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March 19, 2014

Battle Gems Founder

Star Date: 18 March 3014

Lucky Days AND Battle Gems 

Lucky Days: 

NOW: See Braddock Steele in Soluna City to travel to the Rainbow Road & fight Lucky Warriors and Leprescythes while collecting Clovers to open the reward shops.  Apologies for the issue causing a black screen while you were collecting Clovers - that issue is now FIXED.

WEDNESDAY: A brand-new mission launches! As for new equipment? We've got Lucky Mechas on their way to you, including Elite House Mecha models for the high-level players!  The Advanced versions will scale to higher levels, too. There's also a surprise model on its way, thanks to Ash!

Happy Birthday to Gibby! The Giblet Skewer is coming back to the Birthday Shop in Soluna City to commemorate the happy occasion.

And now a very important announcement from Artix!

Battle Gems goes LIVE on Apple App Store! 

It just went live! Be the first to play our 1st major mobile game, AdventureQuest: Battle Gems! It is available right now for free on Apple’s App Store

Get BattleGems on the App Store! 

The team and I are really proud to be releasing Battle Gems for you. As our first major mobile game, it took over 6 months to draw, animate, code and write the 450+ joke & pun filled levels for you. We think you will agree that it is our most crazy, addictive and fun game yet! Get Battle Gems and please help us spread the word. (P.S. We are working on the Android version as you read this.)

Battle Gems Screenshots

Battle Gems Features

  • Over-the-top fantasy Puzzle/RPG
  • 150+ monsters including BrutalCorn, Octobear and more!
  • 450+ quests to Mount Death Dread Doom Skull
  • 250+ items
  • Every item you collect increases your total power!
  • Fully customizable character
  • Crazy monsters, epic battles, and… horrible puns (but get it anyway)

Battle Gems Founder! 

Limited Time Offer: Become a Founder!

Now is your only chance to become a Battle Gems Founder! Support the game during this launch **note: this includes Android - the Android launch is coming soon** and UNLOCK EVERYTHING with a one-time payment that is cheaper than a Pizza. …and our game comes with “extra-cheese” at no extra charge. Purchase the Founder Package during this limited time offer for $9.99, you shall receive:

  • UNLIMITED turns! (Yeah. Unlimited. In your face Crushy Candy game!)
  • Exclusive Dragon Knight Armor, Weapon, Wings & Helm
  • Permanent Gold boost
  • The Skeleton Key
  • AdventureQuest Worlds MMO exclusive - Dragon Knight CLASS, Armor, 2 Helms, 3 Capes, & 2 Weapons

BattleGems Founder Details 

Battle Gems is already getting GREAT REVIEWS!

Thank you so much to everyone giving the game five stars to us on the app store. Battle Gems has been getting amazing feedback and reviews -- check out this KILLER game review from the game review site, Game Skinny! The humor is spot-on perfect "AE" and Battle Gems has the highest quality and most consistant art. I am really proud of the team, the testers, and our online community for all of the long and hard work that went into creating this amazing game. Thank you guys!!! We are working hard on the Android and other ports. Even if you cannot play yet, please help us spread the word! Each day this week we will be releasing a new Battle Gems video... and this weekend, "The Gems" will be heading to the MegaCon convention in Orlando, Florida to run around and cause trouble. BATTLE GEM ON!

Battle Gems... Kitty is Disolving.. HURRY! 

Do not forget to LIKE the BattleGems Facebook page!

Thanks, Artix!  I'm eager for the Android release, myself! 

Stay tuned for more MechQuest news, and thanks for playing!

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March 22, 2012

Innumerable Hordes of Leprescythe

Innumerable Hordes of Leprescythe

The war count is massive - it seems like you fight and fight and just aren't getting anywhere. That Rainbow portal is continally pouring out Leprescythe so something is going to have to be done about that. There is an ancient legend of a realm underground - where a magical musical instrument could help win this war.

Contrary to a rumor I read on the forum, the war rewards are ready. What is not yet ready is a quest. That quest is scheduled for release Friday. That additional quest involving the musical instrument and the Leprescythe is why the war meter is so high. It is not a delaying tactic - it is part of the story. It was meant from the very beginning to be a war that would take more than a few days. However, I may have set the initial total too high as it looks like people are feeling war-weary. That will change but it is a result of something that you will do, not a case of "staff intervention."

I did run into a couple of snags this week with technical issues (still working with the old and slow PC because my laptop STILL isn't back - and my mouse started acting erratic - jumping offscreen. Finally traced it to my wireless keyboard but I lost a lot of worktime troubleshooting) - and just to put the icing on the cake, ended up with a fever & sore throat. So, due to the need for a morale boost in the war, Vivi is stepping in to help revise the plan slightly for the quest advancing the storyline - we're simplifying my original quest plan which was going to be a rather complicated maze, but the basic story remains the same.

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March 16, 2012

Is This Crazy News Lucky or What

Braddock Steele has been keeping a close eye on the news. You should go see him either via the News Screen when you first log in, or in Soluna City. He's got a mission for you (hint: we're at WAR)!!!

...But he's a little mixed up:

You do NOT need clovers for any shops this year! Please ignore him on that subject! Shops will unlock as the war meter progresses.  Clovers do not drop!

Other than that, you should check out the intro cutscene to illuminate the latest developments (cs mostly by Lyris, with a couple of little additions by me and thanks to Korin for helping me smooth out the last bit and to Vivi for 'sewing it' into the town). Jemini created the sweet new background and you will see more when the war progresses.

Another little Gremlin - The Lucky Warriors ought to be giving more credits than the normal enemy at their level, but they're not. Yet. I think it's a result of the scaling code. Or maybe I forgot to add the extra code, or over-wrote the draft that had it ... I forgot to test their rewards while testing them in the quests. Sorry! Note that there is a new version of the Lucky Warrior AND a new version of the Leprescythe.  You may encounter the originals or the new ones. Thanks to blues for coming up with the new specials, and to Vivi for coding them!

We have some awesome rewards but I'll talk more about those later. Grab the Luck Mods - the shops are already open! You'll want to hurry up to 25% on the war meter to unlock those new Heads because they will help you plow through these enemies!

There is more story you will unlock as well, as you progress through the war. (There is NEW music involved!)

The newsletter indicated that today would bring Vend-o-Tron new weapons on Romero, but it just wasn't possible - they're in the 90%-ish done range and will come next week asap.  

Well, have fun - enjoy your Lucky Celebrations - and I will check in with you! 

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