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July 25, 2013

MechQuest Finale Friday!

End of the Galaxy 4/4

For 4.5+ years, Mecha pilots have been waiting for the answer to one question: "How does the sci-fi, giant robot game of MechQuest take place thousands of years BEFORE the fantasy sword and scorcery game of DragonFable?" The only way to find out is to play MechQuest's unbelievable final storyline release this Friday!

A story 5 years in the making...

The behind the scenes info is always my favorite part of the design notes. I like to share honest and bizzare stories with you. MechQuest... has a lot of these stories. It is one of my favorite games of all time. I love giant robots. Well, any type of robots and mecha. As a young boy I dreamed of piloting a giant war machine against an unstoppable army of alien invaders. To be the last hope for humanity... *thinks* ... actually.. I just wanted to fire super huge lasers and crazy missles making things go EXPLODERGHEDDONBOOM! I feel that the end of MechQuest will make anyone who is like minded happy.
DragonFable was super popular when we started tossing around the idea for MechQuest. If you were not with us in the "old days" you might not know that DragonFable was a pre-quel to our original hit game, AdventureQuest. yup, DragonFable takes place 5 years before AdventureQuest. We thought it would be ABSOLUTELY HALLARIOUS to have MechQuest take place 5,000 years earlier.
So the time of our games goes like this....
  1. MechQuest - Giant Robots Futuristic Universe (now)
  2. DragonFable - Fantasy w/ Dragons and Swords (4,995 years later)
  3. AdventureQuest- Fantasy w/ Dragons and Swords (5 years later)
  4. AQWorlds - Fantasy w/ Dragons and Swords (Um.... long story.)

We came up with a reason why.

Actually, we came up with the reason why FIRST.

When writing a story you only need to know one thing: The End. We dropped some jaws during the end of DragonFable nearly two years ago. A very small handful of players figured out what was happening, but the masses were blown away by the twist. The team felt really good. A lot of players asked with surprise, "Did you guys really have this planned the whole time?"

There is a lot of pretty challenging content to get through in order to reach the end of MechQuest. The team and I decided that anyone who upgrades to Star Captain can immediatley access the 4-part finale if they choose to. We did this because... well, we WANT super fans of the game to actually experience the end of the game. The entire main stoyline, as promised is free, and any player can play all the way through to the end of the game.
The main villain of the MechQuest is Lord Valoth. He gets less screen time than any other villain in the history of our games. This is due to the fact that he is on the Shadowscythe command ship with the elite forces. When he shows up, it is "game over." He has conquered countless Galaxys and other planes of existance. Like our other games, the Shadowscythe are darkness creatures... but they are a lot more like the borg crossed with aliens. They assimilate what they destory. Which is why most Shadowscythe mecha, ships, and troops look similiar to other civilizations we encountered during our travels. Well, there are shadowscythe that look like things we have never seen elsewhere. It is assumed those entire races of beings were destoryed and assimilated.
I am so excited for tomorrow's release. It is MechQuest's biggest and most important release. We truly hope you enjoy it with us.
*combat sirens*
Attention all Mecha Pilots! This is not a drill. Proceed to your battle mecha immediately and prepare for combat. Your actionsmay very well determine the fate of humanity, our world, and... well heck.. ALL OF THE WORLDS!

P.S. Join us at the MetroCon convention in Tampa, FL, on Saturday at 11am to talk about the end of MechQuest.


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