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April 12, 2013

Rainbow Raid Incentive and Promos

Star Date [s]10[/s] [s]11[/s] 12 April 3013:

Rainbow Raid Incentive! As we had some server issues over the weekend and considering that I meant to publish these DNs earlier this week...

...we have extended the timeframe for the O.ops version of the Clover Shot to get its extra power. Sorry about that inconvenience! You now have until midnight Saturday 13 April - so that gives you all day Saturday to get the war meter to 100% 

If you pick up the new ShadowScythe T-shirt from HeroMart, your FREE MQ promo item is the Front Arm weapon called Doomblade 3013. It fits nicely on the Sepulchure mecha models. You can still pick up a version of the Sepulchure mecha from the Mysterious Stranger in Soluna City East (for Nova Gems).  

Doomblade 3013 Specials:

  • Levels with you to L100
  • CD = 1
  • Main Specials
  • + 50 BtH against ShS 
  • +40% bonus damage against ShS 
  • +25% XP and credits against ShS 
  • Chooses from one of the following 4 specials:
  • Blade specials: 
    - Blade 1: guaranted crit 
    - Blade 2: damages also EP with 75% damage done and drains it 
    - Blade 3: heals HP with 50% damage done 
    - Blade 4: -100 immo resist and tries to stun 

The CyseroBacon T-Shirt is also available at HeroMart, and here are the specials for the promo Back Arm that comes with it - the Bacon Shooter.

Bacon Shooter Specials:

  • Levels with you to L100
  • starts with 125% damage 
  • starts with +75 Bth 
  • CD=3 
  • - Hit 1: enemy BtH NoT, -20 per turn for 3 turns, normal EP DoT 
  • - Hit 2: enemy damage NoT, -20% damage per turn for 3 turns, tries to stun, no immo resits nerf! 
  • - Hit 3: own damage BoT, +20% per turn for 3 turns, normal HP DoT

Story Button Revamp in progress: We are in the process of making the Story Guide easier to access and setting it up to help navigate you through all the areas of the game in a logical progression. This should make it much less confusing for those who still need to get caught up with all the quests for access to everything in the massive Shadowscythe Invasion quest chain that is developing in Queenadent Odessa's War Camp area.

To those who ARE caught up, we appreciate your patience as we continue to put together all the elements of this exciting story arc! Artix himself has written some exciting scenes - hold on to your Space Helmets, because you're in for a wild ride! The next NEW installments are under way for release in the weeks ahead.

Tags: Maegwyn

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