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Star Date : October 30th, 2009
Mogloween and a New Planet
Hey, who gave Evil Jim permission to post on the design notes? I will have to ask Korin about that one when he gets back... Anyway, sinnce the theme Planet Necryptos, is vampires... we figured it would be fitting to launch it on Mogloween! So, today we have a new permanent in-game planet. To celebrate the Mogloween release, we have a special Mogloween edition of our new Vampire Hunter Mecha! You can get the new Mecha from Han Velsing on Planet Necryptos!

The new planet is launching with the town, Lyceum, and the first quest zone, the Morrowood forest. On Wednesday next week, we will have the first bossfight against Dimitri, the vampire lord of Morrowood. Morrowood is a dark, forbidding forest that is full of massive trees that dwarf everything... including your mecha! It is a perfect place for vampires! Dimitri's vampire minions put up quite a fight! You will most likely want to get one of the new Mogloween Vampire hunter mecha models - it is rather effective against them!

Planet Mortis is still available for those who missed out last week. Also, this weekend is the last weekend that the MQ Anniversary content will be available! So grab your Golden Nubertrons while they last!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this holiday weekend! And remember - Eat candy responsibly!

Evil Jim
Evil Jim

Star Date : October 28th, 2009
Crush the Weak!
Greetings minions... ehem.. I mean, fans! It has only been a couple short weeks since I was unleashed on the galaxy! Already, I have gained fans in all sectors of space, from Shadowscythe to Arthurian Solar systems! My latest single, "Crush the Weak" unleashed pure rock fury on the unsuspecting Planet of Mortis... Well, now you can grab your own copy in the Planet Mortis Starship shops... Make sure you crank it up REAL LOUD! Listen closely to the guitar solo... it is rather... hypnotic... MUHAHAHAHA!

Here's a short preview of Crush the Weak!

Why do I do what I do? I don't know... I love the fame... I love the fortune... I love the limitless power! My music will unite this galaxy under a new ruler... ME!!

Anyway, the old man, Warlic, is telling me I have to talk about something other than myself... alright fine.. I'll oblige him... for now..

Today we released a TON of new Mogloween Starship items. You can now decorate your ships with skeletons, candles, Jack O Lanterns, and of course... Posters of ME! There is also a Witch who you can hire for some nova gems. She can make candy ammo for you all year round! Also, the Planet Mortis Starmaps have been updated... They now go to the most current version of Amity. Anyone who bought the maps last year will NOT have to buy a new one!

So, go now...Battle on and CRUSH THE WEAK!

Oh.. and get ready to crush some vampires on Friday too!


Star Date : October 26th, 2009
Flash Player Exploits
Hello everyone! From time to time, we like to warn you about possible malware exploits that are going around the web. One that has been spreading around lately is a fake "Flash Player 10.37 " upgrade. This is a fake flash player that installs malware on your computer. The latest version of Flash player from Abobe is Version Please be very careful when installing updates to your Flash Players. Make sure that you ONLY get them from Adobe's official website. You can find authentic flash Player updates at

PLEASE Do not get Flash from any other site!

Game Fixes:
Today we fixed a couple of issues left over from this weekend's Mogloween Release! You may have noticed that the new mogloween weapons have EP Regeneration buffs that are insanely powerful. Well, that was a complete mistake. Weapons have NEVER had regen buffs before... In fact, we had never even thought of giving them regen buffs before now. The EP Regen numbers were accidentally entered when the weapons were created because they are included in our universal scaling calculations for mecha and weapons. Anyway, after the mistake awas discovered this weekend, we thought, "Oh No!... Hey! Wait aminute... that's a COOL BUG!" So, we have decided to keep the Regen buffs on the weapons. However, they are now scaled to reasonable amounts. This is one of those cases when a bug becomes a feature! Yay!

Also, The new Cauldron weapons had a DoT effect that wasn't doing any damage. that has been fixed too!

Anyway, we are getting back to this week's release. WE are hoping to have some new starship items for Wednesday and of course, On Friday, we are launching a new planet, Necryptos! Spooooky!


Star Date : October 23rd, 2009
Merry Mogloween!
Our Mogloween release is live! Those of you who were with us last year will recognize the familiar Planet Mortis Zone! We've expanded the zone quite a bit! This time around, you can actually explore the mountain, woods and Cemetary zones. You will notice the enemies drop candy ammo... Grab as much of it as you can! At the end of the zone, you will get a weapon that you can use with it! We also updated the Frankenmecha and Headless Horse mecha models with improved specials and level scaling! So these legendary mecha models are even better now!

We are are now working on our vampire planet, Necryptos, for next friday! So, this is kind of like a double dose of horror for this most frightful holiday season!

Like all holiday seasons, we have a variety of Star Captain and Nova gem rare items available! If you are running low on nova gems, don't forget Ballyhoo and AEExtras! They are a great way to earn Nova Gems to help you get holiday rare items! For more information, check out our beautiful new Nova Gems info page here!

Battle On!


Star Date : October 20th, 2009
Balancing News!
Game Balance and Upgrade News and not so News:

I promised a buff and it is not forgotten, there was just not enough
time but it will happen!

This Mecha got 2 buffs. First, the taser CD was reduced to 0 so the damage buff/resistance nerf can get activated when needed
and the stun chance got buffed to 100%. This means NOT that you get a guaranted stun, the Headcrusher attack just tries to
stun on every activation. It still needs to hit and the stun can get resisted. Now this is a real good Mecha with a good stun chance and a nice damage output and not to forget it scales up to Level 42!

The Boomstick was bugged, it did 2 to 3 times the intended damage so it got fixed. The Mecha is still powerfull and it performs
awesome against equippable enemies because of the dismemberment attacks. No, it is NO Warbear.... more of this later.

Drakel Dark Sphere:
The new Drakel Mecha doesn´t need a buff at all and it will get none. This Mecha is exceptional good for NSC players and it can beat hard and even sometimes x-treme Mode and all you need is to beat normal. So, you really really should be pleased with this Mecha :)

Seppy and Skullcrusher:
Both Mechas scale from Level 35 on so the proud owners have now a Mecha for every Level they reach in the future. We buffed the HP/EP values for both Mechas, these were the only
changes. They are still exceptional good. Seppy will not get a damage buff for now, with the new values he is really good enough. Damage for Body and Head and a buffed DoT is something we can do in the future when needed.

The Nubertron:
This is something I must discuss with Maegwyn, she designed the Nubertron. Sadly she is sick since more than a week and I really miss her.... so.... Get well soon Maeg :)

There is a tendency to compare every new SC Mecha to Warbear and always a thread that the new one is "underpowered" and needs a buff because Warbear is soooo much better. The easiest solution would be.... guess.... nerf Warbear and this
discussion will stop. No worries, we will not do this as we promised.
But it makes no sense to compare everything to Warbear and you will only get a No from me when you mention Warbear in a GBD thread.

Now, the Warbear story:

It was 95% my fault, 4% Korins fault and 1% Maegwyns fault. (To be honest, I think it was 95% Maegwyns fault because she is the reasonable person when we guys go crazy and she didn´t stop us but.... anyway :P)

I had the idea to give it high damage output as theme with no defense at all. So, I created the specials. Korin coded them, I tested everything, the damage was nice, I was in a really good mood and it looked awesome, Korin liked the theme, Maeg didn´t say no so.... yay we released it. All of you who bought it know what happened. Not too bad, there will be a bunch of new enemies and also new SC only quest you will not be able to beat with Warbear, but the damage output is really high.
Short and sweet: No second Mecha of this type!

Let us all take some minutes and think of Maegwyn and send her a lot of positive energy so that she feels a lot better soon!
Dear Maeg, hope this helps and.... we miss you!

Have fun as always


Star Date : October 20th, 2009
Back to Mortis
You may have guessed it already... but this Friday, we're going back to Mortis because it is everyone's favorite holiday...Mogloween! Korin and I are putting together some new spooky weapons and a new quest on Planet Mortis for this week. This time around, Dr. Springenstein's creation, Shelley has fallen under the spell of the latest Galactic Rock Star.... and unfortunately, the music does NOT have a good message...

We have another Halloween related release coming up next week :We are launching a permanent in-game planet next Friday, October 30th... the theme - as you may already know is VAMPIRES! (Don't worry - it is NOT going to be a total spoof of Twilight... however, if you look closely, you may notice that the vampire mecha models sparkle... That's as far as we're going with Twilight references..).

Wednesday mini-release is going to be Sepulchure and Skullcrusher upgrades!


Star Date : October 16th, 2009
The End of Westion
As I write this, Korin is blowing up Planet Westion... Yes. Planet Westion is no more. The Shadowscythe came. They saw... they blew it to pieces! (Well, they didn't exactly blow it up... the dragonoids did...) Now an asteroid field full of temporal anomalies is all that is left...The zone will be still be replayable in the game through the use of these temporaly anomalies.

This is the first major Shadowscythe victory. However, the taste of their victory is bittersweet. They suffered heavy losses in this terrible war. They barely defeated the allied forces. Honestly, you guys fought extremely well. In fact, you almost won this war that was skewed rather heavily towards the Shadowscythe to begin with... They had intended on using the Planet Westion as their major base of their operations in this Solar system, but now they have laid claim to an asteroid field. Not exactly the most stunning victory for them...

What about the people on the planet? The only thing that can save them at this moment is a bargain with the super-dimensional-omnipotent being known as...


Is it worth it? What is he up to anyway?

And what was that strange sensation on my scalp?

Today is a HUGE mecha release day! We have 2 new reward mechs for the Westion ShS War. the Drakel Power Armor has been buffed with a powerful new corrupted version and the Shadowscythe Behemoth is now a playable mecha. The Behemoth is available at the Nova Gem Valor shop in the Westion War camp. The Corrupted Drakel Power Armor is available for NSCs at the regular Valor Mecha Shop in the Westion War camp.

Star Captains are getting the next Monthly Mecha today- The BC Warrior Class mecha is a trash-talking, shadowscythe-stomping, chainsaw and boomstick wielding juggernaut!! This mecha was developed with the Halloween season in mind and was based on one of our favorite scary movies of all time...

Anyway - I shed a tear for Planet Westion. It was our first major Planet. On the desert sands of Westion, the MechQuest team learned many things. We have been through many struggles and triumphs since those days. The game has evolved a lot since we first took our starships into space. Now the storyline of Westion comes to an end - And a new Chapter in this galactic fantasy sci fi space mecha opera begins... With Korin at the helm of this Starship called M

Battle On!


Star Date : October 14th, 2009
House Mecha Tweaks and Bluesy's Notes!
Hello everyone - Just quick note to let you know that the level 40 Runehawk and Wolfblade mecha models have been tweaked:

1) Runehawk shoulders now stack so you can get better energy to health draining.

2) Wolfblade's berserk ability no longer drains accuracy. Also, the Damage increase has been slightly boosted.

Everyone has been wondering what our October monthly mecha is going to be... well let me just say - it is a trash-talking, dismembering, chin-killing wrecking machine. This new monthly mecha also carries a forgotten edition of the infamous Mechronomicon... We're testing it now and plan to release it on friday... along with a new corrupted version of the Drakel Power Armor and a playable Shadow Behemoth! Hey wait - that's 3 new mecha designs this week! That's just crazy!

In the meantime, Korin and the rest of the MQ team are working on the grand finale to Shadowscythe war... It was a difficult and close battle... Both sides suffered heavy losses, but in the end the Shadowscythe have prevailed and gained a new strategic foothold in this sector of the galaxy! Now, the Shadowscytheare mobilizing the corrupted Dragonoid to land the final blow to the allied defense forces and begin their occupation of Westion!

We'll find out what Korin has in store for us this Friday! I am at the edge of my seat!

Todays mini-release will be a new evacuation mission for Westion as well as the Runehawk and Wolfblade power tweaks mentioned above..

Star Date : October 14th, 2009
Notes from Blues!
It seems that I´m finding slowly a way out of this portal, at least
more messages seem to go through and the communication works better.

As promised here are my DN´s about the AHM´s.

The AHM´s were my first real balancing and special creating project.They got a completely new look and we decided to change them and giveevery house a special "theme".Wolfblade are the "Warriors", Runehawk the "Mages" and Mystraven the
"Rangers". Now, we had the problem to implement these "Builds" into Mechas. Warriors are closecombat types with a lot of damage so WB got a high damage output.Mages are more the "weaklings" which don´t fight in close combat, bu tthis is not possible in MQ so we gave RH a lot of defensive abilities. Standing in front of an enemy and say: " Please Mr. Alien, give me some minutes to concentrate so that I can cast my ebil spells on you" doesn´t
work good because the Shadowscythes are the "hit first and talk later" kind of species. MR got also defensive abilities and a potential high damage output but with a high deviation
so it´s unreliable. Also smokescreen activates only on hit. There are different opinions on the abilities we gave the houses and some players want to switch RH and WB. This was and
is the way I see it, that´s why they are as they are.

The AHM´s were the beginning of a new era in MQ. They got completely new special abilities and it took us weeks to create them, code them and balance them. I think we did a real good
job and all 3 Houses have been pretty equal. But there is no way to make them completely equal unless we make them all the same. It worked quite good in normal Mode which was the
only available difficulty mode these days. We always got the "time
needed to win a fight" argument. Well, a defensive Mecha will take
more time to win a fight, thats logical. Because many
players were not longer satisfied with their former house choice, we gave them the opportunity to change houses, but they couldn´t switch back.

I remember when we released the K&S update before the AHM´s and players complained instantly that this challenge is far too hard. It was a preview what the new AHM´s will be able to do
and they did a very good job in this challenge. The problems started when we implemented hard and x-treme Mode. We
didn´t even think about other difficulty Modes when we created the AHM´s so it was clear that they behave different
because I balanced them for a maximum of 8 to 10 turns.
And we also went a bit crazy :P
We created more and more and more fancy specials, things we never thought they would be possible to make but Warlic, the Wizard of coding was able to do every crazy thing we could think about and of course we wanted to release everything to show you what MQ can do. The Mechas and Equipment became better and better and this was a kind of "Power Inflation". The game became easier and we revived a lot of old Mechas and made it much easier for beginners. Also the pricing changed completely for the low Levels. The SC monthly special Mechas are really special and not to forget the promo Mechas. Yes, the game became easier and new Mechas are normally quite good with defaults and that´s good for casual players who don´t have the time to constantly customize their Mechas. X-treme Mode is still a bit of a challenge for our hardcore players and I remember all the discussions when the SC X-treme challenge got released. There will be more such challenges in the future and we are working on new enemies which will need some customization and some strategy. Most of them will be placed in special missions I think.

Oh my god, this is a long story and I must come to an end now.
We will have a look at the AHM´s and WB and RH might get changed a bit. I know that many of you wanted new looks and new specials. This will come one time but for now we changed only the rolls etc.and not the specials. The AHM´s are still reliable Mechas and the upgrades are pretty cheap. When they will get a new look in the future, they will also get a complete special overhaul. For now you can customize them with nice House Weapons and we will release more of them.

See you on the Forums
Have Fun!


Star Date : Oct 9th, 2009
War, a Magic Number, and Fun!

What a hectic day. What seemed like a simple small list of things to do turned into a great big one.

The magic number today is 80%. As in, you guys better not get to 80% before Monday because some content is not pretty enough yet.

That said, you now have access to 2 new weapons and - if you have over 200 Valor Badges you can open a shop to access a Shadowscythe mecha. Hopefully everyone will enjoy those.

As of right now, Star Captains can reclaim the Galactimecha and battle the Dragonoid. He's harder than Universo. However, as of right now there's no huge rewards but that should change by Monday-Wednesday. So right now, it's just for fun so enjoy it. Although it does count towards the war and get you 1 (count them), 1 Valor Badge. Hopefully more Valor Badges over the weekend but we'll see what I can do.

Big week next week. Probably way bigger than what this one was supposed to be. Should be interesting. I don't have much to say right now which is surprising because I usually babble in this thing but I'm fried right now. But I do have one thing to add. Forum user Chamberino made this awesome thing in Spore Galactic something. Definitely worth checking out. Here's a link to the video.

It's the Steampunk mecha and it looks amazing. So big hoorah for him.

Other than that, enjoy the weekend. Enjoy your new weapons and mecha. And of course, enjoy the weekend.


Star Date : Oct 0th, 2009

Insanity! Korin is awesomeface and so is Azami for all his assistance today - Korin & I couldn't've completed any of our list of "DONE! Needs testing!" without his help!

Lyris designed the new arm weapons, and Yergen made the awesome animation!

Some gleeful Gremlin temporarily has opened up a very strange shop in the Westion War. There are some sweet mechas (non-equippable, Shadowscythe Trogs) ready as soon as the shipment arrives at the correct shop...

Enjoy your weekend! Remember... 80%...


Star Date : Oct 7th, 2009
Wed. Mini-Release & Awesomenesses!

Ah. Lovely Wednesday mini-releases. From what I understand, you now have updated House Mechs. We've heard your requests so we decided to roll with it. I would like to start by pointing out that Maegwyn has gone out of her way and has begun learning how to edit effects in our mechas. Basically she's taking on even MORE responsibilities which seems impossible. It's a huge help though and she's picked it up really quick.

Moving on. I hear something about merge shops and new mechas. I only know some of the new upgrades. Maegwyn might be able to shed some more light on what's happening although I'm sure the shops will be easy enough to figure out.

Right now I'm working on something that's a bit hefty but it should make for a fun little game to play on Friday. So there will be that, plus a boss on Friday and a couple weapons and special mecha to buy. Not Galactimecha(sorry) but it's something that people have asked for and I think you'll enjoy them.

As for Galactimecha being a playable mech, I just want to point out that it's highly unlikely. Just wanted to throw that out there. Why? Because thousands of you have just had a dream get shattered. It feeds me. Seriously though. Probably won't happen. I may try to rip him out into a full minigame though so that could be fun. Artix actually kind of demanded I do it. Should I obey? Probably. All I need to do is figure out when.

What other fun stuff has happened? Warlic is out of office this week so it's like officially flying solo for the first time which is exciting yet terrifying. Safety nets are always comforting.

In other news, someone on Facebook has made something super awesome in Youtube but I forgot to ask for his game name and I don't feel comfortable posting it under his full name and since I forgot to ask for his game name, I can't post it yet. But this guy made something totally awesome and I can't wait to link it for you guys on Friday. Very neat.

Other than that, last but not least, most of you remember us announcing that Lyris has become part of the team. Right now she's helping us design some costumes for the next planet. If you remember, she did the birthday costumes(which is staying up for a month so yay!) so I'm sure these new costumes will look amazing. More news on another person later.

I think this is a decent flood of potentially useless information. So stop reading and play MechQuest already.


Star Date : Oct 2nd, 2009
Jammies - Designed by Lyris!
Welcome Lyris! Yes, MQ has a talented addition to the team - Lyris! She's been vectoring actually since sometime in September... so it's WAY past time for a 'welcome' - and I'll see whether she'll let me interview her soon.

The new Jammies uniform is Lyris' design! If you haven't done so yet, ride the Floorivator down to the party, deliver some cake, and wear your own set of Jammies!


Star Date : Oct 1st, 2009
Happy Birthday - Time for Cake!
MechQuest is 2 years old! Head on over to Tek's Mechs to pick up the Nubertron (Level 5, in the regular mecha shop) and then it's that time of year when the Floorivator actually works! So check out the band, win some tokens, and see if you can find a pajama party. Oh, and don't forget the cake! You may want to be prepared with an Energy Blade ... just in case you run into someone you recognize...

Complete your Anniversary mecha collection with a new Silver, Gold, or Platinum Nubertron. A Silver Token plus a regular Nubertron will "gild" it and raise its level - or a Golden Token for the SC-exclusive Gold model - see the "recipes" in the Gilded Mecha shop downstairs! If you would like Platinum, those are available for Nova Gems (no tokens needed). For a "Nubertron," these are pretty uber - Anniversary models have the (small) chance to 'Nuberize' your opponent! Beware, though - if you are "Nuberized" by your PvP opponent, you must get out of Assault Mecha, and re-equip your mecha to restore its proper HP and EP!

Don't forget to browse through the 2009 Starship Items (I'm loving the new Scraps game in my Starship's Arcade Room) - plenty of new things for decoration, and Action Figures, too.

X-Boost is Here! X-Boost items will increase your experience and credits from battles by 10% and come in one week, 30 Days and Unlimited options. One week will cost 100NGs, 30 days: 380 NGs and Unlimited : 1000NGs. You may now purchase X-Boost items at Tek's Mechs.

Westion News: Betting is no longer in the Blackjack gameParents complained and we listened - we are dedicated to going the extra mile to provide games that are enjoyable for the whole family. We listen to the community and you spoke very clearly about this one... and that's the outstanding factor in what makes Artix Entertainment games so great! I myself am delighted to be a part of the AE team, working together with you, our community, to enhance the games while continually bringing out new content, which includes your suggestions and your feedback.

War on Westion Continues! The Shadowscythe War is not going very well... Despite the valor of the Soluna/Westion Alliance, the Shadowscythe invaders just keep pressing forward in countless numbers! Coming Friday - Queenadent Odessa Pureheart needs brave Star Captains to punch through enemy lines and deliver a plea for help to Arthuria and Zargon!

In the Works: I have a list of mechas - House Mechas, Seppy, and Skullcrusher are all in line for their long-awaited higher-level versions. I'll be prepping them for testing to be sure they're rollin' with the big guns - and blues promises to emerge from the transdimensional portal to work with me, Warlic, Korin, Azami, Personater (and anyone else we can steal from staff) to test these out!

We keep promising that the new Knife and Spork challenges are coming soon. This takes a lot of prep-work, and I've already got some of the groundwork laid - it will take some more time, but hasn't been forgotten at all. No, it's not slated for next week... but I'm confident that you'll find it worth the wait when it's all set up and ready to roll!

Happy Birrrrrrthday to US! Thanks for making this another great MQ Year!




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OMG BattleGems Puzzle Game


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