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January 28, 2011

Traveler Part Two

The Traveler has more weapons in his shops for all players!  Minar and Korin both had a hand in these designs, and Minar animated them.  Blues designed some cool specials and Vivi coded them. Also, if you are a Star Captain, The Traveler has a new quest for you.  He now has two Star-Captain-Exclusive quests that you may play whenever he is in town!  You'll need to complete the first one before you can go on the second one.  These Star Captain Exclusive quests will return when the Traveler comes back to Soluna.

I don't want to say too much about the quest because of potential spoilers so I'll try to keep things general.  Korin is teaching me to build quests and it's very interesting to see how everything relates along the timeline (within the Flash program) and how the programming bits make things happen when and how they are supposed to.  I really am amazed that this all came together and the release wasn't terribly late - and I got all the new weapons entered into the database and everything, besides getting the quest done.  During the rough draft phase of the quest, I had put in some silly placeholder dialogue where the NPCs said ridiculous things.  I will probably have nightmares about forgetting to change that... though it might be pretty funny to have an NPC tell you, "Now I should saysomethingelse and heal you before you go fight a spoiler..." for example...

I'm loving doing the quest stuff - for those who want a lot of storyline, I made this one more "talky" than I normally would - and I put in some Skip buttons in case you either just want to hurry up and go for the action & don't care about what they have to say, or you already did the dialogue part and don't want to read it every time you do the quest.  I have learned a lot about buttons lately!

Vivi made a harder boss than last week's, and there's a hint in the Lose screen if you have trouble with that battle.  All SCs should be able to defeat this boss on Normal but I'm not sure whether it's possible on Extreme.

Also in this release - Vivi made a fix to the Dimension Splitters. I forget what was broken now... but it's fixed.  There's some more stuff we want to fix - the Droxtal (etc.) mechas still have some bugs, for example... and next week I'm hoping/planning for a good Buggy Monday (or Tuesday).  And while Korin is putting together things for the next planet, we are planning some other really cool things - some that we've had on the S.O.O.N. List or just on a List!  

I should answer questions but I'm kind of exhausted right now.  So I'll try to get to some of those again soon.  Have a great weekend & I'll probably see you on the forums.  Thanks for playing MechQuest!!

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