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April 06, 2012


It's no yolk that we've got some eggcziting new Spring Holiday weapons - you'll have to crack the egg to reach the shops inside. You can replay the past years' quests and pick up Holiday Rares, too.

Here is Vivi with the Design-Notes-Friendly specials - thanks to blues for coming up with them and to Vivi for coding them onto the weapons that Minar designed, drew, and animated!

Head (CD = 3): 
Good chance for a crit 
Each turn, randomly applies one of these effects (good effects go to you, bad effects go to the enemy). The first effect lasts for 3 turns, the second effect lasts for 2 turns and the third effect lasts for 1 turn. Specials listed are NSC (SC,NG) 
- general damage boost of 30% (35,40) 
- defense boost of 30 (40,50) 
- damage reduction of 30% (35,40) 
- general BtH boost of 30 (40,50) 
- normal (1.5, double) HP DoT 
- normal (1.5, double) EP DoT 
- blinding effect, -30 (35,40) enemy BtH 
- -60 (-70,-80) immo res and stun try 

Back Arm (CD = 3): 
- Good chance for a crit 
- First hit: chance for a double HP DoT 
- Second hit: chance to heal Level*1.5 HP 
- Third hit: chance to heal Level*1.5 EP

We pushed out a fix to the 0-Damage issue that cropped up on the Egg mechas (and monster) - it was the result of an earlier fix, actually. Similar to those NaN issues Vivi has been fixing. 

While I've been writing we've also been fixing little issues that slipped through the initial roll, so BA now really does 3 hits, Egg enemy doesn't NaN its Bonus... 

I had hoped also to bring you a new installment of the Romero storyline this week - a few technical difficulties delayed the storyline and quest (which are coming together nicely but not 100% ready) - but we DO have an update!

When you visit Vend-O-Tron, his (its?) shop interface has been streamlined so you don't have to wade through a bazillion weapons to get to the one you want.  Many thanks to the ArchKnights of the forums for pointing out this issue!

Have a happy Spring Holiday if you are celebrating in "real life" and enjoy the MechQuest spring holidays in-game! 

Tags: Maegwyn Bunzilla Bugfix egg chickee vend o tron Gremlin

April 26, 2011

Higher Leveled Bunzilla Models

Due to popular demand, the Bunzilla mecha models from years past have higher-level versions now. To find them, you'll need to go to the Monster Egg button in Soluna City. For the Revived versions, you just need to beat the Egg. (I added the new versions of these last night, actually.)

For the Enraged series (from previous years) you also go to the Monster Egg button - then click the Previous Releases button and then the Bossfight button at Mr. Z. You'll need to beat the Bossfight. Then the shops called Bunzilla and Bunzilla NG will open for you. (After discussing with Korin, I put these together this evening so I've just added these now.)

The Revived versions, which are known as Renewified, Revivified, and Rejuvenated Bunzilla, all got Level 41 versions, These are levels-with-you style, and max out at Level 50. The only change I made to these this year is their scaling code.

The Enraged versions, which are updated to Level 39 and Level 45, are the old style EP-draining models. The More Choleric, More Wrathful, and More Vorpal Bunzillas are the Level 39s. The Level 45s are Most Wrathful (etc). No changes have been made to their special rates for this release - they are mainly for the fun of kickin' it old-skool really. So hop to it and get your Most Vorpal Bunzillas (or whichever level you choose) today!

Tags: Maegwyn Bunzilla

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