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December 28, 2010

You Asked and Maegwyn Starts Answering

The forum member skyvolt666 remembered a promise I made a long time ago, to have some Design Notes posts about the MQ staff.  The forum thread is here if you have some questions for us to consider.

Since I have some free time, and Vivi is busy with family (the first person from whom I was going to gather answers) - I'll just start answering some of the questions.

skyvolt666 wants to know "basic stuff like hobbies and interests, what drew you towards AE, how it is to work on MQ, what other games you play, Book interests and such." 

  • I am interested in just about everything - I'm a terribly curious person.  If curiosity killed the cat, I have more than nine lives ... In any case, I read, write, play trumpet - just got a guitar for Christmas!! - I cook, garden, and take photographs.  I love to rollerblade, in a dancy kind of way rather than as a distance excercise.  I find languages fascinating and I have started making what starts out to be jewelry but ends up being more like art talismans (so far).  you can ask Char & Korin because I sent them one that was originally going to be a necklace for Char.  What drew me toward AE: My friend's son (who is also my friend) introduced me to Adventure Quest when I was sick - before MQ even existed - and I enjoyed the single-player aspect of the games along with the lightheartedness.  (Now that MQ exists, I also like how MQ mixes in some darker and more serious elements.)  The community drew me in, too.  Working on MQ is an amazing opportunity for me to learn new things and also to connect with the fantastic people on the team and players who participate on the forums and now I 'meet' you on facebook, twitter, and formspring. Sometimes it's stressful - which isn't all bad - I really love it and have really high hopes for MQ.  I used to play all the Diablo games but I just don't have time for games that don't allow for multi-tasking.  So right now if I'm not helping test one of the AE games I might be playing something on Facebook while working on MQ.  My book interests vary widely (comes of being interested in everything, you know...) but I'd have to say that right now I am reading and re-reading books by Diana Wynne Jones, trying to see what elements of those come together to make the stories so intensely magical and alive. That was a lot of questions in one!

forumlogin wants to know "any video games you have or play, what you do in your spare time, where you live, can you dance at all (and if no make sure to post a video of you trying XD)."

  • I have Hellgate, London, but sadly I have barely touched it.  I am a huge fan of Diablo II Lord of Destruction and once in a blue moon I will pull out a single-player character or even get online (although all my really great online characters expired).  It's hard to find people who don't want to rush through the game - and it's so hard to find time, period.  I was wanting to play Lord of the Rings Online but I never even got around to downloading it.  I will check out flash minigames now and then, but mainly my gaming energy gets focused on testing MQ, when it comes down to it.  In my spare time I love to listen to live music - I mentioned a lot of "hobbies" already.  I live in an Undisclosed Location in the US (not anywhere near the Secret Underground Lab).  I can dance and really love to, although complications from an illness in the past cause me to have to be careful-ish - and sometimes I 'pay for it' for the next day or so.  I don't mind being the only one on the dance floor, though.  I don't have video... 

zeke50100 says "Your credit card numbers, social security numbers, address, personal email, phone numbe- 

Oh. I meant your hobbies, what inspired you to love flash games in general, any childhood moments you'd like to share, and the general experience of working with others at AE ^_^ "

  • First off, to zeke I must say :P 
  • - and then (see above for hobbies)!  What inspired me to love flash games in general... I suppose it was point-and-clicks, really.  Now we have infinite choices, but back "in the olden days" after I started with the 'install from a CD' PC games like Diablo, discovering that you could just play a little game in a browser window was an amazing revelation.  How can you NOT love flash games?  To veer WAY into another direction: childhood moments... dude, you had to ask the tough questions, didn't you?  You want something poignant and telling, don't you.  Something that will give you insight into who I am now, right?  Oh boy.  Ok, lessee... I can hardly remember last Friday.  I do remember that because I was so imaginative, my parents decided to call this one lamp "The Fib Lamp."  I was allowed to tell stories about what didn't really happen if I sat by The Fib Lamp.  It had a very pebbly texture.  I was a strange child. Next part of the question!  The general experience of working with others at AE is that they are really nice & helpful - a great community for sure!

So I answered some of the questions. Perhaps I will answer more later.  I'm hoping others will answer before I do, though.  Ok and also I'm really intimidated by this in a way... I want to tell you what you want to know.  I just don't want to say too little or too much.  Did I do ok?

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