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June 14, 2013

A Behind the Scenes on Testing in MechQuest

Star Date: 14 June, 3013

Incoming transmission from Practel!

Hiya Questers!
Today I figured I would walk you down the road of testing a weapon in MechQuest. Something awesome about MechQuest weapons is that each weapon is unique in its own way. Every weapon has a different special, different art, and different effect! Since each weapon is so unique, every weapon must be tested individually to make sure that everything is working. You can't just equip the weapon, say "This weapon looks good" and then release it because there are a LOT of bugs that come up!

For instance, I just finished a weapon this morning that is releasing later today. I would say I have 9-15 different versions of this weapon, each with little buggies. For this weapon, there are 17 different things that the team and I had to test. The beautiful thing about testing is that you can locate and pinpoint the bug, and then attempt to fix it. In the list of things the team and I had to test, we went down the list one by one, checking off the things that worked and noting the things that didn't. What happened a lot during this process was finding one bug, fixing it, doing a miniature celebration, then find another bug. Rinse and repeat.

Last night when I was working on the weapon a rather annoying bug occured. I have since dubbed it the name "Bug of Staying up Late!". Last night, with only one thing to test, a bug that literally defied the logic of math worked its way into the weapon. The bug was: 5 * -7 = 40. Which is false. 5 * -7 SHOULD equal -35. Why was this happening? I reviewed the code with Maegwyn and Vivi about 5-10 times over, and we still couldn't figure out why it was occuring. We decided to call it a night and tackle it in the morning.

Boom, 10:30AM and the bug was never a bug. The enemy had an inherent -5 boost, and the -35 was just being added to that. So in all, the code was right, and it's just I never realized the enemy had -5 to begin with. It's safe to say the game trolled me.

Well, that's it from me this week. I hope you enjoy the weapon coming tonight! It's called the "Valoth's Epic Shredder" series.

The specials are attached below :)

(FA and BA)
5 hits
CD = 3
As always NSC (SC,NG)
  • Reduces enemy BtH by 6 (8/10) PER SUCCESSFUL HIT, AND duration is 3 turns
  • Hit 5: NSC & SC good chance for a crit / NG guaranteed crit
  • Vs. ShS Enemies: reduces damage by -6 (7/8) per hit
  • SC Only: -- Hit 1 reduces immo resist by 70 -- Hit 2 tries to stun
  • NG only - scales - 10 (to 19) 20 (to 29) 30 (to 39) 40 (to 49) 50 (to 59)
  • Commemorative only: General damage boost of +20(25,30%) and BtH boost of +50(60,70) against Shadowscythe and Ebilcorp enemies.

Tags: Maegwyn specials Limited TIme Shop Practel

May 18, 2012

Avenger Weapons and Challenge Mode for Romero

Avenger-Themed Weapons! These are available until June 1st. Find them in the Event panel of the Shop interface.

Extra-Special Limited-Time Rare o.Ops versions! Available only until Sunday at 10AM Server Time (Eastern US time) - L45 head (Non-Star Captain - so, available for all players) and L45 Front Arm (Star Captain ONLY) - their price is set EXTREMELY high, and they have a boosted Damage Per Turn (DPT). This version will become FOREVER RARE after Sunday.

Specials - HI VIVI!

First hit: Chance to heal the damage done by this hit 
Second hit: Chance to increase defense and bonus by 7 per turn for 5 turns 

First hit: Chance for an HP DOT for 3 turns 
Second hit: Reduces enemy boost by 30 for 3 turns. If the first hit connected, boost is lowered by 30 for 4 turns instead, and you get +80 defense for the enemy's next attack. 

Damages enemy EP at the beginning of the attack. Tries 12 times total, each time there's a chance to do 2% of their max EP in EP damage 
On hit: Inflicts an EP Heal Block (enemy cannot regen EP or heal it in any way) and has a chance to attempt to stun for 1 round (enemy takes -50 immobility resistance for this attempt) 

If all three are equipped, all three of them gain this special: 
Last hit: If not already affected by this, the enemy gets -40 bonus for 3 rounds 

If you use an arm and the head on the geekatrons, they'll combo like other zargon weapons (they also fit with the existing combos as well). 
Lightning Mallet -> Iron Head -> Geekatron Body = Damage Boost 
Captain Soluna Shield -> Iron Head -> Geekatron Body = Defense Boost

THANKS VIVI! (Vivi came up with these specials - with a couple of suggestions from Korin - & coded them. Plasma Charge suggested the Geekatron combo surprise bonuses. And zccheng97 of the forums suggested the o.Ops super-rare high credits versions. HUGE thanks to all of you!)

Planet Romero Challenge Mode: When you go to the Comm Building and use the Missions button, you will now see an option labeled "Challenge Mode." Available to ALL - NSCs can get a taste of what the Star Captain Exclusive challenge modes hold in store (though keep in mind that all are different in some way).

Also fixes an issue with the original timed quest where the perimeter health dropped to 0, and a blackscreen upon exiting an area with Helia.


Have a wonderful weekend - thanks for playing MQ! See you on the forums!

Tags: Maegwyn Gremlin Romero Limited TIme Shop

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