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March 16, 2012

Is This Crazy News Lucky or What

Braddock Steele has been keeping a close eye on the news. You should go see him either via the News Screen when you first log in, or in Soluna City. He's got a mission for you (hint: we're at WAR)!!!

...But he's a little mixed up:

You do NOT need clovers for any shops this year! Please ignore him on that subject! Shops will unlock as the war meter progresses.  Clovers do not drop!

Other than that, you should check out the intro cutscene to illuminate the latest developments (cs mostly by Lyris, with a couple of little additions by me and thanks to Korin for helping me smooth out the last bit and to Vivi for 'sewing it' into the town). Jemini created the sweet new background and you will see more when the war progresses.

Another little Gremlin - The Lucky Warriors ought to be giving more credits than the normal enemy at their level, but they're not. Yet. I think it's a result of the scaling code. Or maybe I forgot to add the extra code, or over-wrote the draft that had it ... I forgot to test their rewards while testing them in the quests. Sorry! Note that there is a new version of the Lucky Warrior AND a new version of the Leprescythe.  You may encounter the originals or the new ones. Thanks to blues for coming up with the new specials, and to Vivi for coding them!

We have some awesome rewards but I'll talk more about those later. Grab the Luck Mods - the shops are already open! You'll want to hurry up to 25% on the war meter to unlock those new Heads because they will help you plow through these enemies!

There is more story you will unlock as well, as you progress through the war. (There is NEW music involved!)

The newsletter indicated that today would bring Vend-o-Tron new weapons on Romero, but it just wasn't possible - they're in the 90%-ish done range and will come next week asap.  

Well, have fun - enjoy your Lucky Celebrations - and I will check in with you! 

Tags: Maegwyn St Pat Lucky Week Luck Mods

March 17, 2011

A Day for Green and Clover and Luck

Green, Clover, Luck Day!  The Holiday Shops are in Soluna City, with the Luck mods of years past, and also Cloverblades, including higher-level versions of the Cloverblades.  (Luck mods do NOT have higher-level versions - this is intentional for this year.)

GEARS Games Fix:  The Mystraven GEARS edition mechas were claiming to be incompatible with MR members, and also crippling in battle incorrectly - this should now be fixed!  There are still some other Gremlins on a List, all of which we aim to fix before the Games are over.  Cross fingers!!

Are you wearing green?  I'm actually wearing my Chickencow shirt today.  It's a green shirt, with a Chickencow on it.  I am the only customer wearing green in this cafe.  One of the baristas has a green shirt on, though.  I'm also drinking green tea... Working from cafes really makes me appreciate my home - it's great to have a laptop and wonderful that I can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, but the downside is that some of these cafe connections are s-l-o-w ... 

And I'm due for dinner in 40 minutes so I had better pack up and get a move on!  Don't forget to check out the homepage for some great art by Charfade and a few words from Korin!  I hope to write you some chatty DNs sometime again soonish, too.  

Tags: Maegwyn St Patrick Luck Mods Gremlin Bugfix

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