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December 30, 2010

Korin answers!

I figured, why not? Still not 100% awake yet.

skyvolt666 wants to know "basic stuff like hobbies and interests, what drew you towards AE, how it is to work on MQ, what other games you play, Book interests and such."

I like building mech models like Gundams and Virtual On. I have the Perfect Scale Wing Zero Custom. He was awesome to put together. I like to draw random silly things. Video games are my big thing though. When I first applied to AE, I never actually played any of the games but I wanted a fun animation job and I had gotten pretty good at Flash and AE liked what I could do and put me on MQ as a full time animator. It's been a blast working on MQ. I don't think I would change it. The main game types I play are First Person Shooters and Third Person Platformers/Action games. I don't read many books but I do watch a lot of movies, random TV shows and some anime here and there.

forumlogin wants to know "any video games you have or play, what you do in your spare time, where you live, can you dance at all (and if no make sure to post a video of you trying XD)."

I have and love Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the PC. I hardly get tired of it. Lately I've been heavily into Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's multiplayer for the 360. Used to be addicting to Battlefield 2142. I play Halo Reach every now and then. I live vaguely around the Tampa chunk of Florida which is very roughly where the Underground Lab is. I dance terribly. I felt bad at my wedding. Unfortunately I'm not sure I have video.

zeke50100 says "Your credit card numbers, social security numbers, address, personal email, phone numbe-

Oh. I meant your hobbies, what inspired you to love flash games in general, any childhood moments you'd like to share, and the general experience of working with others at AE ^_^ "

Video games, Mech model building, 3D Modeling. I've always loved flash games. I would play them when I was bored in college. I only took 2 classes for it though. 1 in programming and 1 in animation. Turns out that was enough for me to catch on though. When I was a kid, my mom always got bad reviews of me from the classroom. Well not really bad. They said I was good but very very concerned because I kept drawing pictures of stick figures having a ridiculously bloody war with each other. Otherwise I was a very good kid in class albeit easily distracted. Also, all the other kids were drawing the stick figure death scenes and I just wanted to come up with some funny scenarios. Working with AE is fun. Everyone's nice and willing to joke around. It's just a nice place to work at.


Griffin the awesome

What do you guys look like? I look like a chubby guy. Looks like I've drank beer for 20 years but I never have!
What's it like to work for MQ? Lots of fun. Great staff. Fun ideas. Great senses of humor.
What's your personality like? Goofy. I try not to be serious often or v ery upset. I figure getting upset over things won't make them better so I might as well toss out a joke and have fun in the situation.
What do you do in your free time? Games. Sometimes draw or 3D Model.
What's your favorite food? Tacos.
What's your favorite drink? Cherry Coke. Don't drink it much anymore. Makes me sad :[
Do you enjoy working for MQ? Absolutely. Can be stressful but it's mostly fun stuff.
How come all the staff are noobs in MQ? Character-wise? We're too busy making the game to play it D:
If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? More genies.
What's your favorite holiday? Halloween.
What's your favorite color? Green.
What's your favorite song? Currently digging the Sonic Colors theme song but it's hard to single out a song. It's probably an older Green Day song like Basketcase or an older Blink 182 song like Pathetic or something. Though I LOVE their cover of Dancing with Myself.
What's your favorite movie? I find that I can watsh Super Troopers constantly. I loved Flight of the Navigator when I was a kid. Rented every weekend. Should've bought it.
What's your favorite game? Battlefield Bad Company 2.
What's your least favorite food? Salad. Seriously? Lettuce? Lettuce tastes awful. It's the killer of flavor.
What's your least favorite drink? I guess alcohol. I'm dumb enough as it is.
What's your least favorite holiday? Valentine's Day. Kind of worthless.
What's your least favorite color? Orange?
What's your least favorite song? Almost every song on the radio. Daughtry frustrates me. My Chemical Romance 99% frustrates me. Fall Out Boy. That Delilah song. The song that starts out with that Brightest hour on my darkest day or something. 30 Seconds to Mars. All those bands make me hate music.
What's your least favorite movie? Avatar. Didn't see it in 3D because the 3D gimmick shouldn't make the movie. I'm also just not a fan of 3D movies to begin with because I hate playing the guessing game of whether a movie was shot for 3D or just made 3D in post. Plus, no matter what, I still see doubles of the image so the technology is still terrible and not worth the extra money so I didn't go see Avatar in 3D and it was a huge bore. The story worked when they were trying to make a peaceful resolve but once thatw as broken, they could've just made orbital strikes on the trees. I doubt the dragons and spears could fly through space.
What's your least favorite game? Back to the Future 3 for Genesis. Impossible.


Have you completed College? What did you major in?

Yes. Art Institute of Tampa for Game Art and Design. I chose that degree because initially I wanted to animate but I did want to learn a wide spectrum of things such as interactive animations (games) so I chose Game Art.

Do you have another job that you work in besides AE? If so what is it?


Do you work at the Underground Lab? If not have you ever visited or plan to visit it?

Yes I do. Monday through Friday usually.


What exactly is a bug?

A bug is when somewhere in the mountain of code that we've created, something doesn't work under a certain circumstance. Some things aren't a simple one line like "if click then do this". Some information needs to be stored in little data containers that don't exist or somehow get overwritten by other mountains of code that's trying to its own separate job. Sometimes it's just the tiniest spelling error or punctuation error.

How do you go about fixing a bug?

I find chunks of code where something happens and I put a trace command which will give a popup of whatever phrase I specify. If I type trace("Yeah"), it'll popup with Yeah. So if I have several of these lined up, I can have a cycle that starts with "Started" then I can have a "Checking" then I can have a "Running function" and a "End" and if the only popups I get are Started and Checking, then I know that wherever I put "Running function" is not being activated like I planned so then I go there and look for spelling errors or incorrect variables. Soemtimes it's just code that doesn't work as I would've hoped.

How do you keep the bug from reappearing?

Pretty much with the steps above I find what the issue is, fix the code, and upload it to the server. Hopefully it works. Some bugs are much more difficult than that. They basically include things like accidentally letting a player get ahead in the storyline because of a weird storyline check. But yeah. This will have to do for now.


What mecha anime do you guys usually watch? any favorites?

I don't watch too much anymore. I used to watch Sailor Moon (was actually my first 15 years ago) then Dragonball Z. Then I got in to Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL(one of my favorites), and Berserk(My favorite). There are some movies I like such as Summer Wars, Akira, The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Origin, Princess Mononoke, Armitage. Other random animes include Battle Angel Alita, Blue Submarine No. 6, Angel Sanctuary, Excel Saga, Love Hina, Black Lagoon, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi and probably a few others I know I'm missing.


How about we know what there favorite movie is or what thier favorite car is

I already mentioned favorite movie but I love the DeLorean. Back to the Future for the win!


is it hard to get used to making sure you use your game name in the DN`s and in forum posts etc.

It was at first but you can get used to it. I still slip up but luckilly I catch it before I hit publish.


Is there any release in the past you wish could have been handled differently now that you look back at it?

Probably Yokai. Yokai was where we realized that we need to tone down the scale of our releases. I probably would've tried pacing myself better so that we could at least have a good new temple zone each time rather than just doing the same thing over and over.

master mix


Honestly, not a bit. I mean, I guess I really liked Beast Wars but that would've been because it was 3D and it was the only thing on in the early morning that I would drag myself to school. But I haven't really cared for the new movies nor for any of the other shows. :X


if you get to do ONE evil thing in MQ , what would it be ? (Few hints : Make the RNG hate us , make us pay when dying ... or even worse ... make us pay every time we repair !!!! Did i just hear you laugh , is this an idea for you , he is certainly thinking about it !! MQ'ers ... RUN !!!) .

If I knowingly wanted to be evil. I could charge NGs for repairs, SC could only equip their mechs, RNG already hates everyone.

You said before that you are a casual gamer , so from one gamer to the other , what new and decent games would you recommend me ? (I would love anything like Assassins creed if you played it , but AC 2 or 3 isn't an answer , so don't take the easy way out) .

I wouldn't really call myself casual. I play pretty heavy games just not as often as I used to be able to. I loved Mirror's Edge. It has flaws but it's a rush. I loved Sonic Unleashed. The werehog levels weren't exciting but the gameplay at least worked so it wasn't blatantly annoying but they daytime levels were phenomenal and take some practice to make perfect, pretty runs. Sonic Colors as well. Just started playing that a coupld days ago on the Wii and I love it. Smash Bros Brawl, Halo Reach, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's multiplayer, Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC (favorite). Left 4 Dead 2 is fun. Actually just bought it for PC on Steam. Huge sale on it today. I also have it on Xbox though. Red Faction Guerilla was cool. Never finished it but it's cool. Definitely Half-Life 2.

But all seriously (Some general questions here) what sort of music do you listen to when making MQ ? And what FB games do you play while making them (The reason why we get late releases :P) .

I played Robot Unicorn Attack briefly as well as Snake but that was it. Lately I don't really play anything while working though I'll either listen to music like the Tron soundtrack, video game remixes from, or random bands that I like. Often it'll be the previous night of Conan or whatever movies or old shows I can stream on Netflix.


do you guys actually look like your characters in real life?

I kind of do I guess. Minus the bag. I have a belly similar to Korin's. Assuming he still has the belly. I can't remember.

And there you have it. Epically long DNs giving you a look into the bizarre and boring life of Korin! :D...


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