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April 21, 2011

Rescue Quest Gets Longer and Imbiber Gets Stronger

Rescue Quest: Though this was put through the wringer of extensive testing, even still when you reached the 75% mark and unlocked it, it became clear that I should have made the timer longer to accommodate some of the lengthier animations of various mecha models and equipment setups. I've made the timer longer now, but hopefully still enough of a challenge to be fun.

Imbiber Bugfix and Buff: Part of the issues with the underwhelming performance of the Imbiber was the result of a bug. Korin made an engine change and Vivi made the code play nice. Also, blues and Vivi and I discussed the buff and looked over your notes in the Game Balance Discussion section of the forums, and here is Vivi with a run-down of the buff details:

Buffed Stats for the Imbiber:
DOT Shield is the same as before


  • 125% damage
  • If you have enough EP to not go below 0 with this effect, 50% crit chance. If the attack is a critical hit, takes additional EP from you equal to WeaponCost at your level
  • 50% of damage is also inflicted to EP


  • Each hit rolls between 0 and 50% bonus damage
  • First hit heals HP equal to the damage done
  • Second hit heals EP equal to the damage done

Front Arm:
Inflicts a 2x EP DoT, lasts three turns

Back Arm:
Inflicts a 2x HP DoT, lasts three turns

Front Shoulder:
Inflicts a 1.5x EP DoT and heals your EP each turn by some amount based on your mecha level (this amount has increased from before)

Back Shoulder:
Inflicts a 1.5x HP DoT and heals your HP each turn by some amount based on your mecha level (this amount has increased from before)

The fix and buffs should bring the Imbiber up to expectations. Thanks for your feedback on the forums!

I also put the Ice Harvester and Shadowed Arthurian Lion mecha models on a diet so that they can now be used for the timed quest and other walkaround maps. Thanks to everyone for your reports in the Gremlins forum! Now that I've got the hang of fixing that Gremlin I'll be a lot faster at that (and ideally we will catch those now before they roll Live...)

You haven't heard from me on the Design Notes much lately - I'm happy to say that I'm working from home now instead of on the coffee shop circuit! I'm about five times as busy as normal at this stage - working with Vivi and Lyris on an upcoming release, which I can't remember whether Korin has mentioned so I won't say too much for now - along with working ahead on putting together another quest - and then more current things like the usual testing, fixing your House Affiliation Gremlins, doing all the database entries for the upcoming rewards to give you some examples of what I might be up to on a given day. I'll try to be more talkative!

See you on the forums!

Tags: Maegwyn SCMM Xaria Gremlin Bugfix specials

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