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May 18, 2012

Avenger Weapons and Challenge Mode for Romero

Avenger-Themed Weapons! These are available until June 1st. Find them in the Event panel of the Shop interface.

Extra-Special Limited-Time Rare o.Ops versions! Available only until Sunday at 10AM Server Time (Eastern US time) - L45 head (Non-Star Captain - so, available for all players) and L45 Front Arm (Star Captain ONLY) - their price is set EXTREMELY high, and they have a boosted Damage Per Turn (DPT). This version will become FOREVER RARE after Sunday.

Specials - HI VIVI!

First hit: Chance to heal the damage done by this hit 
Second hit: Chance to increase defense and bonus by 7 per turn for 5 turns 

First hit: Chance for an HP DOT for 3 turns 
Second hit: Reduces enemy boost by 30 for 3 turns. If the first hit connected, boost is lowered by 30 for 4 turns instead, and you get +80 defense for the enemy's next attack. 

Damages enemy EP at the beginning of the attack. Tries 12 times total, each time there's a chance to do 2% of their max EP in EP damage 
On hit: Inflicts an EP Heal Block (enemy cannot regen EP or heal it in any way) and has a chance to attempt to stun for 1 round (enemy takes -50 immobility resistance for this attempt) 

If all three are equipped, all three of them gain this special: 
Last hit: If not already affected by this, the enemy gets -40 bonus for 3 rounds 

If you use an arm and the head on the geekatrons, they'll combo like other zargon weapons (they also fit with the existing combos as well). 
Lightning Mallet -> Iron Head -> Geekatron Body = Damage Boost 
Captain Soluna Shield -> Iron Head -> Geekatron Body = Defense Boost

THANKS VIVI! (Vivi came up with these specials - with a couple of suggestions from Korin - & coded them. Plasma Charge suggested the Geekatron combo surprise bonuses. And zccheng97 of the forums suggested the o.Ops super-rare high credits versions. HUGE thanks to all of you!)

Planet Romero Challenge Mode: When you go to the Comm Building and use the Missions button, you will now see an option labeled "Challenge Mode." Available to ALL - NSCs can get a taste of what the Star Captain Exclusive challenge modes hold in store (though keep in mind that all are different in some way).

Also fixes an issue with the original timed quest where the perimeter health dropped to 0, and a blackscreen upon exiting an area with Helia.


Have a wonderful weekend - thanks for playing MQ! See you on the forums!

Tags: Maegwyn Gremlin Romero Limited TIme Shop

March 09, 2012

Scalpels and Dieting Mecha Models

First of all let's all wish Vivi a very happy birthday!  And many, many more!

He animated today's Scalpel Front Arm weapon for us, besides his normal coding in of the specials blues designed! The specials all fit into the description so you should go to Romero and check the Vend-o-Tron for that info.  These are Nova Gem exclusive weapons. My original plan was to bring you also Star Captain and NSC (non-Star Captain) weapons, which Minar drew for us but we just honestly didn't have time to get them animated for this week. (Minar had final exams and Korin had a ton of other things in the works.) You will get them most likely next week. 

So many mecha models "lost weight" this week - TONS - so they could "fit" in the walkaround quests! I had to shrink their shadows, actually. Some have only one shadow, and some have two. And of course each mecha model has many levels - so to roll this release I had to open 8 separate windows with many, many tabs in each one to change nearly 100 filenames! So if you were not able to complete the walkaround quests in any of the models on the following list, try again!

  • Wolfblade (lower-level, not the Advanced)
  • ShS Trog SC
  • ShS Trog NSC
  • Dragon Spirit Form NG
  • Dragon Spirit Form SC
  • Dragon Spirit Form NSC
  • Chronomecha
  • Derpmachine
  • Guardian
  • Mechatron
  • Vanguard

If you get stuck in a different model, or are still getting stuck in any of the above, please report it in the Gremlins forum as a reply here

I fixed a few database typos:

  • Sparkler Rocket Std 3010 description is now correct
  • Dimitri's Gaze series got a typofix and a grammar fix
  • The Flamorah series also got a correction in its description 

I didn't get into quest files this week for any dialogue or mouseover typos. I'm still on the PC which can't handle having MQ open and running while Flash is open and running, so my multitasking is suffering horribly. I actually did some questwriting on actual paper with an actual pen with actual ink over the past couple of weeks! My hard drive on the laptop turned up blank - all my precious text files gone... and the first estimate from a file recovery place was over $1,000 USD. Getting one more estimate before I just get a new HD & send this one to Korin to give it a last-ditch effort for file recovery - so let's all hope for the best. Back up your files NOW!


Also in this bugfixing frenzy, Vivi got rid of NaN bugs in:

  • Cosmic Talon (head)
  • Steve Skysplitter (head)
  • Yeti Boss (arm)

Vivi also fixed something with the Giant Gorilla on Liath - I don't know offhand what it was ... because a Gremlin sneaked into one of our testing mechanisms somehow - so that fix actually rolled un-tested! (Normally every potential fix gets tested before it rolls Live.) (The Gremlins ArchKnight Plasma Charge is checking it now - he just told me that what was wrong is that it was buffing the player instead of its own attacks.)

Speaking of Gremlins AKs - Ello is back with us! 'Ello, Ello!

Coming up: Charfade plans to guest-art us a St. Patrick's Day weapon! Jemini did backgrounds for St. Pat's Day! Traditional-styled original Irish music! More about that new music later, though - because I have to run out the door! Have a great weekend - thanks so much for your support! Please tell your friends about MechQuest!

Tags: Maegwyn Gremlin Bugfix Romero Vivi

February 17, 2012

New Weapons and Past Heroes

We Heart You! Replay the Heroes Heart Days of the past (or is that Hero's Heart?) via the News Screen or at Braddock Steele in Soluna City. 

Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Romero mecha !! Thyton drew up a new version of the Hospital Mecha and we're working on getting it ready for rewards later on in the planet storyline. Here's a look at it in its early stages!  Korin vectorized it - he took the screenie of it in its vectorized and posed version.

Energy Blades! Minar drew up a couple of new energy blades for us! One is now in the Hospital Gift Shop in Soluna City - pick one up if you are having trouble with the Romero Zombie fights.  After you get to Romero, find the other blades in the Vend-o-Tron.  These are powerful - keep in mind that we are revamping swordfighting soon and you'll see other changes to swordfighting when that happens. So don't be alarmed that these outclass most of the current energy blades.  You'll need to be L10 to wield one, and you'll have to complete Hospital jobs to open the shop and unlock the planet, too.

Poison I.V. Shoulder Weapon! Concept by Lyris, animation concept by me, art by Minar, animation by Korin, specials by blues, coding by Vivi

Numbers are as always NSC (SC,NG) --->>< CD=3 

does in total 1.25 (1.5, 1.75) times damage 
- normal (1.5 time, double) HP DoT for 3 turns 
- chance for a normal (1.25 time, 1.5 time) EP DoT for 3 turns 
- chance (NG no roll) for a defense NoT, reduces enemy defense by 10 (15,20) per turn, cap is 100 
---> could be poisoning armor 
- NG only: chance for a damage reduce NoT, -12% per turn for 3 turns.

Preparing for Next Weeks: We have new enemies - 2 with all-new art & animation as well as new attacks, and some recolored already-released art but with new attacks.  Korin is working on a HUGE new zone with quests. Minar is getting some awesome backgrounds ready. So there's a lot to which you can look forward on Romero!

Have a fantabulous weekend - enjoy! Thanks for playing MQ!

Tags: Maegwyn Romero Heroes Heart Day

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