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January 07, 2011

7 January 3011 Release Notes and Some Answers

Release Notes for 7 January, 3011!

  • Art Museum - New Exhibit! Congratulations to this month's featured artists - check out the new exhibit and grab a souvenir Wall Art from Circe's shop for your Starship!  Featured Artists:
    • Rikyri
    • Zhark
    • neodiabolus 
    • SlayR
    • kaibinlore
    • Bomber of Justice 
    • pinata_BLASTA 
    • notagoodname
    • zozozoz 
    • Plasma Charge
  • Arcade Games! In Soluna City you will see a new Shop button on the right-hand side of your screen - Arcades: Galactimecha Games.  If you are a Star Captain, you can choose from a variety of new Arcade versions of the Frostval 3010 (or was that 2010?) minigames - for Nova Gems you may purchase the Galactimecha Battle and Journey to the Sun, as well as the Firework Command Arcade Machine.  For credits, you may choose the version of the Journey to the Sun where you pilot your starship, and also you may now get your very own Planetary Defender (from the Dropship) at this shop!
  • Starship Decorations: New Rugs! Visit Lisa on your Starship and look through the (credits) shop for new colors and styles for your Carpet slots!  Purple, Gold, Blue, Teal, and even Polka Dot and Pizza!  (I'm pretty proud of myself for having figured this out - didn't realize how relatively easy this kind of thing is.  +3 to Interior Decoration and Flash skills!)
  • More Inventory Slots!!! This comes with an engine change, so be sure to refresh your browser. Everyone now has ten more default weapons inventory slots!  Thanks to Rolith and Korin for working together on this - we almost thought it wouldn't be ready, but it is!  There was a little Gremlin that got in before the engine change, so if you have already bought the maximum amount of slots, make sure you refresh your browser!

And now, to answer some more of your questions!  Korin has been terrific about answering already - I think I will pick a few at random this time around.  Other members of the MQ team will be getting answers out for you as well, by the way...

blackshock asks: What's yer favorite bands? 
Fave genre of music? 
Do any of you guys play instruments?

I enjoy a wide array of music - if you were in my Undisclosed Location while I work, you might hear old punk bands like The Clash and the Jam, or some ska - possibly rap like Lupe Fiasco, probably a lot of gypsy/Spanish-influenced music such as Manu Chao (and his previous incarnation with Mano Negra) or Santana - or you might get a dose of old country/newer Americana (think Merle Haggard... Rodney Crowell... Steve Earle... the Cumberland Gap band for a dose of bluegrass and/or cowboy music).  I might play some classical.  I am a die-hard fan of Warlic's music, and I have become a fan of Voltaire and One Eyed Doll as well.  I've probably left a ton of favorite bands out, because I really love music.  As for instruments, I play trumpet, and this year I got a guitar for Christmas so I am busy learning chords and figuring out how to read tabs in my spare time.

Let's see - I think there were some questions addressed specifically to me...

Oh boy. HOW many pages are there now? eek. Checking back on page one....

runer asks me: a multiple-type question thing, so I'll use a little different format - the italics are my answers.

Didn't you release such thing on the DN's back with Blues few years ago ? I remember you made a "Promise" to do it again , but as most things in the MQ DN's , it never came to life . 
     Yeah and I am sorry that it didn't come to life again until now.  I got busy  and the plan fell by the wayside in favor of other things.  I don't know that I'd say that is true about "most things in the MQ DN's" though.

 Anyway , how about , what do you guys do for fun ? I mean in break time and free time ? 

     I like to rollerblade, garden, take photographs, cook, dance, listen to music, especially live music. I read a lot, do a bit of writing now and then, mess around with various types of art and craft things. I have great family and friends so when I'm not alone (which I enjoy) I like spending time with them.
Can we do something like Alina does on the DF DN's ? They usually add something little about their RL weird events , or things that happen down at the Underground Secret Lab . Well I don't know what happens at the Lab since I'm at an Undisclosed Location, but I might be able to tuck in some silly quotes from MSN or IRC chats, or the occasional anecdote from my life more often.  If you guys are really wanting that kind of thing. I'll look at how she does things but I can't promise to make what I do just like what she does.

Neonpanther says: The only question I have for the staff is for Maegwyn and I was wondering: What is your favorite location that you've ever visited or vacationed at? Multiple answers are of course wonderful so don't feel like you need to stress out over picking just one. 

Ah, you know me well, don't you - I'm terrible at picking my favorite anything!  Well I have been almost all over the US and a portion of Eastern Canada, but there are so many places I still want to visit all over the world.  I enjoyed Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard very much - in an alternate universe I'm pretty sure I'm a beach bum.  I was born in New York (born in Chelsea, moved to the West Village) and that is still at the top of my list of places to be.  Another is the Badlands - I've only been there once so far.  Then there's Southern Illinois where I like to vacation with a photographer friend.  I don't really do the camping thing - I enjoy walking around but please give me running water and an indoor bathroom that doesn't require a flashlight-lit hike!  I guess you can get the girl out of the city, but you can never get the city out of the girl...

pharaon atem says: Ummm... Maegwyn, I got a funny question lol 
What is that all about? xD 

That is all about funny!  There is almost nothing funnier than that!  Especially if you say that over and over.  That that that that that that that that.  Try it!  If it doesn't crack you up, try saying that in a different voice or two or six!

On that note I should stop for now and get these posted so we can get me out of the house for a bit. I love working at home, but sitting in the same place gets tiresome and makes my gluteus maximus numb!

Tags: Maegwyn Starship Arcade

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