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June 07, 2013

Automorph Arrives

Star Date: 7 June, 3013

Automorph-P Arrives! Swing by the Star Captain Club in Soluna City any time to pick up the new SCEM - the Automorph-P series! A newly-balanced version of the original model, this all-terrain mecha is a must have for any Star Captain! roll out.jpg

Cosmic Ivy Blade OC II: Have you ranked up to Grand Champion in the Colosseum? Head to Planet 51 to open the Grand Champion shop, and use your Nova Gems to grab the Level 48 version of the Cosmic Ivy Blade!

And then, of course, take it into battle! Blade.jpg

Thrilling NEW missions in the works! Stay tuned for further transmissions. Over the next few weeks, new March of the Shadowscythe episodes will be revealed. With them they will bring new enemies, new challenges, and new rewards! 

Tags: Maegwyn SC Club Planet 51

October 14, 2011

SC X Bossfight and Salvage BA Drops

Early Release Today! All the stars and planets seem to have aligned nicely - tonight's release is Live already, so log in NOW!  

Salvage Quest: (See Joey standing in Soluna City, to the right of Tek's Mechs.) The Salvage quest has now been updated with chances for Back Arm weapons to drop! I don't want to give away too much yet, so I will just say that there are NEW Never-Before-Seen Back Arms for NSC, SC, and NG at every tier, plus some other "Oh I have one of those / OOh I was wanting one of those" Back Arms scattered among the possible drops as well.  Huzzah for Korin getting the new weapons all vectorized and animated and coloratizized, and grazie to bluesy for the specials designs, and to Vivi for codings - and yours truly set them up with all their numbers and descriptions and that sort of thing.

Star Captain Club Extreme Challenge: This new "Bragging Rights" option lets Star Captains battle the featured - and extremely tough - "Boss" - we are kicking this off by featuring the un-nerfed, super-powered, unleashed Teravolt! There was a little mix-up in the initial communication of specials planning for the Zargon Wormhole battle, so the original Teravolt came out as an opponent who was ... basically unbeatable by what I'm guessing would have been 999 out of 1000 players.  I haven't found my strategy for beating him in the Star Captain Club challenge yet, in fact.  (Feel free to discuss it on the forums, but please use spoiler tags if you come up with a way to defeat him before the end of this weekend...)

We're working ahead on Mogloween (MQ's Halloween) with some very cool plans - continued Mortis-related storyline with new animated cutscenes, all-new quests and in fact we are already working on the backbone for a "Trick or Treat" style quest!  Are you a Star Captain? Has Starbuck approved you for PvP (at the Stadium at GEARS University)?  If not, there is still time - the deadline is Thursday the 27th of October 6:30 PM Eastern time (Server Time)  You may submit your Character ID and Character Name on the forums in this thread so that players from all over the world (and from everywhere in the galaxies) can have the chance to visit your Starship this Mogloween!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend - I know I will! I am getting IRC queries about having no Design Notes up yet, so I shall wrap up here and post them for you! I will be immersed in music and artwork when I am not doing home maintenance and not playing our games or visiting with you on our forums - and on that note... TTYL!

Tags: Maegwyn Star Captains Soluna Salvage SC Club

October 27, 2010

Surprise Wednesday Mini-Release

Surprise!  A little Wednesday mini-release!  Vivi and I are jumping into the S.O.O.N. list, with Korin's blessing, starting with the things we can do without needing new art and so on.  We've grabbed Azami to help start tracking the level gap issues, for starters.  With the big Mogloween release coming, we've kept it pretty simple.  This naturally ties in with the rebalancing project, so you'll see tweaks to existing equipment as we go along, if something jumps out.  Step one for today is some very basic stuff - essentially "clones" of some of our lower-level existing weapons.  

Additions to the SC Club:

  • L9 Apprentice Fireball (the Novice Fireball) - BA
  • Icy Starfire 1.5 (L8) - BA
  • Bright Blue Plasma Ray (L7)
  • buffed the L5 Blue Plasma Ray with a DPT raise and and EP usage reduction
  • Missile Bayonet V2 (L9)
  • Price adjustment (really a typofix) to the L6 Missile Bayonet

Tek's Arms - NSC additions, Tek's Mechs, Soluna City:

  • Lightly-Used Gatling Gun (L4, FA & BA versions)
  • Double Autogun N9 (FA)
  • Mecha Boomstick N7 (BA)
  • Bargain Bin Laser BN9 (BA)

Meanwhile, Korin has just given me a list of the things he has going on for Friday and I'm super-excited about this... also means I have a bunch of work to do!  So I will get going on that and see you on the forums!  

Tags: Maegwyn Mini Release S.O.O.N. SC Club Tek's Mechs

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