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July 31, 2015

Wyonna Gets An Upgrade

Greetings! Tonight we have a revamp of an older quest. Wyonna in Soluna Main has been trying to years to decide what house to join. She still can't make up her mind though. Will you be able to help her decide?

The House Leaders have given her access to every normal House Mecha so she can, hopefully, pick one! The Job owners around Soluna have also allowed her to use their Mecha as well since she'd have to help them to get one of her own. I even was nice and gave her access to the new package mecha as well as one I created using a few...interesting...equips.

This will give people a reliable place to test out builds against certain enemies without having to run through the random Soluna battle button to try and find the one they want. It will also also let people who are like Wyonna and still need to choose a House the ability to see all the House Mecha in action and find out which fits their play style. The Ashendal Special mecha is just something fun I put together as it uses some pretty powerful equipment.

Speaking of the Houses, this is leading up to something based around them for next week! No, it's not the Gears Games, (even though we're working on trying to get that ready for this year. There's still a bunch of things we need to get done for that but we're trying!) but I'll be working on it over the weekend to have enough time to make sure it's done right! Hopefully you guys will like it!

Tags: Ashendal

July 24, 2015

New Hovering Terrarium And More

Star Date: 24 July, 3015:

Engine Change: I fixed an issue in the Starship where the equip slot suggesting the placement of Hovering items in the back room of the Captains Quarters was actually not functioning. This required an engine change, so be sure to clear cache and refresh your browser if you are not seeing Omega Ver. 4.0.2

New Hovering Items! Lyris made a couple of terrariums (terraria?) and an aquarium and they are in Lisa's shops on the Starship. The Hovering Aquarium and Hovering Desert Terrarium sell for credits, and the Hovering Terrarium is in the Nova Gem shop.

Here's a screenshot of a couple of them in MaegTest's CQ

Larger view

I'd love to see some screenshots of your starships - feel free to share a link to your screenshots on the forums or via Twitter or Facebook!

Amusing Gremlin: Lyris tried out some new coding for the inhabitant of the Hovering Terrarium so that it would choose from a variety of actions. Flash decided to read it as a directive to cycle the whole game from character creation through login and into the News screen. Fortunately, Vivi was around and Ash popped in from his vacation destination for a bit, and we were able to work together to figure out how to circumvent the strange anomaly. Note that the code Lyris put in had no logical reason not to work! (Huge thanks to all of you for volunteering your time.)

I went ahead and rolled the release live really early because I'll be at the newspaper office all day. Besides writing a story and photographing a parade later, I'm also filling in for the proofreader/receptionist while she's on vacation. And then it'll be the weekend! Music, local Farmers' Market, art and going over MQ Volunteer applications. What are you doing this weekend besides playing MechQuest?

Have fun!


Tags: Maegwyn Lyris Star Captains Bugfix Engine

July 21, 2015

New Deal New Mecha

New Nova Gem Package For $29.95!

Where do I get it? 


What do you get for $29.95?

15000 Nova Gems 
for your character ...

And the Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel mecha for every StarCaptain on your MechQuest account!

Prototype Accelerator Containment Vessel

What is it?   G.E.A.R.S. has many great minds within its halls and they are always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. They came up with a new type of particle accelerator, one that when placed into a vehicle granted it some amazing effects. Upon seeing what it could do in a lesser mecha, the students built this containment vessel specifically designed with combat in mind. It uses the various exotic particles that the accelerator constantly creates to recover energy and keep you in a fight, as well as increasing your combat potential and greatly increasing your chances of winning. The core even has a small chance to create and utilize an as-yet-unnamed particle (only discovered and harnessed by one other, to make the Ubertron). These particles will swap with those in your foe, swapping your HP and EP! The pitfalls discovered in the creation of the Ubertron, however, caused them to come up with a safety mechanism. Upon detection of creation of these particles and the swap with your foe, a safety system will engage and recover a portion of your HP and EP - keeping you in the fight! 

This prototype accelerator may never see widespread use because of how dangerous it could be if it winds up in the wrong hands. However, YOU have been chosen by the scientists at G.E.A.R.S. to use this one because of everything you have accomplished! Will you be able to use it to its peak potential and show how powerful it can be?

What does it do? Levels with you to 100, and:


FA - Charged Particle Blaster 
CD 3 
- Hit 1: 30% damage, heals 50% of the damage of the hit as HP. 
- Hit 2: 40% damage, heals 50% of the damage of the hit as EP. 
- Hit 3: 50% damage, heals 50% of the damage of the hit as both HP and EP. 

BA - Overclocked Force Blade 
CD 3 
120% damage. 
- Inflicts a 2x HP and EP, 3 turn DoT effect. 
- If the enemy is Equippable will disable enemy HD weapon. 

FS - Collision Launcher 
CD 1 
110% damage. 
- Nerfs enemy Defense by -55 for 2 turns. 

BS - Disruption Particle Launcher 
CD 2 
120% damage. 
Nerfs enemy Boost by -45 for 2 turns. 

HD - Particle Field Generator 
CD 99 
100% damage. 
- Prevents enemy EP regen for 3 turns. 
- Buffs Boost by 30 for 75 turns. 
- Buffs Bonus by 25 for 75 turns. 

BD - Particle Accelerator Drive 
CD 5 
- Hit 1: 50% damage, with 100% chance to crit. If this hit connects will lower enemy ImmoRes by -100. 
- Hit 2: 50% damage, attempts to stun at current ImmoRes. 
- 4% chance for hit 2 to swap HP and EP values with your foe and then heal 15% of your max HP and EP.

Tags: Maegwyn Nova Gems Mecha specials

July 18, 2015

Omega Distress

Greetings! Tonight we have a new quest in the mini quest chain I've been working on as a side project. It's almost complete though! The entire chain will be available in a perm spot in the future when we get a secret area all finished up, so if you missed any of the previous parts you will be able to replay them eventually! I tried to get it done last night but due to several issues I ended up running out of time and needing to push it back till today.

A secret EbilCorp research facility has sent out an Omega Level Distress Call! This is only done when containment of a level 9 or above organism fails. What could be going on? One thing is for sure though, Mr. Z will have a few important questions to answer when this is all over!

Something to note is I'll be on vacation all next week, so Mae will be working to get something out for you all to do! After over a year learning new skills, like quest making, and making something for you all to play each week, I need a little time off to recharge and get some much needed sleep.

Hopefully you all enjoy the quest and I'll see you all when I get back!

Tags: Ashendal

July 17, 2015

Volunteer Help Wanted

Star Date: 17 July, 3015

1) Happy Birthday, Minar! Log in now to commemorate our beloved former MQ artist Minar's birthday with a new e-blade! 

2) New Mission Coming This Weekend! Check back to have a first look at some permanent content! When it's ready, you'll access it via Soluna Main - in the future, when Soluna North is ready to roll, that will be its permanent home. 

3) Help Wanted! Volunteers!

Are you passionate about MechQuest? Do you have an eye for detail and a nose for news? Do you want to help find the Gremlins (hunt the bugs) so we can get them fixed? We need a couple of qualified volunteers to join our Bughunting team! 

Are you an artist and/or animator who uses Flash? Do you love creating mechs, high-tech weapons to equip to them, and perhaps even animating your creations? We are also looking for volunteers to add to the MechQuest development team. We especially need artists and animators who can provide the game with new mecha-equippable weaponry. 

To volunteer as a bughunter or artist/animator, please email --> with the following info:

  • Your forums name (if you participate in our forums)
  • Twitter account name
  • Facebook account name
  • primary MQ character name and ID number
  • Age*

*Note on age: we are really looking for artists over the age of 18 but will consider taking on younger talent on an apprenticeship basis. 

Artists: please include samples of your Flash art and/or animation. It would be great to see work done in the MechQuest style, but we are interested in seeing a good sample of your range.

Tags: Maegwyn Artists Gremlins Bug Hunters volunteer Animators Flash Minar

July 15, 2015

Nova Gem Options

Star Date: 15 July, 3015

Fourth of July Mecha: Staying until Friday, July 17, and then this seasonal rare will be out of the shop.

For those preferring to use Nova Gems for your purchasing power, a question or two:

Were you hoping to get enough Nova Gems from Ballyhoo?

Saving up Artix points?

Waiting for payday?

You mean you can buy a bunch of Nova Gems??? Ha! I had no idea.


What page do you use for your Nova Gem purchases?


Please let us know on the forums - or if you prefer Twitter, tag @MaegwynAE with the hashtag #MQNGS so we can work on meeting your needs.

I hope you are all having a great summer - staying cool in the Northern Hemisphere and keeping warm in the Southern Hemisphere. Doing anything new or special? I'm listening to lots of great music and taking guitar lessons in my spare time.

I'd like to make a big shout-out to Ash and Lyris for their dedication and hard work that they do to make exciting updates happen for you.

As always, thank you so much for playing MechQuest!


Tags: Maegwyn Nova Gems MechQuest

July 10, 2015

Yokai Revamped

This week we've got a total revamp of a planet. There wasn't time to do any other release though because of how large this is, and I appologize for that, but this is part of the overall process we're working on to not only streamline progression but help newer players as a whole.

I'll do a Too Long, Can't Read Everything; at the start though.

- Yokai as a whole has been revamped to make it so that it's part of the level bracket it's supposed to be in. The enemies have been adjusted down some and weird reward stats have been fixed to fit for where the planet is meant to be in the level curve. (I may have missed one or two but I tried to nab everything I could find) This includes a couple quality of life updates like adding a persistance roll to Tenjin's area so you don't get stuck at a 95 roll for days.

- Minar's Birthday weapon has replaced Korin's Ketchup Cannon in Soluna Main! The 4oJ mecha will remain up for this weekend and will then leave until next year!

Ok time to get into all the info about this release for those that really want to know.

Ideally MQ should be seperated out into 4 "sections."

- Basic covers levels 0-25. This gets you into the game, teaches you about effects without overwhelming you with a bunch, and basically gives you everything you need to know to understand how the game itself functions. Once you finish the Soluna Jobs and pick a house this should be around where you're at.

- Intermediate covers levels 20-55. Yes I know this overlaps with the last one. It's supposed to. This bracket is meant to cover the first storylines. Everything so far, not counting the brand new storyline is supposed to fit into this. That means that weapons and mechas from this shouldn't be doing end game effects and damage ranges.If you level quickly enough you may hit level 50 before the end of this so this means you may out level the planets.

- Advanced covers levels 50-85. This will be the next step of the MQ storyline as well as more advanced items and mecha. I have plans to make "Advanced" versions of things like certain holiday mecha, special offer items (these will get updated if necessary to auto change to the new specials once they scale to this range), and SCEM's once we get to this point that have effects that are more powerful than they are currently but AREN'T available to people below this level range. This keeps with the "level up, get stronger, fight stronger foes", mentality at the heart of any RPG.

- Expert covers level 80-100. (100 is the final level cap btw) This is the actual end game level bracket. This is where you'll get things like 85+ Defense and -90 Boost, and things of that nature. REALLY strong effects that go against REALLY strong foes. Getting them at level 50 means that there's no where to go and to actually have a final level cap we have to leave you something to get to there. This is still a long ways off but it's something to look forward to. It'll be a big accomplishment getting here and the power levels will match that. The enemies will match it as well but that's a given.

Yokai was just the first of these adjustments that will happen. Romero, Liath, even things like Westion Pt 2 and Lagos Pt 2 will get adjustments. It won't be in the next month because this takes a lot of time and work, but it will eventually happen. We want the game to feel like you're progressing smoothly, not hitting points where you get massive jumps in power or the enemies you face just suddenly eat your face for no reason.

Yokai is on the latter end of the Intermediate section so it is meant to give you a bit more of a challenge but also a bit stronger rewards. Some of those items were too strong and I've adjusted those down. However some items were too weak so I've adjusted them up some. I'm not perfect though and I had a LOT to get through so if you notice a weapon feels weaker than it should be or was adjusted but seems like it's an odd adjustment go ahead and ask me why on the forums post for this DN. It may be that I missed it in the crowd of items and I need to actually look at it! If I did adjust it I'll explain why the adjustments were made as well. This also goes for enemies. If you find an enemy that is still very very strong I either may have missed it or I didn't take off the total amount I intended to from its overall power. Again, make a post asking why in the forum thread for these DN's and I'll make sure to answer it!

Due to how much work went into doing this I wasn't able to get anything else done for this week. I wanted to do some new items for those players that had already completed the planet but I ran out of time. I'll work with Lyris and see if we can do something special for next week though to make up for it. I don't like not giving everyone something to do but in this case making sure parts of the game fit where they should and making sure new players and returning players aren't caught out with large issues was my priority. I hope everyone can understand that and I'll try my best to get something done ahead of time for the next planet revamp that way everyone has something to do.

Tags: Ashendal

July 03, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed

Greetings! It's almost the Fourth of July! To celebrate we have a brand new mecha! I asked Korin a while back if he'd be able to help us out with this and he rocked it! Lyris handled the coloring and shading. It came out amazing so I needed to come up with a crazy effect for it to match.

First I'll list the effects and then go into the decisions behind them.

Eagle Series (NSC/SC/NG)

Brilliant Claw
CD 2
2 hits
125/130/135% damage
1st hit is a guaranteed Crit.
2 turn, -35/-40/-45 Bonus nerf.

Explosive Claw
CD 3
2 hits
125/130/135% damage
2nd hit is a guaranteed Crit.
3 turn, -16/-18/-20*(number of hits connected) Boost nerf.

Screaming Eagle
CD 1
3 hits
115/120/125% damage
Nerfs enemy Defense by -10/-12/-15 per use up to a cap of -50. This stays for the duration of the battle.

Screeching Eagle
CD 1
3 hits
115/120/125% damage
Nerfs enemy Defense by -10/-12/-15 per use up to a cap of -50. This stays for the duration of the battle.

Blazing Fury
CD 6
3 hits
130/135/140% damage
Self BoT effect. Starts at +60 Boost and decreases by 20 per turn.
3 turn 1.1/1.5/2x HP DoT effect.

Patriot Frenzy
CD 8
2 hits
110/115/120% damage
For 2 turns player is immune to stuns. If a stun effect is attempted and successful it will purge the effect.

Like every other mecha I design I try to pick something and then base the other effects around that one core effect. In this case I wanted something related to Freedom. Not being able to be stunned is the closest thing we have to that in MQ so I went with that. Starting there I based the other effects on things to keep you alive while also making sure you could deal more damage. Because of how strong that effect is, it'll work on any stun even ones that always stun, the overall damage of the mecha had to be lower and with each other effect the damage had to drop some as well. That's where the head damage buff and DoT came into play, to give you a bit of a damage boost but one that tapers off. Because the low damage means that you can't afford to miss, that's where the perm stacking Defense nerf came from. Then it needed some survival options which is where the FA and BA effects came in.

This mecha is basically a combination of a few different wants from the community that I've listened to but didn't have a real place to put until now. Some players wanted a "perm effect" that they could build around, so I designed one in and balanced it accordingly. Some wanted a brand new type of effect so I got the body effect in and working. I did have to allocate the Holiday Bonus that the mecha gets to the effects instead of damage, but that means that it gets some cooler effects without as many downsides. I do know that even with the basic kit it can be pretty effective in a bunch of places but for those that customize you're going to be able to do some pretty crazy things.

This mecha is a seasonal item as well. It'll return every year from now on with the same specials and from now on we're also going to be adding more mecha's to the shop that will also be seasonal. This is to make sure that the art is always enjoyable but also so that if you really like a certain effect it doesn't dissappear forever. We're going to slowly start doing things like this more often that way more people can enjoy things!

Hopefully you like the mecha as Korin and Lyris put a lot of work into it. Have a fun and safe Fourth of July if you're in the US and have a fun weekend if you aren't!

Tags: Ashendal

June 29, 2015

Bug Reports And You

Today we need to go over something important. It's so important I'm devoting a whole DN post about it because it needs to be covered. How to report a bug.

First off. Clear your Browser Cache! Flash uses a caching system. That means your computer saves old info so it loads things faster. If we rolled a fix to a bug and your cache still has the old info you WILL NOT get the fix! You should try and clear your cache at least once a month, but if you're reporting a bug clear your cache first, THEN try to get the bug to happen again. If it doesn't that means we most likely fixed it. If it does still happen then yes you should report it. To figure out how to clear the cache of the browser you're using a quick google search will show you how!

Now, if you've cleared your cache and the bug is still happening that's when you should report it.

That link is at the very bottom of the game window, just scroll down a little bit. That's the first step if you find a bug. Click that link.

Once you do that select MechQuest from the drop down list and then hit the "Go" button.

Now you need to pick your issue from the list. Try and pick one that's close but if you can't find one that is pick "Gameplay Issues".

Now, in the email box put a WORKING email. One that you actually check. If we can't replicate the bug or need more info that is how one of us will contact you. If you put an email that you never check then your bug may never get fixed.

In the Description box please don't try and describe the whole bug. If it's an issue with a specific item say the item and the issue. For example, if I'm have trouble with the "Extra Cool Shoulder Mk IV" not activating its DoT effect I'd put "Extra Cool Shoulder Mk IV DoT not activating" in the box. You aren't done though!

Username: <---- Put your account username or character ID here. We need one of those to check the character itself.
Class: <---- If it's a problem with a Uniform put the uniform name here.
Level: <----- This is your character's level.
M or F: <------- This is the gender of the character you picked.
Items equipped: <---- Include EVERYTHING that you have equipped! This includes your mecha, ALL items (If you're using all default items note that!), your E-blade, any Mods you have equipped, and anything else at all no matter how small that is equipped on your mecha or character.

This next part is where you get to go REALLY in depth.

-Before Bug occurred: <---- What were you doing before the bug? Did you just log in? Did you finish a quest? Did you buy an item? What did you do before it happened. If something is causing an issue it may be related to what you did before the bug happened so please put everything.

-During Bug: <---- What happened during the bug? How did the bug affect your character. Give as much detail and make sure you are as clear as possible. "DoT didn't go off" isn't clear enough. Go into detail. Give us as much info as you can so we don't have to guess! Guessing is BAD. Don't make us guess!

-After Bug: Did the bug go away? Did it happen again? Did you try and repeat it and it was still there?

Once you hit submit, that's it! We will get the report, and yes we do read them all, but it may not be fixed immediatly especially if it's not reported properly. I usually try and get as many bug fixes done on Monday's as possible so if you report something over the weekend don't expect it to be fixed that same day.

Some of you may also be asking, "why is Ashendal telling us this?" The answer to that is we've been getting a lot of bug reports that aren't done the right way. Sending me a game breaking bug over something like Twitter or my e-mail is fine, but everything else needs to go into the bug tracker. Also quite a few people have been putting one line in the description box, hitting submit, and expecting it to be fixed. I can't fix a bug when all I'm told is, "the quest I was on is broken!". The game doesn't record the quest you were in when you click the report a bug link, YOU have to put that in the box.

I'll do my best to fix as many bugs with the game as I can, but I can't do that if you all don't report them and do so in a way that helps me do that! If you follow the steps mentioned above there shouldn't be any issues with future bug reports! Just make sure you're checking your email once a week!

Tags: Ashendal

June 26, 2015

The Mohawk Returns

Greetings! Tonight we have a release for Star Captain's! The SCEM Mohawk is now back in permanent form with new specials in the Star Captain Armory! (The armory is in the Star Captain Club in Soluna) This is a offensive focused mecha, but it lacks a bit of accuracy to make up for that so you should probably train ACC and POW to get the most out of it!


FA - 4 hits
CD 3
30% chance for
100% total damage
100% chance for all hits to crit. (This makes it a total of 200% damage)
+150 Bonus (You're literally sticking your weapon INTO the foe, so missing shouldn't happen)
-100 Defense for 1 turn.

else does
140% total damage
+25% chance to crit.
-10 Defense*(number of hits connected) for 3 turns.

BA - 4 hits
CD 3
First hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
Second & Third hits - 20% damage.
Fourth hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
- 30% chance for all hits to be Crits.

FS - 2 hits
CD 0
Starts at 120% total damage and +0 BtH.
Each hit increases this bonus by +10 up to a max of +100. (This stays for the whole battle.)
Each use after the first deals 140% total damage instead.

BS - 1 hit
CD 3
130% total damage.
On next use
- +70% damage
- +100 BtH
30% chance to immediately use the "next use" effect with no setup needed.

HD - 4 hits
CD 5
140% total damage
-10*(number of hits connected) Boost nerf for 4 turns.
-6*(number of hits connected) Ballistic Resistance for 4 turns.
(All default weapons but this one deal Ballistic damage so it's a direct damage boost!)

CD 4
170% total damage
- Lowers enemy ImmoRes by -15 for each other default weapon used before this one.
- 1 turn stun attempt. If all other default weapons used first, 60% chance for a 2 turn stun.

The Father's Day shop and Summer Quest will be leaving on Monday so you have this weekened to grab the items if you still want them!

The team is also working on a few other things that we're hoping to release really soon. They're really cool and while not a main storyline release, will be fun things to do overall and hopefully you all will like them! We're also trying to get Liath and a few other main storyline things done but due to the team size it's a lot harder to pull everything together. We are trying though!

I'll be back with another DN on Monday with some info on a few things so check back then!

Tags: Ashendal

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