - 280000 credits
  • Level 33 - (Levels with you to L37) - 330000 credits
  • Level 38 - (Levels with you to L42) - 380000 credits
  • Level 43 - (Levels with you to L47) - 430000 credits

Nova Gem Models: If you are a Star Captain, these models level with you. All players may purchase these but only Star Captains will unlock the scaling feature.

  • Level 10 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 20 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 28 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 38 - 1000 Nova Gems
  • Level 45 - 1000 Nova Gems

Star Captain Scaling Feature of Nova Gem Models:

  • Level 10 levels with you to L19
  • Level 20 levels with you to L27
  • Level 28 levels with you to L37
  • Level 38 levels with you to L44
  • Level 45 levels with you to L50

The pricing of the lowest-level credits versions is not a typo!  We wanted to make sure that you would be able to afford these at the lowest levels when you haven't had a chance to earn a lot of credits yet. Picking up one of these will help you level up and earn more credits to afford one of the higher-level versions as well.

This is much more than a simple "revival" of an older mecha - nearly everything about it is new. Minar did a beautiful job with the art update on this model, and Arklen's fantastic new animations take it to a whole new level of awesome.  Complete with all-new specials designed by blues and programmed by Vivi!  

While you're in Soluna City, be sure to visit Braddock Steele to replay the events of the past.  

If you're traveling, please have fun - and don't forget to be careful! If you're not traveling, please be careful - and don't forget to have fun!