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May 28, 2013

News From Practel Jemini Birthday

Star Date: 28 May, 3013

Transmission incoming!

Hey Questers! Just thought I'd stop by and drop some DNs on the table for you guys. There's a lot to talk about, so let's get to it! 

First up is our plan for this week. The goal is to release something for the higher level players, specifically those between levels 41 and 50. However, there is a twist! We are going to be taking suggestions for non-rare things you want at those levels this week. Tweet your wish list to us

( @MaegwynAE & @PractelAE ) with the hashtag #MechQuest and we'll see how many we can get in-game! Watch the Design Notes for shop info.

Secondly, I know some of you have been wondering where I've been for the past couple of months, and honestly, life has just sucked all of my time away! I plan on returning full-time and ready to rock and roll in one week. Get ready for a lil bit mo Practel in yo life!

Finally, shoutout to Jemini because it's her birthday! In honor of this special occasion, we are releasing a "Jemini Statue" which Star Captains can collect, just like Jemini herself! Congratulations @JeminiAE on the level up!

Well, that about sums it up for me right now. Take it easy, pilots!


Tags: Practel Jemini Star Captains Maegwyn

May 17, 2013


Star Date 17 May 3013

BATTLE ON! The Shadowscythe themselves seem to have been aligning themselves against the MQ Team - if something could go wrong, it probably did - but we're pressing onward because WE ARE MAKING THIS HAPPEN! Ghost wrote an amazing new soundtrack, "System Overload," which I'll be setting up as a Starship item Stereo player for Star Captains for a low introductory price to thank you for your patience and your continued support. 

Everything seemed like it was good to go for today's release. Received the missing background, and the finalized cutscenes. Plugged it all in, and...

BOOM click...

... click



When it's set to False, it won't loop. It'll play, and then it'll stop playing. Pretty simple, right? Well as it turns out, everything depends on how you define "it." "Song2" can be set to True but if what's playing is "musicTest", which is set to False, you can set "Song2" to True over and over and over, but what you hear isn't going to loop as intended,  because "it" is not Song2.

Same thing with the cool sound that should play and then stop playing (except when it doesn't ever stop playing, even when you thought its Loop was at False... but Flash reorganized the component elements, so its Loop was actually still set to True). And what if you really don't want to hear sounds at all? The sound toggle button works everywhere else, so it should just be a matter of inserting a layer and plugging it in. Right? Right? ... how can that not be right?




All the components are lined up like ducks. In a row. We're now going to get them to swim together in a synchronized dance. 

Korin & I worked together to figure out what was going wrong while Plasma Charge worked on testing potential fixes and pointing out issues. I figured out why the player was facing backwards and fixed that, so you won't encounter that Gremlin. We work hard to get everything bug-free and I'd also like to thank Elryn, Gibby, Practel, and Vivi for taking the time to pitch in. 

As always, thanks for your support - your responses and messages always affect the team, as we read everything you say even when we don't necessarily have time to write back. 

Target Release Date: MONDAY! 20 MAY 3013

Join us as we ...

Battle ON!

Tags: Maegwyn Jemini

September 30, 2010

Thyton retaliates against Jemini's drawing

So Jemini and Thyton were in a meeting and decided to doodle. Thyton was first drawing a normal Jemini until he drew the pupils on opposite sides which you'll understand when you see the final drawing. This prompted Jemini to retaliate with a simple little drawing of Thyton.

Jemini's drawing of Thyton

That is Jemini's image. Thyton, who has never been one to admit defeat in a fight, decided to launch his own retaliation.

The fun begins with everytime Thyton adds to his drawing, Jemini nearly points to a different aspect of her drawing, causing Thyton to draw even more on his drawing of Jemini. In the end, it looks like someone shot a rubber band and another person shot a nuke. Here is Thyton's retaliation.

Thyton's drawing of Jemini

Clearly, Thyton does not believe in overkill.

Tags: Korin Thyton Jemini Drawings

May 28, 2010

It's Muh Birthday!

Naturally there was joy and cake and dancing and cheering and frosting and sugar and now we're all singing the nations of the world! Fantastic. Great times. I'll send you a post card next time. ^_~. But really, thanks for all the birthday wishes <3

This wondrous release day we have the first of the Kung-Fu Masters! Do you have what it takes to defeat him!? Only time will tell!...... HarHAR TIME! Get it!?! Time!?... No....not working for ya....welp...moving on. Lets welcome back Blues who's been on Vaca for these past few weeks. Yaaay! Welcome Back! He'll have some DN's posted up this weekend.

The Star Captain Mech AC-490 will be released Monday! I know...I know...we seem to be progressively moving backwards on these things...OR! Were we just planning to release it on a Holiday!? :D

Now before I have a complete sugar crash I'm going to tell you we have some fancy pants stuff in store for Yokai. We've all been working double time! Why?! Cause MechQuest is Awesome! And we love making it Awesome! And your Awesome for playing! Hurray for AWESOME!

Tags: Yokai SCMM Jemini

May 07, 2010


It is I, Jemini, Time Traveler Extraordinaire! And what you don't realize is....this message is coming from....THE FUTURE!


Anyway, down to business...Char has created a device that allows you to follow me through wormholes. Through time and space!! WHOAMG!! What!?! The Dragonoid Saga is sure taking some exciting turns... If you're having trouble accessing this part of the quest's what you should do: Check and make sure you've done absolutely everything. And I do mean everything! Can't remember what everything is? Whelp your in luck! Cause I'm going to remind you....

1. Start Dean Warlic's Quests, go to the Moon, finish the Quests and beat the Kingadent!

2. Use the Star Map to visit Planet 51 - complete all steps necessary to become the Grand Champion. There are 20 ranks to achieve!

3. Travel to Planet Westion and complete all quests, including the Bug War One and Two! You can find those in the Research Labs and the Inn in Khaeldron - Take the train in Westion to go there.

4. Use the Star Map in Soluna City's News Screen to travel to Planet Gark for the introduction to the Planet Lagos storyline.

5. Use the Star Map in Soluna City's News Screen to travel to Planet Lagos. From the War Screen, click “Replay War” and then “Rescue Robina” to play the Lagos Storyline (note: You can also talk to Prince Robert on Gark to reach the Lagos Storyline). Complete all quests for Robert and Robina, and then play the Arthurian vs. Pirate War.

6. Visit Dean Warlic in his office at the University. He has important information for you. (Doesn't he always! :P) Once you've finished all this, a new NPC will appear! Look behind your back in Warlic's Office!

7. Warlic's dialogue will now give you access to the Braddock Steele Vacation/Shadowscythe War on Lagos.

Wowza that's a lot of stuff! Now that we're up to speed you can talk to Char to get the release. If your still having trouble you can replay the vacation war boss fight if you did everything, and I do mean everything, but can't get the release.

YES you are supposed to be sent to the University - so go up to see the Dean and talk to Char! If you haven't done everything you need to do, you SHOULD be sent to the News Screen. that that's off my chest. Lets continue. My name is Jemini, I'm a well...Gemini, I have a weakness for kittens and I can't help but pick up shinny things!

Just look at how shinny that is! Aren't you mesmerized by its Shinny! Well! Aren't you!?! Anyway, It seems this Metal Element has caused Miko and the people of Planet Yokai some problems...thanks to me. (Whoops...Sorry!...or am I?) So don't just sit there....go explore that planet!

I hope you guys enjoy this release. Thanks for playing! And just try to catch me! ^_~.

Tags: Jemini Dragonoid Saga Storyline

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